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19 92 — 9 3 




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Mississippi State University 

Volume 92 

Photo by Garland Cary- 

Phnto bv I rc\ Fcivv.irds 

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All photos by Garland Gary. 

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Opening 5 


Every student on the campus of 
Mississippi State University will re- 
member vastly different things 
about their time here. Each graduate 
will oneday reflect on a mirage of 
events that only live in their mem- 
ories. Fortunatly there are many oc- 
curances that are common to each 
person who has called, calls, or will 
call, themselves a Bulldog. Some- 
things on campus could not be 
avoided, just as the images they 
evoke will not be expressed in 

There are many things that rush to 
mind when Mississippi State is men- 
tioned. Each of the first insights 
quickly gives way to other, more 
subtle images. The faces, places, and 
personalities that make MSU unique 
pass through the stream of con- 
sciousness. Each of these thoughts 
shows just what it is that makes this 
university special. These small char- 
acteristics are the things we all have 
in common and are the things we all 
hold dear. They are truly our Times 

All pholus by CorUind Gary. 

All photos by (jarland Ca 

Opening 7 


Mississippi State University is 
known throughout the state as the 
Engineering School. It is looked to 
for its rigorous program that pre- 
pares bright minds for future work. 
Rightly so, MSU has earned its place 
among the top engineering in- 

From the time the first freshman 
engineering class enrolled in 1892, 
the faculty in the College of Engi- 
neering have been committed to pro- 
viding quality instruction. Since its 
conception, the college has produced 
over 15,000 engineers, each of 
whom have become respected lead- 
ers in a wide range of fields. 

The college provides several major 
areas of study, including environ- 
mental and biological, as well as in- 
dustrial and mechanical. Aerospace, 
chemical, civil, computer, electrical, 
and industrial options are also avail- 

MSU's commitment to excellence 
is evident in its strong, and promi- 
nent engineering departments. 

All photos by Garland Cary, 


Photo bv Garland Carv 

Photo by Trey Edwards. 

Photo by Garland Gary 

Opening 9 


'Tvery memory at Missis- 
sippi State was a good one 
for me because the war was 
over and I was blessed to be 
in school. Most precious to 
me are: 

First Baptist Church 
Ole Main 

The Life Long Friends That 
Were Made." 

— Jerry Clower 

'When asked about my fa- 
vorite memories of Missis- 
sippi State, I have to go to 
the left field lounge at 
Dudy Noble Field. We all 
knew that we were watch- 
ing a future major leaguer 
in Nat Show alter (now 
called Buck), but little did 
we know that he would be 
known for managing the 
New York Yankees." 

— Milan Nelson 

Photo b\' Carv 

Photo by Trey Edwards. 

10 Opening 

All photos by Garland Can' 

Opening 11 

Bully is no doubt the most 
recognizable face on campus. 
His stubborn look shows the de- 
termination that is characteristic 
of many of the students here. 
The mascot holds a prestigious 
place in the life of Mississippi 
State University. The dog is at- 
tended by veterinary medicine 
students and given a seat of 
honor at home football games. 

Over the years, students have 
gone to great lengths to protect 
Bully. The dog has been pam- 
pered and adored. Past symbols 
have been buried on the fifty 
yard line of Scott Field, an event 
that was covered by Time maga- 

Bully emphasizes school spir- 
it. His unique personality is not- 
ed in many other aspects of 
campus life. Children, students, 
alumni, and faculty alike recog- 
nize and love the mascot. Mem- 
ories of Bully are common to 
every MSU supporter. 

I'hutii by Ircy Ldwjrdi 

Photo by Garland Gary 

Photo by Trey Edwards. 

Opening 13 


Located in the Research and 
Technology Park, the Engineer- 
ing Research Center is not one 
of the most populated places on 
campus. It is, however, home to 
some of the most innovative 
technology on the MSU cam- 
pus. The Mississippi State ERC 
is one of only a handful of such 
centers across the nation. 

The ERC is home to the fast 
growing field of computer ani- 
mation. Several students in this 
program have gone on to pro- 
vide special effects for numer- 
ous movies and television pro- 

The center also seeks to de- 
velop the technology necessary 
to enable significant reduction 
of the overall time required to 
do effective and accurate com- 
putational field simulations. The 
29 faculty members seek to pro- 
vide a cross-disciplinary educa- 
tion to students. 

All photos by Garland Cary 

All photos by Garland Gary. 

Opening 15 


Mississippi State is home to 
one of the best architecture pro- 
grams in the nation. This fact is 
becoming increasingly well- 
known thanks to the efforts of 
distinguished faculty and over- 
achieving students. 

Begun in 1973, the School of 
Architecture now offers a five 
year Bachelor of Architecture 
program. There is even an accel- 
erated studies option for superi- 
or students. The program teach- 
es a wide variety of design and 
technical courses balanced by a 
wide range of general university 
courses. Each year, majors take 
a field trip to architecturally rich 
places. During the fifth year of 
the program, students experi- 
ence an urban environment; 
Jackson is home to the last se- 
mesters of the curriculum. 

Dean John McRae and the 
School of Architecture are com- 
mitted to providing the oppor- 
tunity for exploring personal av- 
enues of creativity. 

All photos bv Garland Cary 

Opening 17 

"Aside from the typical rigors of 
a rich academic life with its in- 
cessant demands of study and 
research, I did manage to spend 
small amounts of time outside 
the library during my three 
years at State. And when I could 
unshackle myself from the pres- 
sures of learning, I invariably 
drifted to Dudy Noble. It was 
there that I finally grew up, sit- 
ting alone in the coldness of late 
March, sipping coffee from a 
thermos and watching young 
men play a game I so desper- 
ately wanted to play. And it was 
there that I had my happiest 
times as a student, times spent 
beyond the left field wall with 
the other rowdies as State made 
its glorious return to baseball 

I return to State whenever pos- 
sible, but it's usually in the 
Spring, usually near a weekend, 
usually when LSU is in town." 

John Grisham 

All photos by Garland dry, 

Opening 19 

20 Limelight 

Limelight 21 

Leigh Chapman, junior 

maid, being escorted on to 

the field. 

22 Limelight 

A Miss MSU contestant performs before 
the panel of judges. 

All photos by Garland Gary 

Danielle Louys and Jay Shaw visit with 

Governor Kirk Fordice during the 

President's Homecoming reception. 

Bully is in "Dawg Heaven" as 

Homecoming Queen, Georgia 

Thomas, sits in his lap. 

Miss Mississippi State contestants all on stage performing their routine. 

All photos by Garland Gary 

Limelight 23 

Photo subinitted by Kathy Sayle. 

On March 1, 1995 fifteen young women 
competed for the title of Miss MSU, creating 
the largest local preliminary pageant for the 
Miss Mississippi pageant. After captivating 
the judges with her vocal rendition of 
"Cabaret," Kathy Sayie was crowned Miss 
MSU 1995 by Kari Litton, Miss MSU 1994. 
Kathy, daughter of David and Claudia Sayle 
is a junior majoring in communications from 
Germantown, TN. She is a member of 
various campus organizations including 
Kappa Delta sorority. Fashion Board, 
Campus Activities Board, MSU Greek Bible 
Study. Kathy is also a volunteer at the 
Palmer Home for Children. 
Kathy went on to compete in the 1995 Miss 
Mississippi pageant in Vicksburg on July 8, 
singing "Love me with all your heart." Her 
pageant platform was "Building Self-esteem 
through the Arts". She was awarded the 
WLBT Broadcasting Scholarship award. 

Photo by Garland Cary. 

Kathy performing her vocal 
rendition of ''Carbaret'' 

24 Miss MSU 

Jennifer Whitehead 

1st Alternate Michelle Minga 

Michelle is a Senior majoring in Mathematics. She is from Shannon, MS. 
Michelle is a member of Cardinal Key, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Mortar 
Board, Student Association and President of Kappa Delta sorority. 

All photos bv Garland Gary. 

2nd Alternate Melody Lott 

Melody is from Fulton, MS. She is a Senior majoring in Music 
Education. Melody is a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, Mississippi 
Magic Show Choir, MSU Vocal Jazz Ensemble, MSU Madrigal 
Singers, University Choir and MSU Honors Program. 

3rd Alternate Karie Craven 

4th Alternate Jennifer Slentz 

Karie is a Senior from CoUinsville, MS. She is majoring in 
Communications with an emphasis in News Broadcasting. She is a 
member of Phi Mu sorority, Greek Council for Christ, Misscom, 
RUF, and she is a Roadrunner. 

Jennifer is from Carothersville, Missouri. She is a Senior 
majoring is Educational Psychology. Jennifer is a member of 
the Student Association, Chi Omega sorority, Greek Bible 
Study, Golden Key and Kappa Delta Pi. 


Georgia Thomas 

At a young age most girls begin dreaming of one day 
being crowned homecoming queen. This dream is real- 
ized for only a select few girls. One such young woman 
is Georgia Thomas, chosen by the student body as 
Mississippi State's Homecoming Queen. When casting 
their votes, students look for a number of characteris- 
tics that the queen usually exhibits, such as the involve- 
ment in campus activities, an outgoing, friendly per- 
sonality and an obvious love for MSU, not to mention 
physical beauty. Georgia, a biology major from Jackson, 
embodies all of the desired traits. While attending 
MSU, Georgia has been an Orientation Leader, an MSU 
Leadership Scholar, Roadrunner, Student Association 
Chief of Staff, panhellenic delegate for Chi Omega 
sorority, co-chairperson for Greek Council for Christ, 
and Sophomore Homecoming Maid. She is also an 
active member of Reformed University Fellowship, 
Campus Crusade for Christ, and both Cardinal Key and 
Mortar Board Honor Societies. So when considering the 
qualities desired by students when choosing a queen, 
Georgia was obviously very deserving of the honor. 
26 Homecoming Jennifer Whitehead 

Photo by Stewart Photography. 

Photo by Ralph Shearer. 

Georgia was escorted by her father on this special day - 
October 28, 1995 - a day she'll never forget. 


Haley Kennedy 

Haley is a senior from Brandon. She is a 
Communication major. Haley is Presi- 
dent of MSU Panhellenic Council and 
Cardinal Key. She is also a SA Senator. 
Haley was sponsored by Chi Omega so- 

Ashley Lowry 

\shley is a Communi- 
:ation major from Hat- 
iesburg. She represen- 
:ed the junior class as 
:heir maid. Ashley is a 
member of the SA Sen- 
ite, MSU Communica- 
:ion Associtation, and a 
1995 Sigma Chi Sweet- 
leart. She was spon- 
sored by Chi Omega 

Rejanah Steward 

Rejanah is a senior majoring in Mechani- 
cal Engineering. She is from Lorman. Re- 
janah is a NASA scholar, a Roadrunner, 
and President of Alpha Kappa Alpha so- 
rority, which sponsored her for Senior 

Leigh Chapman 

Leigh is a junior from Jackson and her major 
is Accounting. She was a 1995 Orientation 
Leader and is currently a member of the SA 
Senate and Kappa Delta sorority where she 
is the pledge educator. Kappa Delta was her 

Melanie Munn 

Melanie is a pre- 
physical therapy major 
from Pascagoula. She 
represented the junior 
class as maid. Melanie 
was a 1995 Orientation 
Leader and is presently 
a MSU delegate and a 
member of Lambda 
Sigma. Melanie was 
sponsored by Chi 
Omega sorority. 

Sarah Montgomery 

Sarah is a sophomore majoring in 
Grahic Design. She is from Canton. 
Sarah is a member of RUF, McKee Hall 
Council. She is VP of the Junior 
Panhellenic. Sarah was sponsored by 
Kappa Delta sorority. 

Holly Polk 

Holly is a freshman Elementary Education 
major from Picayune. She is on the SA's 
Academic Affairs Committee and a member 
of College Republicans. Holly was spon- 
sored by Chi Omega sorority where she is 
president of her pledge class. 

Kristen Kennedy 

Kristen is a freshman pre-physical thwapy 
major from Jackson. Kristen is a member of 
RUF, Student Associtation Public Relations 
Committee, and Kappa Delta sorority where 
she serves as chaplain of her pledge class. ^„ 
Kappa Delta was her sponsor. 

Ul photos by Stewart Photoeraohv. 

1995^^ f 

Photo by Garland CcTi\ 

Proud Past, Promising 

A one, two, three, four, ... - Bully (above) 
shows how push ups are really done as he 
counts the points scored by MSU. 

Miss MSU, Danielle Louys, (right) makes 
Bully feel like a "Big Dawg". 


29 Homecoming 

Photo by Jason Tiffin. 



Nioto by Grrland Cary. 

Georgia Thomas was crowned Home- 
coming Queen before a crowd of stu- 
dents,- alumni, administration, faculty, 
staff and a host of other fans. 

Photo by Garland Cary. 

Jay Shaw, Mr. MSU, and Danielle Louys, 
Miss MSU, were recognized during half- 
time activities. 

Future 1895-1995 


Photo by Ralph Shearer. 

The Queen and her court. 

Homecoming 29 

'mdtf -. m. 

Photo by Garland Gary 

Kathy Sayle 

The 1995 Miss Reveille pageant was held October 12 in the Union 
Ballroom. Seventy contestants participated in the pageant. The Miss 
Reveille pageant is based on first impression, poise, and beauty. After a 
day of interviewing on Thursday and a night of competition, Kathy Sayle 
walked away with the honor of being the new Miss Reveille. Kathy is a 
junior from Germantown, TN. Her major is Communications. Kathy is 
active in campus organizations such as the Fashion Board, Kappa Delta 
sorority, CAB, and MSU Greek Bible Study. She is also a volunteer at the 
Palmer Home for Children and is a 1995 Pi Kappa Alpha Calendar Girl. 
Kathy is the daughter of David and Claudia Sayle. She was sponsored by 
Kappa Delta sorority. The Miss Reveille pageant was sponsored by The 
Reveille, The Office of Student Life, and The Fashion Board. 

Gina Wells 

30 Miss Reveille 

Beauty Karie Craven is from CoUinsville, MS. She is a 
senior majoring in Communications with an emphasis in 
News Broadcasting. Karie was sponsored by Phi Mu so- 

All photos by Garland Gary. 

Beauty Amy Green is a freshman from Jackson, MS. 
Her major is Dental Hygiene. Amy was sponsored by 
her parents Bert and Rhonda Green. 

Beauty Courtney Lott is a senior from Eupora, MS. She 
is majoring in Marketing. Courtney was sponsored by 
Kappa Delta sorority. 

Beauty Lady Rhodes is a sophomore majoring in Com- 
munications Management. She is from Starkville, MS. 
Lady was sponsored by Chi Omega sorority. 


Photo by Garland Cary. 

The first girl to make her walk down the runway was 
Contestant #1 Laura Lehman. 

I'Iim!,. bv Garland Cary. 

Contestant #34 Kebebe Dancy made her way mto the 
top 20. 

Photo by Trey Edwards. 

Kandace Williams, a former Miss Mississippi, enter- 
tained a standing room only crowd of approximately 
800 in the Union Ballroom. 

Photo bv Garland Cary. 

Lori Dawkins, contestant # 60, was sponsored by 
Chi Omego sorority. 

32 Miss Reveille 

Photo bv Trev Edwards. 

Rochelle Frazier, 1994 Miss Reveille, presented Kathy Sayle 
with a silver tray for being named the new Miss Reveille. 

Photo by Garland Cary. 

A top 20 contestant Alexandra Robin turns on her 
charm to impress the judges. 

Photo by Garland Cary. 

Photo by Garland Cary. 

Courtney Lott #19 was named a Miss Reveille Beau- 
ty after making a good impression on the judges. 

#44 Evelyn LaShawn Palmer makes her way down 
the runway for the judges to get a closer look. 

Miss Reveille 33 

Photo by Garland Gary 

Katina Lang 

On October 31, 1995 Alpha Phi 
Alpha fraternity sponsored the Miss 
Black and Gold Pageant in Lee Hall 
Auditorium. The theme of the 
pageant was "Beauty Beyond All 
Bounds." 5 contestants competed for 
the title. Katina Lang walked away 
the winner. For her talent she acted 
out a Biblical story. Katina is from 
Columbus and her major is Social 
Work. She is the treasurer of the 
National Association of Social 
Workers. Katina is also a volunteer at 
the Baptist Memorial Medical Hospital 
as a student social worker. On 
December 1, 1995, Katina competed 
in the state pageant in Hattiesburg, 

34 Miss Black and Gold 

Gina Wells 

Photo by Garland Gary 

Photo by Jason Tiffin 

Danielle Louys and 
Jay Shaw 

Danielle and Jay 
enjoyed visiting with 
President Zacharias at 
the president's pre- 
game reception on 
homecoming day. 

Mr. and Miss MSU 35 

Photo by Garland Cary 

Danielle and John Rush enjoyed spending time together at 
Disney World when the Roadrunners traveled there in Dea 
cember 1994. 

Danielle Louys 

The characteristics displayed by Miss MSU 
throughout the years have been quite similar. The 
young woman chosen by the students of MSU is 
usually an outgoing person, extremely involved in 
campus activities, and academically diligent. Most 
importantly though, she must exhibit a deep love 
for the university and its students. Miss MSU 
1995, Danielle Louys, possesses each of these 
traits. Not only does she serve as Student Associa- 
tion secretary, but she is also an active member of 
Reformed University Fellowship, an Orientation 
Leader, a Roadrunner, and a member of Chi Ome- 
gGL sorority. Danielle is also a member of several 
academic honor societies, including Mortar Board, 
Society of Scholars, Phi Kappa Phi, and Cardinal 
Key. Danielle is a communication major with an 
emphasis in communication management. She is 
from Brandon. Her response when asked about 
being chosen Miss MSU reveals her attachment to 
the school, 'T love MSU, I'm kind of a fanatic 
about it, and being chosen as Miss MSU just makes 
it even more fun to be here. As impossible as I 
thought it would be to make my time here at 
Mississippi State even more special, being honored 
in this way has done just that." 


Danielle (middle), Cindi Rayburn (left) and Melanie Munn 
(right) were eager to welcome new students to MSU's cam- 
pus during a 1995 Orientation session. 

Jennifer Whitehead 

36 Miss MSU 

Jay and fjaley Kennedy stop to pose for a 
picture at the Chi Omego Homecoming 

Photo by Garland Cary 

Jay (left) enjoys spending time with his Sigma Chi 
friends Clay Williams (middle) and Brad Antici 

Jay Shaw 

Many of the traits found in Miss MSU are 
exhibited by Mr. MSU - friendliness, 
campus involvement, academic strength 
and a love for MSU. This year's Mr. MSU 
is Jay Shaw, an accounting major from 
Jackson. His activities include Student 
Association Day Senator, Reformed Uni- 
versity Fellowship, Greek Council for 
Christ, and Sigma Chi fraternity. Jay also 
serves as president of the Intrafraternity 
Council, president of Elder Statesman, 
and vice president of Greeks Advocating 
the Mature Management of Alcohol. On 
being chosen Mr. MSU, he says "It is an 
incredible honor to be chosen to repre- 
sent Mississippi State. It is an experience I 
will never forget." Jay's affection for 
MSU stems from family tradition. He 
says, "At a young age my parents started 
off teaching me the difference in right,^ 
and wrong. One of the things they taught 
me was: right was Mississippi State Uni- 

Jennifer Whitehead 

^IJjV.^lSMSL .^m>^..3itimtfjtfi 

Debo Adebiyi 


Society of Automotive Engineers, 

Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, 

President's List, Na bona! Society of 

Black Engineers 

Tracy Benway 

Fernandina Beach, FL 

Alumni Delegate, Mortar Board. Chi 

Omega, Cardinal Key, Orientation 

Leader, ,Mu Kappa Tau, Phi Kappa 

Phi, Tau Beta Pi, SWE, President's 




Eta Kappa ^Ju, Engineering Student 

Council, IEEE, Dean's List, 

President's List, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi 

Theta Kappa, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau 

Beta Phi 

Nathan Scott 

Little Rock, AR 

<Eta Kappa Nu, En>;)nfenng Student 

Council, IEEE, Tau Bt?ta Pi, K.ippa 

iVlu Epsilon. Alpha Lambda Delta, 

Phi Eta Siema. Phi Kappa Phi, 

Golden Key, President's List, 

Gamma Beta Phi 

38 Who's Who 

Michael Cox 

Sommerville, SC 

Mortar Board, Phi Delta Theta, Phi 

Kappa Phi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, 

Alpha Umbda Delta, Phi Eta 

Sigma, President's List, University 

Fellowship Core Group 

Brad Antici 


Alumni Delegate, Creek Council for 

Christ, Sigma Chi, TEC Rush 

Counselor, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha 

Lambda Delta, President's ScholeU', 

Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigina, 

Golden Key, Blue Key, Mortar 

Board, Phi Kapp.i Phi, 

I ldosl,ile-,mon 

David Batarseh 


Golden Key, Mortar Board, Gamma 

Beta Phi, Engineering Student 

Council Society, Biomedical 

Engineering Societ)', Mississippi 

State Bioengineering Society, Baptist 

Student Lmion, Phi Tlieta Kappa, 

President's List 

Jennifer Bell 

Fayette, AL 

Zeta Tau Alpha, College of Business 
and Industry Peer Advisor, A,LM, 

Peer Counselor, University Concert 
Choir, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Kappa 

Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, President's 
List, Dean's List, Golden Key, 

Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma 

Louis Bluhm 


Student Affiliates of the American 

Chemical Society, Spanish Club, 

Phi Kappa Phi,'MSU Society of 

Scholars, Sigma Delta Pi, Afpha 

Lambda Delta 

Michelle Borst 

El Dorado, AR 

Famous Maroon Band Flag Line, 

Mississippi State Concert Band, 

Sigma Alpha Iota Woman's Music 

Fraternity, "Reveille" staff. 

President's List, Golden Key 

Ana Boswell 


The "Reflector", Chi Omega, 

College Republicans, Pre-Law 

Society, RUF, President's List, Phi 

Kappa Phi, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi 

Eta Sigma, Lambda Sigma 

Heather Brown 


Zeta Tau Alpha, Scotch Guard, 

Angel Flight, Sigma Alpha Iota, 

Student C^irrections AssociaHon, 

MSU Famous Maroon Band, SAC, 

MSL' Concert Band, College 

Republicans, President's and Dean's 

List, Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Kappa 


Leticia Causey 


Chi Omega, Diamond Girl, CAB, 

BSL), RUF, Mississippi 

Communicators, Mortar Board, 

Golden Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha 

Lambda Delta, Dean's List, 

President's List 

Suzanne Clark 


Beta Alpha Psi, Cardinal Key, Delta 

Gamma, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta 
Gamma Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, 
CAB, Lambda Sigma, Golden Key, 
SA, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, CSA, President's and Dean's 

Paige Craig 


MSU Band, Sigma Alpha Iota, Phi 

Kappa Phi, Gamma Beta Phi, 

Lambda Sigma, Alpha Gamma 

Delta, BSL, College Republicans, 

CAB, President's and Dean's List 



g p'Arcy 

lanta, GA 

Lambda Sigma, SA, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Alpha Lamoda Delta, Gamma Beta 

Sigma, Blue Key, Golden Key, 

Mortar Board, Phi Gamma Delta, 

Dean's and President's List, Phi 

Kappa Phi 

Haley Darnell 


A.I.M. Peer Counselor, Alumni 

Delegate, Delta Gamma, SA 

Senator, Panhellenic Public 

Relations Chairman, Fashion Bo.ird, 

CAB, Dean's List, SAC 

Erin Dickerson 


Alumni Delegate, SAC, Phi Mu, 
Spanish Club. PanheUeiiic, Mortar 
Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta 
Sigma. .Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Golden Key, Kappa Delta Pi, 
President's and Dean's List, Sigma 
Delta Pi, RUF, Cardinal Key 

Amy Dobbs 

Calnoun City 

Engineering Ambassadors, Tau Beta 
Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, CAB, American 
Sodetv of Mechanical Engineers, 
Phi Ka'ppa Phi, Cardinal Key, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Lambda Sigma, Delta 

Mark Dumas 

Memphis, TN 

CAB, Fasliion Board, IEEE, Phi 

Gamma Delta, Dean's List, Student 

Activities Committee, MSU 

Cooperative Education Program 

Avery Edmonson 


SA Treasurer and Senator, MSU 

Cheerleader, Delta Gamma, 
Cardinal Key, Mortar Board, Beta 

Alpha Psi, Lambda Sigma, 

President's List, Gamma Beta Phi, 

Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, 

Golden Key, Pfii Eta Sigma, Alpha 

Lambda Llelta 


Angela Eldridge 


FEEE, Eta Kappa Nu, Endneering 

Ambassador, Society ofVVomen 

Engineers, Dean's List Tau Beta Phi 

National Engineering Honor Society 

Melanie Fink 


Alpha Gamma Delta, SA, SAC, 

AmeriLan Institute ot Chemical 

Engineers, Technical Association of 

the Pulp and Paper Industry, 

Bulldn.^ Hostt^^ C.I l-holic Student 


Susan Freibert 


Catholic Student Association, Phi 

Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta, 

Phi Kappa Phi, Psi Chi, President's 

List Dean's Li*'t 

Chuck Frye 


Phi Gamma Delta, BSU, Lambda 

Sigma, Mortar Board, Tau Beta Pi, 

President's and Dean's List, Phi Eta 

Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, 

Gamma Beta Phi, Golden Key, Blue 

Kev, Phi Kappa Phi, Omega Chi 



Beaumont, TX 

.Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta 

Sigma, Golden Key, Phi Gamma 

Delta, President's List, Dean's List, 

Phi Kappa Phi 

Heather Gore 


Delta Delta Delta Gamma Beta Phi, 

Phi Theta Kappa, SA, College 

■Republicans, Golden Key, Kappa 

Delta Pi, President's List, MSU 

Reading Council 

Benny Goza 


M Club, GOBI Peer Advisor, 

President's List, Gamma Beta Phi, 

Dean's List, Golden Key, Phi Eta 




Alpha Gamma Delta, CAB, Catholic 

Student Association, President's 

List, MSU Panhellenic Council, 

MSU Bulldog Hostess 

Jarrod Gray 


Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Beta 

Lambda, Beta .Alpha Psi, 

Interfratemity Council, Greek 

Cotmdl for Christ, SA, Dean's List, 

President's List, Gamma Beta Phi, 

Beta Alpha Psi 

Mindy Gray 

Germantown, TI\ 

Delta Delta Delta, Cardinal Key, 

Catholic Student Association, 

President's List, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi 

Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, 

Kappa Delta Pi 

Ashby Green 

KnoxviUe, TN 

Spanish Club, CAB, Accounting 

Society, Beta Gamma Sigma, 

Golden Key, Roadrunner, Phi Beta 

Lambda, Beta Alpha Psi, President's 

List, Dean's List 



Fashion Board, Chi Omega, Gamma 

Beta Phi, Golden Key, Phi Kappa 

Phi, President's List,' Dean's List, 

BSU, Fellowship of Christian 



William Hardin 


Phi Cimma Delta, Phi Beta 

Lambda, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta 

Gan\ma Sigma. Mortar Board, 

Accounting Society, Phi Kappa Phi. 

Golden Key, Blue Key, Gamma Beta 

Pill, Lambda Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, 

Alpha Lambda Delta 


Memphis, TN 

Alpha Lambda Delta, Psi Chi, 

Golden Key, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi 

Kappa Phi, Zeta Tau Alpha, 

President's List, Dean's List 

Chase Henson 


Biomedical Engineering Society, 

Kappa Sigma, Lambda Sigma, 

Gamma Beta Phi, M-Club, College 

Republicans, Greek Council for 

Christ, RUF, Phi Eta Sigma, 

President's List, Dean's List, Tau 

Beta Phi, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden 




SA, Chi Omega, Bulldog Hostess, 

Matchmaker, Beta Beta Beta, Mortar 


Holly Hill 


Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda, 

Kappa Delta Pi, Gamma Beta Phi, 

Golden Key, MSU Reading Council, 

BSU, President's List, Dean's List 

Carley Hinchey 


SA, Alumni Delegate, Mortar Board, 

Cardinal Key, Matchmates, CAB, 

Lambda Sigma, BSU, Delta Gamma, 

Communication Association 

Lori Holloway 

Silver Creek 

"Reveille", Phi Kappa Phi, Beta 

Beta Beta, Golden Key, BSU, Psi 

Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta, SA, 

President's List 

Michael Holmes 

Long Beach 

Theta Tau, ASmE, Pi Tau Sigma, 
Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Student 
Council, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden 
Key, President's List, Dean's List 

James Houts 

Pleasant Grove, AL 

Residence Hall Association, Phi 

Kappa Phi, Lambda Sigma, Dean's 

List, President's List, Gamma Beta 

Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta 

Sigma, Golden Key 

Amy Howe 



Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Gamma, SA, 

CAB, Phi Beta Lambda, Beta Alpha 

Psi, Golden Key, Gamma Beta Phi, 

Lambda Sigma, Dean's List 



Association of Student Social 

Workers, Outdoor Society, 

President's List, Alpha Lambda 

Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi 

Rachael Jacob 


Chi Omega, SHEA, Phi Kap'pa Phi, 
President's List, Alpha Lambda 

Delta, Alpha Zeta, Kappa Omicron 

Nu, Golden Key, Gamma Sigma 

Delta, Gamma Beta Phi 

Helen Kennard 


MSU Reading Council, Dean's List, 
'' Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi. 
Vli-ssissippi Professional Educators 

All photos by Fred Faulk 

40 Who's Who 

Haley Kennedy Debra Jones 

Brandon V^\rA^^ 

SA, Roadrunner, Cardinal Key, 

Mortar Board, Chi Omega, Phi 

Kappa Phi, Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha 

Lambda Delta, Golden Key, 

President's List, Communication^ 




President's List, MSU Reading 

Council, MS Professional Educators, 

National Council of Teachers of 


Carya Latino 

Thomas Station, TN 

Roadrunner, SA, Chi Omega, 

Kappa Delta Pi, Engineering 

Student Council, Night Moves, 

BSU, Phi Kappa Phi, Cardinal Key, 

Golden Key, Lambda Sigma, Phi 

Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, 

President's List, Dean's List ,;, 

Erika Lindwall 

Tamarac, FL 

Housing Ambassadors, Gamma 
Beta Phi, Night Moves, Catholic 

Student Association, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Golden Key, Gamma Beta 

Phi, President's List, Phi Kappa Phi 

Courtney Lott 


Kappa Delta. Roadnmner, 

Orientation Leader, SA, Mortar 

Board, iMu Kappa Tau, Cardinal 

Kev, Golden Kev, Alpha Lambda 

Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, bAC, Fashion 

Board President's and Dean's List 

Linda Mak 


Pi Tau Sigma, Soaetv oi 

Automotive Engineers, Pfii Kappa 

Phi. Tau Beta Pi, Golden Key, 

Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta 

Sigma, Circle K, Societv' ot Women 

Engineers. President's List 

Bryan Nesbit 


Orientation Leader, Alumni 
Delegate, SA President, Kappa 

Alpha, Mortar Board, Elder 

Statesmen, Blue Key, Lambda 


Danielle Louys 


SA Secretary, Chi Omega, 
Roadrunner, Orientation Leader, 
RUF, College Republicans, Mortar 
Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, 
Cardinal Key, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Phi Eta- Sigma, President's List, Miss 

Jennifer Magee 


pha Tneta, An 

Phi Alpha Theta, American Institute 

of Chemical Engineers, National 

Society of Black Engineers 

Bubba Mahne 

Lacombe, LA 

Catholic Student Association, Delta 

Chi, Roadrunner, Orientation 

Leader, SA, Dean's List, Inter- 

FrateiTiity Council 

Brett Matens 


Roadrunner, Kappa Alpha, Greek 
Council for Christ, Mortar Board, 
Elder Statesmen, Blue Key, Golden 
Key, Gamma Beta Phi, CAB, SA, 
SAC, Lambda Sigma, President's 


West Point 

Kappa Delta, SA, SAC, COBI Peer 

Advisor, Mortar Board, Golden Key, 

Dean's List, Gamma Beta Phi 

Michelle Minga 


Kappa Delta, Mortar Board, Phi 

Theta Kappa, Kappa Mu Epsilon, 

SA, SAC, President's and Dean's 

List, Cardinal Key, Phi Kappa Phi, 

Gamma Beta Phi, Golden Kev 

Mark Nobles 


'Sigma Chi, SA, Elder Statesmen 



SA Vice-President and Senator, 

Sigma Chi, Elder Statesmen, CAB, 

Mortar Board, Lambda Sigma, 

Dean's List 

Brandon Owen 

Newbem, TN 

Ag Economics Club, SA, Alpha 

Zeta, SAC, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta 

Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, 

Golden. Key 

James Peoples 

Walnut Grove 

Lambda Chi Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, 

Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, 

Gamma Beta Phi, President's'List, 

Dean's List 

Brian Perkins 


Alpha Phi Alpha, National Society 

of Black Engineers, Golden Key, Phi 

Eta Sigma 

Ana Peters 


Phi Mu, Roadrunner, Spanish Club, 
CAB, Panhetlenic Council, College 
Republicans, President's and Dean's 
List, Golden Key, Gamma Beta Phi, 
Communication Association 

Mary Peterson 


Poiri Squad, Beta Alpha Psi, BSU, 
Gamma Beta Phi, Golden Key, Phi 
Kappa Ptii, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi 

Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
President's List 


Catherine Petty 


Phi Nfu, Diamond Girl, Panliellenic 
Council, SHEA, Phi Kappa Phi, 

Cardinal Key, Golden Key, 
President's List. Kappa Omicron 

Nu, Dean's List, Alpha Zeta, 

Gamma Beta Phi, Gamma Sigma 


Brandy Purdy 

DeWitt, AR 

Kappa Delta, SAC, MSU Flute 
Choir, MSU Symphonic Band, 

Bulldog Hostess, President's and 
Dean's List, Gamma Beta Phi, 

Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Tau 

Dallas Reese 


Phi Mu. Mortar Board, Diamond 
Girl, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gamma 

Beta Phi, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden 
Key, Fashion Boara President's List 

Matt Reeves 


Lambda Sigma, American Institute 
of Chemical Engineers, Omega Chi 

Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, BSU, 

President's List, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi 

Eta Sigma, Golden Key 

Shell! Reid 


Phi Mu, CAB, SA, Greek Council 

for Christ, College Repubicans, 

MSU Reading Club, Kappa Delta Pi, 

President'-. Li'-t, Dean's List 

Robert Reynolds 

Mathews, AL 

Roadrunner, Mortar Board, SA, 

Elderstatesmen, Lambda Sigma, Phi 

Gamma Delta, Engineering 

Ambassadors, IEEE, CAB, Dean's 


Beverly Sanders 




Zeta Tau Alpha, Lambda Sigma, 
Golden Key, Gamma Beta Phi, Beta 

Gamma Sigma, AIM Peer 

Counselor, Financial Management 

Association, Phi Kappa Phi. 

President''. List, Dl■an'^ List 

Marcus Scott 

Killen, AL 

Circle K, Engeneering Ambassador, 

Biological Engineering Society, 

Biomedical Engineering Society, SA, 

Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Golden 


Payne Seal 


Marching Band, Symphonic Band, 
Kappa Kappa Psi, Association for 
Computing Machinery- Kappa Mu 
Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, President's 
List, Dean's List 

Susana Seaton 

Long Beach 

Spanish CluB. Phi Kappa Phi, 

Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Zeta, 

Dean's List, Golden Key, Sigrna 

Delta Pi. Student Affiliates of the 

American Chemical Societv 

Kurt Shetdes 


Farmhouse, Alumni Delegate, 

School of Architecture Dean's 

Council, SA, Dean's List, Mortar 

Board, Tau Sigma Delta, Golden 

Key, Gamma Bet Phi, Phi Alpha 

Theta, Phi Theta Kappa 


[y Simpson 


Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, 

Gamma Beta Phi, Golden*Key, 

Kappa Omicron Nu, Alpha Zeta, 

Phi Theta Kappa, A.S.I.D., 

President's List, College of 

Agriculture and Home Economics 

Ambassador, SHEA 

Jennifer Slentz 

Caruthersville, MO 

Chi Omega, SA, SAC, Creek 

; Council for Christ. Gamma Beta 

' Phi, Kappa DelU Pi, Golden Key, 

Feature Tvvirler, Lambda Sigma, 

President's List, Dean's List 

42 Who's Who 

Rhonda Spiess 

Bay St. Louis 

Bioengineering Society, l-ambda 
Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, Society of 
Women Engineers, Catholic Student 
Association, Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma 

Beta Phi, President's List, Dean's 
List, Institute of Biological Engineers 

Alison Stamps 

Long Beach 

"Reflector" Cni Omega. Mortar 

3oard, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, 

Gamma Beta Phi, SUident 

Publications Board, Athletic 

Council, President's List, Order of 




Alpha Kappa Alpha, Mortar Board, 

American Society of Mechanical 

Engineers, Roadrunner, National 

Society of Black Engineers, SA, 

Society of Women Engineers 



National Society of Black Engineers, 

Delta Sigma Theta, American 

Institute of Chemical Engineers, 

NAACP, Dean's List 

Ted Tice 


Sodet)' of Manufacturing Engineers, 

Phi Theta Kappa. Dean's List, 

President's List 

Debbie Kaye 


MSU Meridian Campus 

FT A, MPE, ATT, Dean's List, 
President's List 

Jim Trimble III 


Marching Band, Gamma Beta Phi, 
National Society of Black Engineers, 
NAACP, Institute of Electrical and 
Electronics Engineers, Golden Key, 
Engineering Ambassador, Dean's 

Sharon Walker 


SA Senator, DPMA, NAACP, Black 

Student Council, Student Christians 

in Action, Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha 

Iota Delta, Golden Kev, Gamma 

Beta Phi 

William Walker 


SA, Mortar Board. Blue Kev. Golden 

Key, Greek Council for Christ, SA, 

CAB. Omicron Delta Epsilon, Phi 

Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Theta, 

Lambda Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma. 

Alpha Lambda Delta. Farmhouse. 

Presidents List, Dean's List 


Casey Wallace 


University Choir, SA, CAB, Phi 

Theta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, 

Golden Key, Gamma Beta Phi, 

President's List 

Washington III 


Financial Management Association, 

Gamma Beta Phi, COBl Academic 

Peer Advisor BSU, SA, Piesident's 


• Webb 


SA, Kappa Delta, CAB, Alpha 

Epsilon Delta. SAC, Beta Beta Beta, 

Golden Key. Dean's List 

Tracey Webb 


Kappa Delta. Mississippi 

.Communicators, SA, SAC, CAB, 

President's List, Gamma Beta Phi, 

Lambda Sigma, Golden Kev 


Chris Wells 


American Society of Chemical 
Engineers, Engineering Student 

Council, Phi Delta Theta, Mortar 
Board, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, 

Golden Key, Omega Chi Epsilon 



Beta Alpha Psi, "Reveille", Phi 

Kappa Phi, Gamma Beta Phi, 

Cardinal Key, Golden Kev, Beta 

Gamma Sigma, SA, Lambcfa Sigma, 

Phi Eta Sigma, ,Alpha Lambda 

Delta, BSU, President's List, Dean's 



Birmingham, AL 

Lambda Sigma, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, AIM Peer 
Counselor, Golden Key, Mortar 
Board, RUF, Delta Gamma, Psi Chi, 
Phi Kappa Phi, President's List 



Roadrunner, Orientation Leader, 
Bulldog Hostess, Angel Flight, SAC, 
Black Student Council, Association 

of Black Business Professionals, 
CAB, President's LLst 

Stevie Watson 


Roadrunner, Alumni Delegate, 

CAB, Alpha Phi Alpha, Pi Sigma 

Epsilon, NAACP, Dean's List, 

Image Program 



BSU, Alpha Lambda Delta, RUF, 

Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, 

Golden Key, Cardinal Key, 

President's List, Dean's List 

Steven Phillip 


Alumni Delegate, Phi Delta Theta, 

SAC, SA, CAB, Mortar Board, Phi 

Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha 

Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma, 

Dean's List 

Alicia Ware 


Delta Delta Delta, SAC, State 

Striders, Phi Beta Lambda, 

Presidenf 5 List, Golden Key, Phi 

Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, 

Gamma Beta Phi, Beta Alpha Psi 


fi > 

S ^.\4 

■ T » "' « * 
i>, > ^ * '^ «■ 1 

V « 

'* V 

i^f. A ?■ / . * if ^ > ^ «vl 

*•' <; . ^ ' 

^ * 


A h 

44 Life 

^ * *■ ^ 

_ -i a- ■> 

P»- ^^ '^ I .3^ S 

rf. s* « » ^ 

I!-- >►• ^. .*f 1* .K 

^Jf Jfc B" ^ 

t A * 
|p ?» '^ 

. . 't A »r * "y * 




#. >* € 

' r .. * <, ^^ '^ T ^ . * -^ ^ « <" V * 
.' ^ ••■ '^* ^ ' '' ^^ " '- «.' V -- ir ^, f * 


t- ^ ■' 

a ^' , , '' 1^ '. <; ^ f. 

" ji * <« < 
> *. * ^ -V 

■<s ^ '«' 4 

1* ■« T \* 

■^ A 

•^ iS, i. *• ^ •» T 4. "* 

» •>. Ji <^- 

^. t' « "^ w •.. ^ *> V ?• er < 
_, ■" ^ A < ^ ^ ^ 

■**^A^>«*-'« ^fc'**-?-!'-**^- i\» « ^ » -^ "^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 1- '^ ^ -y ^ ^ ^^- ^ > '»' -^ Life 45 

We've Got Some 'Dawgs... 

Homecoming always seems to bring 

out the true spirit in the students, 

alumni, and faculty. The week is always 

rilled with excitement. 

The MSU Campus was bursting with activities the 
week of October 23-28 as everyone prepared for 
the Annual Homecoming Game. Many organiza- 
tions spent endless hours creating Homecoming 
signs for competition. The School of Business grab- 
bed first place and Delta Delta Delta sorority took 
second place. RV's and campers began arriving on 
Thursday bringing hundreds of thousands of State 
supporters. Friday featured a pep rally in McCar- 
thy Gym and a hand-clapping, boot stomping Tim 
McGraw concert. Finally the big day arrived. 
Thousands of alumni and students poured into 
Scott Field to watch the Bulldogs take on the 
Kentucky Wildcats. The homecoming court 
highlighted half-time with the beautiful Georgia 
Thomas who was crowned Homecoming Queen. 
Maroon and White, pom-poms, cowbells, and 
cheers spurred on to their first SEC victory of the 
season with a victorious win over the Wildcats. 
The week of activities brought faculty, students, 
parents, and alumni together to celebrate 100 
years of MSU Athletics. Betsy Atthow 

Photo by Garland Cary, 

46 Life 

During the pep rally, Head Football Coach Jackie 
Sherrill (oppostie, top) gets students, alumni and 
other fans to their feet. He spoke of how his MSU 
bulldogs weren't going to let Kentucky leave with 
this victory. 

The Union lobby (opposite, right) becomes pretty 
hectic as students come to cast thier ballots for class 
maids, homecoming queen, and Mr. and Mrs. MSU. 

MSU is fortunate to have the loyal support of many 
faithful alumni, (below) Their campers fill the cam- 
pus on any given game weekend, and homecoming 
week was no exception. 

Students come out to the amphitheater (left) in 
^■'■' support of their 'Dawgs. Encouragement for the 
Bulldogs is vital during the week before the game, 
and MSU students know just how to give it. 

Rallying students together before the "big game," 
falls under the job description of the Famous Ma- 
roon Band. 

Life 47 

Bicycles (right) are a common sight everywhere on campus. Whether students are just 
going from class to class or from home to campus, bikes were the best option for some. 

With all the parking signs, (below) sometimes things get a little confusing, but for some 
reason campus police almost never took that as an excuse for getting out of a ticket. 

Fortunatelv, wheel locks (bottom) are not generally very common, but for those who 
have walked out to find a bright yellow metal contraption locked to their wheel, the 
scene must be a terrible one. 

Photo by Garland Carv 

The new parking meters (bottom, right) make things much 
more convenient when trying to go to the Union, whether it's 
to buy food or just to run in for something from the bookstore. 

These MSU staffers (opposite, top) take some time to talk 
about their day in one of the many lots designated for State 

Photo by Garland Gary. 

48 Life 

Jfffffff f f f f f^A 

Trying to park can be a lot 

more stressful than a week 

of finals. 

h Can't Find a Place for 

Your Car? 

As on most college campuses, the subject of parking is a common 
one. MSU is no different; however, this year the campus officials did do 
a few things to improve the situation. 

One improvement was that parking meters were installed this sum- 
mer to give students, alumni, and visitors a chance to park closer to the 
heart of the campus. For just twenty-five cents, anyone could park 
directly in front of MSU's Mini Mall for up to thirty minutes without the 
risk of a ticket. In order to pay for the new parking meters, the price of 
parking violations went up from ten to fifteen dollars. 

Even though these efforts were made, many students continued to 
walk or ride their bikes to campus. This way they got the exercise they 
needed while avoiding any wasted time waiting for a parking space to 

' 7 borrowed a bike from a friend 

of mine this semester to get to 

campus. It takes a lot less time 

to get to class. "Sarah 

Brackin, Sophomore 

Life 49 

MSU's Legendary Library 

Mitchell Memorial Library has been 
under major renovations for the past 
several years. The library provides un- 
ending resources to aid students with 
research papers, projects, and speeches. 
It also provides a haven from the dorms 
for those who desire to study. 

The renovations are nearing comple- 
tion and full use of the new facilities will 
hopefully be available next fall. For 
those students who have been around, 
many remember when there was a road 
between Hand Lab and the Library. 
Now, there is a wonderfully manicured 
landscape. The new library has added 
beauty to the drill field. The only ob- 
stacle remaining for many students, is 
the fence around the construction equip- 
ment. It will be a happy day when the 
renovation is finally finished and the 
library is easily accessible for all areas of 
campus. Befsy Athoiv 

Photo by Trey Edwards 

50 Life 

Even though this MSU student (opposite, top) 
doesn't even realize it, great minds are working just 
below him in one of college's great developments: 
the study group. 

How much more comfortable could these ladies 
(opposite, bottom) be — sitting in the brand new 
library on a nice couch? It sure beats studying in the 

The view of Mitchell Memorial Library (top) from 
the balcony on the third floor is almost breathtak- 
ing — what's truly breathtaking is the walk up those 

This student (below) decides it's just easier to have a 
seat, right in the middle of the new compact shelving, 
to find the book she's looking for. She was careful, 
though, not to get pinned between the volumes. 

Enjoying some chips and a Coke from the librarv's 
snack shop, this student (left) finds a quiet place to 
take a few moments to read a copy of the Refltxtor. 

Photo by Trey Edwards. 

Life 51 

Even as the internet has become important, personal computers have almost become 
necessity for students. This graphic design student (right) has surely learned the value 
of his pc. 

Research papers (below) have become a little easier with the introduction of on screen 
bulletin boards. In finding information for paper research, this student knows the 
significance of the internet. 

The on-line information (above) has been important to this 
MSU student's search for available scholarships. 

As valuable as the internet (right) has been to students and 
faculty this year, it can only increase in its value in the years to 

Using e-mail for communication (opposite, top) between cam- 
puses helps this student cut back on long distance phone calls 
without having to wait for a hand written letter to be mailed. 

52 Life 

Hold on to Your 


In recent years the world has come up with many great inventions 
that will change the world forever. One of the most widely used of 
these new inventions in 1995 was probably the internet. 

The internet enabled people to communicate with others all over the 
world, and with MSU offering free electronic mail addresses, the wide 
world of computer communication was open to all students who 
desired it. Writing to friends on different campuses or finding useful 
information for class, the internet proved to be a valuable tool to all who 
used it. Internet users could read their favorite magazine with a stroke 
of a few keys on their computer, and even college applications and 
registration were eventually able to be done over the internet, as well as 
job applications. 

But as portrayed in The Net, starring actress Sandra Bullock, audien- 
ces could see it was easy to get carried away on the internet. The story 
of a young lady who had her entire life saved on a hard drive caused 
many internet users to rethink their addiction to the computer. 

Even still, the internet was a valuable tool of communication between 
faculty, students, and friends. Charmene R. Thompson 

The internet has been very 

helpful to me this year. I can e- 

mail my papers to my 

professor, and he 11 give me 

feedback on how to improve 

what I've written. " Penny Parks, 


Life 53 

A Vital Part of MSU 

Easily accessible. The Longest Student 
Health Center helps make it better. 

Probably, to most Mississippi State students, ttie 
Longest Student Health Center has been thought 
of as the place to go for a cold or sinus infection. 
Now in addition to providing anti-biotics, the 
health center offers many other services which 
may be unfamiliar to students who've never re- 
quired these types of treatment. Physical therapy, 
counseling, out-patient services, health education, 
radiology, and pharmacy access are just some of 
the aspects of the student health center that prove 
useful for a variety of students. 

For students like sophomore Robyn Martello, 
the new physical therapy department was a real 
time saver. After her knee surgery to repair a torn 
ligament, Robyn came back to school and was able 
to perform the physical rehabilitation that her doc- 
tor recomended without having to travel to the 
hospital. Several students have been able to take 
advantage of this service. 

Named after Dr. John C. Longest, the student 
health center has been a valuable part of the MSU 
campus this year and is sure to continue to be long 
into the future. Lori Webster 

Photo by Trey Edwards 

Photo hv I i-i'V I Ju.irds 

54 Life 

Having a simple check-up is an important part of 
health care which this student must be aware of. 

Even though the rigorous physical therapy 
(opposite, below) is tough on this patient, it is an 
important part of a full recovery. 

The needed exercise (left) for recovering patients is 
provided with a lot of encouragement from profes- 
sional staff. 

With a well-staffed radiology department, (below) 
diagnosis of fractures and broken bones no longer 
requires a trip to the hospital. 

Unaware of potential accidents, this student 
(bottom) plays a harmless game of frisby golf; how- 
ever, the Longest Student Health Center is always 

Ph.if, 1 In |u\l\n M.ison 

Life 55 

Students gather at the Hump (right) rather than their usual Saturday night hot spots to 
cheer on their Bulldog Basketball team. These students really went all out in support. 

The basketball coliseum (below) was almost up to maximum capacity. Looking all the 
way up to the nose-bleed section and seeing it also full had to make the 1995-96 team 
feel great. 

■ ./^'.C-T^'v^'^^5y,.^^^^■ r*''.; :'^'>v='-J i^- ':■ •'.. '. 

|(B|y^ipr^P > t'^ 


Phdto bv Trev Edwards. 

Erick Dampier (above) sails to the basket to give confidence to 
fans that this year would prove even better than last — as if 
the fans were worried! 

ESPN2 really gets in the middle of things (right) when it 
comes to MSU basketball. They provided coverage of Mid- 
night Madness to those who could not actually be there for the 

Darryl Wilson (opposite, top) makes this slam dunk seem so 
effortless while getting the crowd to their feet. 

Photo by Irt^y Edwards, 

56 Life 


And the Crowd 


October 14, 1995 was a night many Mississippi State basketball fans would not 
soon forget. It was the night Midnight Madness returned. The first midnight basket- 
ball practice was welcomed by close to 8,500 basketball-hungry fans in Humphrey 
Coliseum and by a national television audience courtesy of ESPN2. 

The night began with "The Best Seat in the Hump" contest and the "Hank Flick 
Look-A-Like" contest. The "Celebrity Free-Throw" contest was won by head volley- 
ball coach Samye Johnson, the only woman in the shoot-out. The head basketball 
coach Richard Williams then took center stage to introduce the 1991 SEC Champion- 
ship Team. 

Following the team's introduction, Williams introduced first-year Lady Bulldog 
Basketball coach Sharon Fanning who introduced the fans to her 1995-96 Lady 
Bulldog Basketball team. Afterwards, there was a showing of "A Season to Re- 
member" a highlight tape from last year's performance. Then, the SEC Western 
Division Championship and Sweet Sixteen banners were unveiled. A moment later 
the excitement began as the 1995-96 playes were introduced. The team then broke up 
into squads and a full-court scrimmage began. 

Midnight Madness ended just before 1 a.m. leaving everyone's hunger for basket- 
ball satisfied. Charmene R. Thompson 


' Midnight Madness was 

awesome! I love basketball 

season, and the midnight 

scrimagejust makes me wish 

it would hurry up and start!" 

Gina Williams, senior 

Vc i^^.l 

Life 57 


Wliere inrere you wlien...? 

Japan's nightmare of a disastrous urban earth- 
quake came true on January 17, 1995 when a 
powerful quake tore through several western 
cities, toppling hundreds of buildings, touching 
off raging fires and killing more than 5,000 
people. The country had been rattled by a series 
of strong quakes since late December, when the 
quake with a magnitude of 7.5 jolted northern 
Japan. The city of Kobe, the sight of the worst 
destruction, is a gateway for more than 12 per- 
cent of Japan's export. 

Newt Gingrich wanted to be speaker of the House years 
before he managed to win a House seat, and he long ago 
laid plans for the Republican takeover, something most 
of his colleagues considered an impossible dream. This is 
the Georgia congressman's season of triumph. He is 
celebrating it in typical contradictory fashion high- 
minded one moment, flamboyant the next. He has said 
himself he needs to tone down his style, but he hasn't yet 
taken his own advice. Gingrich, 51, was an assistant 
history professor at West Georgia College in rural Carroll- 
ton, GA. when he started running for Congress. He made 
it on his third try, in 1978, presenting himself as moder- 
ate with strong family values. 

A string of Pacific storms led to 
the deaths of at least 1 1 people 
and caused more than $300 mil- 
lion in flood damages across the 
state of California in January 
1995. The storms battered 
much of the state, from the wine 
country of San Francisco to the 
beaches of Malibu in the south, 
leaving down power lines, leak- 
ing gas lines and hundreds of 
dead livestock. In Humboldt 
County, authorities called on 

the National Guard to help 
them collect the rotting car- 
casses of sheep and dairy cat- 
tle that floated down the Eel 
River. Gov. Pete Wilson said 
in his State of the State ad- 
dress, "We've conquered 
every challenge that man or 
Mother Nature could throw 
our way." 

The San Francisco 49ers scored early and often on January 29 to 
defeat the San Diego Chargers 49-26 in a Super Bowl that quickly 
turned into the route the experts had predicted. For 49ers quarter- 
back Steve Young, the victory not only put his name in the record 
book but allowed him to escape the ghost of his predecessor, Super 
Bowl hero Joe Montana. Young, unanimously named the game's 
most valuable player, passed for 325 yards without an interception 
and ran for 49. His six touchdown passes broke the Super Bowl 
record of five that Montana set five years ago. "Whatever critics he 
may have had, he proved tonight that he's one of the greatest 
quarterbacks of all time," 49ers coach George Seifert said of 

Chechen rebels have 
stung the Kremlin with 
bitter truths: Big is not 
always better, the desire 
for independence is a 
powerful weapon, and 
Moscow's military ma- 
chine can be made to 
bleed. Outmanned and 
outgunned, the 

Chechen's fierce resist- 
ance has stunned and hu- 
miliated the Russian ar- 
my and made fools of 
generals desperate for 

victory. The furious Russi- 
an attempt to destroy 
Grozny and topple 
Chechen President Dzho- 
khar Dudayev has only un- 
ified the Chechens, a na- 
tion of more than 160 clans 
usually feuding among 
themselves. Each day, Rus- 
sia throws more troops and 
firepower at the Chechens 
to no avail. After sending 
in tens of thousands of 
troops, victory eludes the 

For months, baseball fans were talking about The Streak. With each game he 
played, Baltimore Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken Jr. drew one game closer to 
breaking one of baseball's "unbreakable" records. In 1939, Yankee first - 
baseman Lou Gehrig retired after having appeared in 2, 1 30 consecutive games, 
an accomplishment that surely would never be equalled. In 1995, Ripken not 
only equalled it - - he surpassed it! On September 6, 1 995 Ripken took the field, 
as he had done in every Orioles game since May 30, 1982, to play against the 

California Angels. This was consecutive game 2,131 but not until the fifth 

inning, when baseball games become official. When the fifth inning came, 
fireworks exploded and cameras flashed, as 10 - foot banners bearing "2-1-3-1" 
were unfurled in the outfield stands of Baltimore's Camden Yards. The fans 
stood and cheered for Ripken, who emerged from the dugout and gave his 
jersely to his wife and two children. His teammates pushed the reluctant Ripken 
back out onto the field where he made a "thank you" lap around the ballpark, 
shaking hands with the fans. The ovation lasted 22 minutes. Befitting a hero, 
Ripken hit a home run in the game which the Orioles won 4-2. 

On October 3, 
1995. the long- 
running, real-life 
soap opera played 
its final episode. In 
"the trial of the 
century, "O.J. 
Simpson was ac- 
quitted in the June 
12, 1994, stabbing 
murder of his for- 
mer wife, Nicole 
Brown Simpson, 
and her friend 
Ronald Goldman. 
Americans fol- 
lowed the trial for 
more than a year, 
listening to testi- 
mony, digesting the evidence and speculating on 
whether the former football superstar and film actor 
was guilty. The jury reached its verdict in less than four 
hours deliberation, after listening to 133 days of testi- 
mony and considering more than 800 pieces of evi- 
dence. It was a case that would leave Americans with 
many lasting images: 1 ) a white Ford Bronco leading a 
police chase; 2) Simpson trying on "the murder glo- 
ves" in court; 3) The testimony of prosecution witness 
Police Detecctive Mark Fuhrman, whose credibility 
was later destroyed when it was shown that he lied 
under oath about his use of racial epithets. In a state- 
ment made soon after his acquittal, Simpson vowed he 
would dedicate his life to a search for the real killers. 

"Why do you want to be president?" asked the TV 
host. "Every country needs a president, " replied Rub- 
lican Senator Bob Dole. In April 1995 the Kansas 
Senator became the sixth Repuclican to formally de- 
clare his candidacy for a move into the WHite House 
in 1996. This is the third presedential attempt for 
Dole, who unsuccessfully ran in Republican primaries 
in 1 980 and 1988. His intention is to cut taxes, balance 
the budget and "lead American back to her place in the 
sun." Dole began his political party in 1951, serving in 

the Kansas legislature. He served in the House of 
Representatives from 1 96 1 through 1 969 and has been 
a Senator since. Dole's latest bid to become president 
does not have precedence on its side — only three 
times have sitting Senators been elected President. Age 
is another factor that may discourage voters. If elected. 
Dole would be 73 years old upon entering office. This 
would make him the eldest newly elected president in 

"The sight you see before you... was impossi- 
ble, was unthinkable, just three years ago," 
Israel's Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin told 
those present at the East Room of the White 
House. The "sight" was the September 28, 
1 995, signing of an accord between Israel and 
the PLO that would end Israel's military oc- 
cupation of West Bank cities and lay the 
foundation for a Palestinian state. President 
Clinton presided over the ceremony which 
featured two hours of speeches and pageantry 
before an audience of diplomats, foreign min- 
isters. Cabinet secretaries and members of 
Congress. The agreement outlines the process 
for gradual withdrawal of Israeli troops and 
transfer of governing authority for Palestini- 
an self-rule in 30 percent of the west Bank. It 
also allows for Palestinian elections and the 
release of 5000 Palestinian prisoners being 

held by Israel. 

*Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assinated by a 

Jewish extremist in Israel on Saturday, November 4, 



For a few days, a religious man 
dominated the headlines. And 
for a change, it gave Americans 
something good to talk about. 
The newsmaker was Pope John 
Paul II, and the occasion was 
his visit to the United States in 
early October 1995. The 75- 
year-old pontiff began his five- 
day visit by addressing the Uni- 
ted Nations General Assembly 
in conjunction with the organ- 
ization's 50th anniversary. 
During his stay, the Pope cel- 
ebrated outdoor Mass in both 
New York and New Jersey. 
Rainy, windy weather did little 
to dampen the spirits of the 
faithful who gathered to hear 
him speak, catch a glimpse of 
him or even touch him as he 
swept past. In Baltimore (MD), 
he addressed an audience at the 
baseball stadium and lunched 
at a soup kitchen before flying 
back home to Rome. Through- 
out his visit, the Pope called for 
greater attention to the needs of 
the less fortunate. 

On April 19, 1995 , a car bomb exploded in Oklahoma City (OK), 
destroying the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and killng scores 
of men, women, and young children. The force of the blast tore off 
the building's facade and sent it flying 50 feet across the street, where 
it slammed into another building and came to rest in a parking lot. 
With the outer wall of the building suddenly gone, workers tumbled 
out of their offices and into the street where the blast had carved a 
crater 30 feet wide. Shortly after the explosion, Timothy McVeigh, a 
Gulf War veteran was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. 
Two days later, he was recognized as one of the bombing suspects 
and was charged. McVeigh's trial is pending. 


President Bill Clinton entered the third year of his term as no president has 
done for 40 years - - with a Republican Congress. As he began this new year, 
he resolved to "put aside partisan differences." In April 1995, the Senate 
passed a bill that cut $16 billion from various social programs while sparing 
other items favored by Clinton. Although the President called the bill "the 
model of how we can work together," the gap remained wide over such 
issues as tax cuts, welfare reform and spending reductions. Although cau- 
tious in dealing with the new Congress, Clinton has raised his profile and 
taken a firm stand on issues. He said he would try to work with the 
Republicans on their agenda but would "no doubt" veto some of their 
proposals. On April 14, 1995, Clinton filed the necessary documents with 
Federal Election Commisiion and made formal his candidacy for re- 

This summer it seemed as though Hootie and the 
Blowfish were playing every time you turned on the 
radio. The four-man rock group that seemed to 
come out of nowhere and dominate the audio scene 

did not go unnoticed on the video scene. Hootie, featur- 
ing vocals by lead singer Darius Rucker, won an MTV 
award for best new artist for their video, "Hold My 
Hand." The presentation was made at the 12th annual 
MTV Video Music Awards held in September 1995 at 
Radio City Music Hall in New York. Dennis Miller 
hosted the ceremony, which included awards to Tom 
Petty for best male video, "You Don't Know How It 
Feels,"' and Madonna for best female video, "Take a 
Bow." TLC won video of the year for "Waterfalls," a 
cautionary AIDS song. While presenting best rap video 
award to Dr. Dre, Madonna lashed out a Republican 
presidential candidate Bob Dole for his previous crit- 
icism of the violent, sexist lyrics of some rap records. 
Biggest winners of the night: TLC and Weezer, each of 
whom had to make room on their mantels for four 

The leader of the 
Grateful Dead was 
gone. Jerry Garcia, 
CO - founder of 
rock music's the 
Grateful Dead, 
died of a heart at- 
tack while in a 
drug rehabilitation 
center in suburban 
San Francisco. The 
guitarist, compos- 
er and singer 
passed away on 
August 9, 1995, 
just eight days af- 
ter his 53rd birth- 
day. Deadheads, as 
the group's fol- 
lowers were 
known, quickly 

gathered to note the passing of their fallen leader. Crowds 
formed in pubHc areas in San Francisco, Garcia's home- 
town, and in other cities to share their loss. A single red 
rose was tied to a tree in front of the San Francisco 
address where the Dead began in 1964. The Grateful 
Dead blended rock, bluegrass and folk flavors into their 
own sound. Although studio recordings by the group were 
rare - - the most recent was released in 1989 - - the 
Grateful Dead remained a very popular concert attrac- 
tion. Jerr\' Garcia had the rare distinction of having an 
ice cream flavor named for him — Ben & Jerry's "Cherry 
Garcia." The company's founders said that Garcia had 
inspired their business philosophy. 

It was a match between two players vying for the top 
position in women's tennis. On Sept. 9, '95, Ger- 
many's Steffi Graf emerged as #1 as she beat Monica 
Seles in NY to win her fourth U.S. Open title. For 
Graf, it was the third consecutive Grand Slam title, 
coming after victories at Wimbledon and at the French 
Open. "Nothing can ever come close to this one. I had 
a lot of obstacles to climb over, " said Graf who 
played with a bone bruise on one foot. Another 
complication was Grafs father who is serving time in a 
German prison on tax-fraud charges. In spite of her 
defeat on the tennis court, Seles feels like a victor of 
sorts. This loss was the first in a dozen of matches that 
marked her inspired return to the sport after a two- 
year absence. Seles had been stabbed in the back by a 
deranged fan at a match in Hamburg, Germany. "It 
has been very exciting to be playing again," Seles said. 

The Million Man March in Washington, D.C. on October 
16. 1995, was tremendous. Hundreds of thousands of 
African-American men converged on the nation's capital 
in response to the call from Louis Farrakhan, the Nation 
of Islam's leader, to rally for unity and brotherhood. It 
was the fourth largest demonstration in Washington's 
history, and the largest predominately African-American 
gathering. There were dozens of speakers, including civil 
rights veterans Rosa Parks, Dick Gregory, and the Rever- 
end Jesse Jackson. Stevie Wonder sang, and Maya 
Angelou read a poem that urged the men to do right by 
themselves and "save your race." The rally's climax was 
Farrakhan's speech in which he led the men in a pledge to 
"never raise my hand with a knife or gun to beat, cut or 
shoot. ..any human being." He urged the rally to join 
organizations, gain political control, fight racism and rid 
their neighborhoods of crime, drugs, and violence. 

The Cleveland Indians and 
the Atlanta Braves squared 
off in the first World Series 
in two years. This was, per- 
haps, the first between 
teams with politically in- 
correct nicknames. The 
hard-hitting Indians com- 
piled a lofty team batting 
average of .291 for the sea- 
son, while the Braves pitch- 
ing staff, led by Greg Mad- 
dux (19-2), was widely 
acknowledged to be the 

game's best. It was a Series of 
the bats vs. the arms. And in 
the end, the arms were held 
aloft in triumph. The Braves 
won the Series in six games, 
after taking a two-games-to- 
none lead in their home park. 
They won the Series on their 
return to Atlanta with a 1-0 
victory marked by David 
Justice's home run and the 
one-hit pitching of Tom 
Glavine, who was named Se- 
ries MVP. 

On September 5, 1995, France resumed underground 
nuclear testing when it detonated a device under a remote 
atoll in the South Pacific. Worldwide protests preceded 
the nuclear test, and criticism from the world followed it. 
Anti-nuclear demonstrations were staged in various parts 
of the world, including Paris, Tokyo, Switzerland, Aus- 
tralia, and Hiroshima. Two days of rioting, looting and 
firebombing exploded in Papeete, Tahiti, which lies 
about 750 miles from the test site. Two ships, part of a 
Greenpeace "peace flotilla," were stormed and captured 
by the commandos nearby. France's President Jacques 
Chirac defended the tests, saying they would provide 
information allowing France to conduct computer- 
simulated tests in the future. Chirac also said that more 
tests were planned, but that France would sign a global 
test-ban treaty at their conclusion. 

On the e\ening oF October 4, 1995. Hurricane Opal came ashore on 
Florida's Gulf Coast, packing sustained winds of 125 miles per hour. 
Before it was through, the storm had killed at least 20 people in four 
states and caused at least $1.8 billion in damages to insured properties, 
making it the third costliest storm in U.S. history. Hurricane Opal 
swung east toward Florida after striking Mexico's Yucatan Pennisula. 
The storm destroyed or damaged thousands of homes and businesses 
along a 120-mile stretch of the Florida Panhandle. Many of its residents 
were still recovering from and repairing damage inflicted by Hurricane 
Erin two months earlier. Opal caused the sea to rise 1 5 feet and sweep 
avva>' nearly everything on the lower floors of homes and businesses 
along the edge of the Gulf Coast. Power outages were widespread, and 
there were many incidents of looting. Some of the hurricane's victims 
were allowed to return home a week after fleeing, even though water, 
electricity and sewer services had not been restored. Others, from more 
severely damaged areas had to wait longer. 

In September, 1995, Colin Powell embarked 
on a cross-country book tour to promote his 
autobiography, "My American Journey." As 
he did this, he also promoted the notion that 
his next journey may be along the campaign 
trail, seeking the presidency of the United 
States in 1996. Powell, 58 years old, is the 
former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 
the first African-American person to hold 
that position. He rose to fame through his 
leadership in the Persian Gulf war. The views 
expressed by Powell seem to leave him out of 
either mainstream Republicans or Demo- 
crats. In his book, he asserts his belief in free 
enterprise and lower taxes, and says that he is 
put off by "patronizing liberals." He does, 
however, support women's rights, gun control 
and was alarmed by a "troubling mix of poli- 
tics and religion" at the 1992 Republican 
convention. He sees himself as the "sensible 
center of the American political spectrum," 
declaring no allegiance to any political party. 

It was Hillary Clinton's first visit to China, and she 
made it a memorable one. In a speech to the United 
Nation's Fourth World Conference on Women, the 
first lady took on the world. Her speech, delivered on 
September 5, 1995, made a call for human rights and 
freedom of expression, and she said that it was inde- 
fensible that many women who registered for the con- 
ference were denied visas or were unable to fully 
participate. Mrs. Clinton surprised her audience and 
the host nation by rebuking Beijing for its treatment of 
private activists who said they were harassed by au- 
thorities during a parallel forum held in Huairou, 
China, just 30 miles away. The conference platform 
called for measures to alleviate women's poverty, and 
improve health care, job opportunities and education. 


Despite continued NATO air strikes and U.N. peace 
efforts, the conflict in the former Yugoslavia rages on, 
with no letup in sight. 1995 began with a four month 
casefire mediated by former United States President Jim- 
my Carter, but the truce didn't put an end to the fighting. 
The former Yugoslavia has been the scene of the civil war 
since June 1991, and the fighting intensified in 1992 after 
the republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina declared its inde- 
pendence. Bosnian Serbs, seeking independence from 
Bosnia, began their siege of the capital, Sarajevo, as the 
European community and the United States formally 
recognized Bosnia. More than 200,000 people have been 
killed or are missing since the fighting began. In May 
1995. NATO planes attacked Serb ammunition depots. 
The Serbs responded by attacking "safe areas," killing 
many and taking hundreds of U.N. peacekeeper hostages. 
In June. Serbs downed a U.S. F-16 over northern Bosnia. 
The pilot. Air Force Captain Scott O'Grady, hid for six 
days until was rescued by U.S. Marines. The conflict and 
the peace talks continue. 

In January 1995, Newt Gingrich became the first 
Republican Speaker of the House in 40 years. The 51- 
year-old Georgia Congressman had his sights set on 
this position even before he won a House seat on his 
third try in 1976. Gingrich narrowly elected as minori- 
ty whip in 1989, saw his goal in reach when the GOP 
won a majority of Congressional seats in 1994 and 
when Minority Leader Robert Mitchel declined to run 
for another term. Gingrich has proven adept at grab- 
bing headlines and preaching morality. In 1989, he 
drove Speaker Jim Wright from office with relentless 
attacks of ethics violations. In 1994, he alleged that 
one-quarter of the White House staff had recently used 

drugs, a charge 
that remains un- 
Gingrich helped 
orchestrate the 
"Contract With 
America" as the 
GOP's national 
agenda in the 1994 
elections. It called 
for a balanced- 
budget amend- 
ment, welfare re- 
form and an anti- 
crime package. 

On August 24. 1995. human rights activist 
Harry Wu set foot on American soil after 
being imprisoned in China for 66 days. Wu, a 
native of China and a naturalized U.S. citi- 
zen, had been taken into custody on June 19 
while trying to enter China at a remote border 
crossing. He was convicted on charges of 
stealing state secrets and was sentenced to 1 5 
years in prison. Within hours, however, he 
was released and deported, in an apparent 
attempt to improve delicate relations be- 
tween the United States and China. Wu's trip 
to China had been one of several clandestine 
treks he had made since 1991 for the purpose 

of researching and filming evidence of abuses 
in China's prison labor camps. His efforts 
had resulted in television documentaries that 
gained international attention. It was a hero's 
welcome that greeted Wu as he stepped off 
the plane at San Francisco International Air- 
port. Crowded around his wife Ching-Lee, 
were dozens of supporters carrying 
"Welcome Home" signs, yellow ribbons and 
roses. A few days after his return, Wu and his 
wife cut down the yellow ribbon that had 
been hanging throughout his imprisonment 
on the City Hall of his hometown of Milpitas, 

The news was terrible: an Amtrak train derailed while crossing a trestle in a remote 
desert region of Arizona, 55 miles southwest of Phoenix. What made the news worse 
was the suspicion of sabotage. Occurring around 1A.M. on October 9. 1995. the 
derailment of Amtrak's Sunset Limited, en route from Miami to Los Angeles, sent 
four of its cars into the gulch 30 feet below the trestle. One person was killed and more 
than 70 were injured. The derailment was caused by the removal of a metal bar that 
held two sections of rail together. The culprit installed a wire, disabling a light that 
would have warned the train's crew about the break. The sabotteur's apparent 
knowledge about the warning system led to a speculation that it might be the work of a 
railroad employee. A letter found a the scene raised suspicions that the derailment 
was the work of terrorists, although experts in the field were unfamiliar with the 

All photos and copy on pp 58-65 are from the Associated Press. 







Photo by Garland Gary 


Photo by Garland Carv 

Photo by Stan Orkin 



Photo by Garland Gary 





"I like it; I love it; I want some more of 
it!" sang the crowd that fall night as 
headliner Tim McGraw brought them to 
their feet. Opening for one of country 
music's latest stars were 4 Runner and the 
very popular Blackhazvk — both rising 
bands in country music. As one of the 
many projects the student-led Music 
Makers Productions took on, the Tim Mc- 
Graw concert was probably the biggest. 

Bringing these acts to the campus of 
MSU is the student-run group Music 
Maker Productions. According to their 
information pamphlet, "Music Maker 
Prodictions is a Mississippi State Uni- 
versity Student Association whose pri- 
mary goal is to provide quality contem- 
porary entertainment for the students of 
MSU and the surrounding communities." 
A committee made up of twelve to four- 
teen trained students have input in all 
apects of producing a concert, but they 
are advised by a professional staff mem- 
ber who also conducts all negotiations 
with the bands and performers. The com- 
mittee is headed by a student director and 
is subdivided into three specialized areas: 
tickets, promotions, and artist relations. 
These specialized areas make the group 

run more smoothly as a whole. Ticket 
promotions members are responsible for 
ordering, distributing, and accounting for 
all tickets used for admittance to a Music 
Maker event. In addition, all radio, TV, 
and newspaper advertising for events is 
left up to the promotions committee. 
They are also responsible for coordinat- 
ing the artwork for posters, flyers, cards, 
T-Shirts, ads, and any other promotional 
material. They must work closely with 
the final specialized committee, artist re- 
lations. It is the duty of this last commit- 
tee to make sure the day of the event runs 
smoothly. Arrangements for the hospital- 
ity requirements must be well in advance 
of show date. These arrangements in- 
clude everything from catering menus to 
preparing the artist's dressing room. On 
the day of the show, every Music Maker 
is on the artist relations committee. . . 
.Which brings us back to the Tim Mc- 
Graw concert. This year Music Makers 
out did themselves. With big screens on 
stage, there wasn't a bad seat in the 
Hump, and after Tim McGraw's perfor- 
mance of "She Can't Be Really Gone," 
there wasn't a dry eye in the place! 

Photo by Garland Gary 


(Right) The 1905 Mississippi 

State team beat Mississippi 

1 1-0 in the school's first-ever 

game in Jackson, Mississippi. 

(Bottom Right) With 179 

tackles, Reggie Stewart led 

the nation in that catagory in 


(Below) Head coach Allyn 

McKeen (left) with assistant 

Boo Ferris in 1945. 

72 Life 

D.D. Lewis was a member of two Super Bowl champi- 
on teams with the Dallas Cowboys during the 1970s. 

Mississippi State Football 

Proud Past. . . 

As Mississippi State celebrates its 
100th anniversary of football, the 
birth of the sport as this campus 
knows it can be traced back to the 
tenure of W.M. Matthews, the first 
coach in school history. Matthews, 
the man responsible for selecting 
maroon and white as the colors of 
Mississippi A&M College before its 
first football game in 1895, probab- 
ly did not expect his college's fledg- 
ing sport to see its 100th year. After 
losing their first six games by a com- 
bined score of 174-0, perhaps not 
many of the cadets on campus be- 
lieved their sport would see the turn 
of the century. But the agriculture 
college has been blessed with indi- 

viduals through the years who have 
secured its football status and lon- 
gevity, even into the next hundred 
years. In 1902, head coach Dan 
Martin led his squad to the first 
undefeated season in school histo- 
ry. The "Boss Team" of 1903 put up 
a 3-0-2 record and scored 71 points 
to their opponents six. A&M Col- 
lege would continue to improve its 
program, constructing its first foot- 
ball field in 1905. The school would 
also officially adopt the English 
bulldog as its mascot in that same 
year. . . 

Head coach Ralph Sasse (left) and Bob 
Caldwell (second from left) led Mississippi 
State to a 26-6 victory over Mississippi in 

Life 73 




Ihe 1926 meeting between 
A&M and Mississippi resulted 
in a 7-6 Rebel win, their first 
in 14 meetings. In their exulta- 
tion, the students of Mississip- 
pi began to tear down the 
goalposts and take them back 
to Oxford. They were not suc- 
cessful, but the incident gave 
Ben Hilbun, the publicist for 
MSU and eventual school 
president, an idea. Hilbun 
proposed the idea that the los- 
er of the Mississippi A&M 
game ship a goalpost to the 
winner. The idea was consid- 
ered by both schools, but the 
students from each campus 
decided on the winning school 
instead recieving a football- 
shaped trophy for the year. 

The "Battle for the Golden 
Egg" had been established. 
The annual meeting between 
the two schools ranks among 
the nation's longest rivalries. 

Photo by Garland Gary 

Photo by Garland Gary 

Larry Williams, named the Bulldogs' 

defensive player of the game at the '95 

Peach Bowl, has no trouble pulling this 

Kentucky player down for the tackle. 

Without question, Denver Johnson 
molded the 1994 Mississippi State 
offensive line into the real strength (^ 
the Peach Bowl-bound Bulldogs. 




; r*'^ 

Promising Future. . . 

Photo by Garland Gary 

m m • m. rom W.M. Matthews to current head 
coach Jackie Sherrill, from Mississippi A&M to Mis- 
sissippi State, the school and the fans have contin- 
ued to press on towards athletic excellence. For one 
hundred years, the football program has fielded 
quality teams who have represented the university 
with authentic pride and loyalty. With standards the 
current teams are establishing, Mississippi State 
looks forward to the next 100 years of college foot- 

Named first-team, all-SEC at cornerback by both 
the Associated Press and the league's coaches, Walt 
Harris celebrates a touchdown, (left) 

With 33 games played and three starts on his 
resume. Derrick Cagins knows what he's doing as 
he brings down this Kentucky player, (bottom left) 

These two State players "lay it on" a Kentucky 
team member, (bottom right) 

Photo by Garland Gary 

Photo by Garland Gary 


76 Life 

Mississippi State Greeks 

Let the Games 

Michael Jordan, Dixie Carter, Paul 
Newman, Joan Lunden. What do these 
famous people all have in common? 
Greek Life! Who knows? Maybe Missis- 
sippi State has produced some successes 
like these; the Greek system sure has 
potential. The group made up of 
fraternities and sororities accounts for a 
small but active percentage of the MSU 
student body. Involved in just about all 
aspects of campus life, Greeks show up in 
everything from intramurals to honor 
societies, pep rallies to publications. 
There are some things, however, that are 
unique to the Greek community, and one 
of those is Greek Week. "Let the Games 
Begin" was the inspiration for the week 
of activities in store for Greeks in early 
fall. October 9-13 was filled with con- 
tests, banquets, and community service. 
One night was set aside for honoring the 
high scholarship of the Greeks. Chi Ome- 
ga and Farmhouse took top honor, hav- 
ing the highest GPA overall. The coveted 
Ritter Award went to Tri Delta and Phi 

Photo bv Garland Carv 

Delta Theta for having the most improve- 
ment in their overall GPA. The events 
came to a head Friday night at Mulligan's 
where the winners of all the contests 
were announced. The sorority and frater- 
nity who best exemplified the Greek uni- 
ty spirit were Phi Mu and Sigma Phi 
Epsilon. The most successful part of the 
week, however, was the giving of the 
gifts collected for charities: $2500 was 
given to the Sally Kate Winters Home, 
1500 canned foods were donated to the 
Salvation Army, and 147 pints of blood 
were drained for the Mississippi Blood 
Service. Congratulations to everyone for 
a job well done! So the next time any- 
one says something about the Greek sys- 
tem at MSU, all members of the student 
body can express pride in what went on 
this year. And next time Vanessa Wil- 
liams sings a song, Colin Powell makes 
an executive decision, or Brad Pitt's name 
is on the marquee, think of all the lead- 
ership abilities and confidence they 
gained in Greek life. 

Life 11 

1878 to 1996 

The Residence Hall 


I he 

he residence halls at MSU have a vast 
and colorful history as they experience 
the change of time with the rest of the 
university. Mississippi A&M started in 
1878 and students lived where they 
could for $8 a month until Old Main was 
built in 1881. The building was ancient 
and indicative of the time in which it 
stood. At first, Old Main was heated by a 
coal fireplace and the students had to 
furnish their own coal. The upperclass- 
men violated the rite of passage and had 
freshmen providing coal for them. The 
lights in the dormitory were provided by 
kerosene lamps. These were considered a 
fire hazard and Stephen D. Lee, President 
of A&M, provided electric lighting. Dur- 
ing the Spring of 1881, Old Main housed 
250 men. Also located on the main floor 
of the dormitory were the post office, 
guard room, and the armory. The base- 
ment housed the library, museum, wait- 
ing room, drafting room, oil room, and 
biology classroom. In 1884, Old Main 
lacked the modern convenience of bath- 
tubs. Therefore, the college board allotted 
$300 to erect bathtubs and to have a pool 
dug for student bathing. Faculty mem- 
bers were charged with making sure the 
students bathed at least once per week. 
In 1900-1901, dormitory students 
numbered 450 to 550 and the facilities 
were becoming inadequate. By 1910 the 
number had reached 1,000 students and 
more money was made available to 
A&M. John C. Hardy was President and 
he saw that the campus received a bath, 
water closet, sewage disposal system, 
central heating system, and hot and cold 
running water in each hall. Eventually, 
lavatories were placed in each dorm 
room. In 1907, the north wing of Old 
Main was built but not furnished. In 
1910, after President Hightower bought 
the furnishings with student rental mon- 
ey, residency was possible. In 1917, 

$40,000 was allocated to build the north- 
west wing of Old Main under Smith's 
presidency. The actual cost was $52,000. 
While the dormitory issue was being 
settled, the issue of coeducation arose. 
Women were admitted to A&M in 1882 
and in 1913, coeducation was abolished. 
Coeducation was not restored until 1930. 
A&M did not see another dormitory built 
until 1929 when Herbert Hall was esta- 
blished. At one time it housed the ath- 
letes. Nine years later in 1938, two or 
more dorms were built to house the con- 
tinually growing population of students. 
Hull was built as a men's dorm and 
Magruder for women. In 1947, Briscoe, 
Freeman, Moore, and Stafford were esta- 
blished as men's residence halls. In 1950, 
Garner was established as a men's resi- 
dence hall. In 1957, MSU saw the erec- 
tion of Critz and Smith, the boomerang 
dorms, to house men. The tragic end to 
Old Main came in 1959 as it caught fire 
and burned to the ground. After the fire 
the university quickly went to work on 
six new dormitories to compensate for 
the loss of Old Main. Butler, Dugger, 
Hightower, McKee, Sessums, and Memo- 
rial were built in 1959. Butler has gone 
through many changes from men's hall 
to women's hall back to men's hall. The 
spring of 1986 was the last time Butler 
housed on-campus students. In 1963, 
Cresswell was built to house upperclass 
women. Evans was established in 1965 
for upperclass men. Hamlin and Hathorn 
were completed in 1966 as upperclass 
men and women's dorms. For years the 
hall were referred to as dormitories, but 
in 1985, with the aid of the Inter- 
Residence Hall Council, the dorms were 
"torn down" and residence halls were 
"built" in their places. Housing wanted 
the students to feel they have a place to 
belong and call their own. Myra Beau 


Photo by Garland Gary 

Photo by Garland Gary 

Life 79 

Mississippi State Li\1iij 

Musical Chairs 

Louring the summer between the '95 and '96 school years, the 
Resident Hall Association decided it was time for MSU to change its 
housing structure. The main focus was on space to place all the new 
students. Enrollment was up this year, and the RHA wanted to make 
the freshmen experience the best possible by providing them with the 
opportunity to live with as many other freshmen as they could. One 
major way this was accomplished was the opening of Rice Hall ex- 
clusively to freshman women. This seven story building was closer to 
being able to hold the entire group of young women than the previous 
freshman women's residence hall, McKee (now, home to upperclass 
women). "It's important for all of us to be together," comments fresh- 
man Heather Vickers. "Since this is our first year at State, I think it's 
good that we're able to live together to help each other kind of get use to 
college life." All around this has been a good decision on the RHA's 
part. From changing Hathorn to a freshman men's dorm to Hamlin 
being changed to an upperclass women's dorm, MSU students saw a big 
turn-over in campus housing... and they lived happily ever after. 

Photo by Garland Carv 

Photo by Garland Gary 


(Upper left) In coed dorms, members of the opposite sex 
are often seen in each other's room. 

(Above) Something unique about the freshmen women's 
residence hall. Rice, is the store located in the lobby. 

(Right) Playing a game of pool, these Hightower residents 
come up with creative things to do during their afternoons. 

Photo by Garland Gary 


80 Life 

All photos by Garland Gary. 

» ''ijim»gii^'«mi'!^t!'i^!>»i>'SB*f!-J"^ 'TOK'essB'^ 

An unusual residence hall pastime: 

these two have a little jam session in 

their room. 

This Hightower resident takes some 

time out of her evening to do a little 


Life 81 









(above) Hamlin Hall is one of the 

three residence halls on campus with 

a suite environment. One of larger 

halls at State, Hamlin hosts 

upperclass females. 

(right) Hamlin Residents make their 

room look a little bit more like home. 

(below) Hamlin Hall Council 

Photo bv Rick Frank 


Photo by Rick Frank 

(above) Smith Hall Residents 
(left) Residents of Smith Hall enjoy 
socializing in the lobby, 
(below) Smith Hall, one of the boom- 
erang halls was built in 1956. This year 
it hosts both male and female fresh- 

Photo bv Garland Larv- 








(above) Evans Hall, established in 

1964, offers upperclass men a unique 

living environment. The suite 

arrangement gives residents an 

alternative to the traditional halls on 


(right) Evans Hall Council 

(below) Evans Hall Residents 

Photo by Garland Gary. 


Photo bv Rick Frank 

(above) Suttle Hall Council 

(left) Suttle Hall residents shoot pool 

in the lobby. 

(below) Suttle Hall, the largest 

residence hall on campus, was built 

in 1967. It host approximately 580 

upperclass men. 

Photo bv JovK'n Mason. 


rrifriTTll-i i i| ml lLii_jiL,lLi.iil. 

"niTr^-tr" i I li I, ,1 - • 

"1^1 '* ' « i i ii iiJiiiiJi.J i^ 

TTrf— -TUTriiliiimiiljJLjyj 

"~^ r\\'- \ I III III I III 

■,-^rii-Tit|Pf' Till li 'ijiij 

Living in Suttle is like 

living at home without 

all the fuss. 




Curl Hiddli 













(above) When it first opened in 1963, 

Cresswell Hall was home to 

freshman. After a period during 

which it hosted upperclass women, 

Cresswell once again welcomes 

freshman males. 

(right) Cresswell Hall Council 

(below) Cresswell Hall Residents 

o 0a 


Photo by Rick Frank. 

(above) Duggar Hall Residents 

(left) Duggar Hall Council 

(below) One of the oldest residence 

halls on campus, Dugger Hall is one 

of the few halls that did not change 

occupants. It was built in 1959. 

Duggar remained host to 

approximately 250 uppperclass men 

and women. Each resident must 
maintain a 3.4 quality point average. 

Photo by Trev Edwards, 








(above)When housing played musical 

chairs Hathorn lost the upperclass 

women that had filled its halls for the 

last several years. But its rooms were 

not to remain empty. For the 1995- 

1996 year Hathorn is home to 

freshmen males. 

(right) Hathorn Hall Counci 

(below) Hathorn Hall Residents 






(above) Rice Hall Residents 

(left) Rice Hall Council 

(below) Built in 1967, Rice hall was 

named for Miss Nannie Herdon Rice. 

Previously home to upperclass 

women. Rice now hosts 
approximately 500 freshman. 

Photo bv Trev Edward' 

I'm glad I lived at Rice 

Mall because I made 

many wonderful 

friendships that I 

probably would not 

have made otherwise 


Meagan Carlisle 












We call it the roach 

All photos by Trey Edwards 

(above) McKee Hall Residents 

(right) Sessums Hall Residents 

(below) Sessums and McKee Hall 

Council. Previously home to 

freshman, both halls now host 


(above) Arbour Acres Hall Council 
(left) Arbour Acres offers suite living 

for upperclassmen. 

(below) University Drive Apartments, 

an offshoot of Arbour Acres, adds an 

off-campus touch to university 


Photo bv Garland Car\'. 

University Drive 
Apartments provide an off- 
campus flair to housing. It's 
nice and quiet. 

Photo by Trey Edwards. 



















Hightower Hall is for 

Hightower residents 

only — not for Duggar 


"- '"'1 1 I I I! " - I li um i nw ii Li iiiiri iLii iiiimiu 

Reynolds Boyd 

Photo by Garland Cary. 

(above) Hightower Hall is a coed 
honors facility. It houses 250 


(right) Hightower Hall Council 

(below Hightower Hall Residents 


Photo by Trey Edwards. 

(above) Hull Hall Residents 

(left) Hull Hall Council 

(below) Built in 1938, Hull Hall 

houses 225 upperclass women. 

Located in the center of campus, Hull 

is a popular choice for housing. 

rh"N> bv Madison Coilins 

Staying in Hull Hall is a 

bigger experience 

because of the different 

people you have to get 

used to. 

Lasharon MosJey 

Photo by Garland Carv. 






Look How Well We Adapt 
to Life Away from Home 

(right)Shocked by the camera, two fresh- 
man are caught in the act of having a good 
time at the freshman bash, 
(below) Girls in Hightower Hall enjoy par- 
ticipation in a floor pizza party- a great way 
for freshman to get to know each other 

(far, right) Good food is always a big part of 
parties. At the freshman bash not only was 
there good food, but lots of fun as well, 
(bottom, right) Rice, Hightower, and Cress- 
well Hall Councils planned many activities 
for the freshman in order to make the ad- 
justment to college easier. Here two stu- 
dents rock and roll at the Hathorn Bash, 
(bottom, far right) Residents of Rice Hall 
have a great time just hanging around on a 
beautiful fall afternoon. 


Photo bv Trev Edwards. 

Photo bv Trev Edwards 

Photo by Joylyn Mason. 


Photo fay Trey Edwards. 

" 1? -f "^ * 

'' V. '* ^ 'f '^ 

t. ■»'& 



^ s** 4> 
< V A >- » «* 


^- ^ ^^ ^- «? «^ ^i" 4. ■* ^ *< ^ 

. -^ 1 '" -* ^ ^ 4 ^ '^ *• ^ ■* 

-, "S ^- ji ^ .g. _tj ), A OT * V f ^ 

J ,, ' j>^ 

96 Sports 

< A. 

. =■ > 1 ^ V ?- *, * *■ ^ !„ A 

r « 

. , '^ ^ > 4 ^ 
_^-^ "* r * #. * 

'*' ly A 

•^ 4 A W 

* "? * » ^ "-^ 

> 4. > 

ir ^ > »* « V 
... -» w * > 


K A 

T 4 

« •« 

"^* > 


4. ^ 


^ I 

.^*> rA^.-^^^- 

1 ■'' 'g * S ^ ^ ^*^«. »■ ., -i> 

»» ^ «, .-s ».. *^ . * ^ '^ *" hS ^ i 
■» *. V ^ '" -« * ^ •? * 

r i# 

> A 

s" i.- 

& ^^ 

'>*.%'*! J 

»» ^ 

*. ■^ 

- ''^' 

A ■«' '* 

> ^ iS ^ 

V ^ 


> V 

1*^ ^ 

< '^ 4t 

<- « 

*' - 

^ , <? 

: "f 

■« "' 4 

>- ^' 

' % J' 

V <- A 

/ ft 

♦ <s •> ^ s: ^ :> ^ -« / 

« ,.> <A ' % ' %: %? !>' -^ 

* - 

' ^ ■* ^ ? ^ ^ ,i s- - , -•* > 1^ ' - ^ ,* <?: 

^» 1» ^ „ *■ , „ • -^ »;>%,« s- ^ i C. '^ ■^ 

& ^^ 

y *> Nf 

4 ^S -* » ^'^ * 

w * %> .r I? «* 

n 4 

The Voice of the Bulldogs 

All photos courtesy of Media Relations. 

Jack Cristil 

98 Jack Cristil 

Jack Cristil ... he is not just a radio personality, 
but a dedicated, eloquent, authoritative, and ex- 
cellent broadcaster. His unique style makes Mis- 
sissippi State athletics unique. He is the "voice of 
the Bulldogs". 

With his 43rd year in the works, he a fan's 
closest link to Mississippi State athletics. He still 
excites the fans of MSU football and basketball 
with his vivid descriptions of the Bulldog's plays. 
With his deep, clear, and rhythmic voice. Jack 
Cristil grabs our attention from the beginning and 
draws us in with even more excitement and an- 
ticipation throughout the game. He sends chills 
down our spines. "The responsibility you have 
when you broadcast a game is to describe the 
action as factually as possible, and you try to 
convey to the listener some feeling of the ex- 
citement and the atmosphere." 

Since Jack Cristil was hired in 1953, he has 
described over 450 Mississippi State football 
games and has handled the play-by-play action of 
MSU basketball since the 1957-1958 season. He 
has been honored by the broadcasting industry as 
"Outstanding Broadcaster in Mississippi" for the 
past 20 years. Cristil has also been selected by the 
SEC broadcasting colleagues as the league's top 
play-by-play announcer and was presented the 
Ronald Reagan Lifetime Achievement Award by 
the National Association of Sportscasters and 

With Jack Cristil's voice of steel and heart of 
gold, all you can do is "wrap this one in maroon 
and white." 

All photos courtesy of Media Relations. 

Jack Cristil 99 

Photo by Darrell McAllister. 

Right handed hurler Kyle Kennedy, (above) a senior from Quitman has been a 
standard in the MSU pitching rotation for three years. He was drafted by the 
Seattle Mariners in 1994, but opted to return to State for his final season. 

Freshman Rob Hauswald (opposite, top) is congratulated by his teammates after 
belting one of his 6 homeruns. Hauswald batted .301 for the season. 

Adam Piatt (opposite, bottom) gets one of his 41 hits. Piatt started 47 of the 50 
games he played in. 


Minnesota 19-1 

Minnesota 6-2 

Miss. Valley State 8-3 

Belhaven 10-3 

South Alabama 5-4 

South Alabama 7-5 

UAB 13-4 

Memphis 11-7 

Memphis 7-5 

Winthrop 10-6 

Winthrop 0-3 

Nicholls State 10-2 

Northeast Louisiana 1-9 

Northeast Louisiana 0-3 

William Carey 3-8 

William Carey 12-1 

Millsaps 27-6 

Alcorn State 17-3 

Jackson State 11-1 

Florida 0-2 

Florida 1-2 

Florida 2-10 

Jackson State 9-4 

Mississippi 4-5 

Kentucky 3-5 

Kentucky 7-5 

Kentucky 13-7 

Samford 18-3 

Louisiana Tech 7-4 

Louisiana Tech 2-4 

South Carolina 1-6 

South Carolina 3-2 

South Carolina 3-7 

New Orleans 2-3 

New Orleans 1-5 

Alabama 4-8 

Alabama 1-0 

Alabama 3-2 

Samford 15-0 

Miss. College 12-0 

Auburn 1-5 

Auburn 6-3 

Auburn 2-4 

Southern Miss. 8-9 

Southern Miss. 3-4 

Arkansas 1-16 

Arkansas 9-10 

Arkansas 7-12 

Southern Miss. 14-6 

Southern Miss. 9-0 

Mississippi 11-3 

Mississippi 2-1 

Mississippi 0-9 

LSU 6-3 

LSU 12-10 

LSU 4-6 

SEC Western Division Tournament 

Auburn 1-0 

LSU 6-14 
Alabama 3-6 

100 Baseball 

Time for Baseball 

The 1995 season marked Head Coach Ron Polk's 24th season 
as a colligate head coach, and his 20th as the leader of the 
highly successful Mississippi State Diamond Dawgs. Polk has 
the most wins in the history of Mississippi State baseball, and in 
the history of the Southeasteren conference, having posted an 
outstanding record with 803 victories, against only 377 losses as 
skipper of the Bulldogs. He also holds a 279-173 record against 
Southeasteren Conference opponents. In the SEC, Polk is 
known as the Dean of the SEC. For his career, Polk has 
ambassadored an almost unbelievable record of 958 wins, and 
441 loses, while leading 5 teams to the NCAA College World 
Series, and 15 teams to NCAA Regional tournaments. Along 
with the 10 Southeasteren Conference Championships that the 
Bulldogs have won while under his leadership, Polk has twice 
received the National Coach of the Year award, the first coming 
in 1973 while coaching at Georgia Southeren University, and 
the second in 1985, while at Mississippi State. In addition, Polk 
has been named Southeasteren Conference Coach of the Year 
four times, the first coming in 1979, others in 1985 and 1987, 
with the last coming in 1989. Perhaps the most significant of 
Coach Polk's personal accolades, he was inducted into the 
American Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame in 1995. Polk also had 
the honor of being assistant coach of the USA Baseball squad in 
1977, 1987, 1988, and 1995; and he served as head coach in 
1991. The 1988 squad won the gold medal at the Olympics in 
Seoul, and in 1991 he led Team USA to a bronze medal in the 
Pan American games, qualifying Team USA for the 1992 Olym- 
pics in Barcelona Spain. He is slated to be an assistant for a 4th 
time with the 1996 team. 

All photos by Dairell McAllister. 

Baseball 101 










All photos by Garland Cary. 

.02 Baseball 

Child's Play 

■ i\^^:s?S^f r-.^^-t-'f ""'^ 

All photos bv Garland Can.-, 

Two young Bulldog fans (opposite, top) lean over the top of the dugout in hopes 
of getting an autograph as the team comes onto the field. Many of the present 
Dawgs got their start watching games at Dudy Noble Field. 

Coach Ron Polk (opposite, left) contemplates the situation as he awaits the 
answer to his question. Polk will serve as an assistant for USA Baseball in 
preparation for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. 

Ron Hauswald (opposite, right) rounds the bases to score a run for the MSU. 
Bulldog sluggers belted 349 RBI's, while opposing teams only batted in 230 runs. 

Bulldog batters (top) showed remarkable strength this season. The Dawgs 
combined for 575 hits, 201 of which were for extra bases. 

Associate Head Baseball Coach Pat McMahon (bottom) makes a trip to the 
mound to confer with pitcher and catcher. McMahon is regarded as one of the top 
coUegiate pitching instructors in the country, as well as a popular speaker at 
coaches conferences throughout the US. 

The Mississippi State Diamond Dawgs opened the 1995 
baseball season with high hopes and expectations. The 
Bulldogs responded quickly by exploding with an awe- 
some ten game winning streak, and going on to record 16 
victories in their first 19 ballgames. Despite this fast start, 
the youthful Bulldogs would struggle down the stretch, 
managing only 12 victories in the last 27 games of the 
season. Despite this disappointing finish, the Bulldogs 
rallied against Mississippi in Oxford taking the series 2 
games to 1. Similarly, the Diamond Dawgs stole the 
thunder from Louisiana State by coming out victorious in 
that series at home. 

Despite having an off year by Mississippi State stan- 
dards, the 1995 squad had many bright points, which 
help lead the way into the 1996 season. The Bulldogs, 
once again, out slugged their opponents with a .282 
overall average. Similarly, the Bulldogs boasted a better 
onbase percentage (.373). Despite having the youngest 
team in the Southeasteren Conference, the Bulldogs fin- 
ished the 1995 season with 34 victories, making the 1995 
squad the 13th consecutive Bulldog team to record 34 or 
more wins in a season, and marking the 20th consecutive 
season in which the Diamond Dawgs finished with a 
winning record. 

'I feel that we were a young team and made a lot 
of mistakes because of the lack of experience." 

— Scott Polk 

Baseball 103 

All pholob by Darrell McAllister. 

104 Baseball 

Playing to Win 

The 1995 edition of the Diamond Dawgs kept up the Mississippi 
State tradition of pommeling non-conference opponents. The Bull- 
dogs finished 1995 with a record of 23 wins against only 9 losses to 
non Southeastern Conference opponents. In the first ten games of 
the season, the Bulldogs outscored their opposition by an un- 
believable margin of 96 to 40. They later registered a 27-6 pound- 
ing of Millsaps University at Dudy Noble Field along with a late 
season two game sweep of The University of Southern Mississippi 
in Starkville. Against USM the Bulldogs crushed the Golden Eagles 
by a combined score of 23-6. The Diamond Dawgs accomplished 
all of this despite having the youngest baseball team in the 
Southeastern Conference for the 1995 season. Mississippi State 
fielded a team which featured 14 Freshmen, 6 Sophoinores, and 
only 6 seniors on the opening day roster. The excellent perfor- 
mances of these young players holds big promise and great expec- 
tations for both Coach Ron Polk and Bulldog fans for the future of 
Mississippi State Baseball. 

Associate Head Coach Pat McMahon (opposite, top, left) analyzes what his players 
are doing from his seat in the dugout. McMahon was a successful coach at Old 
Dominion before returning home to MSU. 

Outfielder Ricky Joe Redd (opposite, top, right) proved that he had power and speed 
in addition to skill with a glove. Redd boasted a .279 batting average for the season . 

Coach Ron Polk (opposite, bottom) helps his team warm up before the game. 

David Hayman (above) receives congratulations from his teammates after hitting a 
homerun. Hayman led the team in homers with 17. 

Richard Lee (left) takes a lead off first. Lee stole 4 bases in 5 attempts. 

All ph. I'M- b\ Darrell McAllister 

Baseball 105 

Photo by Garland Cary. 


Photo by Darrell McAllister. 

:06 Baseball 

No Place Like Home 

Mississippi State fans continued to show their sup- 
port for the Diamond Dawgs in 1 995, as MSU ranked 
fourth in the nation in home attendance. The Bulldogs 
gave the home crowd something to cheer about, re- 
cording an impressive 24-11 record when playing in 
the "friendly confines" of Dudy Noble Field. Dudy 
Noble is the nation's largest on-campus baseball sta- 
dium, and has seen its share of record setting crowds. 
In 1987, the Bulldogs established an on-campus at- 
tendance record, attracting a crowd of 14,387 for a 
doubleheader against LSU. And just two years later 
would break their own record, drawing a crowd of 
14,991, for a doubleheader sweep of Florida. Dudy 
Noble is no stranger to record-setting postseason 
crowds either. MSU, which has hosted seven regional 
tournaments in the past twelve years, holds the all-time 
record for total regional attendance set in 1989 when 
56,906 fans invaded Dudy Noble Field for the 1 1 game 
event, for an average of 5,173 fans in attendance per 
game. Just a year later, MSU set another record for the 
largest single-game crowd at a regional tournament 
game, when 11,496 fans crowded into Dudy Noble for 
game 10 of the tournament, which matched the Bull- 
dogs against the Florida State Seminoles. 

Richard Lee and Adam Piatt (opposite, top) await the outcome of the 
delivery to the plate. The Bulldogs turned 57 double plays this year. 

Sliding (opposite, bottom, left) is a big part of the Bulldog attack. The 
Diamond Dawgs successfully stole 68 bases in 88 attempts. The team 
kept their opponents to only 48 bases in 64 tries. 

Hap Fleming (opposite, bottom, right) lines one to the outfield. He is a 
senior from Marietta, Georgia majoring in General Business. 

The Bulldogs salute (top) during the Star Spangled Banner. 

Catcher Blake Anderson (left) takes a moment to sign an autograph for 
a young admirer. 

All photos by Trey Edwards. 

Baseball 107 


Photo by Media Relations, 

108 Baseball 

The Winning Road 


Catcher Blake Anderson (opposite, top. 
left) waits for a sign by one of the coach- 

Number 27, Mark Power, (opposite, 
top, right) awaits the ball to tag out the 
other team's player. 

Right-handed pitcher, Jason Smith 
(opposite, bottom) throws a strike to fin- 
ish the inning. 

Associate head baseball coach, Pat 
McMahon (top) is out on the mound giv- 
ing pitcher, Jason Smith some pointers on 
throwing a fast ball. 

Rob Hauswald, (bottom, left) number 
11, rounds second base after hitting a 

Coach Polk (bottom, right) gives the 
lineup to the umpires. 

The Mississippi State Dia- 
mond Dawgs will look to con- 
tinue their winning ways 
when they begin the 1996 
baseball season. Under the 
leadership of Coach Ron Polk 
and players such as Brian 
Clark, Scott Tanksley, and 
David Hayman to name a 
few. The Dawgs have a bright 
future, and will look to put 
another Southeastern Confer- 
ence Championship in the 
trophy case. 


Photo by Media Relations. 

Photo by Trey Edwards. 

Baseball 109 

^ TYo matter how bad it gets, no 
matter how bad you lose you 
have to stay focused and no mat- 
ter what your record is you have 
to give 100% all of the time that's 
true in football and in life." — 
Tim Rogers 



MSU 28-18 Memphis 

MSU 16-34 LSU 

MSU 30-21 Baylor 

MSU 14-52 Tennessee 

MSU 32-34 NLU 

MSU 20-48 Auburn 

MSU 39-65 S. Carolina 

MSU 42-32 Kentucky 

MSU 21-26 Arkansas 

MSU 9-14 Alabama 

MSU 10-13 Mississippi 



110 Football 

Derick Tate 
(opposite) hands 
off the ball to 
Keffer McGee 
who had 1072 
yards out of 235 

MSU defense 
(left) lines up 
against the of- 
fence of Ken- 
tucky during the 

Bully and the 
guys from ROTC 
(below) prepare 
for pushups. 

Photo bv Garland Car\ 

The Bulldogs opened the 1995 football season with high 
hopes and, and expectations of yet another winning sea- 
son and bowl appearance. Unfortunately, it was not 
meant to be. The season began with a thrilling 18-28 
victory over the University of Memphis at Scott Field. The 
Bulldogs followed this victory with a disappointing loss to 
Louisiana State University, before traveling to Waco Texas 
to take on the Baylor Bears. The Bulldogs took home an 
exciting 30-21 victory, and prepared to travel to Tennes- 
see to face the nationally ranked Volunteers, unfortunate- 
ly for Mississippi State, this was to be the beginning of a 
four game losing streak. The Vols defeated the Bulldogs 
soundly. The Dawgs took on Northeastern Louisiana, 
despite being heavily favored, found themselves on the 
short end of a 34-32 score when a Tim Rodgers field goal 
narrowly missed. The dawgs would then lose to Auburn, 
and South Carolina, before defeating Kentucky in an 
exciting come-from-behind victory. Despite playing with 
determination, the Dawgs lost the last three games of the 
season, to SEC West Champs Arkansas, Alabama, and 
Mississippi by a total of 13 points. 

Photo by Garland Gary, 

Football 111 

Photo by Garland Gary, 

112 Football 

Hold on Wait a Minute 

Despite the struggles of the 1995 football season, there 
were several bright spots on this years team. AU-American 
candidate wide receiver Eric Moulds caught an impressive 
62 passes for 779 yards, to lead the Bulldogs in both 
categories, and scored 6 touchdown during the 1995 cam- 
paign. Sophomore running back Keffer McGee scored 13 
touchdowns, and ran for 1072 yards, becoming only the 
third rusher in MSU history to gain over 1000 yards 
rushing in a single season. Junior Quarterback Derrick 
Taite aided the Bulldogs by throwing for 2241 yards and 
16 touchdown, marking one of the few times in Mis- 
sissippi State football history that the Bulldogs have had 
both a 1000 yard rusher, and a 2000 yard passer during 
the same season. Shaston Coleman, a Senior from Ack- 
erman, Mississippi, was named Mississippi State's most 
improved offensive player in 1995. Also, in 1995, he was 
the team's top inside vdde receiver. As a 1991 Metro 
Jackson Player of the Year as a high school senior, Bernard 
Euell immediately showed the ability to play the cor- 
nerback position after being moved from wide receiver to 
the defensive secondary at the beginning of the season. 
Sophomore, Nakia Greer was a prominent force on the 
offense as he came out of spring practice as Mississippi 
State's top fullback. As a candidate for the 1995 AU- 
American, 1995 All-SEC, and 1995 Thorpe Award, Senior 
Walt Harris was moved from comerback to free safety. 
The coaching staff believed that his speed would im- 
mediately improve State's secondary. 

The ball is handed off to Lahitia Grant Wide Receiver for the 
Bulldogs and he runs to gain a first down. 

The Bulldog running game was an assett to this very young 

A young State cheerleader waves to the fans has they pour into 
the stadium. 

Here come our Bulldogs charging trough the tunnel escorted by 
the cheerleaders as the band plays "Hail State". 

The atmostphere at MSU 
football games is filled with 
excitement and anticipation. 

Photo by Ralph Shear 

Football 113 

Photo by Trey Edwards, 

Who says you have to always have a winning season? 
Jackie Sherrill has been one of Mississippi State's greatest 
coaches. In his first four years at Mississippi State, he has 
directed the Bulldog program to three postseason bowl 
games or one-third of MSU's total bowl appearances. 
State has won 25 regular-season games since Sherrill's 
arrival. That is the most wins in a four-year span for the 
Bulldogs since the legendary Allyn McKeen, who posted 
the same number during the 1945-48 seasons. Under 
Sherrill's leadership, Mississippi State has won nine of its 
14 SEC home games. Jackie Sherrill led the Bulldogs to a 
15-7-1 home record, the best of a 23 home game slate in 
1994. Through achieving national rankings and post- 
season bowl games, Sherrill has posted 13 winning sea- 
sons in his 17 years as a college head coach. He has also 
been on the verge of winning national championships at 
two different institutions. In addition, he has ranked with 
the elite of the college coaching profession in wins and 
winning percentage. In conclusion, Sherrill has impressed 
the heads of college football observers nationwide by 
taking the MSU program that produced one winning 
season in nine years to back-to-back winning seasons. 

I'hoto by Ralph Shearer. 

Photo by Garland Gary. 

114 Football 


Go Dawgs Go 

Photo bv GarlanU L 

Coach Jackie Sherrill (opposite, top, 
left) gives a few pointers to Junior 
quarterback Derrick Taite. 

Larry Wiliams and Derrick Cagins 
(opposite, top, right) get ready to go 
head to head with the offensive line. 

Keffer McGee (opposite, bottom) 
runs through the Mississippi's de- 
fense to gain a first down. 

With the toss of the coin, (above) 
the game between NLU and the Mis- 
sissippi State Bulldogs begins. 

Derrick Cagins (left) gets a sack on 
the Kentucky quarterback. 

Photo by Garland Gary 

Football 115 


Photo by Ralph Shearer. 

116 Football 

Ifs Game Time 

Photo by Trey Edwards. 

Photo bv Trev Edwards 

Even though the outcome of the 

1995 season was not expected, the 

1996 outlook is promising. With a new 
Offensive Coordinator, the Bulldogs 
are sure to be back in the swing of 
things again. New talent will also re- 
fresh the team, but with only 17 seni- 
ors graduating and 34 freshmen re- 
turning to the team, there will be 
experience and strength to hit the field 
for a better 1996 season. 

Eric Moulds and Derrick Taite (opposite, 
top) discusses the next play to put the Bull- 
dogs on the scoreboard. 

Keffer McGee (opposite, bottom) dives 
into the inzone to gain six points for the 
Bulldogs against Kentucky. 

During the cold Alabama game, the cheer- 
leaders (above, left) tried to keep the spirits 
of the Bulldogs alive. 

The Bulldog players (above, right) often 
show their desire for victory. 

Three Mississippi State students (left) dis- 
play their support for the Bulldogs by paint- 
ing the letters "MSU" on their chest. 

Photo bv Garland Ca 

Football 117 

Photo by Garland Cary. 

118 Football 

Time to Enjoy the Game 

Quarterback Derrick Taite 
(opposite, top, left) throws a long 
bomb to gain a first down. 

Keffer McGee (opposite, top, 
right) sits back and enjoys a rest 
from the game. 

The offensive line (opposite, 
bottom) prepares to line up with a 
home field advantage against their 

Assistant head coach Jim Helms 
(right) gives instructions to the 
running backs before the game 

Photo by Garland Gary. 

Photo by Garland Gary. 

Football 119 


In just one decade, Coach Richard Williams has turned the 
Mississippi State Men's Basketball team around 180 degrees, 
placing the Bulldogs in the spotlight. The transformation was 
first apparent in the Sweet 16 spot granted the 1995 team. The 
1996 team, however, had more to prove. Despite having a 
floundering run in mid-January, the Dawgs rallied back to 
begin the SEC Tournament on a winning streak. 

Much to the nation's surprise, the Bulldogs battled their way 
to the SEC Championship game. Their opponent were the 
Number 1 ranked Kentucky Wildcats. In regular season play 
the Bulldogs had taken a severe beating by the Cats, 56-74. 
This time, however, would be different. Tournament MVP 
Dantae Jones was one of the main reasons. Number 32 ex- 
ploded, as did all the other Bulldogs to trounce Kentucky by 1 1 
points. This season the Dawgs were not only the sole owner of 
the SEC's Western Division title, but also the proud possessor 
of the SEC Championship title. 

Given the 5th seed in the NCAA tournament Southeast 
Regional, the Bulldogs eliminated first Virginia Common- 
wealth, and then Princeton to enter the Sweet 16 for the 
second consecutive year. The Bulldogs however, had not 
finished their spectacular run for the national championship. 
They beat #3 Connecticut 60-55, and then destroyed a con- 
fident #7 team, Cincinnati (73-63). These wins took MSU into 
the elite FINAL FOUR, a place that no other team in Mis- 
sissippi history had ever reached. Dantae Jones, once again, 
was named MVP of the Southeast Regionals. 

In the national semifinal game, the Dawgs jumped to an 
early 8 point led, but soon Syracuse came back to tie the game 
at half time. Despite coming to within 3 points in the last 
minutes, the team could not put the game away. The Bulldogs 
committed 21 turnovers during the game, and Syracuse held 
Dantae to just 16 points. Each of the 5 starters had impressive 
numbers for State. One unlikely star of the game was Russell 
Walters who is normally not considered an offensive weapon. 
He shot for 10 points and fought for several key rebounds. 
Despite the disappointing loss, the Bulldogs have achieved a 
feat that few, except Dawg fans, thought was possible. In the 
process they earned the respect of a nation. 

120 Men's Basketball 

Richard Williams (opposite, top) led the 
Bulldogs to an appearance in the Final 
Four. The Dawgs were the first team 
from Mississippi to ever reach this elite 

The team (opposite, bottom) reflects on 
the win, and shows their unity. 

Darryl Wilson (top, left) raises a hand in 
appreciation to the crowd. 

Dantae Jones (top, right) shoots a jumper 
in the win against Princeton. 

Excitement was evident on the faces of all 
(left) after each win in the Bulldog run to 
the Final Four. 

A]l photos by Jason Tiffin. 

Men's Basketball 121 

hutu by Garland Gary. 

122 Men's Basketball 

rhoto bv Trev Edward' 

Photo bv Garland Carv. 

Whit Hughes (opposite, top) a sophomore saw valuable play- 
ing time this season. He was an asset from the bench, and saw 
more action than most. 

Number 25 Erick Dampier (top, left) dunks the ball in the SE 
Louisiana match. Dampier led the team with 59 dunks for the 

David Rula (top, right) shoots for 3. Rula plays guard. 

Russell Walters (right) tries to block a Kentucky player. 
Walters had 9 blocks and 14 steals for the season. 

The star of the SEC Tournament, as well as the NCAA 
Tourney was no doubt Dantae Jones. Almost everytime he 
touched the ball, good things happened for the Bulldogs 
and points were added to the scoreboard. The electrifying 
junior was selected as the MVP of both the SEC and the 
Southeast Regional Championships. He captured not only 
the loyalty of all Dawg fans, but also the hearts of the 
nation. CBS announcers commented on more than one 
occasion that his contagious smile was an accurate in- 
dication of MSU's performance on the court. Bulldog fans 
hope that Dantae keeps smiling for another year. 

Men's Basketball 123 

Photo by Garland Gary. 

Photo by Trey tdwards. 

The Powerhouse 

Photo by Trey Edwards. 

Erick Dampier (opposite, top) lays the ball into the goal despite heavy opposition. 

Dantae Jones (opposite, bottom) shoots field goals from all over the court. He was a 
valuable offensive weapon this season. 

Number 00, Darryl Wison (top, left) attempts a lay up. Although he is known for this 3- 
point ability, Wison always seems to know where to position himself for a good shot. 

Dantae Jones (top, right) readies himself to pass. Over the season, Jones has been a team 
player — passing the ball to those in a better position to score. 

Russell Walters (left) turns on the offense in the match against the University of Southern 

Sophomore, Whit Hughes (above) runs the ball down court in the game against 
Kentucky. MSU lost the first time the two teams met, but beat the Wildcats by 11 points 
to win the SEC Tournament. 

Men's Basketball 125 

Photo by Trey Edwards 

126 Basketball 

Lofty Goals 

Photo bv Tre\' Edwards, 

Photo by Garland Gary. 

Darryl Wilson (opposite) 
towers over the heads of the 
opponents as he lays the ball 
into the basket. 

The vertical jump (top, left) 
of each member of the team is 

Each team member usually 
sees valuable playing time 
(top, right). When the team 
gets ahead, the starters often 
get a break. 

Despite attempted blocking 
(bottom), the Bulldogs manage 
to find a basket. 

Coming off a SEC Championship season 
and a trip to the Sweet Sixteen, expectations 
were high for the 1996 season. The Bulldogs 
were ranked as high as 9 in preseason polls, 
and in the first games of the season, the Dawgs 
lived up to their expectations. The team itself 
had ideas of what the season would be like, but 
the fans had even higher goals. The exhibition 
pre-season games drew many fans who filled 
the Hump with shouts for the team. The games 
did not disappoint the fans. 

Photo by Trey Edwards. 

Basketball 127 

128 Basketball 

The Big Men 

Erick Dampier 
(opposite, top) fights 
for the rebound. 
Dampier has always 
been recognized for 
his defensive skills. 

Coach Richard 
Williams (opposite, 
bottom) demonstra- 
tes how a play 
should be executed. 

The MSU Basket- 
ball team (right) 
makes everything 
look so easy on the 
floor. Long hours of 
practice, both before 
and during the sea- 
son, account for the 
fluid motions on the 

The MSU Cheer- 
leaders (bottom, left) 
show total uncon- 
cern with the oppo- 
sing team. 

The atmosphere 
at the Hump 
(bottom, right) is al- 
ways filled with an- 
ticipation, excite- 
ment, and 

Photo by Garland Cary. 

Erick Dampier is one of the most recognizable faces in Mississip- 
pi State Basketball. He is also one of the easily noteable faces in 
college basketball. Hailing from New Hebron, MS, Erick had 
already played on two state championship teams when he arrived 
at MSU. At Lawrence County, Erick was a star player. He con- 
tinued to shine as both a freshman and a sophomore. His junior 
year has been nothing short of dazzling. His prospects seem 
limitless. The abilities he has brought with him have been an 
invaluable asset to the team. 

Photo by Garland Cary. 

Basketball 129 

All photos by Jason Tiffin. 

130 Final Four 

One Last Look 

The fans (opposite, top) show their appreciation for a job well 

Marcus Bullard (opposite, bottom, left) dribbles down court. He 
scored 32 points during the NCAA Tournament. 

Dantae' Jones (opposite, bottom, right) cuts down the nets after 
the win over Cincinnati. That moment was one of the most 
memorable events of the game. 

Erick Dampier (top, left) powers the ball. The Bulldogs effectively 
utilized the big man's inside presence. 

Dantae' Jones attempts to block a shot. In the NCAA Tournament, 
Jones has 6 blocked shots. 

Darryl Wilson joins the fans for cheers of victory after clinching a 
spot in the Final Four. 

Final Four 131 



With a new women's basketball coach and five returning star- 
ters, the Mississippi State University Lady Bulldogs are looking to 
take over in the 1995-1996 season. Coach Sharon Fanning comes 
to MSU with nearly 20 years of experience under her belt and over 
300 victories on the collegiate level. With a great future ahead of 
the Lady Dawgs, Coach Fanning took no time in explaining her 
goals and commitment to the team. 

With Stacie Farris, Jemmye Ann Helms, Sabrina Scott, LaChar- 
lotte Smith, and Sharon Thompson returning, there will be a great 
strength out on the court. Guard, LaCharlotte Smith, the sixth- 
leading point producer, will show her speed and quickness out on 
the court. Stacie Farris, sophomore off-guard, has proven herself 
to play on collegiate level by her sharp shooting. Junior, Jemmye 
Ann Helms, was Mississippi State's third-best overall field goal 
shooter last year and will prove to be in the top of goal shooters 
this year. The forward position will be held down by sophomore, 
Sabrina Scott, one of the best rebounders on the squad. Center, 
Sharon Thompson, was Mississippi State's leading rebounder and 
an unanimous selection to the SEC All-Freshman Team for her 

Even though the schedule will be tough this year, the Lady 
Bulldogs are looking to be more aggressive and to face some very 
formidable opponents. 

132 Women's Basketball 

"f (Opposite, top, left) Number 5, LaCharlotte Smith, tries to 
maneuver herself around an opponent to make a shot. 

(Opp., top) Evette Porter, sophomore, looks for a teammate to 
pass the ball. 

(Opp., bottom) Jemmye Ann Helms, number 23, tries to shoot 
the ball while being blocked by a Southern Mississippi player. 

(Top, left) LaCharlotte Smith sets up for a shot at the hoop. 

(Top, right) Number 22, Melodie Jones, tries to take the ball 
from another opponent during a game. 

(Left) Sabrina Scott scrambles for the ball during a game with 
Southern Mississippi. 

All photos by Garland Cary. 

Women's Basketball 133 


All photos Luuiks\ ol Media Relations. 


yi few strokes 
of bad luck keep 
us from regionals 
and next season 
should be differ- 
ent/^ c' ^:tS^ e;, 

— Tyler Crawford 




134 Golf 

Tom Hammond, (opposite) a 
veteram performer for the 
Bulldogs, watches to see where 
he will be in position for his 
next stroke. 

The 1994-95 Mississippi Sta- 
te men's golf team (above). 
Front (L-R): Billy Dowell Jr.; 
Tyler Crawford; Kevin Spence; 
Jason Thompson. Back (L-R): 
Will Moore; Eric Johnson; 
Hunter Harris; Clay Homan; 
Tom Hammond. 

Junior linksman Hunter 
Harris (below) seems 
pleased to have gotten his 
ball out of the sand trap. 

In his second year as head coach for the men's golf team 
at Mississippi State, Greg Martin led the 1994-1995 team 
back onto a successful track. The bulldogs made it all the 
way to a tenth place finish in the SEC Championships in 
the spring campaign. The team had a good mix of retur- 
ning linkmen and strong newcomers, with each member 
being vital to the team's success. Senior Clay Homan 
started his brilliant fall campaign with a second place 
finish in the Kansas Invitational and capped it off with his 
first career title at the Kroger Intercollegiate Invitational in 
Memphis. He hit his career low of 69 in the spring 
Southeastern Intercollegiate Invitational and SEC Cham- 
pionships, and led the team in fall campaign with a 73.42 
stroke average. Fellow seniors Tyler Crawford, Eric John- 
son, and Kevin Spence also gave much veteran talent to 
the Bulldogs. Making a stunning debut into MSU golf 
were transfers Will Moore, from Texas Christian Uni- 
versity, and Hunter Harris from Wallace College in Al- 
abama. Moore finished third in the Kroger Intercollegiate 
Invitational and a solid 14th in the SEC Championships, 
to tie with Eric Johnson for the Bulldog's highest SEC 
finish. Harris had a low round of 72 in the fall UT 
Tournament of Champions and hit a spectacularly low of 
67 in the spring Billy Hitchcock Intercollegiate. Freshman 
duo Jason Thompson and Billy Dowell Jr. both promise a 
successful future for the MSU Bulldogs. 

All Photos courtesy of Media Relations. 

Golf 135 


All Photos courtesy of Media Relations. 

' The future of the 



q Lady Bulldogs Golf p 

ii team will be strong- fj 

it er, stronger, and ^ 

4- stronger. Strong and ^ 

more dedicated play- J, 

^ ers pulled the team »^ 

^1 together as a ^ 

A whole /^ . . , X' 

Jenn ifer Brown fi 



136 Golf 

All Photos courtesy of Media Relations. 

Isabele Lodygensky 
(opposite) watches to see how 
successful her putt will be. 

The 1995 Women's (left) 
golf team(L-R): Amandine 
Vincent, Jennifer Michalka, 
Heather Falgares, Gretchen 
Gray, Isabele Lodygensky, 
Beatriz Santin, Jill Terrene, 
Jennifer Brown, Coach Christi 
Sanders; Seated: Suzanne 

Amandine Vincent (below) 
concentrates on blasting the 
ball out of a sand trap. Vincent 
is the first Lady Bulldog ever to 
finish in the top ten in her first 
two collegiate tournaments. 

The Mississippi State women's golf team started their 
fall campaign on September 1 6th at the Lady Seminole 
Invitational in Tallahassee, Florida. In her eighth year 
here at MSU, head coach Christi Sanders coached the 
team to a solid team total of 8th place. Leading the team 
in the tournament was newcomer Amandine Vincent, 
who also led the team with a stroke average of 76.88 
for the fall campaign. The Lady Bulldogs also had high 
finishes in the Memphis Women's Intercollegiate and 
the Beacon Woods Invitational, with Junior Jennifer 
Michalka pulling in a 7th place tie (with teammate 
Jennifer Brown) and scoring her best round of 74 at 
Memphis. Junior Beatriz Santin also had her best round 
at Memphis with a 79. Gretchen Gray pulled in her 
best round at Beacon Woods with a 77. Gray was the 
lone senior on the team this campaign, and provided 
much experience and leadership. The Lady Bulldog's 
spring campaign ended with an improved finish in the 
SEC Championships in Franklin, Tenn. in April, with 
many success stories leading to their solid 9th finish. 
Amandine Vincent finished with a best round of 71 in 
the LSU-Fairwood Invitational. Entering MSU in the 
spring, Isabele Lodygensky brought in her best round 
of 76 at the SEC Championsips. The Lady Bulldogs are 
improving every year under the experienced leadership 
of coach Sanders, who has had much personal success 
besides improving the success of the team in the past 
seven years. 

Golf 137 

Photo bv Garl.iml Cirv 

7 think that out of the top 16 
teams we placed 3rd. But the 
highest achievement was the 5rd 
place finish in the SEC and the 6th 
place finish in the nation. " 
— Kristen Broems 




^ "^k 

h\ fiLj Ldw.uds 











'/-^^ V Scoreboard y 

\'? MSU 7-0 Middle TN St. ) 
MSU 7-0 Southeastern La. 
MSU 6-1 Alabama-Birmingham 
MSU 2-5 Texas 
MSU 4-3 Kansas ,^ r 

•^ MSU 4-3 Pepperdine ii 

MSU 2-4 Georgia f 
?■£ MSU 5-2 S. Carolina 
MSU 7-0 Alabama 
MSU 1-4 New Mexico '?■'- 
MSU 6-0 Virginia Commonwealth 

MSU 4-3 Vanderbilt 

. " MSU 6-1 Arkansas 

MSU 4-3 Auburn - 

.« ^ MSU 5-2 Tennessee 

MSU 4-3 Mississippi 

MSU 3-4 Georgia ., 

MSU 3-4 LSU 

MSU 5-2 Kentucky 

MSU 7-0 Alabaman 

MSU 5-2 Florida 

MSU 4-0 Tennessee 

MSU 3-4 LSU 
MSU 4-2 California 
MSU 0-4 Stanford 


138 Tennis 

rhL'- .^'. Trey Edwards 

This player practices a short 

Kristian Broems (top) 
checks to see if his return 
fell inside the line. 

Laurent Miquelard 
(bottom) stands in wait for 
his opponents volley to 

For the third year in a row, the 
men's tennis team at Mississippi 
State University slammed out the 
competition to win the season 
title and finish third in the SEC. 
Academic All- SEC player Kris- 
tian Broens, a powerful doubles 
player, lists the team's third place 
finish as one the highlights of the 
year. Other leading players con- 
tributing to the team's success 
include seniors Laurent Mique- 
lard, Joe Simmons, and Laurent 
Orsini. They helped the team 
capture a fifth place standing in 
the NCAA Team Champion- 
ships. It wasn't just the seniors 
who contributed, however. 
Strong talent came from soph- 
omore Matt Pledger in the sin- 
gles lineup and also from fresh- 
man Ricard Roos. Coach Andy 
Jackson's goal of winning the 
NCAA Championships is getting 
closer as the team keeps on im- 
proving each season. 

Photo by Garland Car}'. 

Tennis 139 

140 Tennis 

All Photos by Garland Gary. 

Our goal for the 

upcoming year is to do 

the best that we can 

and get ranked to go 

. . tothenCAA/\^^ . 

''' Alicia WitherellK^i 

.9 ^ 




'/"• iX^ 

^ 1 


% 1 



Marilia Andrade (opposite, 
top) takes a break between her 
matches so she will be ready 
for her next opponent. 

Carmela Burri (top) reaches 
to return her opponents serve. 

Marilia Andrade (below) 
thinks over her next match 
while she sips on a refreshing 

The Lady Bulldog Tennis team balanced out their experi- 
ence and youthful energy to improve their 1994 record 
under third-year head coach Kel Lange. Returning let- 
terwinners Jennifer Plant and Mona Bhuta provided the 
team with much talent, but new talent from Mississippian 
Angela Brannon and strong Georgia talent Alisha Witherell 
contributed also. The team may have six newcomers on the 
squad, but that didn't stop the Lady Bulldogs from giving 
strong competition to their SEC opponents and drawing the 
NCAA looks this way. As the talent grows stronger on the 
MSU women's tennis team, they will continue to improve 
and may soon reach a very high standing among the other 
SEC teams. 

If we keep our minds on the 
game and work hard we will do 
better tis season. " 
— Alisha Witherell 

All Photos by Garland Cary. 

Tennis 141 





Scoreboard *'^ ; ;; 


LSU Invitational 1st 

MSU Invitational 2nd 

Notre Dame Invitational 

Texas A&M Invitational 


SEC Championships 7th 

NCAA Regional 29th 


LSU Invitaional 1st 

MSU Invitational 2nd 

Notre Dame Invitaional 

Texas A&M Invitational 

SEC Championships 8th 
, NCAA Regional 15th 






142 Cross Country 

'Overali the 
team and its indi- 
vidual members 
showed much im- 
provement this 
season. Everyone 
was more experi- 
enced. ' — Sum- 
mer Gingrich 

The women (above) pace 
themselves as they push to- 
ward the finish line. 

David Cain (bottom) shows 
presentence as he continues 
the race. 

The men's and women's cross country teams at Missis- 
sippi State University each had an outstanding season this 
fall, and showed much improvement over last season. 
Both the men's and women's teams placed first in the LSU 
Invitational. For the men, Junior Houston Franks placed 
first overall with a time of 20:59. The Women took control 
of the LSU Invitational. Lady Bulldog Claris Fernandez, a 
sophomore from California, took first for the women, with 
a time of 11:54. Summer Gingrich finished second in 
11:56, and Tina Bridgeman took third with a time of 
12:01. Both teams finished second in the MSU Invitation- 
al. Theo Kurgat, a junior from Kenya, finished highest for 
the men's team with a 26:08 putting him fifth. Lady 
Bulldog Tina Bridgeman finished first with an outstanding 
time of 17:50. Both the men's and women's teams were 
very experienced this season and it showed. Surprisingly, 
neither team had any freshmen on it. Both the men's and 
women's cross country teams here at MSU have a promis- 
ing outlook for future seasons. 

rhutu^ 0\ Gdrland Lar\ 

Cross Country 143 



1 1 oto by Garland 














It ^ 








V ^ ^ Scoreboard ^ ^' ^« 
Men's Indoor 
SIU Saluki Boosters 4th 

SIU Invitational 4th 
SEC Championships 1 1th 
^ Men's Outdoor 

^ Alabama Relays T14th 
Clemson Invitational 4th 

SEC Invitational 4th 
SEC Championships 1 1th 

Women's Indoor 

SIU Saluki Boosters 3rd 

SIU Invitational 3rd 

"' SEC Championships 1 1th 

Women's Outdoor ' 

Alabama Relays 4th 

Clemson Invitational 3rd 

SEC Invitational 2nd 
SEC Championships 10th 








^. V 






w -^ 




^ ( 





'■, -J 


144 Track 

Claris Fernandez (opposite, top, left) overcomes her opponent as she takes the inside turn. 

Chad Cooper (opposite, top, right) takes a refreshing dip in the pool during the race. 

Both MSU's indoor and outdoor teams (opposite, bottom and above) have improved in recent years. 

"The 1995 track and field team 
focused on events and everyone did 
what they had to do. The team will 
improve even more in 1996 because 
everyone is coming back with high 
attitudes, and the freshmen will 
bring new hopes to the team. The 
coaches are doing a really good job." 
— LaTonya Hill 

All Photos by Garland Gary. 

Mississippi State's 1995 track team came 
back from their 1994 rebuilding period with 
high expectations for a much improved sea- 
son, and they definitely met them. The team 
had many first place finishes in both indoor 
and outdoor events. Lady Bulldog Kim Pat- 
terson captured first in both the outdoor 100 
and 200-meter dashes at the SEC Invita- 
tional. The relay team of Lady Bulldogs Fos- 
ter, Patterson, Carr, and Gaines finished 
first in the 4x1 00-meter relay at the Clem- 
son Invitational, and the 4x200-meter relay 
at the FSU relays. LaTonya Hill had two 
outstanding first place finishes in the high 
jump competition. As for the men's team, 
Junior Jude Monye had personal improve- 
ments with first place finishes in both the 
200 and 400 meter dashes. Shot putter Terry 
Day took first in both the Crimson Classic 
and the SEC Invitational. The 1996 track 
and field season promises to be even more 

Track 145 





MSU 0-6 Brewton-Parker ' Sy '''^' 
MSU 3-1 Mobile ^^, 

MSU 1-2 Arkansas 
MSU 0-2 LSU ») 

"' MSU2-6TCU "X:^^ 

MSU 1-2 North Texas ^' % ^ 
MSU 1-2 Alabama J. '"^\s 
MSU 0-4 Auburn -'^^) '' v 
MSU 1-0 Memphis 
MSU 4-0 Arkansas-Little Rock 
MSU 0-1 Vanderbilt 
MSU 0-5 Kentucky 
MSU 6-0 Montevallo 
MSU 1-0 Mississippi 
"^^ MSU 0-3 Georgia 
MSU 3-1 Mercer 
MSU 4-1 Southeastern La. 






Photo by Garland Gary. 

146 Soccer 

■^^{ivThe¥t^ is a First Timi 

Freshman Ann McBride 
(opposite, top) runs downfield 
to score a goal for the Bulldogs. 

Although a recent addition to 
the MSU athletic squad, the Wom- 
en's Soccer Team (opposite, bot- 
tom) has been able to hold its own 
against high ranking opponents. 

Meredith Riekert #6, Carrie 
Arne #5, Alison Earley #4, and 
Kassie Kees #8 (left) pose for a 
picture after a game. 

Angle DeLage (below) kicks the 
ball to another teammate in an 
attempt to gain some points. 

In 1995 women's soccer moved from just an organiza- 
tion to a full fledged athletic team with a promising future. 
The team started the season off with a bang with a near 
upset over two- time defending SEC champ Vanderbilt 
that ended 1-0 in overtime. Showing true team spirit, the 
Bulldogs bounded back two days later with a 3-1 victory 
over Mobile. Starting player Carrie Arne gave the team its 
first SEC victory over Memphis and attributed the teams 
success to their bonding early in the season. "We did 
better than what was expected for a first year team, and 
hopefully with our continued success more students will 
come to games and get involved with soccer at Mississippi 
State." Surprising everyone, the team finished out a terri- 
fic first season by taking the Lady Jaguar Invitational with 
victories over Mercer (3-1) and Southeastern Louisiana (4- 
1). With its stunning first season the Lady Bulldog Soccer 
team proved that it's just the beginning. 

All Photos by Garlan 

"Soccer is an exciting game, but right now 
it is not a big money maker like football, 
basketball, and baseball. I think if we had 
won more games then more people would 
come out to support us." — Carrie Arne 

Soccer 147 


















- V 

' "i :^' 



MSU 3-0 Chicago State 

MSU 3-0 W Carolina 

MSU 3-0 Jacksonville St. 

MSU 2-3 E. Kentucky 

MSU 3-0 TN-Martin 

MSU 3-1 Marshall 

MSU 3-0 St. John's 

, MSU 3-1 St. John's 

MSU 3-2 Tennesse 

MSU 2-3 Portland 

MSU 0-3 St. Louis 

MSU 1-3 Boise State 

MSU 3-2 USM 
MSU 0-3 Kentucky 
MSU 3-0 Tennessee 
MSU 3-2 LA. Tech 
i MSU 0-3 Georiga 
MSU 3-1 Jacksonville St. 
MSU 0-3 Florida 
MSU 0-3 S. Carolina 
MSU 3-2 USM 
v^ MSU0-3LSU ../i^^r'--' 
'' MSU 0-3 Arkansas^ %-*"■ "'''^ ■'^■ 
, MSU 1-3 Troy St. .P^i~ 
' • MSU 2-3 Auburn 
^" MSU 3-2 Alabama 
MSU 0-3 Mississippi 
MSU 3-1 Mississippi 
-- MSU 0-3 Arkansas 

MSU 0-3 LSU 
MSU 3-0 Jacksonville St 

MSU 0-3 Alabama 
{>j MSU 1-3 Auburn 
MSU 0-3 S. Carolina 


.^ ' 

148 Vollevball 

'^Zrt'i\^t(\-^^ Time tn ^pyvp it un 

All Photos by Garland Gary. 

The MSU Volleyball team had an excellent season 
under second year head coach Samye Johnson, despite 
the loss of All-SEC player Nicolle Carter to graduation. 
However, the squad had seven returning letterwinners 
and five newcomers who provided the perfect com- 
bination of experience and youth for a successful cam- 
paign. The Volley Dawgs had a record of 16-18 for the 
1994-1995 season with an average of 13.7 kills per 
game. Leading the way in kills and digs for the team was 
junior Melissa Kariker, one of MSU's best all-around 
players. Helping her as statistical leaders were seniors 
Heather Schilling and Misty Farmer. Contributing to the 
Volley Dawgs success were transfers Jeniver Koutnik and 
Laura Kozella. With so much talent, it is no surprise the 
team had such an outstanding season. 

' We had a lot of new people and our 
goals were to rebuild the team, play well 
together, and to become more of a fami- 
ly. Overall I think that this was the best 
group of girls I have played with. " 
— Carmen Easley 


Heather Schilling along with Jeniver Koutnik 
(opposite, top) try to reflect the incoming ball back 
to the other side of the net. 

The team discusses strategy during a match. 

Jeniver Koutnik (above) jumps up to block the 
ball from coming over the net. She transferred 
from San Jacinto (TX) College, and has proved to 
be an invaluable asset. 

An excellent server, Jeniver Koutnik (below) 
sets up to serve the ball to the opposing team. 

Volleyball 149 

^ / like taking road 
trips and spending 
time with Dr. Sills. " 
— Piathan Crawford 



Photci by Cirl.ind Gary. 

150 Band 

Photo bv Garland Can' 

Neil Jones (opposite, top) 
gives his all as he marches the 
half time show at a home foot- 
ball game. 

Majorette April Smith 
(opposite, bottom) poses for 
the camera during a pre-game 

The MSU horn line (top) 
struts their stuff as they march 
down the field. 

The Tenor line (below) for 
the percussion section warms 
up before the game. 

The 1995 Famous Maroon Band under the field direction 
of Matt Morgan and Marea Herringtion gave the State fans 
something to cheer about during half time. The band is 
under the direction of head director Dr. Kent Sills and 
assistant director Elva Kaye Lance. The 250 member band 
took part in half time shows and parades during the fall 
semester. At home on Scott Field or at an away game, the 
band performed many different half time shows. The 
Motown show thrilled the audience with its arrangement of 
songs from Areatha Franklin and the Temptations. Alumni 
from all over come to join the Famous Maroon Band once 
again during their Alumni show. This year the Alumni band 
backed up by the 1995 Maroon band played a few familiar 
toons to raise the crowds spirits. Homecoming is always a 
special occasion. The maids were introduced to the crowd 
while the band played a soft melody. With a trumpet salute, 
the Queen walked out onto the field. The crowd pleaser for 
the year was the Patriotic show. The crowd was in awe with 
the fireworks display and the huge American Flag. 

Photo by Trey Edwards. 

Band 151 

Photo by Trey Edwards, 

Photo by Garland Gary. 

Photo by Garland Cary. 

The tuba section (opposite, top, left) warms up before the 

Claire LaGarde stands at attention awaiting instructions 
from the drum major. 

The band (opposite, bottom) entertains the crowd. Starkville 
Christmas parade. 

The drumline (bottom, left) hammers out a beat for the fans 
to follow. 

Several females (bottom, right) have joined the traditionally 
all male drumline. 

Photo bv Trev Edwards 

Photo by Trey Edwards. 

Band 153 


V i. 

•^ * i V 

.■r 4 

"* ^^ * i ^ . 

. '"? 

«r ^ -> > 

, i^, •* 5k ^ * A , 

4, "A <« ▼ V - 

4t ^ * » * 
V ^ ¥ I" 
* « T V 
« ¥ 

^ ^ $» 

's -V a 

Academics 155 

College of 

Agricubure and Home Economics 

(Right). Landscape Architecture student Jennifer Settle 
works on a design. (Below) Radio isotope lab members 
Lam Nyok Heong, Mac Wilson, Susana Seaton, Doreen 
Ting, and Zhaoynan Wang work diligently to complete 
their assignment. (Bottom right) Clarence Cocroft, Wil- 
liam W. Satterfield, Sean Adams, and Craig Chism 
work on their assignments in Computer Programing for 


Photo by Trey Edwards. 


156 Academics 

Dr. Catherine Boyd 

The most rewarding and enjoyable part of 
being in a position such as I have is the 
opportunity to work with students. Since I 
have several roles in which there is consid- 
erable interaction with students - academic 
advisor, teaching, departmental Undergrad- 
uate Coordinator and hiterim Assistant to 
Dean in the College Of Agriculture and 
Home Economics - it is my privilege to get 

to know many students and assist them in a 
variety of ways. It is exciting to sliare in t 
joy of individual students' achievemen! 
throughout their time at MSU. I am among 
the faculty who actually enjoy attending 
commencement and offering congratul "" 
tions to graduates and their families. 

Catherine Boy 

Photo by Kong Yee Chian; 

Academics 157 

School of 

(Right) Mary Marget Sparkman works on her architec- 
ture project. (Below) Ryan Dingus utilizes his creative 
talents on his project. (Bottom Right) Sophomores Em- 
ily Miller and Nathaniel Newsome combine the knowl- 
edge to complete a project. 

All photos by Garland Gary 


158 Academics 

Robert Ford came to Mi^^sissipni nvt-niy on.- viMr-, c\.\o [o 
eip establish Mississippi '"^ f'ls; (tinJ I'nl)) ni.hi)o! of 
Architecture, HavMg Iaii>',h1 :vvi'l\i' wmis n'. ]l!i:n>is and 
Waslhifigtoii State Uitivorsiiif-;. l-oiJ, ti:::'.t.- ro Mi'-'-i-Mppi 
State as a full professor . . <irUivip,i;i:i^ .i \h\vi: sla\ 
and then teturiting to hi-^ ho-nf in Sctdi.' 

The students and exa-piionjl p^u^rtlr^ w-lmli d^'vciiipiuJ 
led Ford to cancel his deparlu;-*'. Why \\(.H.iiu I k\ne wh.i: 
in a few short years had become i..'ne o( thi> tour or ti\t' 
best architecture program-, in /lie LniLfd S:a^'^^",lu' .i'^/'- 
Ford's commitment to .irthitoctuiv is dcmnn'-tr.ilcJ by 
is dedication to students j!id hi- \^i.'rU whii.ii 
earned him eleven Mis-iii'.ippi .md rosyonrE! di-sij.;n 

.i\-vtird-> .nd '.vshii-! in Aw Anu' ln->jurt- ot 

.\i\iii:i.;(..ts. [■\'rd'~. i.'.\n ''l-.-.rk\i:!i.> lioiiu' ... tniidi'Icd on 
vi'i'n.uiiLi" Mississippi liousis . . . h^is ln-fii ft'Liiiiri'd in 
h)L;rtt'('n books ^)|- niai^.i/iMC'i hord v\-ii-^ oleJoii i-'n-sidonL 
al' .-MA Mis-:;is'-ippi Jiwi Ive is listed In Who's Who m 
.■\;r.orii.<in I.duc.iMon ,rod VMi.)-; VX'iio in ihv \\'i.irld. 

S.i>s 1 ord or his -UJilmls. 'W l> »". mtv fiiic '-tndonis . 
\M' demand <i '.'.nMl '-itMl from them . . .ind iht-v tlo jxri'.i'. 
Lhmus!" U n(.>iilii sL'cin lord Je:nunci'; <i f.n.'ii! dtMl f o;:- 
himself .w wcl. 

College of 

Arts and Sciences 

(Right) Meteorology students. Matt Duke and Mark 
Avery, reap the benefits of MSU's climatology lab. 
(Below) Alison Gilbert creates a master copy - a replica 
of an orignal painting. (Bottom right) A design 2 stu- 
dent. Tommy Newland, works with acrylic paint. 

Photo by Trey Edwads. 

I'hoto by Garland Cary. 

160 Academics 

iississippi State University is outstand- 
ig students, excellent faculty, a beauti- 
ful campus with a friendly atmosphere, 
md supportive alumni and friends. As 
in Alumnus, I enjoy being a part of an 
istitution that has meant so much to 
le and one that is dedicated to ex- 
;ellence in teaching, service and re- 
l^earch. Teaching at MSU is rewarding 

because our students are among the best 
and are a pleasure to know and to teach. 
Working with faculty who taught me 
and influenced my career and with col- 
leagues who are excellent teachers and 
researchers continues to be a great ex- 

Dr. Sandra M. Harpolc 

Photo by Garland Cary, 

CoUeee of 

Business and Industry 

(Right) International Economic Relations class members 
Joshua Idassi, Ben Barlow, Tom Vaughan, Jimale Ow- 
ens and Falah Alsubaire direct all of their attention to 
Dr. P. Sanderson (below) Lai Lai Lzew and Maqsood 
Hussian concentrate on taking notes. (Bottom right) 
Intermediate Accounting I students focus their atten- 
tion on the professor. 

All photos by Kong Yee Chiang. 

' 62 Academics 


Dr. Wayne Hochwarter 



One of the reasons I was drawn to the 
College of Business and Industry at Mis- 
_sissippi State University was the charac- 
of the student body. Our students are 
ight, hard working, conscientious, and 
Iger to improve themselves both pro- 
fessionally and socially. I have been 
|cky enough to teach courses at the 

idergraduate, master's, and doctoral 
>el with as few as eight and as many 

220 students in class. Although stu- 
Ints at each level possess different ca- 
reer interests, there is one consistent 
theme - a genuine concern for their fel- 
low students and a sincere respect for 
I Mississippi State University. 

Dr. Wayne Hochwarter 

Photo by Kong Yee Chiang. 

Academics 163 

College of 


Students in the College of Education learn to teach by 

creating the very items that they will use to teach 

their future students. 


Photo by Fredrick Frank 

Education is TomiTiitted to 
?roviding qualit\' to students who will enter the 
teaching profession at all levels or who will 
enter education-related professions. The college 
also prepares students for non-teaching posi- 
tions in the areas of fitness management, office 
systems and technologies, educational psychol- 
ogy, and industrial technology. Dr. Robert 
Brooks a professor of technology and education 
is a perfect example of the diversity within the 

college. The College is organized to offer curri- 
cula and services for the preparation of teachers 
in early childliood, elementary, middle, m4i 
secondary classrooms; and personnel to serve in' 
various levels of school and administrative posi- 

The college is actively involved in the Very 
Special Arts Festival program denned to dem^ 
onstrate how the arts can be used as educationi 
tools for handicapped learners. 

Photo by Fredrick Frank 

College of v^ 



Industrial Engineering students participate in Dr. 

Crumpton's Ergonomics lab. The lab conducts studies 

on several different areas such as hand eye 


All photos by Fredrick Frank 

-o^. . y.-^j^ f:--^^:^^j. T^. 

Prior to my move to Mississippi State to join 
the faculty in the Department of Electrical &. 
Computer Engineering, I worked for a large US 
Navy Laboratory in Virginia, \^^1.ile working for 
the Navy, I had many opportimities to work on 
interesting research topics in the field of Higli 
Voltage Engineering. However, while research 
can be an interesting job, I believe teaching is a 
privilege, and a surprisingly difficult privilege 
to obtain at an "Research I" institution such as 

Mississippi State. So I feel lucky to be able to 
teach, at an institution wth a long history of 
making teaching at the undergraduate level a 
priority, but that also affords top qualit}' re- 
search opportunities through my affiliation 
with Mississippi State's internationally knowi 
High Voltage Laboratory. Besides, my wife Jan- 
ice and I think Starkville is a great place to raise 
a family. 

Dr. Mike Mazzola 


School of 

Forest Kcsourccs 

Students in the School of Forest Resources have 

several different methods of learning to be more apt 

in their field of study such as sediment experiments, 

computers labs, and Dr. Land's lecture lab as pictured 


u-} yjtv\r^~it?^-^iil>y^;>^ rr^ 

All photos by Fredrick Frank. 

mf^^^^^stLj .*'' 

Dr. W. F. ''Billy" Watson 



. by Trtv Edtvord>v 




bom and raised in rural South Georgia and 
accustomed to lots of open space and friendly 
people, I had a job offer from a more prominent 
academic institution when. 1 came to Mississippi 
State, but I knew that this was the place I belonged 
after one day. I called my wife while on the in- 
terview and told her I thought we should take less 
money if necessary to come to Nlississippi State. I am. 
sure I have not earned as much at MSU as I could 
have made with industrv', but 1 still feel like Br'er 
Rabbit in the briar patch. Since my initial employ- 
ment, I left MSU once anci tried another £>pi.x)r- 
tunity, but I came back after a year. 

My greatest thrills in my work have come 

working with the people in the forestry and loggiii 
communities and in having former students cors 
back and take me out for a steak on their expeni 
accounts. My .fa.mily and I feel like Starkville is our, 
permanent home now, and we value the clo| 
friends we have made horse showing and in o^ 

My wife and I have two children; both of who! 
have attended State. Our son graduated in 1991 aq 
is now the Division Manager of Slush Puppy 
Birmingham. Our daughter is a junior accountii 
major at State, 

Dr. Billy Watson 



Meridian Campus 


The Meridian Campus provides an opportunity for 

higher education to those unable to attend a 

residential campus because of family, job, or financial 


Greg Bentle 

For several reasons, 1 take great pride and pleasure 
being appointed to the position of chair of the Division oi 
Arts and Sciences at Mississippi State-Meridian Campus. 

First, although it is a great responsibility, I enjoy the 
opportunity of helping to shape and direct programs as ^J 
diverse and significant as those encompassed by the Divi-' 
sion of Arts and Sciences. I am proud of what we currently 
offer, both in terms of the quality and the diversity of our 
curriculum and majors, and I am looking forward to th 
challenge of helping the division grow even broader ar^ 

Second, I am very pleased to be writing with the a 
istration, faculty, and staff on the Meridian Campus. The^ 
are dedicated and dynamic professionals, interested n 
only in educating their students, but also committi 
working with the community to meet its needs. 

Third, I especially enjoy teaching on the Meridian carrv 
pus. I ha^'e the opportunity to teach a wide varie| 
courses, which i enjoy, but even more I enjoy interrefi 
with the diverse student body. While we have a 
large population of "traditional" students, we ha 
even larger population of "non-traditional" stu^ 
These adult leaners are a little older, have establl 
careers, some are retired, and many have families, 
students bring to the classroom a variety of perspective 
wealth of experience, and a palpable enthusiasi| 
learning that is all but inimtable. 

Based upon all of the positive experiences that I 
had thus far, I anticipate a happy and rewarding futufi 
at MSU -Meridian, 

College of 

Veterinary MeiOcme 

(Right) Veterinary Medicine students,Karen Briggman 
and Reena Kilgole inspect Okie's hooves. (Below) Radi- 
ology students, Sharon Folsom-Wright and Brenda 
Romanieloo, work together on a dog experiment. 
(Bottom right) Another dog has an electrocardiogram 
taken by vet school students. 

All photos by Trey Edwards. 



172 Academics 

t. William T, Pepper 

The College of V^eterinary Medicine at MSL hj-, 
>een home to me for several years. I began here ei<i a 
student in 1986, and I am fortimate that opporluni- and circumstances have allowed me to remriin 
here since graduation. Also, 1 am. grateful to those 
people who have believed in me enough to give mo 
the chance to become a faculty member. 

My cun-ent role as a faculty member cillow- me io 
,closely interact with students, since I am primarily 

rolved in facilitating small group discussion ses- 
sions in our innovative problem-baaed learnme^ cur 

riculum. liiis lias provvn to be vi-ry rewarding and 
satisf\-ing in many wdy.->. Most importantly the close 
interaction all()vv.=^ me to relate to my students more 
OS colleagufis than stndenl-!. In addition, both faculty 
and students develop reaped for each otliei>> back 
grounds, knowledge, and abilitie'^. Ultimately, I 
think thi'' helps pnutiote a very po'^itive ami ctfec 
tive learning environment. 

I hope circumstances allow ine to remain here at 
MSL', and I look for\vard to expanding my role 
wuhm (ujr curncuium. jif..f. 

Photo by Trey Edwards. 

Academics 173 

"'r~",j«««^" ^ % • 


ScfiooC of Accountancy 

rif .^"'fi 


■ ^-^ 

Coming to Mississippi State as Director of the 
School of Accountancy provided an opportunity to 
serve in an accounting program with an excellent 
reputation and one which has strong ties to the 
accounting professional community. It is one of 
only approximately 100 accounting programs 
nationwide accredited by the American Assembly 
of Collegiate School of Business. In addition, a 
strong Master of Professional Accountancy pro- 
gram has been in place for a number of years and 
now the School has a Master of Taxation degree. 
This allows the School to provide graduate ed- 
ucation that fulfills the 150-semester hour require- 
ments for taking the CPA exam. Because of the 
University's long history of excellence in educa- 
tion, along with its outstanding accountancy fac- 
ulty, I am delighted to now be a part of the MSU 

Division of Coniinumg Education 



I Robert B. Leiter has been the Dean of Continuing 
Education at Mississippi State University since 1989. 
Prior to his present position, he held administrative 
positions at the University of Alabama, Eastern Ken- 
tucky University and State University of New York 
(SUNY) at Fredonia. pg'iS . 

Dr. Leiter is a recognized leader in the field of contin- 
uing education and has served on regional and national 
Continuing Education Boards. He has written a number 
of articles, lectured nationally and internationally and 
has served as a consultant on leadership, strategic 
planning, and distance learning. 

He is a strong advocate for non-traditional education 
and the life-long learning process. This is evidenced by 
his leadership in distance learning, his support of the 
Interdisciplinary degree and his belief in the principles 
of synergy. 




Board of Trustees 


The Board of Trustees has put in place a number of priorities 
focused on the delivery of a quality education. They include: 

• Undergraduate education - Mississippi's long-term eco- 
nomics success is tied directly to the quality of the work 
force it can provide to business and industry. 

• Computer technology - To keep pace with the latest tech- 
nology (whether it is through distance and interactive learn- 
ing or access to the most current equipment and software, is 
a responsibility that grows everyday). 

• Libraries - A statewide library system created through 
computer technology would expand the resources available 
and allow sharing of a common information base. 

• Graduate Studies and Research - A commitment to a stable 
infrastructure for graduate studies and research and a pool 
of matching dollars to secure federal funding immeasurably 
augments the quality of an educational experience on all 
levels. Uf^ 

All of these area will have a' 32.9%, 17.1%, 15.9%, and 
14.6% increase respectively in the next few years. 


I «v«.'***«»-»«r>~r**"" 

Ejcccutivc Councit 

Thanks to the following eleven individuals Mississippi 

State University is not only able to spread its diversity ^«,^|^ J; |^1j^ 

thrmip-h thp rni]r<^ps it offers, it car\ al«;n be na'^sed dowri'L^I^^J^^.'t 1 «*.% ..^'^ %.***f 

through the courses it offers, it can also be passed down'!^|^ 
through the administration, faculty, staff, athletic per- 
sonnel, and the students. The council consists of the'r 
president, the six vice presidents, the chairperson of the 
faculty advisory council, the chairperson of the staff 
advisory council, the athletic director, and the Student 
Association President. Pictured above from left to right 
first row: Linda Gentry, Ralph Powe, Donald Zar-*^^^ 
charias, Leah Norman, and Dan Emberee. Second row:?j\ 
Larry Templeton, Roy Ruby, Bryan Nesbit, Rodney 
Foil, and Bill Ward. During its weekly meetings, the 
Mississippi State Executive Council is responsible for 
making decisions that will maximize the benefits re-) 
ceived by the students, staff, and faculty 

^ ^^ ,>. -s* 

# iw 


JZ.\ '^ife^ 

# •<- 


>^i t^ 


Mississippi State University has been fortunate to have 
Dr. Donald Zacharias as its president for the past decade. 
In his ten years as president, Mississippi State has set 
records in enrollment, private contributions and levels of 
research activity. Dr. Zacharias's goal as president is to 
make heroes of other people. He modestly says, 
"Whatever good has occurred during my presidency has 
come from the abiJity of other people to perform effec- 
tively because of their personal commitment to their 
careers and to Mississippi State's primary responsibility to 
make a difference in the lives of people who study and 
work here." Dr. Zacharias takes pride in every student 
who graduates. He considers the 3,000 students who 
walk across that stage each year some of his greatest 
accomplishments. Dr. Zacharias's love for the university 
and the community surrounding it is evident to everyone. 
This year he was the grand marshal of Starkville's Christ- 
mas parade, a honor awarded to a local community 
member who has contributed to the county, city, and 
University. He has also participated in a female residence 
hall discussion, was an assistant coach for the women 
basketball team for a night, as well as several other 
things. ^ 

■^'ii i^fi t 


All photos by Garland Gary 


Donatd Zacharias 







Martha Thomas 

Teresa Davis 

Amy Thibadoux 

Kimberly Albright 

Brian Thomas 
Michael Johnson 

180 Organizations 


All photds by Ci.irl.ind Gary 

Organizations 181 

The Ambassadors of the Col- 
lege of Agriculture ar\d Home Ec- 
onomics are a group of fifteen 
select student representatives for 
the College. Tlie duties of the 
Ambassadors are to aid in recrui- 
ting, assist with alumni functions, 
assist in departmental functions, 
and conduct public relations work 
for the College, the University, 
and Agriculture and Home Eco- 
nomics in Mississippi. This group 
visits high schools and junior col- 
leges during career days, and it 
also sets up information booths 
for the college at various MSU 
events. Mississippi State Univer- 
sit\' is the second university to 
establish such a group for the 
College of Agriculture and Home 

Ag Ambassadors 

Photo submitted. 

Row 1 : Dr. Garv' Jackson; advisor,Trey Cobb, Sara Chapman, Treasurer,Brandon Owen Gibson; Secretary ,BiIl Ryan Tabb; 
Vice-president,Cindy Simpson; President,Dean Bill Fox Row 2: Seth Herron, Dan Tracy, Denise Kennedy, Scarlett Walker 
Row 3: Sam Henry, Libby Coleman, Andy Brooks, Angela Bowers, Rebekah List, Sara Thomas Row 4: Timothy Curry, 
Kelvin Leavy, Rachel Culver, Julia Potter, Deborah. Wise Row 5: Matt Ragge, Crayton Coleman 

The Accounting Society is a 
student organization of the In- 
stitute of Management Ac- 
countants. The purpose of the 
Accounting Society is to pro- 
mote opportunities in ac- 
counting and to provide ac- 
counting student with a social 
environment which enables 
them to interact with other ac- 
counting students. 

Accounting Society 

Photo by Rick 7ri 

Officers: Dr. Gilda Agacer; advisor, David King; Vice-president, Ashby Green; President, Bill. Hardin; Treasurer 

182 Organizations 

Ag. Economics Club 

-•hoto by Rick Frank, 

Row 1 : Blcike Jarrell, David Mandll; Secretary, Brandon Owen; President, Crayton Coleman; Vice-president 
Kate Dollar, Katherine Huffman 
Rob Abbay, Jeff Moore, Chris McDwain 
Joey Palmer, Will Griffin, Ashley Simmons 

Row 2 
Row 3 
Row 4 


^^ine Ag Econ Club is an un- 
dergraduate organization for 
students majoring in Agricul- 
tural Economics and Agribusi- 
ness. The club provides op- 
portunities for student career 
development by sponsoring 
speakers at monthly meetings. 
Students are also given the 
opportunity to meet other col- 
lege students in similar career 
paths through national and 
regional meetings. Meetings 
have been attended by club 
members in San Diego, New 
Orleans, and Indianapolis. 

Alpha Epsilon Delta 

Photo by Rick Frank. 

Timothy N. Curry; Vice-president, Elizabeth Webb; President, Theolyn Price; Secretary, Wendy Creel; Historian, not 
pictured: Matt Verucchi 

Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national 
honor society for pre-professional stu- 
dents, both pre-medical and pre- 
dental, achieving academic excel- 
lence. Founded at the ljniversit\' of 
Alabama on April 28, 1926, by fifteen 
pre-medical students, it is the largest 
body devoted to pre-professional ed- 
ucation. Membership in this society is 
an honor bestowed m recognition of 
superior scholastic achievement of a 
student. The objective of Alpha Epsi- 
lon Delta is to encourage and recog- 
nize excellence in pre-medical schol- 
arship; to stimulate an appreciation of 
the importance of pre-medical educa- 
tion in the study of medicine; and to 
promote cooperation and contacts be- 
tween medical and pre-medical stu- 
dents and educators. 


Row 1: Kelly Trussell, Mary' Moehr- 
ing^ Chuck Wood; President, Michael 
Vispi, Keith Whitaker, Michelle Borst 
Row 2: JD Harrison, Kathie O'Bryan, 
Bob Naron, Brad Gamer, Eric Talley, 
Professor Jim Perry, Dwight Sanders 
Row 3: Tomomi Fujita, Todd White, 
John Kennedy, Anthony Freeman, Ja- 
son Browiilee, Greg Crihfield Row 4: 
Russell Adsit, Bill Repko, Paul Jeffres, 
Chris Harding, Greg Gilespie Row 5: 
Mike Montgomery', Stephen Ford, Ja- 
son Buehring, Monty Owens 


Photo by Kong Yee Chiang 

Alpha Zeta is a national 
honorary fraternity for Agri- 
culture. Alpha Zeta em- 
phasizes academic excellence 
and service. The Mississippi 
chapter of Alpha Zeta has 
around 100 members, all of 
whom are high academic 
achievers in the College of 
Agriculture and Home Eco- 
nomics at Mississippi State 

The chapter meets 2-3 times 
per semester, usually with an 
interesting invited speaker 
and a short business meeting. 
Public service activities, in- 
cluding conducting a student- 
oriented survey to determine 
outstanding CAHE faculty, 
are performed on an ad hoc 

Alpha Zeta 

Row 1: Rebekah List, Nancy Humphrey, Davie Cooper, Heather Gilmore, Wallace Killcuas; advisor Row 
Simpson, Tippi Harding, Sara Thomas, Brent Farrar Row 3:Kim Johnson, Sara Chaptman, Sam Henry Row 4:A1 
Carter Murrell, Rob Abbay, Will AbbayRow 5: Dan Tracy, Shawn Boyd, Griffith Jones 

an Hart, 

1 84 Organizations 


low l;Teri Rugigles, Publications; Amanda Mitchell, President Sandra Taunton, Vice-Piesidenl, Kevin Pattetson, Secretary, Kim 
"rossnine. Treasurer Row 2; Trace-v Johnson, Michelle Craft, Brian Wigmton, Chnstopher Donn, Anthoay Ld■v^'Tence, Derek Salter, Michael 
Tioma, Lee Swiit, Scott Clement Patty Keut, R\an Hansen, Jason Connell, J D Balzh, Carolyn Hinger, Amber Joltnson Row 3 Johrmy 
)lsen, Mary Margaret Sparkman, Chns Eldt, Alan Hayes, Brandon Mixon, Charlie Calvano, Arraee Mock, Bnan Ba'-t>ett, Maggie measolls, 
jianna Pigford, Brad Barnard, Julie Griffin, Joseph William Hayerman, Kimberly Mayes, Carta Gibson, Kelly Vohns Row 4; Nathaniel 
Jewsome IT, Mac Griffin, Jay Bryan, Mike Hammond, Ashley Hogan, Ginger Pence, Joey Quick, Lenny Criddle, Andy Marasca, Bin 


The American Institute of Ar- 
chitecture students promotes fel- 
lowship within the school of ar- 
chitecture and interaction with 
the professional community. To 
start the year, board members 
and class representatives atten- 
ded a leadership retreat with 
AIAS alumni. On the national 
level, twelve members participat- 
ed in the AlAS National Forum 
Convention held in Portland, Or- 
egon. AIAS also hosted book sig- 
nings and receptions for architec- 
tural professionals. 

Student/faculty events included 
the Annual Back-to-School Pic- 
nic, Cow-Chip Bingo, Fatty Party 
and Kiss-the-Cow Contest, Clash 
of the Classes Volleyball Tourna- 
ment, and many others. 

The American Institute of 
Chemical Engineers Student 
Chapter is an organization de- 
signed to introduce students 
to the chemical engineering 
industries. Chapter activities 
include plant trips, industrial 
guest speakers, and paper 
conventions. The MSU chap- 
ter also supports Habitat for 
Humanity and other local 

hoto by Trey Edwards, 

iow 1: Jackie Lowe, Billie Sheffield, Jenna Morrison, Stephanie Ware; Treasurer, Jason Wade, Javed Warsi 

'ow 2: D. Scott Mills; President, Heath Tannen, George Eagle, Ryan Strong, Chuck Frye, Ken McBride, Rkk Forton; 

iecretarv, Patrick McGee 

Organizations 185 

Alumni Delegates 

Photo subinitted. 

First row (1-r): Emily Renfro, Kelly Wells, Annette Bladen-Barnes, Paula Correro, Blake Thames, Kenyada Adams Second row: 
Carley Montgomery, Carley Hinchey, Ginger Blacklidge, Lashanda Pickens, Rita Rowe, Rhonda Burnett, Haley Darnell, Melanie 
Munn Third row: Schreese Carter; advisor, Tracy Benway, Heather ToUison, April Mann, Sherry Mann, Toni Rhodes, Kristi 
Patrick, Tara Carson Fourth row: Bubba Shaw, Will Carter, Simone Tullos, Cherry Barnes, Erin Dickerson, Susan Taylor, Batch 
Batchelder, Daryl Arnold Fifth row: Brad Antici; President, Seth Herrei:|i, Curt Ulmer, David Wier, Thomas Cabell, Andy Beaird 
Sixth row; Floyd Newton, Niles Buchanan, Bill Ryan Tabb, Fred Delk, Rusty Waterer 


ikiM.M Delegates 

The Alumni Delegates are a group students who serve as 
liaisons between Mississippi State University students and 
alumni. Their purpose is to improve the understanding of the 
role of the Alumni Association by educating and involving 
students in activities and events of the association. Students 
involvement will help foster lifelong relationships while 
continuing to maintain the Alumni Association's mission. 
Alumni delegates are today's student leaders preparing to be 
tomorrow's alumni leaders. 

Events hosted or sponsored by the Alumni Delegates 

Oozefest Mud Volleyball Tournament 

Alumni Network Program 

Freshman Mentor Program 

Alumnus of the Year Program 

Class Reunions 

Graduating Seniors Program 

Game Day Face Painting 

186 Organizations 

Angel Flight 

1994j^iiC 1995 

iHtsstssippt §'ttitr llniurrfiitii 



Angel Flight- Silver Wings is a national volunteer collegiate service or- 
ganization that works to promote Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, 
Mississippi State University, and the surrounding community. 

In the past Angel Flight projects have included assisting Columbus Air 
Force Base with the hospitality tent at their air show, working with the ATO 
fraternity to paint the paws on Bully Blvd. and activities with the Palmer 
[iome and Starkville Manor Nursing Home. 

Arnold Air Society 


Photo by Joylyn Mason. 

Row 1: Tony Marshall, Adrianne Barry, Craig Folse Row 2: Michael Davide, Lee Keys, Crystal Simmons, Brandon 
McNeely Row 3: Timothy Hale, Charles Dunnaway Row 4: Brannon White, Geoff Church, Jason Humphrey, Shannon 
Thurston Row 5: Karl Bridges, Kengi Hutchins, James Harlow, Patrick Launey Not Pictured: James Marshall, Britt Warper 

Arnold Air Society is a na- 
tional honorary professional 
service organization. The Ar- 
nold Air Society works to cre- 
ate a good relationship among 
Air Force officer candidates, to 
help prepare future Air Force 
Officers, and to continue the 
traditions and purpose of the 
United States Air Force. 
Through several service pro- 
jects, the Arnold Air Society 
strives to accomplish these ob-<= 



Arts & Science Ambassadors 

: r? I r r I ; 


The College of Arts and Sciences proudly 
introdxices the 1995 Arts & Sciences Am- 
bassadors. Ambassadors have as their pri- 
mary task — education. Whether these 
Ambassadors are working at a campus 
function, visiting a potential community 
college transfer at the communitv site, or 
coiresponding in vv-riting to specific ques- 
tions Dy students, they are knc>wledgeable 
representatives of their college. 

Ambassadors attend weekly meetmgs 
and several educational sessions during the 
year in order to be aware of rules and 
regulations governing the College of Arts 
and Sciences. Also, the group travels to 
several cotnmimity colleges to share infor- 
mation about transfer credit and depait- 
mental requirements. In addition, ambas- 
sadors participate in all campus activities 
representing the 14 departments in .-\Tts& 
Sciences. Some of these activities are Schol- 
ar's Reccignition Day, Minority Student Dis- 
covery Day, Residence Hall Activities Fair, 
Spring Discoverv Day, Senior Invitational 
Testing, Fall Discovery, Homecoming, C>n- 
entation, and Spring Flin^, 

Applications are offered in early fall, and 
students are notified concerning the inter- 
view process. 

Photo by Stan Oi l^jn 

Row 1: Jennifer Fox, Stephanie Whitson, Shelley Maber, Chris Byrd, Jennifer Steckler Row 2; Dean George, Buehler, Keri 
Melton, Heather Timmermans, Kim Rytter, April Mann, Amber Chrisman, Sharon Nobles - Coordinator, Audra Moore - 
Graudate Assistant 



The MSU student chapter 
of ASCE was chartered in Jan- 
uary, 1928. Over the past ten 
years, the chapter has been 
awarded a Letter of Signifi- 
cant Improvement^ two letters 
of Honorable Mention, nine 
Certificates of Commenda- 
tion, two Zone II Vice Pres- 
ident's Awards from the na- 
tional organization, and the 
Ridgway Award; making it 
the top chapter nationally. 
The goals of this organization 
are to encourage membership 
and participation in the chap- 
ter, to provide service to the 
community, to present topics 
of interest to Civil Engineers, 
to enhance the education ex- 
perience, and to increase pub- 
lic awareness of Civil En- 
gineers at MSU. 



Photo by Trey Edwards. 

Row 1: Brandon Rowe, Derrick Tucker - Treasurer Kieu-Anh Tran, Theresa Judon, Shelley Hall - President, Shanna 
Williamson - Secretary, Terri Cole, Rob Robison Row 2: Bradley Williams, Jason Kilgore - Vice-Presicient(ConfGrence), 
Shannon Wells, Marc Broome, Keith Quick, Chad Stewart, Raymond K. Eidson, Brooks Miller, Dr. Dennis D. Trauc - 
Faculty Advisor 


Photo by Garland Car\'. 

Row 1 ; Jennifer Cordogan, Bobbie Brown, Jill Ewing, Cindy Simpson, Michele Moore, Michelle Hardy — Secretary, Kellie 
5herrill - President; Row 2: Jennifer Maxey, Tasha Home, Kim Howell, Deborah Wise, Quo-Vadis Landfair - Publicity 
Chairperson; Row 3: Kelly Smith, Marsha Daniels, Lauren Shepard, Cristi C, Moore, Robin Troupe - Asst. Newsletter, 
Melissa Whitehead - Vice President; Row 4: Brandy Sobley, Susan Woods, Megan Steele, Amy Eitling, Carol Passon - 
Publicity Chairperson, Dwilette Harper - Membership Chairperson; Row 5: Kim Morgan, Allison Noone, Ellen Archer, 
Ms. Margaret Bateman - Advisor, Ms. Denise R. Stephens - Faculty Advisor, Stephanie Eaton 

The American Society of In- 
terior Design strives to edu- 
cate students about various 
areas of interior design and 
related fields. This group also 
promotes networking and un- 
ity between students and pro- 
fessionals and prepares stu- 
dents to assume responisbility 
m a professional organization. 
Membership is open to all stu- 
dents of hiterior Design by 
contacting the faculty advisor 
or the president of ASID. 


Photo fay Kong Yee Chiang. 

Row 1: Roger Berges; President, Tim Yielding; Vice-president, Peter Chang; Treasurer, Tina Strong; Secretary, Tammy 
McCoy: Social Chairman, Willard Green; Publications Chairman, Jim Prillman Row 2: Lmda Mak, Rejanah Steward, 
Carmen Henley, Amy Dobbs, Craig McCleery, Mohammed Saleem Row 3: Adam Browne, Karen Zimmerlc, Sherri 
Holcomb, Brian Gray, Hitesm Pate], Jennifer Heliums Row 4: Art Underwood, John Baker, Jason Mulims, Terry Hallmark 
Row 5: Lee Rouse, Brian Eddins Not pictured: Steve Bradley; Special Projects Chairman 

The American Society of 
Mechanical Engineering is a 
versatile organization that sets 
standards for all aspects of 
mechanical engineering. The 
student chapter of ASME al- 
lows the involvement of plant 
trips, guest speakers, videos, 
and much more. ASME is a 
good resource for the develop- 
ment of a mechanical engineer 
as a professional and as a 
leader in tomorrow's technol- 

Organizations 189 

Assoc, of Black Business Professionals 

The puipose of this organization is 
designed to promote fellowship 
among black students seeking careers, 
academic achievement, and to foster a 
strong networking relationship be- 
tween students and Mississippi State 
University Alumni, and other busi- 

Objectives: An organization that fa- 
cilitates networking support related to 
school activities, courses, and future 
career opportunities. 

2.5 QPA required 



s*sr iM.- niiiriLi U2I2 I 

Photo by Garland Gary. 

Front row (1-r): Tabitha Lee; Director of Marketing, Dierdre Gillespie; Vice-president, Darron S. Jones; Chairman of 
Internal Affairs, LeShem L McEwen; President, Gail Morrison; Secretary, Professor Gloria Liddell; advisor. Row 2: 
Scherrita Rutherford, Rena Miller, Denise Rupert, Monica Wilson, Angela Thompson, Brecka Hill, Tycie Magee, Calandra 
Stephenson, Sharon Walker, Michael Whitfield, Walter Tyv\'ayne Anderson Row 3: Keith Adams, Shawn McCrew, James 
C Cox, Clinton Smith, Jennifer Hart, Tameko Williams, Angela Ewing, Twisha Tate, Paras Griffin, Eddie Anderson, 
Orlando Blackburn Not pictured: Shannon Mathis, Lovie Chesser; Treasurer 


The Association of Chinese 
Students and Scholars (ACSS) 
is a non-profit organization of 
the students and scholars 
from The People's Republic of 
China. Its objective is to con- 
solidate all the Chinese at 
MSU into an organized com- 
munity, sharing their cultures, 
traditions, and knowledge. 
The ACSS Council is commit- 
ted to provide quality services 
to meet the needs of all ACSS 

Photo siibmiite( 

Council members: Bahanu; Vice-president, Bin Xu, Xiaohui Cai, Zhan Zhang, Ken Cheng, Engui Yao; President ( 


Assoc, of Computing Machinery 

The Association of Comput- 
ing Machinery was chartered 
in 1970 and is an organization 
for any students interested in 
the computer field. The organ- 
ization sponsors projects 
throughout the year to help 
inform students about compu- 
ters and to introduce them to 
the computer science faculty. 

Photo by Rick Frank. 

Row 1: Johnathan Smith, Sriniuasa Rao Kanagala, Rahul Sundrani, Richard Bames, Mukheeth Abdul Praveen Kvimar 
Kotha, Gene Boggess, Kathy Saisuphaluck, Adrian Dent, Gerhard Lehnerer, Yolanda Johnson, Wayne Sweet Row2: 
Kivan Komar Chevukuri, Rajeev Nagabhirava, Roger Smith, Torey Alford, Frankie V\n.iite, Pun Bangalore, BrandonButler, 
Lynellen Smith Row 3: Sean Ziegler, Suphasit Szisuphaluck, Raui Raju, Linda Kershaw, Oqnen Zografski, Brad Moore 
Row 4: Rossen Dimitrov, Christopher Smith, Donna Reese, George Cravvford, Paul Miller, Thorn McMalion Row 5: John 
Matthews, Don Dearhott, Gunda Venkala Venugopal, Sanjaya Wijeratne, Kirzie Vidiuce, Linda Stewart Row 6: Don 
Goodman, Walter Cox, Subramaniyan M, Peter McGraw, Huoy-Jii Khoo, Cameron Waggoner 

Assoc, of Student Social Workers 

The Association of Student 
Social Workers is a university 
organization devoted to pro- 
viding students with a further 
understanding of social work 
and the human service field. 
ASSW seeks to keep members 
current on social work trends 
and education. It also en- 
courages involvement in com- 
munity service programs both 
individually and in groups. 
ASSW is also very active in 
the National Federation of 
Student Social Workers. 

iTiQfo by Garland Cary 

Front row: Melanie Hintz, Sonja Anderson, Tiffany Parker, Danielle Ewing; Secretary, Lattice Miller; President, Alberta 
Hendrix, Jorja Arnold, Merle Montalvo Back row: Dr. Carolyn Bryant; advisor. Tiffany Hutcherson, Brandy Roche; 
Pariiamentarian, Debbie Morgan, Mike Martin, Clark Huntley, Rebecca Langford, Candace Long, Tamara Hudspeth 

Organizations 191 

Meridian Campus 
Assoc. Student Social Workers 

Members in the Association 
of Student Social Workers are 
students currently enrolled in 
the MSU-Meridian Campus 
Social Work Program. The as- 
sociation promotes interest in 
and keeps members current in 
Social Work trends and educa- 
tion; encourages involvement 
in community service pro- 
grams; strives to promote 
awareness of and responsibili- 
ty for social and economic jus- 
tice; and provides infonnation 
regarding scholarships, fel- 
lowships, and employment 
opportunities in social work 

Photo submittec 

Meridian Campus - Row 1 : E. Harold Keye - Advisor, Sandra Vaughn - Advisor, Catina Essix — Treasurer, Kim Rowlan( 
- Vice President; Row 2:Eddie Jones - President, Delphine Da^as - Secretary, Shellie Griffin, Lilach Preston, Jill Posey 

Beta Alpha Psi is a national 
scholastic and professional ac- 
counting fraternity. Its pur- 
pose is to stimulate and pro- 
mote the desire for excellence 
in the field of accounting. This 
is achieved by (1) recognizing 
scholastic and professional ex- 
cellence in accounting and (2) 
providing professional meet- 
ings, gtiest speakers, and ser- 
vice projects to fellow stu- 
dents and the general public. 

Beta Alpha Psi 


Photo by Garland C; 
Members of Beta Alpha Psi are: Chad Boyd, Megan Britt, Valerie Bryant, Amy BuJIcr, Claudia Byrd, Beverly Chapman, Tanya Dinning, K 
Farrar, Jarrod Gray, Ashby Green, Jason Holt, Shun-bsuan Hsu, Joe Lyons, Bob Miles, Chris McBryer, Sewon O, Mary Peterson, T 
Peepies, Susie Rosenbaum, Emily Sandridge, lay Scruggs, Amanda Trawick, Ellen Allen, Brad Antici, Jennifer Bell, Jennifer Benm 
Charles Bevon, Suzanne Clark, Ramsey Cumbest, Craig D'Arcy, Avery Edmonson, Bill Hardin, Stephen Heacock, Amy Howe, Jay jord. 
Christopher Ketchum, David King, Zhou Lei, Wanda Plunk, Tammy Roseberry, Jennifer Sellers, Rodney Summerford, Alicia Wc 
Jennifer Whitehead, James Williams, Jackie Woods, Jeanette Wright, Valeric Zager, Shane Atkinson, Amy Busby, Rhonda Butler, Ric 
Camp, Ann Cleland, Christy Dew, Jerry Frost, Ashley CJatlin, Amy Holder, Brian Jackson, Stephanie Kilpatrick, Brent Leach, Julie I,eona 
Kevin Lewis, Teresa Tzu-hua Lin, Steve Prestridge, Kenneth Rhea, Jenifer Sharp, Glen Singletary, Bob Wadsworth Stephanie Wallace, K 
Whitaker, Patti Whitworth 

192 Organizations 

Beta Beta Beta 

jto o\ King y^^ Chiang. 

vv 1. Jamie Peoples; President, Amanda Herren; Vice-president, Perisco Wofford; Historian, Carran Williams; Secretary 
w 2: Mary Seavvood, Robin Felder, Misty Todd, BJ Duncan, Brooke McDonough, Clare LeGarde, Theolyn Price, Toni 
lodes, Courtney Felps, Aizzah Fatima, Kay Conley Row 3: John Bailey, Bretha Woodard, Jolm Belknap, Misti Fulgham, 
ayatri Chandra, Angela Ewing, Pristine Cochran, Casey Wallace, Stacie Farris, Erin Brinkman, Tywanda Egerson Row 
Adebomi Omikunle, Marcus Harris, Hal Hale, Andi McClintock, Jeffrey Ingram, Anastasia Wliittaker, Pamela Skinner, 
ly Bermett, Matt Connell, Carla Chrestman, Elizabeth Webb 

Beta Beta Beta is an honor 
and professional society for 
students in the biological sci- 
ences. The primary objectives 
of Beta Beta Beta are to im- 
prove the understanding and 
appreciation of biological sci- 
ences and to promote scien- 
tific research. Beta Beta Beta 
was foimded in 1922 at Okla- 
homa City University and cur- 
rently has more than 370 
chapters throughout the Uni- 
ted States and Puerto Rico. 

Beta Gamma Sigma 

!to fav Rids Frank. 

Beta Gamma Sigma Officers 

Bill Hardin - President 

Ashby Green - First Vice-president 

David King - Second Vice-president 

Gilda Agacer - Advisor 

This year o\-er 20% of all bachelor's and 
master's degrees gi anted bv US colleges 
and unnersities will he awMded to stu- 
dents majonng in bujiness> and manage- 
meni. Of these 300,000 students who will 
receive business school degrees, however, 
only about 15,000 will be invited to Beta 
Garnma Sigma membership m recognition 
of their outstandmg study m business and 
managemenl just as outstandmg students 
m the arts and sciences ate invited to mem- 
bership in Phi Beta Kappa. 

Only those students who rank in the top 
10% of their undergraduate program or top 
20% of the master s program at school that 
have achieved accreditation in the field of 
business and management from the Ameri- 
can Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Busi- 
ness are eligible lor invitation to member- 
ship in Beta Gamma Sigma 

The Board of Governors of Beta Gamma 
Sigma congratulates these outstanding Beta 
Gamma Sigma graduates who have pur- 
sued excellence m their academic prepara- 
tion fcir business They join the over 
350,000 members of Beta Gamma Sigma 
who since 1913 have been the top academ- 
ic achievers at accredited schocM of busi- 

Organizations l\ 

Black Voices 

Black Voices was founded 
in 1971. Our purpose is to 
minister to people through 
song. Black Voices is an organ- 
ization open to all people who 
are interested in singing con- 
temporary gospel. 

Cardinal Key National Hon- 
or Society is an organization 
for students of at least junior 
status in American colleges 
and universities who are lead- 
ers in the college community 
and who are deemed potential 
leaders in the future. The so- 
ciety aims to honor these, in- 
spire leadership in others, and 
utilize leadership capabilities 
in an active program of ser- 
vice. The purposes of Cardinal 
Key are to recognize achieve- 
ment in scholarship and ex- 
tracurricular activities, to ad- 
vance personal growth, 
patriotism, and service; and to 
develop worthy character by 
application of the cardinal vai- 
ties of living. 

Cardinal Key 

Plioto by Rick Frar 

Front Row; Valerie Zagcr, Tempy Segrest; Historian, Deana Honeycutt; Secretary, Haley Kennedy; President, Mam 

Patterson; Vice-president, Michelle Barlow; Treasurer, Dr. Diane Greene; Advisor 

Back Row: Lona Hinton, Jamie Short, Sally Harvey, Amy Holliman, Jennifer Whitehead, Anna Peters, Jennifer Harri 

Whitney Marx, Mindy Gray, Michelle Minga, Georgia Tliomas 

Not Pictured: Leigh Chapmen, Piper Dawson, Rochelle Frazier, Courtney Lott, Emily Sandridge, Melanie Trosdair, Lau 

Ward, Kristy Wickerson 

194 Organizations 


Tioto b) Garland Carv-. 

4embers of CSA include; Zung Nguyeh, Jeremv O'Keefe, Marc Wright, Louis Mather, Karl Hess, Brogan Fairchild, Beth Quinlin, Penny 
.eech, Christy Cafer. Stephanie Graves, Brian McCann, Tom McMahon, Al Sheldon, Megan Britt loshua Nehlig, Keith Hopper, Maryann 
'edroli, Jennv Rice, Chris NeeU', Brian Crawley, Bill V\lilenhoff, Beth Dillenkofter, Cory Hovvat, Erica Lizana, Amanda McPhail, Jody 
irewer, Caroline Betbeze, Kim Cours, Ashley Cox, Elizabeth Mills, Angle Coccaro, Mguel Arellano, Julie Winklejolin, Father Mike O'Brieri, 
Uan Rodrigues, Justin Allen, Doug Lee Stephanie Crinche, Farley Walker, Eric Hogan, Laura Laughlin, Michael Schulmann, Kathryn 
'aimer, Joey Boone, Adam Moore, Cynthia Harris, Carrie Arnet't, Alan Jones, Julie Milano, Christv' DeBerry, Chris Bowers, Theresa 
'elasko, Denise Bowles, Emily Burke, Matt Herschede, Matt Verucchi, Rob Stafford, Alayne Cromer, John Weston, Ryan Nerland, |ed 
juthrie, Andy Marasca, Brian Evans,Teddy Lopez 




The Catholic Student Associa- 
tion provides opportunities 
for fellowship, service, and 
spiritual growth. The CSA is 
sponsored by St. Joseph Cath- 
olic Church and is open to all 
students at MSU. 

Circle K 

'hoto by Trey Edwards. 

low 1: Evelyn Palmer, Kimberly Andrews - Treasurer, Carol Payne, Jason Pyatt - President; Roiv 2: Angela Pierce 
Vionique Benjamin, Lucretia Woods, Yonya D. Nabors, Michael Yakstis; Row3: Jennifer Clifton, Nataya Rambus, 
3ridgette M. Williams, Caroline Betbeze, Vanessa Arispe; Row 4: Siu Mak, Shelby Sanders, Kevin Lewis, Kiwanda Moore, 
Zasey Hayden; Row 5: April Heinsch, Jessica Scott, Christian Williamson; Row 6: Tom Meir, Marcus Scott, Nekita Gandy, 
Chase Waller; Row 7: Marvin Moore, Jennifer Hart, Annette Bolton, Wendy Creel ;Row 8: John Matthews, Carl Jamison 
r., Mr. Kellion C. Hughes 

Circle K International is a 
collegiate service organization 
sponsored by Kiwanis Inter- 
national. There are over 
10,000 members w^orldwide. 
The Mississippi State Univer- 
sity chapter emphasizes cam- 
pus and community involve- 
ment with activities such as 
Brickfire tutoring. Habitat for 
Humanity home building. 
Nursing Home visits, theme 
parties for disadvantaged 
youth, buying Thanksgiving 
dinners, and making students 
aware of Iodine Deficiency 
Disorder. Our theme and em- 
phasis is 'T^\Kusing on the fu- 
ture of our Children"; each 
member's personal commit- 
ment makes a difference in 
the community. 

Organizations 195 


Block and Bridle Club 

Photo by GarUnd Cary, 

Rovvl: Alison Seal: Horseshow Chairperson, DeShannon Davis; Secretarv', Jody Wagner; President, LeAnne Long; Treasurer, Mike Martin; Pledge Marshall, Lise Pittman; Social 
Chairman, Jason Horton; Vice-president, Summer George; Yearbook Chairman, Andy Berry; Pledge Marshall Row 2: Clav Mason, Jon Addison, Michelle Field, Carolyn Kohn, Mary AnnS 
Hester, Christina Vetzel, Sandy Mason, Leslie Stewart, Kate Dollar, Arthur Petere, Jennifer McCciol, Susan Miller, Rebecca Williamson, Leah Weatherford Rovv3: Kevin Riggin, Shane 
Stocks, Roxanna Sumrall, Fleeta Bryant, Heather Chrestman, Jenny Fox, Jennifer Sullivan, Leanne Wagner, Michelle Vines, Elizabeth Sessions, Maria Andrews, Angela Corder, Carrie 
Heidelberger, Amy Barber, Charity Calloway, Lisa Auton, Mary Morgan Row 4: Vonda Burleson, Wendi Martin, Tamara Vandevere, Chris McDonald, Scott Melgar, Matthew Rex 
Buniham, Rodney Davis, Andy Loague, Randy Carlisle, Janiie Foy, Robert Russell, Jim Meriwether, Chris Daves Row 5: Terry Arnold, Miles Bridges, Jill Dearman, Jayne Russell, Chris 
Allen, Kirk Shumpest, Jay Gousset, Ray Scroggins, Brad Bamett, Norton Holifield, Jonathan Clark, Don Whitehead, Allen Etheridge, Donny Ray, Brian Taylor, Robert Sidaway Row 6; 
M.E. Boyd, Jim Morris, James Herd, Robbie Powers, Brandon Carter, Trey Cobb, Jason Perry, HoUis BlackweU, Phillip Vandeveo, Brett Marlar, Dadd Cain, Mike Wilkinson, Gahe Saxoni 
Grant Collins 

The Mississippi State University Block and Bridle 
Club is open to anyone interested in agriculture, 
livestock, or animal husbandry. We host events such 
as an AQHA Horse Show and a NIRA Rodeo. This 
club is very active and produces strong friendships 
between its members. 

196 Organizations 

Bulldog Hostesses 

'hoto by Gatland Cary. 

i-ront Row: Shea Robinson, Sallie Pennebaker, Robin Booth, Jennifer Everett, Paige Bloodworth - President, Consiiela Perez - Vice-President, Candace Haiper 

secretarv'/Treasurer, Latisha Nickerson — Parlimentarian, Toni Rhodes - Corresponding Secretary, Shannon Mathis, Allison Picket, Mand)' Poland, Emily 


second Row; Crystal Kowalski, Zanetta Horton, Andrea Walker, Brandi Bass, Trina Floyd, Holly Mura, Amanda Chambers, Nikki Gimter, Casey Clemmons, 

Amanda Smith, Andrea Miller, Mandy Sullivan, Felicia Perez 

3ack Row: Pam Jones - Advisor, Katrina Tomasovsky, Tassha Moore, Michelle Keys, Hope Hall, Stephanie Clark, Kelly Wiseman, Andic Wiist, Melanic Fink, 

Rebecca Bro^-vn, Gieshala Pratt, Evelyn Palmer, Verdis Camper, Leah Boyd, Kris Howell, Brandi Timms, Maggie Barringer, Kelli Carson 

Mot Pictured: ChamekaAmerson 

Our organization is one that we along with the athletic 
department consider inevitably worthwhile. Our main pur- 
pose to promote harmony and an "home away from home" 
atmosphere for prospective MSU football Student- Athletes. 

We assist various aspects of the Football Department 
including assisting assistant coaches, the recruiting office, 
and occasionally Media Relations. We serve as student re- 
CTuiters during football and basketball games. We serve as 
hostesses to parents and their sons during campus visits. 

We interact with all aspects of campus. Our group is made 
of various majors, home towns and states, and personal 
interests to promote better relationships with coaches, ath- 
letes, and prospective athletes. 

If you are interested in participating in our organization, 
please don't hesitate to pick up an application (available 
during the second semester only) from the football office. 
We hold try outs each spring and welcome all interested 
persons with open arms. 

Organizations 197 

Campus Activities Board 

The Campus Activities Board is made vip of students who are responsible for establishing and producing a wide variety of 
activities for the entire student body. CAB presents programs for different tastes, such as first-run movies and a lecture series 
featuring nationally recognized speakers and topics. CAB also sponsors trips and recreational tournaments, including college bowl. 
The Halloween Carnival and Madrigal Dinner are annual events hosted by CAB committees, as well as the Miss Reveille Pagent. 
Fashion Board promotes modeling and fashion through several annual fashion shows and by judging local high school pagents. 
CAB's Publicity Committee builds campus awareness of programs and opportunities available to MSU students. CAB welcomes 
interested students with new ideas and the desire to contribute to the quality of student life. 





Stevie Watson- Publicity 

Daniel Mathis - Lectern 

Kirk Scoggins - Recreation 

Kevin Strange - Entertainment 

Beth Waltrip - Advisor 

Brooke Blair - Fashion Board 

Sarah Wren - Fashion Board 

Crystal Kowalski - Special Events 

Michelle Bcirlow - Student Director 


Rodney Bryant - Film/Video 


Row 1: Jennifer Adams, Karen Mar- 
tin, Candy Megason Row 2: Laura 
Bollinger, Marisa Campbell, Kiisten 
Ferguson Row 3: Chris Shiner, Wind- 
ham Vance, Kevin Strange Not pic- 
tured: Dawn Beyer, Paige Harkins, 
Adrianne Johnson, Laura Newcomb, 
Barry Street, Julie Walker 

198 Organizations 

Campus Activities Board 

Fashion Board 

Members of the Fashion Board: Wil- 
liam McCaleb, Yonya Nabors, Brooke 
Blair, Casey Goff, Jennifer JIussey, 
Nicondra Norwood, Adrienne Stew- 
art, Andrea Walker, Teisha Carter, Er- 
in LeftAvich, Carrie Clayton, La Rosa 
Harris, Ver Lena Holmes, Stacey 
Jones, Mary Biddle, Shuketa Angel, 
Trevonda Brown, Jeremy Pittman, 
Tamiko Whitfield, Brian Misson, Jen- 
ny Gilbert, Anson Masood, Shannon 
McCoy, Susie Santos, Kathy Sayle 
Cheslcy Hagan, Mandi Carr, Angel 
White, Jennifer Jones, Lady Rhodes, 
Jamie McCullough, Brian Black, El- 
eanor I^ower, Alexandra Robin, Sarah 
Wren, Mary Allen Olson, Ward 


Row 1: Leslie Skelton, Rachel Busier, 
Melissa Roberts, Melanie Scholle, Jill 
Stockstill Row 2: Melissa Fuller, Tara 
Dickson, Beth Quinlin Row 3: Rodney 


Row I; Suzanne Reddin, Cary 
Moody, Meredith McCollen Row 2: 
Tanisha Simpson, Brad Sweet, 
Kathryn Matheny Row 3: Andrew 
Newcomb, Daniel Mathis, Jason Shel- 
ton, Joshua Cerna 

loto b> Knf» Ytc Chiang 

Organizations 199 


seated; Elizabeth Johnson. Dani Bes- 
sey, Amy Harrington, Tvcie Magee, 
Amanda Johnson Standing: Stevie 
Watson, Emily Burke, Whit Macknal- 
ly, Anthony Novrallah, Lucinda Page 
Not pictured: Chris Burnett, Tiffany 
Pointer, Melanie Trosclair 

Campus Actvities Board 


Row 1: Melissa Shultz, Lindsay 
Pittman, Kimberly Nobile, Miranda 
Nelson, Kelly Langston, Bill Quinn 
Row 2: Myles Hudson, Lauren 
Lamberth, Margaret White, Missy 
Housley, Gretchen Roberts, Kirk 
Scoggins Not pictured: Mamie Smith, 
Sam Henrv 

Special Events 

Row 1: Alice Hollis, Kelly Peters, 
Crystal Kowalski, Kristie Fortenberry, 
Sylenda Lacy Row 2: Emily Batson 
Row 3: Melissa Vaughn, Alexandra 
Olive, Elizabeth Webb, Laurie Single- 
tary, Jff Perez Row 4: Emily Black, 
Will Dalton, Beth Harkins, April 
Smith, Leslie Flaccomio Row 5: James 
Valentine, Will Barnett Jason Rogers, 
Erik Norsworthy 

■00 Organizations 

College Republicans 

'hoto by Trey Edwards. 

;?ovv 1 : Berje Yacoubiau, Julia Stoble - TreasurerTKEtTNuke - Chairman, Justin Anders - Vice Chairman, Will Walker • 
3ecretar\-, Jenny Johnson, Shannon McKittrick; Row 2: Amanda BvTne, Al Sheldon, Matt Wilson, Amy Brogan, Brad 
Zarter, Brad Sweet; Row 3: Jason Eagle, Michelle Barlow, Greg Binkley, Blake Blankester, James C. Miller; Row 4; Greg 
rkreatt. Maria Keimard, Curt Ulmer, Eddie Meek, Jeff Markham; Row 5: Chuck StrickUn, Suzanne Perez, Danielle 
kValters; Row 6: Derek Young, James Williams, Glenn Lowery 



College Republicans exists 
to promote the values and 
viewpoints of the Republican 
Party on campus and to cam- 
paign on campus and 
throughout Starkville for lo- 
cal, state, and national Repub- 
lican Candidates. 

Th« Association of Information Systems Professionals 

Photo by Garland Cary. 

Row 1: Tyde Magee, Twisha Tate, Kirk Arnett - Advisor, Jeff Richard - Secretary /Treasurer, Mark Morgan - President, 
Betsy Ellis - Vice President, Calandra Stephenson, J.P. Shim - Professor, Carl Hovermale; Row 2: Eric Gene McCrory, 
Geoff Lewie, Ganesh Kanagarajah, Rodney Pearson, David Holloway, Jereme Chapman, Todd Grayson, Rob Thornton, 
Kevin McMillin, Leann Mills, EHann Mills, Preston Pierce; Row 3: Peter Wong, Michael Ward, Anh Doan, Andy Norris, 
Denis Legeido, Brian Titard, Jason Hendrick, Kevin Taylor, Michael Yakstis, Scott Shows, Ty Hardin 


DPMA is an organization 
that promotes sound general 
principles in data processing 
and examines technical meth- 
ods and resources related to 
processing information in the 
business environment. In- 
tended to compliment class- 
room studies, guest speakers 
at monthly meetings discuss 
topics such as new computer 
technology-', usage of compu- 
ters in businesses, and job op- 
portunities in the computer 
industry. DPMA is open to 
students planning a career in 
information systems or related 

Organizations 201 

University Concert Choir 

Photo submitted. 

Dan Adams, Leanna Adkins, Andrea Allen, Joy Aregood, Susan Batten, Joe Bearden, Jennifer 
Bell, Dani Bessey, Jennifer Blount, Greg Boone, Cyndi, Buchanan, Brooks, Bynum, Ben 
Caplinor, Shannon Gary, Joshua Cerna, David Chambers, Catherine Clark, Stacy Clark, Julie 
Connerley, Michelle Craft, John Dailey, Emily Davis, Keashye, Joe Evans, Anne Katherine 
Everett, Matthew Everett, Misti Fulgham, Samuel Garner, Wendy Gross, Ann Guarino,, 
Marty Harden, Kety Harmon, Stacy Haynes, Jared Heath, Holly Herrington, Marea Her- 
rington, Michelle Hodges, Carmen Hooper, Allison Ivy, Cathy Jehle, Ashley Jones, Patricia, 
Kristy Keough, Phashun King, Chris Knight, Beth Knowlton, Keith Leavy, Brenda Ledbetter, 
Bonnie Lenoir, Stacey Lentz, Teresia Love, Dave Mandeville, Carrie McCarty, Katherine 
McGill, Tammy McMahan, Michael Means, Lance Moore, Peyton Myers, Theresa Myers, 
Sean Naeger, Leigh Ann Nixon, Charlie Northam, Jill Pressley, Lisa Riley, Katie Savage, 
Rucha Shulka, Benita Shultz, Samantha Shumaker, Cindy Slaughter, Sonja Slough, Elizabeth 
Smith, Angela Spivey, Rudy Stein, Stephanie Stewart, Wade Stewart, Amanda Stokes, 
Teresa Stroud, Jennifer Taylor, Ginger Tedder, Jeff Tharp, Amy Thibadoux, Dave Thomas, 
Gina Thornton, Fred Tolar, Stephen Torrent, Andrea Turner, Amy VanOsdol, Alyson 
Vaughn, Casey Wallace, Tori Wells, John Wesson, Robyn White, Laura Whitehead, Suzanne 
Winberly, Jason Woods, Chuck Wyatt, Chris Young, Amy Zeringue 

202 Organizations 

University Madrigal Singers 

-',^.zt '-;>7-~wi=rimm»m^rf- -acm r'a^'i^j- 

Cyndi Buchannan, Shannon Clark, Catherine Clark, Stacy Clark, Joe Evans, Anne Katherine 
Everett, Matthew Everett, Emily Harrington, Marea Herrington, Michelle Hodges, Chris 
Holmes, Kristy Keough, David King, Beth Knowlton, Brenda Ledbetter, Dave Mandeville, 
Katherine McGill, Cory McKern, Julian Mingo, Ginger Tedder, Jeff Tharp, Andrea Turner, 
fason Woods 

The 1995-96 edition of the University Madrigal Singers the 
33rd group to represent the University since the singers 
tvere organized in 1963. The groups has toured extensively 
and has appeared on television throughout the Southeast. 
The singers were selected to premiere a new choral work 
for the Southeastern Choral conductors Conference and 
were honored by being chosen to perform a series of six 
programs at the American Pavilion for the Knoxville 
World's Fair. December, 1995 will see the 29th anniversary 
of the Annual Madrigal Christmas Dinner presented on the 
Mississippi State University campus. 

Organizations 203 



DECA, the Distributive Edu- 
cation Clubs of America, is a 
student centered organization 
whose program of leadership 
and personal development is 
designed specifically for stu- 
dents enrolled in marketing 
education. DECA is a co- 
curricular organization de- 
signed as an integral part of 
the classroom instructional 
program. Any students en- 
rolled in a marketing educa- 
tion instructional program in 
the nation, or the U.S. territo- 
rial entities and Canada are 
eligible for membership in 
DECA at the community, sta- 
te, and national level. 




I'hoto bv Iro\ Edwards 

Front Row: Amanda BaxterTAa^nsor, Shaw^^ Palmer; Vice-president, Nataya Rambus; 

Treasurer, Shea Robinson 

Back Row: Jay Edwards, Yolanda Allen, Wendy Smith, Daphne Bush, Tessa Wilkins, Jason Brown 

Not Pictured: Jenny Boatman; Marketing Coordinator, DeiTick Hampton; Secretary 

Tlie CHamond Girls are cho- 
sen to assist the MSU baseball 
team. They act as hostesses, 
recruiters, bat girls, and 
ground crew. The Diamond 
Girls are the relations between 
the baseball teams, students, 
alumni, and the fans. 

Diamond Girls 

Photo by Rick Frank. 
Top Row: Regina Wilson, Piper Dawson; co-captain, Melissa Roberts, Debra Baker, Rebecca Brown, Katie Omion, 
Molly Lomerick, Jennifer McCrary 

Bottom Row: Maria Kennard, Nicole McGregor, Kristin Kappler, Kristi Weatherby, Beth Smith; co-captain,Paige 
Holliman, Kelli Carson, Leticia Causey; captain, Erin Smith, Melissa Wilkerson, Katrina Tomasovsky 
Not Pictured: B.j. Duncan, Adrienne Stewart 

204 Organizations 

Dietetics Club 

hoto by Kong Yee Chiang. 

ovv 1 ; Jill Peterson, Kristie Frought, Rachel Busier 

,ow 2; Milicent Kiihn, Julie Potter, Carolyn Malone, Nicole Winstend, Katrina Marshall 

ow 3: Baba Brewerm Beth Parker, Heather Gilmore, Dave Cooper, Mandy Burney, Jennifer Schroder, Leanne Davis 

.ow 4: Juan Bruch, Cynthia Nazzer, Margaret White, Tim Curry 

Jot pictured: Allison Wilkey, Andv Brooks 

The MSU Dietetics club 
consists of a group of students 
majoring in food, nutrition, 
and the dietetics in the De- 
partment of Home Economics. 
They cater the Alumni Break- 
fast for the College of Agricul- 
iTjre and Home Economics on 
Homecoming and Super Sat- 
urday morning. They are also 
involved in the American 
Heart Association's Activities, 
the Student Wellness Fair, and 
sponsor a diabetic child to at- 
tend a diabetics camp. 

East MS Chapter - Natl Weather Service 


nofo by Garland Gary. 

ront Row Jim Loznicka - Secretary Kristen Comett - Treasurer Tim Kuntz - Vice-President Mark Avery - President 

■econd Row Jason N4caeave,Heatlier Alley, Eric Elwell, Fhill Lana,Brian McCann, Ginger Puckett 

"bird Row Roy Hodgkiss, Alan Shoemaker, Robert Thorton, Steve Yurachek,Paul Wetzljeff Constable 

burtli Row Michael Palmer, Karen Ellinger,Kristy Blasey, Nicole Sweetin 

'atrick Hutchings, Brent Neal 

ifth Row Chris McKinney, Jake Skellett, Michael Fortner, James Kingsmill 

:ric Davis 

Organizations 205 

Elder Statesmen 

The purpose of Elder Sta- 
tesmen is to provide recogni- 
tion and fellowship for upper- 
classmen who have 
exemplified themselves in 
leadership and outstanding 
service to Mississippi State 

Photo by Garland Ciiry 

Front Row: Curtis Berry, Pat Bethea, Niles Buchanan, Lee Nations, Jay Shaw, William Crawford, David Seago, Chris 


Back Row: Wade Overstreet, Brett Matens, John Bounds, Allen Fielder, Bryan Nesbit, Seth Herron, Brian McCaskill 

NiissJssippi Stiaic Univctsicy 

The Engineering Student 
Council was founded in 1972, 
with three basic objectives: 
represent and promote the 
College of Engineering, act as 
a liaison between the students 
and the faculty, and to en- 
courage unity and interaction 
between the various engineer- 
ing societies. The ESC 
achieves these objectives 
through various activities 
such as picnics, the Fun- 
damentals of Engineering re- 
view sessions, a new student 
orientation, and community 
outreach projects. 

Engineering Student Council 

Photo by Kong Yee Chian 
Row 1: Ryan Bond, Brant McGiU, N. Scott Clements, Todd Baumarm Row 2: Dwayne Lovelace, Brian Parker, Chr 
Dickinson Row 3: Colin Baird, Becky Ornelas Row 4: Thomas McCill, Jennifer Craft, Brad Glover, Anne Sculthorpe Re 
5: Michelle Rogers, Kevin Howze, Brad Arrington, Pamela Seiller Row 6: Robert Bergin, Keith Thome, Eric Sculthorp 
Johanna Easley Row 7: Tommy Carroll, Leslie Gable, Eric Van Iderstine, James Reed, Jim Skipper 

206 Organizations 

Eta Kappa Nu 

'hoto by Trey Edwards. 

^ow 1: Da\dd Wier, Michael Albritton, Janna Shaffer, Carrie Aust, Sarah Blackwell, Christian 
VIcCloskley, Nathan Scott Clements; President, Jeff Smith, David Carver, Shawn Merry 
iow 2: Bert Nail, Allan BuUwinkel, Michail Balducci, Boon Toe, Eric Nguyen, John Burnham, 
ohn Vicker}', Phillip Herron, Hunter Farris; advisor. Randy FoUett, Jason Melton, Michael 
3raband; Secretar}'/Treasurer, DuShaune Carter, Vincent Allen, J. Shane Barnes; Vice-president 

Eta Kappa Nu is the International 
Honor Society for Electrical En- 
gineers. While one of its purposes cer- 
tainly is the stimulation and reward of 
scholarship. Eta Kappa Nu has a far 
broader purpose than merely to 
award a badge of distinction to scho- 
lars. As conceived by its fovinders and 
as canied forward by its membership 
during more than two generations, 
another aim is to assist its membei-s 
throughout their lives in becoming 
better professionals as well as better 
citizens. In turn, it is still another pur- 
pose of the organization, that its 
members be a constructive force, 
helping fellow members and non- 
members alike to improve the stan- 
dards of the profession, the courses of 
instruction, and the institutions gen- 
erally where its chapters are esta- 

Fashion Focus 

?hoto by Garland Cary. 

Row 1: Amy Van Devender, Leah Wood; Treasurer 

Row 2: Rita Rowe; President, Letha Black; Visual Display Chairperson, Brooke Blair; Special Events Chairperson, Kellie 

Clayton; Second Vice President, Shawn White; secretary, Catherine Boyd; advisor 

Row -3: Laura Luke, Sarah Wren, Ashley Henderson, Tessa W^ilkins, Palmer Palmer, Robm Mangum, Kathy Elisar 

Fashion Focus is an organiza- 
tion of college men and wom- 
en who seek to promote 
awareness through a variety 
of programs and activities. 
Guest speakers often present 
tapes of interest to students, 
such as visual merchandising, 
designing,, and cloth- 
ing practices from other coun- 

Organizations 207 

The Vision and mission of the For- 
est Products Society is to be the world 
leader in technical infonnation trans- 
fer to further the socially beneficial 
use of wood and fiber resources. To 
foster innovation and research in the 
environmentally sound processing 
and use of wood and fiber resoiu'ces 
by disseminating information and 
providing forums for networking and 
the exchange of knowledge. 

The student chapter of the Forest 
Products Society provides an oppor- 
tunity for interaction between stu- 
dents and professionals in industry. It 
also provides a link between students 
and faculty. Membership is open to all 
interested individuals of any classifi- 
cation and major. Membership provi- 
des a subscription to the Forest Pro- 
ducts Journal and access to cun-ent 
research and publications. 

Forest Products Society 

HIM l!l 

Photo Ln G ji land <_ n v 

Row 1: Rabin Shmulski, Anissa Ruwark; Secretary /Treasurer, Ashlie Gant; Special Projects, Terry Amburgey, Advisoi 

Row 2: D. Ray Beeson; Vice-president, Cai'l Neels; President, Jung-Bum Ra, Fred Muisu 

Not pictured: Saileela Boyalalcuntla, Gwendolyn Boyd, Jerome Cooper, Musrizal Muin, Joan- Hao Wang, Fatima Warsi 


Greeks Advocating Mature 
Management of Alcohol 

GAMMA is a national net- 
work of Greek systems work- 
ing to educate their fraternity 
and sorority members on im- 
portant health issues, praticu- 
larly those involving alcohol 
abuse. GAMMA has been in- 
volved with Sexual Assault 
Awareness Week, sponsoring 
a booth and program dealing 
with the involvement of al- 
cohol and acquaintance rape. 
Activities were held during 
Alcohol Awareness \'VEek to 
promote responsible drinking. 
gamma's goals are to create 
awareness and encourage pos- 
itive decision making. 

Row 1: Julie Walker; President, Nicki Ratcliffe; Secretary, Mandy| 

Row 2: Kevin Lively, Holt Williams, Jennifer Cullum, Lee Ann Royals, Tern Riels 

Row 3: Chris Mardis, Kimberly Phillis, Melissa Fuller, Allison Fennell 

Pltoto by Rick Frai 

ly Shaw; Vice-president 

208 Organizations 

Gamma Beta Phi Society 

Photo b} Gajland Car\. 
w 1: Shana Graves; Point S&creEary, Dr. Jim Heitz and Dr. Larry- Trevathan; advisore.Kini Richard5on:President, Jeremy O'Keefe; Vice-president, Michelle 
ase: Corresponding Secretary. Draymcnd VVashignton: Helper, Kinney Wasliington; Treasurer Row 2: Brandon Butler, Davie Cooper, Elizabeth Debo, Alicia 
ther, lenxtifer Hartweil. Suzanne Lindquist. Taneha Eichelberger, Nancy- Humphrey. Harry Gong, Lisa Spell, Teresa Dumas Row 3; Pamela Lynn White. Elaine 
3\vn. Jennifer Welch, Susanne Long.. Stephanie Loftin, Vincent .Allen. Marc Broome, Hamp Sterling, John Davis, Scott Cooper, Micliael Odom Row 4: Matt 
jrgan. Alisha Wilson. Celeste Rogers. Suzarme Taylor, Wendy Creel. Erika .Miller, Cheri Stevens, Stephanie Mills, Karen Kilough, Crystal Senter, Jessica 
sldrop, Christy Tucker. Matt Oswalt Row 5: Gretchen Arnold, Melissa Roy, Shirell Stuart, Lauri Oltmann, Jen,iiifer Sellers, Tanmiy Roseberry, Mary Peterson, 
tricia Enoch. Kimberly \obbile, Mamie Smith. Stade Blackwell. Monica Schoknecht, Marsha Lamb Row 6: .Abigail Raez, Steven Gray, Shaima Wilt. Boon Toe, 
uriter Pearson. Stephanie Gain Cindy VVlritfield. Bridget Wilson, Wahnee Sherman, Melanie Johnson, Sheri Sudduth, Jenniter Jenkins, Eric Barta Row 7; 
aron Walker Pensco Wofford. Lamar Blalock, C>uShaune Carter. Theresa Jndon, Catherine Jehle, John RounsaviUe, Jason Sawyer, Theolyn Price, Ronnie 
jntley, Erin Grantham. Ten Cooper. Kim Journeav Row 8: Enc Whalev, Laura Holbrook, Shawn Pritchett, -Audra Sandifer, Holii Houston, Bill Hardin, Meredith 
^ToUum. Deana HoneycuEt. AUyn Burchtield, Sarah Gill, Jennifer Springer. Candace Miles, Griffith Jones Row 9: Lisa Johnson, David Batarseh, Jeffrey McRae, 
mi/er Atkins, Fredrick B,iUard, Staci Roberts. Coy Jean Farley 

The Gamma Beta Phi Society is an honor 
and service organization tor students iii 
colleges and universities in the United 
States. It is non-secret, non-profit, and co- 
educational; and membership therein does 
not exclude a student from membership in 
any other organization. 

Members are required to be enrolled in a 
program leading to an associate, bachelor, 
or graduate degree, must have completed at 
least 12 credit hours of college work, and 
have a scholastic ranWng within the top 20 
percent of their respective classes. 

The main projects for 1995-96 included 
tutoring imderpiivledged children at the 
Brickfire school and helping them in their 
booth at the Blackhills Festival, holding a 
book drive for area schools, and raffling a 
VCR and other prizes to raise money for 
The Gamma Beta Phi Society's sholarship 

The officers for the 1995-1996 were 
President Kim Richardson, Communica- 
tion; Vice President Jeremy O'Keefe, Bank- 
ing and Finance; Treasurer Kinny Washing- 
ton, Banking and Finance; Poiiit Secretary 
Shana Graves, Communication, English, 
Philosphy; Correspontlence Secretary 
Michelle Muse, Physical Therapy. 

Golden Key National Honor Society 

Photo by Garland Gary 

ovv 1: David Batarseh, Karen Graves^ Keiry Welch, Jennifer Sellers Row 2; Linda Mak, Bridget Wilson, Cindy Whitfield, 
heresa Judon, Mary Peterson, Bill Hardin, Hench Qian, Lisa Vanderford Row 3: Sherri Holcomb, Beverly Chapman, 
retchen Arnold Row 4: Sara Chapman, Claudia Byrd, Karen Killough, Griffith Jones, Patrida Enoch, Ashby Green, 
[ichelle Barlow Row 5: Mike Turner, Scott Cooper, Hamp Sterling, Abigail Raze, Sally Harvey, Joe Johnson, Shawn 
ritchett, Shelby Sanders 

The crest is symbolic of the 
ideals upon which the Society 
was founded. Tlie book rep- 
resents the knowledge we 
have obtained and the knowl- 
edge we hope to attain. The 
Scroll stands for the scholar- 
ship which knowledge brings 
us and the key opens the fu- 
ture for applying that knowl- 
edge. The shield denotes pro- 
tection of personal ambition 
by using knowledge and 
scholarship to build potential 
and make future goals reality. 

Organizations 209 

Greek Council for Christ 

The purpose of the Greek 
CouiT-cil for Christ is to bring 
representatives from fraterni- 
ties and sororities to pray for 
each other and their chapters. 
Through this the GCC seeks 
unity between the Greek or- 
ganizations. The GCC has ser- 
ved the students of Mississip- 
pi State University by 
organizing a Bible study every 
Wednesday night. 

Photo by Trey Edwards 

Row 1: Tracy Young, Tenri Smith, Casey Clemmons, Blake Thames, Kathryn Booth, Sarah Chambers 

Row 2: John Scarbrough, Julie Ryan, Joy Gibbs, Carley Montgomery, Elizabeth Sessions, Mandy Poland, Amy Crowe, 

Sherry Mann, April Smith, Jay Shaw 

Row 3: Greg Bernstein, Rusty Waterer, Brad Brashier, Brett Matens, Pat Bethea, Brad Antici, Sam Williford, Keii 

Watkins; advisor, Chris Mardis, Jarrod Gray, John Bimmerman, Greg Flint 

Holmes Cultural Diversity 
Peer Counselors 

The peer counselors of the 
Holmes Cultural Diversity 
Center are a select group of 
individuals dedicated to help- 
ing incoming freshman make 
a successful transition to 
Mississippi State University. 
Peer counselors plans pro- 
grams, host events, and de- 
velop a rapport with their 
counselees. These individuals 
are chosen through a selection 
process based on leadership 
abilities, campus involvement, 
grade point average, and 
enthusiasm for helping oth- 

Photo by Trey Edwarc 

Row 1: Tammy Grant, Christopher Cox; President, Latkina Floyd; Vice-president, Kanecia Spencer; Secretary, 

Lawanda Reese; Parlimentarian, Stephanie Ciiarm; Treasurer, Jacqueline Meaders; Graduate Intern 

Row 2: LaQuita Cox; Ambassador Co-chairman, Jonathan Stewart, Trissy Thomas, LeKonda Rich, Hope Hall, 

Consuela Perez, Zanetta Horton, Tycie Magee 

Row 3; Yonya Nabors, Julia Murray, Kedrick Storey, James Cox, Glenn Reese, James Brownlee, Paras Griffin; 

Ambassador Co-chairman, Konrad Armstrong, Erka Miller, Aprile Whitfield, Tasha Lagrove 

Not pictured: Donald Howard; Program Director 

210 Organizations 

Horticulture Club 

loto by RicK Frank 

■ont row: David Jones - Co-Greenhouse Manager, Lynette McDougald - Secretary/Treasurer, Will Lowery - Vice- 

'esident, Sean Harrison - President 

[iddle Row: Karl Gercens, Theresa Luke, Scarlet Walker, Dudley Williams 

3ck Row: Cristi Britt, Will Fountain, Br. Richard Harkees - faculty advisor 

ot pictured: James Rowson - Co-Greenhous Manager 

The MSU Horticulture Club 
offers students the opportuni- 
ty to further their horticultural 
education in an informal^ fun, 
and competitive manner. Club 
activities include community 
service projects, plant sales, 
trade shows, and competition 
at regional and national meet- 
ings. Through identification 
and judging of plant materials, 
students have the opportunity 
to travel and bring recognition 
to themselves, the university, 
and the state. 

Housing Ambassadors 

• j^ • 

-loio by Trey Edwartts. 

,ow 1: Estabon Romano, Erika Lindwall; President, Michelle Carter; Vice-president of Activities, Paras Griffin; Vice- 
resident of Communications, Jeremy Nichols 

ow 2: James Cox, Driscoll DeVaul, John Prker, LaRaye Brown, LaTasha Mickens, Carolyn Mover 
ow 3: Yawanna Nabors, Samuel Simpson, Chameka Amerson, Kari Filial, Amy Krxight, Andrea Turner, Cheri 
tevens, Reginald Tartt 

lot pictured: Jennifer Lott; Vice-president of Finance, Sharon Walker, Sharon Phillips, Evelyn Palmer, Michael 
.Ttitfiled, Ranielle Robbins, Rita Rowe, Jeff Haydel, Annette Bolton, Shuketa Angel 

Housing Ambassadors is a group of 
Resident Assistants devoted to em- 
ployee development and the rea;uit- 
ment of new RA's. Resident Assis- 
tants elect their peers to this 
organization based on merit and am- 

Housing Ambassadors represent 
the Department of Housing and Resi- 
dence Life and give hall tours during 
Fall and Spring Discovery Days, 
Spring Testing, and the Minority 
Achie\'ement Program. They write, 
produce, and distribute an RA news- 
letter. The group organizes the Winter 
Holiday Party, and canned food diive, 
and coordinates the Annual Spring 
Banquet. Staff development and ap- 
preciation activities are planned and 
implemented by members. They also 
design, programs and conduct inter- 
views in order to attract dedicated po- 
tential Resident Assistants. 

Organizations 211 

Front Row : 

Valerie Boyd 

Chris Cleveland 

Betsy Morris 
Angenette Smith 

Dana Wallace 

Heather Holland 

Row 2; 

Simone TuUos 

Theresa Cunimings 

Melanie McClellan 

Carolina Garcia 
Melanie Volkenant 
Rataunda Brown 
Shanon Manson 
Tekita Williams 

Back Row: 

Ed Motgomery 

Tom Pilgreen 

Timmy May 

Gray Bekurs 

Ed Grandpre 

Irfan Syed 

Scott Brown 

Azam Mohammed 


Tekita Williams 

Betsy Morris 


Paras Griffin 

Carolyn Moyer 

Charles Njendu 

Amanda Masholie 

Ed Jones 
Kenyada Adams 

Housing and Residence Life 

Professional and Graduate Staff 

Graduate and Apartment Area Staff 

All photos submittei 

212 Organizations 

Housing and Residence Life 

NorthEast Area Staff, 

Northwest Area Staff 

r> fS^ ^ 

Front Row: 

Shuwn McEwen 

Susana Seton 

Erin Sass 
Michelle Carter 
Scarlett Hood 
LaRaye Brown 
Cherie Buisson 
Darcy Burton 
Megan Shultz 
Janice Tankson 

Middle Row; 
Tyonaiko Keller 

Valerie Boyd 

Heather Holland 

Mamie Volkenant 

April Heinsch 

Chris Jackson 

Annette Bolton 


Sharon Walker 

Sharon Phillips 

Leigh Gann 

Back Row: 

Earl Glenn 

Sana Mauldin 

Vronn Pride 

James Cox 

Jemiaine Johns 

Jay Parker 

Sam Simpson 

Estaban Romano 

Roy Adkins 

Front Row: 

Cheri Stevens 

Celia Jackson 

Angenette Smith 

Charlotte Ghoston 

Angela Ewing 

Shuketa Angel 

Deirdre Gillespie 

Middle Row: 

Kedrick Storey 

Chris Perry 

Mike Turner 

Shelia Turner 

Theresa Cummings 

Maggie Curry 

Ranile Robins 

Azam Muhammod 

Stephen Wilson 

Back Row: 
Joshua Cema 
Gray Bekurs 
Marc Peavey 
Jason Smith 
Will Home 
Mark Wargo 
Derek Hammond 

Raphael Terry 
Shah Muhammod 

kH photos submitted 

Organizations 213 

Housing and Residence Life 




PiioLo submitted. 
Front Row; Calandxa Stephenson, April Smith, Romona White, Tanisha Simpson, Andy Turner, Anitra Shelton, Angela 
Williams, Rochelle Sparkmark, Cindi Rayburn, Tasha Mickens, AMy Knight, Red Taylor 

Second Row: Pete Underwood, Brian Black, Chameka Amerson, Erika Lindwall, Sallv Harvey, Jennifer Lott, Evelyn Palmer, 
Carolina Garcia, Rajaunda Brov\'n, Sharon Mawson, Dana Wallace, Phillip Gray 
Third Row; Skip Manuel, Todd Cerda, Eric Peden, Curlus Saulsbeny, Brad Andrews, Calvin Musley 
Back Row; Driscoll Devanl, Han Pillai, Demi Brown, Michael Whitfield, Jeremy Nichols, Willie Mitchelle, Timmy May, 
Raggie Tartt, Jeff Handa, Jake Skellett, Marc Nichols, Devecchio Edwards, Jeff Haydel, Scott Brown 


The Institute of Electrical and 
Electronics engineers (IEEE) 
was founded in 1884 with Al- 
exander Graham Bell and 
Thomas Edison among its 
charter members. From the 
early beginning, IEEE has 
grown and evolved until to- 
day it as over 300,000 mem- 
bers around the globe making 
it the largest technical profes- 
sional engineering society in 
the world. 

Photo by Cirland Car)' 

Center: Nathan Scott Clements Row 1: Wong Ching-Ping, Sliawn Merry, Sarah Blackwell, Kristin Roberts, Janna Shaffer, 
Vincent Allen Row 2: Chris Dickinson, David Winstead, Gary Edwards, Mary Weber, Kyle Meadors, Michael Braband 
John Burnham, Pat Donohoe 

214 Organizations 


The Institute of Industrial 
Engineers is an organization 
that provides many opportun- 
ities to improve leadership, 
engineering, and social skills. 
The lEE chapter is currently 
ranked highly in chapter de- 
velopment, on the national 
level, lEE also provides a 
bridge between industry and 
the industrial engineering stu- 
dent. This is done by giving 
the students the chance to see 
the industry applications 
through plant tours and by 
talking to practicing engineers 
through monthly meetings. 

loto b) Trev Edwards 

ovv 1 : Brad Glover; Engineering Student Council Representative, Chad Robison; Treasurer, Juandalyn Williams, Gareth 
cy; Secretary Row 2: Patrick Vick; Publicity, Shan Abbott; Chapter Development, Dedrick Thomas; Vice-president Row 
: Bill Teague, Steve Simbles, Mark Finke Row 4: Ernest Burgs, Daryl Steirling, Terrence Kendrick Row 5: Julian Burnett, 
lichael Jones 

John C Stennis and 
Haley Barbour Scholars 

The John C. Stennis and Haley 
Barbour Scholars are academical- 
ly talented political science majors 
who have the potential and desire 
to become actively involved as 
leaders in the political and gov- 
errvmental affairs of the commu- 
nity, state, or nation. The John C. 
Stennis Scholarships are named 
after this distinguished alumnus 
of MSU who served as United 
States Senator for 41 years, and 
the Haley Barbour Scholarships 
are named after this distin- 
guished friends of MSU who ser- 
ves as Republican National Com- 
mittee Chairman. The Stennis 
and Barbour Scholars promote an 
interest in and awareness of poli- 
tics and government on the MSU 
campus, and assist the Political 
Science Department in its educa- 
tional mission. 

holo submitted. 

op Row: Barbour Scholar Michael Miller, Stennis Scholars Michael Richardson, John David Shaw, and Steven 


>ottom Row: Barbour Scholar Tiyanika Keller, Stennis Scholars Michelle Barlow, Laura Curto, Amy Crowe, Wahnee 

herman Jason Shelton, and Jason Bradley Sweet 

Jot pictured: Stennis Scholar Jason Pollan 

Organizations 215 

Kappa Delta Pi, an Interna- 
tional Honor Society in Educa- 
tion, was founded March 8, 
1911, at the University of Illi- 
nois. Organized to recognize 
excellence in education. Kap- 
pa Delta Pi, elects those to 
membership who exhibit the 
ideals of scholarship, high 
personal standards, and 
promise in teaching and allied 
professions. It encourages im- 
provement, distinction in 
achievement, and contribu- 
tions to education. 

Kappa Delta Pi 

Photo by Knog Yee Chiang 

Row 1: L>'Tin Smith; Treasurer, Whitney Marx; President, Dr. Cindy Rose; Advisor, Rachel Ballard; Vice-president, Shell 
Reid; Secretary, Holly Hill; Foundations Representative, Theresa Dumas; Historian Row 2: Dr. Vincent McGrath; Advisor 
Charlotte King, Merry Gillespie, Kristie Fortenberry, Dawn Wallace Row 3; Jennifer Pearson, Carva Latino, Heather Gore 
Misty McCarter, Svlenda Lacy 

Kappa Omicron Nu 


Kappa Omicron Nu is a national 
honor society dedicated to recogniz- 
ing and encouraging scholarship, 
leadership, and research in Home Ec- 
onomics, Kappa Omicron Nu consists 
of 120 campus chapters, more than 
100,00 members worldwide and is a 
member of the Association of College 
Honor Societies. Kappa Omia'on Nu 
was founded in 1990 through the 
consolidation of Omicron Nu 
(founded in 1912) and Kappa Omi- 
cron Phi (founded in 1 922). The mis- 
sion of Kappa Omicron Nu is em- 
powered leaders in Home Economics. 

Undergraduate students who have 
completed 45 semester hours, have a 
minimum grade point average of 3.0 
on a 4.0 scale and rank in the top 23 
percent of their class are eligible for 
membership in Kappa Omicron Nu. 
graduate students must have com- 
pleted 12 semester hours of graduate 
work and have a minimum grade 
point aveiage of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. 

Photo by Ciriand Can 

Front: Katrina Marshall, Nicole Winstead Second row: Mary Gleason Brewer, Beth Parkerson, Diane Alexander, Amy Rollins, Shann, 
Garrison, LaShawTi White, Molly McCullough, Deborah Wise; editor, Kim Joumeay; Vice-president, Davie Cooper; President, AJlei 
Martin; Advisor Third Row: Emily Baker, Jennifer Thompson, Shannon Robertson, Teri Cooper, Mary Linda Moore, Amanda Hurd, And 
Brools, Kellie Sherrill; Secretary /treasurer. Dr. Slyvlii ByTd; Advisor Stairs:Becky Shepard, Lisa Carpenter, Michele Moore, Patricia Walkei 
Angelic Brignac Not pictured: Angie Boutwell, Anne Bucciantini, Les Caston, Teri C'ooper, Jennifer Cossitt, Tonya Culpepper, Tim Curr) 
Kathcrinc Elisar, Bethany Ellis, Holly Ferguson, Heather Gilmore, Julie Ingram, Rachel Jacob, Michelle James, Nicole Koppersmith, Kir 
Lenard, Stephanie Lewis, Lisa Lloyd, Kara Lucas, Laura Luke, Kadna Marshall, Jessica Oaks, Catherine Petty, Angel Phillips, Gretche 
Roberts, Tonya Rogers, Rebecca Shepard, Cynthia Simpson, Blake Streiff, Leanna Strickland, Laura Stroble, Bridgette Stuzman, Jennife 
Thompson, Amy Van Devender 

216 Organizations 

Lambda Sigma 


Koto by Rick Frank. 

ovv 1 : Jason Shelton; President, Kristen Evens; Membership Chairman, Jerusha DeGroote; Secretar}', Kristy ' 

reasurer, Clint Collins; Vice-president, Leslie Bethea; advisor 

ow 2: Pavila Correro, Tiacy Young, Dara Hart, Shelley Hovvarth, Brandi Williams, Rebecca Lam 

ow 3: Denise Smith, Stephanie Loftin, Ashley Wallace, Mary Tipton Harding, Amy Crowe, Ashley Valentine, 

Tiitney Bullard 

DW 4: Geoffrey Jennings, Kathy Haddox, April Mann, Wendy Anderson, Meredith McCoUum, Melanie Munn 

ow 5: Patrick Quernemoen, Greg Norman, Clint W'illiams, VVell Carter, Greg Perry 

Lambda Sigma is a national 
honorary society with a national 
membership of 35,717. The pur- 
pose of Lambda Sigma is to pur- 
sue leadership, scholarship, and 
fellowship and a spirit of service 
among college students. Members 
are selected from freshman who 
maintain at least a 3.0 GPA and 
rank in the top 35% of their class. 
Members of Lambda Sigma sei-ve 
during their sophomore years and 
are dedicated to serving the com- 
mtmity and promoting the in- 
terests of the University in every 
way. Lambda Sigma are active 
throughout the year working 
with such organizations as the 
Palmer Home, Project Brick Fire, 
and the Sally Kate Winters Home. 

Livestock Judging Team 

(Left to Right) 

Wayne Boshart 

Jody Wagner 

DeShannon Davis 

Sandy IVIason 

Shane Stocks 

Jason Rowntree; 


Organizations 217 

The purpose of this Nation 
al Honorary Band Fraternity is 
to promote the existence 
the University band sand td 
cultivate a large wholesome 
respect for their activities and 
achievements, to honor out- 
standing members through 
privilege of membership, to 
stimulate campus leadership 
through the medium of the 
college band, to foster a close 
relationship between college 
bands, and to promote a 
pleasant and helpful social ex- 
perience for all engaged in col- 
lege band work. 

Kappa Kappa Psi 

Courtesy photo. 

Seated - Tommy Hutchins - Sargent at Arms, David Bretheim - Historian, Kristen Ferguson - Recording Secretary, 

Brian McCann - Alumni Secretary 

Standing - Lorenzo Gayden - Vice-President, Orlando Ratliff - President, Ronnie Morales - Conresponding Secretary 

Courtesy photo. 

Front Row: Orlando Ratliff, Michael Kersting, Ramona Fairchild, James Martin, Todd Newkirk, Clark 

Second Row: David Bretheim, Michael Davis, Mike Yeager, Erik Miller, Amanda Carlee, Brian McCann, Lorenzo Gayden, Stephen Wright, Tommy Hutchins, 

John Larkin, Christina Sherman, Venita Johnson, Michelle Gilpin, Ronnie Morales, Melanie Prisock, Tim Lavigne 

Back Row: Kristen Fergusojn, Shellie Aultman, Clare LaGarde, Dionne King, Payne Seal, Lisa Kempa 

218 Organizations 

Malaysian Student Association 

loto by Jovlyn Mason. 

ow 1: Tan Tinp-Hooi; President, Hasnita Hasshin; Secretary, Doreer Tinp; Treasurer, Lee Lian Poh, Cower Hoo; 
resident Row 2: Ngo, Huey Shuer, VVoy Chee Yeo, Chen Siew Wine Row 3: Syed Safi Ahmand, Yew Shiy Lin, Andrew 
ap Poh Wee, Tsen Kertin 


lioti; by Kong Vet Chiang 

-OW 1: Sam wnght, Alex Sheffield, Mona Bhuta, Houston Franks, Aki Bradley, Latonya Hill, Christina Badea, Kati 

ewis, John Barrett, Benny Goza; President. 

ow 2: Ashley Cain; Treasurer, Coleman Amiinings, Grant Shipley, Stade Farris^ Sabrina Scott, Misty Farmer, Chad 

V'inter, David Cain, Greg Swann, Michelle Massad; Secretary 

ow 3: Richey Dillinger, Jason Doggett, David Land, Chad Polk, Heather Rasmussen, Chris Tombert, Evette Porter, 

haron Thompson, James Westbrook, Colby Swann 

.ow 4. James Holloway, Cameron floyd. Clay Armstrong, Theresa Harley, Brian Wright, Brian Anderson, Ed Jones, 

enje Bailey 

The Malaysian Student As- 
sociation (MSA) strives to or- 
ganize activities that promote 
a strong and lasting relation- 
ship among the diversified 
Malaysian ethnic groups of 
Malay, Chinese, and Indian 
students. In short, MSA is a 
place for leadership, fellow- 
ship, and teamv/ork. 

The M-CLub is a non-profit 
organization of student- 
athletes, first year letter win- 
ners, trainers, and managers. 

The M-Club is a community 
service supporter of the Pal- 
mer Home in Columbus with 
the annual softball tourna- 
ment of visitation, the basket- 
ball tournament supporting 
the American Cancer Society, 
Golden Triangle Baptist Me- 
morial Hospital toy drive and 
visitation. Special Olympics, 
and painting the Vl-Club paw- 

Organizations 219 


Front row: 

Sylenda Lacy - Presidnet 

Stephanie Guin 

Merry Gillespie 

Stacey Allen 

Holly Robertson 

Kristie Fortenberry - Vice-president 

Esther Egley - advisor 

Second Row: 
Jennifer Pearson 
Casey Carpenter 

Dorothy Lee 

Karen Porter 

Amy Hanis 

Not pictured: 
Monika Smith 

Mississippi Professional Educators 

MPE members are provided 
with the opportunity to become 
affiliated with dedicated educa- 
tors who share the belief that 
teaching is a profession and that 
its goals are best achieved 
through professional planning 
and communication. Our goal is 
to make the Mississippi educa- 
tional system better for students 
and educators. 

Photo by D.iniel Mingl ' 

Front row: Heather Gore, Treasurer; Amy Harris, President; Penny Parks, Fundraiser; Debbie Knight, Membershi 


Back Row: Sylenda Lacy, Vice-president; Theresa Dumas, Program Chair; Susan Guyton, Community Chair; Shelli Rei 

Membership Assistant; Kalicia Alpe, Historian 

220 Organizations 

Mortar Board 

Mortar Board is a service or- 
ganization to the community 
and college. Members of this 
organization must be at least 
juniors in classification and 
within the upper 35 percent of 
their class, and members must 
also show leadership qualities. 
Mortar Board encourages 
leadership, scholarship, and 
service to the community. 

ront Raw Carmen Hen!e\ - Vice-president Re]anneh Steward - Historian, Bill Haidin - TreaHivei', Thomas Cabel! - President, Stephanie VVhitscin - Alumni 

hairotrKin Carles Hins.he\ Elections Chairperson 

ow 2 Meimda Undervkood Amy Holiiman.. Halev Kennedy, leticia Causev, Cindy Simpson, Georgia Thorns, Cai"\-a L^tmo, Shanna Williamson, Tempy 

e^es' Danielle Lou\ s Amanda Herrin 

ou ^ Mike Cox Chns Wells Briaii Mesbit, David Batarseh 

atk Row Wiiiaim Walker Craig D'Arcy, leff Patton, Crad Antici, Brett Matens, Chuck Frye, Crayton Coleman 

0* pictured Courtnev Lott Secretaiy, Alison Stamps - Director of Communications, Steve Browning, Piper D\^'ason, Enn Dickerson, Averv Edmonson, 

anda^e Enia Bets\ Garaa Maldonado, Kim Gulley, Joe Johnsey, Lane McKinney, Wade Overstteet 

National Agri-Marketing Association 

Row 1: 

Shawn McGrew 

Vice-president Marketing Team 

Chris Murphey 


Blake Jarrell 


Brett Marlar 

Vice-president Marketing Team 

Row 2: 

Jeff Moore 
Amanda Mitcltel! 
Ward Bloodworth 

Row 3: 

Crayton Coleman 

Kelvin Leary 

David Eldeidge 

Dr. Lisa Offenbach 

Dr. Ron Taylor 

hoto by Kong Yee Chiang. 

Organizations 221 

National Society of Black Engineers 

The National Society of 
Black Engineers is the largest 
student-managed organiza- 
tion in the nation with nearly 
10,000 members. NSBE's mis- 
sion is to increase the number 
of culturally responsible en- 
gineers, to excel academically, 
succeed professionally, and to 
positively impact the commu- 

Photo by Trey Edwards. 
Row 1; Robert Martin - Jr. Membership Chari, Fred Rcgjn - Parlimentdriaii, La Quita Cox - Secreatary, Amanda McCoy - Finance Chair, LinJa Bowling - Program Chair, Raphael Terr\' - 
Internal Vice-president, Lorenzo Gaydea - President Rov\ Z: Mignon Chmn - Treasurer, Bnan Black - External Vice-president, Edward Harden - Acadetnic Excellence C^hair, Connusky 
Dawson, Corey Harris, Nickolas Everson, Glyn Booth Ron- 3: Duane Carter, Theresa Judon, Melvin Collier, Markeda Thornton, Keashye Durman, Daryl Starling, Ernest Burgs Row 4: 
Carla Echols, LaSharon Mosley, Velinda Calvert, Brian Perkins, Montie Hardav\-a\', Jetfory Emerson, Billy Gates Row 5: Shadron McCaskill, Dontrae Caldwell, Tish Butts, Herbert Jackson, 
Roderick Williams, Edgar Hardy, Kidada Bivins Row 6; Dannon Butts, Keith \oung, Heshium Lawrence, Monte Whiteside, Hekemia Lawrence. Bobby Jenkins, Lamar Blalock Row 7: 
Michael Chandler, Keisha Perkins, Leslie MwTa)', .Andrea Stewart, Julian Presley, Torr)'e Evans, James Hoyc Row 8: Creola Creagh, Tywayne Anderson, Michael Jones, Percy Lee Bell, 
Layforn Profice, Rockell INgi'am, Shawn Goriola Row 9: LaChina Tillman, Melanie Sias, Selina Wells 

Night Moves provides an 
alternative from traditional 
programming through role 
playing and peer education. 
The skits they perform serve 
as a basis for discussion on 
various topics. The group fo- 
cuses on alcohol and acquaint- 
ance rape and eating disor- 
ders. The group performs 
several times a year for class- 
rooms, residence halls, stu- 
dent organizations, and or- 

Night Moves 

Front Row: Jame.s Brownlee, Rhonda Williams, Felicia Mcjimkins 
Back Row: Brian Oaks, Erika lindwall, Lee Shakie Smith 

Photo by Cailand C.iry. 

122 Organizahons 

Omega Chi Epsilon 

ont Row- Billie Sheffield, Stephanie Ware, Bonnie Barker, Jon Haik 

ick Row: joe johnsey, Ryan Strong, Matt Reeves, Sonny Yarbrough, Karen Graves, Greg Burgess 

Omega Chi Epsilon is a na- 
tional chemical engineering 
society. Its members are 
among the top twenty-five 
Junior and Senior students 
who display exceptional skills 
in chemical engineering. 

Compliments of 
Omicron Delta Kappa 

Organizations 223 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Photo by Rick Frani 

Front Row: Alex KuyKendall, Beverly Chapman, Jennifer McCrary, Rhonda Bamett - Treasurer, David King, Ashley 
Green - Secretary, Bill Hardin - President, Dee Dee White - Vice-President, Daniel Mathis - Statewide President - JMS 
PBL, Jennifer Sellers - Secretary, Lori Blanton, Leann Mills, Diann Mills 

Back Row: Rachel Beer, Shirell Stuart, Brian Averett, Krissy Pazian, Michelle Cochran, Shannor\ Watson, Becky Coffey 
Jenni Watson, Courtney McCain, Gina Williams, Ginnie Sharp, Claudia Byrd, Amber Moore, Patricia Enoch, Amy 
Vinson, Shellie Moore, Bobbie Knedlik 

Phi Kappa Phi is a national 
honor society whose primary 
objective is the recognition 
and encouragement of superi- 
or scholarship in all academic 
disciplines. Recognition of 
scholarship. Phi Kappa Phi 
believes, will stimulaete oth- 
ers to strive for excellence. 
Student and Faculty members 
of Phi Kappa Phi also partici- 
pate in projects for the welfare 
of the community. 

Phi Kappa Phi 

Photo by Trey Edwa 

Front Row: Kristi Hendrix, Linda Mak, Eric Peden, Bill Hardin, Robert Wright, Jason Greene 

Middle Row: Valerie Bryant, Rhonda Spiess, Cindy Simpson, Sally Harvey, Kimberly Hobbs, Sarah Russell, Michelle 

Barlow, Lisa Vanderford, Anne Sculthorpe, Pierre Titard, Nanc)' Reeves 

Back Row: Lori Holloway, Jon Dickey, Wahnee Sherman, Joe Seger, Shawn Hobbs, Perisco Wofford, Charles Beyer, 

Karen Graves, Cliarles Lowery, Martha Swain, Vincent Allen, Ricky Johnston, Douglas Feig 

Not pictured: Ned Edwards 

224 Organizations 

Phi Theta Kappa Alumni 

to b-- Trev Edwards 

Rebecca Williamson, Gene Blakelv, Daniel Cook, Marv Catherine Rcnaud 

Phi Theta Kappa is the interna- 
tional honor society for students 
who attend community or junior 
colleges worldwide. Membership 
is by invitation only to students 
who upiiold scholarly activities 
throughout their academic career. 
A 3.5 grade point average is the 
minimum qualification for initial 
membership. The alumni chapter 
is open to any member who 
transfers on to a senior institu- 
tion. Social activities, monthly 
meetings and seminars give 
members an active presence on 
the Mississippi State University 
campus. They also are actively in- 
volved in recruitment of transfer 
students to Mississippi State. 

Pi Tau Sigma 

Row 1: 

Casey Murrah - President 

Linda Mak - Vice-President 

Amy Dobbs - Secretary 

Row 2: 

William Holyfield - Treasurer 

Tim Yielding 

Eric Vanlderstine 

Carmen Henley 

Organizations 225 

Pom Squad 

The MSU Pom Squad mem- 
bers are chosen in an annual 
tryout to assist the athletic 
program as a spirtiraising and 
entertainment group. Mem- 
bers are chosen on the basis of 
Technique, dance ability, and 
knowledge of a dance learned 
during tryout clinic. Squad 
members perform at football 
and basketball games and pep 
rallies. The Pom Squad also 
assists the athletic program at 
alumni functions. 

Front Row Seated: 
Heather Kertz 
Sarah Qiiinn 

Second Row Stai\ding: 

Robin Mangum 

Lauren Shepard 

Rachel Tull 

Carrie O'Callaghan 

Third Row Seated: 

Meg Mann - captain 

Kim Caimes 

Christy Wallace 

Back Row Standing: 

Amy VanOsdol 

Lori Nail 

Cindy McAlexander 

Melissa Korte 

Not pictvired: 
Michelle Jones - Coach 

Photo submitted. 

Quest and The Presbyterian 
College Fellowship are small 
groups of Christians from 
many denominations who just 
happen to be sponsored by 
the Presbyterian Church 
(USA). WE offer an open dis- 
cussion forum and welcome 
new and different opinions to- 
ward our search for spiritual 

226 Organizations 


Seated: Regina Haynes, Bill Atknison, Susie Atkinson - Director, Angie Atkinson, Tracy Atkinson 
Standing: Michael Harris, Kimberly Andrews, Brian Young, Alan Young, Stacy Gossett 

Photo by Trey Edward 

Pi Sigma Epsilon 

hoto by Garland Cary. 

[ow I: Stevie Watson, Chris Rodgers, Dr. Henry Nash, Renea Pullman, Caroline Irons, Evelyn Palmer, Julie Wright, 

!ric Hester, Bradley Rodgers, Todd Grayson 

low 2: J. Robert Field, Mark Scale, Greg Binkley, Blake Bankster, Jenifer Dixon, LNTin Miller, Brent Robinson, Josh 

iarkins, Shawn Chrisman 

low 3: Eric HoUoman, Mvles Hudson, Luis Mendieta, Garland Brent, Clinton Smith 


Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE) is 
the National Professional Fra- 
ternity in Marketing, Sales 
Management, and Selling 
open to all majors. PSE is the 
nation's only collegiate busi- 
ness fraternity linking five 
membership classifications: 
Life^ Alumni, Professional, 
Education, and Undergradu- 
ate. The five membership 
classifications make this or- 
ganization the most unique 
and active Professional Busi- 
ness Fraternity on campus. 
Through sales projects, sem- 
inars, guest speakers, and pro- 
fessional contacts with its 
sponsoring organisation. Sales 
and Marketing Executive In- 
ternational, PSE provides 
sound practical btisiness and 
leadership training. Each fall 
and spring regional and na- 
tional conventions are held in 
places such as Chicago, St. 
Louis, Dallas, Orlando, and 
New Orleans, bringing to- 
gether members from Hawaii 
to Puerto Rico. Also, every se- 
mester, PSE sponsors "Sales 
Person for a Day" where its 
members go to Jackson and 
spend the day with business 

Alpha Eta Chapter was 
chartered at MSU in 1963 and 
has the distinction of being 
the largest founding chapter 
in PSE history. New member 
orientation is held at the be- 
ginning of the fall and spring 
semesters and is open to all 
majors interested in Mark- 
eting, Sales, Management, 
and Selling Meetings are held 
every Tuesday night in Mc- 
Cool Hall. 

boto by Garland Cary. 

Organizations 227 

Pre-Vet Club 

The Pre-Veterinary Medical 
Club is an organization that is 
composed of students who 
wish to qualify for admission 
to a professional college of 
veterinary medicine. This 
club, established at Mississip- 
pi State in 1963, is the major 
instrument that informs Pre- 
vet students of the many op- 
portunities available in the ex- 
citing field of veterinary med- 
icine. The Pre-vet club also 
plays a major role in the spirit 
of the university. Each club 
member shares responsibility 
for the care and public ai 
pearance of MSU Bully, 
school mascot. 


Photo by Trey Edward 

Row 1: Belinda Chapman, Courtney Terry, Sandra Urbina, Jill Sullivan, Matt Radde - Presidnet, Tina Glosemeyer - 
Vice-president, Denise Kennedy - Secretar}', Angela Bowers - Treasurer, Dan Tracy, Bridge Vaughn, Beth Sternhagen 
Row 2: Pamela Novak, Johnna Hutchinson, Shawm Williams, Sarah Alvers, Andy Loague, Matthew Burnham, 
Rebekah List, Charity Calloway, Michelle Oakley, Kim Jol-mson, Sara Thomas, Jamie Bueche, Stephanie Crockett 
Row 3: John McCrory, Michael Ya^vn, Sara Chapman, Tori Benton, Sabrina Garstka, Gregg Jordan, Chris Carroll, 
Robert Davidson, Tom Althen 

Psi Chi 

Psi Chi is the National hon- 
or Society in Psychology, esta- 
blished in 199rat MSU for the 
purpose of encouraging, stim- 
ulating, and maintaining ex- 
cellence in scholarship and 
advancing the science of psy- 
chology. Members must have 
a minimum overall GPA of 
3.0, a 3.5 in Psychology and 
rank in the upper 35% of their 

Photo by Garland Gary 

Row 1: Susan Freibert - Vice-president, Vicki Prosser - President, Tricia Clay - Secretary, Jennifer Hartwell - 

Fundraising and Publicity, Patty Dill - Treasurer 

Row 2: Christa Moore, Amy Holliman, Asra Khan, Rebecca Carmack, Ashley Graham, Christine Roberts, Bradley 

Grantham, Ty Funland 

Row 3: Dr. Stephen Klein, Jaff Hansberger, Mallie Moss, Allen Knight, Robyn D'Reaux, David Piccola, Felicia Thomas 

Not Pictured: Lori Holloway, Jennifer Miller. 

228 OrganizaHons 

Poultry Science Club 

Photo by Trey Edwards 

The Mississippi State University Poultry Science Club is an 
organization open to all majors that meets the first Monday 
of each month. The club holds chicken dinners and raffles 
each semester to raise funds. With theses funds the club 
sponsors: a Fall Function, a Spring Function, a Senior Ban- 
quet, a trip for the Seniors to Atlanta for the Southeastern 
Poultry and Egg Association Meeting, and a trip to San 
Destin, Florida for the Mississippi Poultry Association meet- 

The Poultry Science Club also donates turkeys to the 
Mississippi Boys Ranch for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Front Row: Mr. C. Douglas Schultz - advisor, Sandra Mason, Jennifer 
Sullivan, Sonja James, Melissa Loper, Becky Adams, David Freeman - 
President, Eric George, Ron Holder, Jack Bayes Jr. - Embryo Editor, Christi 
Atchley, Netta Jorgensen - Secretary, Maria Wright - Vice-President, Jason 
Dampeer, Allen Flynt, Dr. Charles H. Thomas - Professor Emeritus Second 
Row: Joel Brooks, Scotty Williams, Todd Walters, Steven McRee, N4ichael 
Nelson, Dustin Evans, Steven Vaughn - Treasurer, Steven Ishee, John 
Roberts, Chris Parker, Jeffery McKenzie, Trey Harrison, Dr, Timothy N. 
Chamblee - Academic Advisor Third Row: Sherman Miller, Anthony Sand- 
ers, Jon Miller, Doug Dickerson, Todd Grisham, Mark Rogers, Travis 
Cockrell, Phillip Hux, Randy Hyde, Steven Clark, Michael Ward, Robert 
Russell, Jason Hannah, Scott Brown, Dwa)'ne Davis, Henry Carlisle Fourth 
Row: Frank Gandy, John Cannon, Greg McDonald, Stan Norwood, Mitch 
Barber, Jeff Bynum, Todd Burns, Scott Upton, Dr. G. Wallace Morgan - 
Department Head, Maqrcus Tanner, Tim Harrelson Not Pictured: Darren 
Butler, Barry Blackwell, Jason Reagan, Dan Peugh, Jason Ray, Jamey Ray, 
Norton Holifield, Jason Greene, But Byram, Michael Craft, David Schultz, 
Chad Reed, Brv'an Wilkerson, Ke^in Trigg, Daniel Street, Jim Kemp Brian 
Battle, Jay Gousset, Russell Walters, and Nate McBay 


TovilUy Science 


I ^ The Mississippi State University 


The Reflector 

Row 1: 

Duane Gordon 

Sandi-a Currunings 

Amy Leigh 


Kieu-Anh Tran 

Alison Stamps 

Lydia Jemison 

Jason Tiffin 

Stephen Graddy 

Row 2: 

Abby Velasquez 

Lisbeth Velasquez 

Jenny Riddell 

Trad Triplett 

Suzanne Jacques 

Sarah McAnally 

Elizabeth Johnson 


Front Row: 
Editorial Page Editor 

Lydia Jemison 

Advertising Manager 

Kieu-Anh Tran 


Alison Stamps 

Assistant News Editor 

Amy Leigh Hutchinson 

News Editor 

Sandra Cummings 

Back Row: 

Managing Editor 

Bryant Adkins 

Sports Editor 

Stephen Graddy 

Photography Editor 

Jason Tiffin 

Feature Editor 

Duane Gordon 

Row 3: 

Trey Edwards 

LaRaye Brown 

Erin Sewell 

Row 4: 

James Miller 

Christopher Cosper 

Stan Orkin 

Micael Edwards 

Martha Thomas 

Marcela Cartagena 

Todd Childs 

Row 5: 

Philip Allison 

I'ony Thompson 

Will Chandler 
Heath Shackleford 

All phdtds by Trey Edwards 

230 Organizations 

The Reflector 

Ul photos by Trey Edwards. 

Ad Staff 

Kieu-Anh Tran 

Abby Velasquez 

Lisbeth Velasquez 

Editorial Staff 

James C. Miller 

Christopher Cosper 

Tony Thompson 

Lydia Jemison 

Bryant Adkins 

Feature Staff 

LaRaye Brown 

Duane Gordon 

Sarah McAnaDy 

Lucas [enson 

Organizations 231 

The Reflector 

News Staff 

Sandra Cunimings 

Amy Leigh Hutchinson 

Jenny Riddell 

Trad Triplett 

Erin Sevvell 

Marcela Cartagena 

Elizabeth Johnson 

Micael Edwards 

Todd Childs 
Martha Thomas 

Photo Staff 

Trey Edwards 

Jason Tiffin 

Scan Orkin 

Not pictured: 

Garland Car^' 


Philip Allison 

Stephen Graddy 

Heath Shackleford 

Will Chandler 

All photos by Troy Edwjjt 

232 Organizations 

Residence Hall Association 

Photo submitted. 

Chad Boudreaux - Vice President of Administrations, Greg Threatt - Vice President of Communications, Saiii Miller - Vice President of Activities, Stan 
Prather - President, Lakeisha Lewis - V'ice President of Finances, Casey Hayden - Vice Presidnet of Affairs/NCC Not pictured; Ed Grandpre 


Residence Hall Association 

''Students Serving Students'' 

The Residence Hal] -Association (RHA) is the second larg- 
est organization on campus. It is comprised of everyone 
living within one of the university's residence halls or apart- 
ments. The purpose of the RHA is to enhance and to pro- 
mote campus residence life. The RHA strives to make living 
on the campus of Mississippi State one of the best and most 
enjoyable college experiences for the residents. The RHA 
works to achieve this purpose by filling two main poles on 
campus. One role is to regvilate student government within 
the residence halls and apartments. These governments are 
known as Hall Associations. The other role of the RHA is to 
function as a non profit organization that provides goods and 
services to the residents and the residence halls. To effi- 
ciently fulfill these roles the RHA is operated by a group of 
student leaders comprising the positions of RHA Executive 
Officers in better serving and representing the needs of the 
residents, there exists the RHA Board of Directors. This 
board is composed of a representative from each residence 

Students Serving Students 

hall's Hall Association and the RHA Executive Officers. 
Being an officer of the RHA, whether it's on a Hall 
Association or on the RHA Executive Board, is a great 
way to get involved with campus life. It is also a great 
way to exercise and to gain an abundance of leaciership 

Organizations 233 


The MSU Roadrunners is a 
student organization com- 
prised of over 60 members 
who are active in helping re- 
cruit students to Mississippi 
State University. Working 
with the Office of College and 
School Relations, the 
Roadrunners provide a link 
between high school and 
transfer students and the uni- 
versity. The Roadrvmners visit 
high schools around the state 
wdth the admissions counsel- 
ors, give campus tours to pro- 
spective students and their 
parents, and participate in 
Discovery MSU and other 
campus recruitment activities. 
Roadrunners also call and w^ri- 
te prospective students and 
serve as hosts and hostesses 
for various university func- 
tions. Since the organization's 
founding in 1979, it has devel- 
oped into a positive infonna- 
tion source for the universitv. 

Photo by Trey Edward 

Row 1. Kim C'ark, Tracey Webb, Azure Avery, Tempy Segrest, Kathy Harris, Krissy Pazian, Chris Cox, Valerie Tailon, Ashley Smit 
Anitia Shelton Roiv 2. Be'th Smith, Morgan Webb, Kacee Richardson, banielle Louys, Kathryn Booth, Annette Blandon-Barnes,'Carmt 
Henley, Sheri Sudduth, Erm Harris, Courtney Lott Row 3: Brandi Williams, Terri Smith, Deborah Robbins, Beth Rickels, Stacey lone 
Cal'nn Mosley, Michelle Carter, Rochelle Frazier, Kristoffer Remerow Row 4; Janice Easley, Julie Milano, Christy DeBerrj', Mara Oswa 
Carva Latino, Amber Drake, Chris McCollum, Rita Rowe, John Rounsaville, Tom Wiley Row 5; Karie Craven, £ric Bishop, Brett Maten 
Davis Weems, Ashby Green, Todd Cerda, Michael Richardson, Jennifer Land, Floyd Newton, Geoff Jenninm Row 6: Brooks Miller, Jeren 
Chapman, April Mann, Jud Brownlee, Jeremy Nicholas, Jennifer Sheppard, Travis Wampler, Jason Thomas, Jennifer Stckler, Bubba Mahn. 
Joe Moore, Dr. Jimmy abraham, Joe Johnsey 

Scotch Guard is the wom- 
en's auxiliary to the Army 
ROTC. It is a service or- 
ganization that serves Missis- 
sippi State University, the 
Starkville Community and be- 
yond while lending a helping 
hand to our future officers. 


Photo by toylyn Mas 

Front Row. Theolyn Price - Chaplain, Amanda Elrod - Vice President of Rush, Melody Moore - President 

Second Row: Becky Bradburn, Shelby Sanders, Mandy McGehee 

Tliird Row: Kathie 0'Br\'an, April Powell, Heather Malone 

Back Row: Robin Thomas, Sherie Brock, Amy Henderson 

Not Pictured: Danyell Seal, Lucinda Page, Tabitha Lee, Michelene Brock, Lauren Douglass, Shannon McKissach, Kell 


234 Organizations 

Sigma Alpha Iota 

hoto by Trey Edwards. 

ront Row: Jaqueline Edwards Henry, Ginger Tedder, Marea Herrington^ Becky Spain, Kim Jenkins, Suzry McGrath, 

?sse Rider, LvTin White 

econd Row: Kristy Keough, Heather Brown, Deborah Wise, April Shelton, Michelle Hodges, Shanna Garrison, 

)ionne King, Pristine Cochran, Annie Goodman, Angela Wright, Lydia Jemison, Mary Ann Hester, Susan Batten, 

tephanie Richards, Keashye Durmon, Katy Burke 

"bird Row: DwAnda Wells, Sherre Benson, Jennifer Stone, Robyn Sampson, Lori Finch 

Sigma Alpha Iota is a pro- 
fessional music fraternity for 
women whose membership is 
made tip of both music and 
non-music majors. Our mem- 
bers share a love for music 
and encourage each other mu- 
sically, professionally, and 

The Epsilon Chi Chapter of 
Sigma Alpha Iota has been ac- 
tive in promoting the impor- 
tance that music holds in eve- 
ryday life by taking an active 
role in the Department of Mu- 
sic Education. Our members 
participate in band, chorus, 
honoraries, and many other 
organizations and causes 
across the MSU campus. 

Soc. for the Advancement of Management 

The Meridian Campus 
Chapter of SAM is a part of an 
international organization of 
educators, practitioners, and 
students from a variety of dis- 
ciplines who share expertise 
and develop/promote new 
management ideas. 

MSU-Meridian SAM mem- 
bers attend national conven- 
tions, sponsor a Holiday Craft 
Fair, and observe business in 
action during a variety of cor- 
porate field trips. SAM also 
plays host to campus fortims 
on timely topics featuring lo- 
cal business practitioners. 

'hoto submitted. 

jeated: Steve Satterfield - President, Brenda Harper - Vice-President, Tim Currie - Treasurer 

standing: Wayne Grayson, Janie Gregg - Advisor, Julie Fitzgerald, Teresa Dunlap, George Clark 

Organizations 235 

Society of Physics Students 

Tlie Society of Physics Stu- 
dents is an orgaxiization which 
brings together students with 
a general interest in Physics 
and the Physical Sciences. The 
society is composed of stu- 
dents from all fields of study 
and strives to promote and in- 
crease understanding of the 
physical universe. 

"■'<•»* k^ I 

Photo by Trev EdwardSj 

Front: John Thomas, Brian McCann, Blake McCorkle 

Back: HoUis Hopkins, John Watson, Alan Windham, Charles Beyer 

Not Pictured: Bill Dunsford, Daniel Carruth 

Society of Women Engineers 

5 W E 

The Society of Women En- 
gineers is an organization for 
anyone in any technical field 
such as math or engineering. 
Our campus involvement 
ranges from activities during 
E-Week to activities within 
our organization. The project 
we are most proud of is Girl's 
Camp held each summer. It is 
a camp held for seventh and 
eighth grade girls interested in 
scientific fields. 

Photo by Rick Fraivk 

Front Row; Allison Tisdale, Dorothy Davis, Kerri Jones, Michelle Rogers, Stacey Jones 
Middle Row: lisa Johnson, Sandy Mehlhorn, Maxine Hamilton 
Back Row; Cristina Morgado, Shelley Hall 

236 Organizations 

Spanish Club 

Front Row: 
Carlos Garcia 

Eric Peden 

Leanna Adkins 

Susana Seator - President 

Erin Lestrade 

Lou Bluhm 

Patricia Lestrade - Advisor 

Dr. Anna Maria Lopez 

Back Row: 
Misty Freeman 
Kimmy McGehe 
Abigail Raez 
Melanie Bridges - Vice- 

oto bv Garland Carv. 

Student Affiliates of the American 

Chemical Society 

Loti Bluhm 

Middle Row: 

Susana Beaton 

Nathan Crawford 

Andrew Knedlik 

Britta Blair 
Adrien Carroll 

Back Row: 

Jennifer Hussy 

Scott Kinsey 

Dennis Sisk 

loto bv Gariand Carv 

Organizations 237 

Student Association - Meridian 

The MSU-Meridian Student 
Association (SA), of which 
each student is a member, is 
the principal organization of 
the student body. The SA ser- 
ves as the student body's rep- 
resentative to the faculty, ad- 
ministration, and community. 

The organization works to 
promote and improve the 
quality of life on the Meridian 
Campus. Such programs as 
Career Fair, Fall Fest, Organi- 
zational Matching Grants, Tu- 
tor Referral, "Top Dawg" So- 
ciety, and "The Bullytin" help 
the group meet this objective. 

Photo submitted. 

Seated; George Clark - Treasurer, Wayne Grayson - Business Senator, Chad Golseth - Vice-president, Rob Armstrong - 
Educational Senator, Johnny Thompson - Attorney General 

Standing: Diane McDonald - Education Senator, Kim Rowland - Arts & Sciences Senator, Donna Nester - President, 
Debra Ladd - Secretary, Regena Clark - Advisor 

Student Association Senate 

The Student Association 
Senate is made up of thirty 
students who are elected from 
residence halls and from off- 
campus day students. The 
Vice-president heads the leg- 
islative branch and presides 
over the SA Senate. The sena- 
tors also elected a president 
protempore to handle parlia- 
mentary procedures. 

Photo by Garland Gary. 

Front Row; Amy Hargrave, Lori Slentz, Stacey Matthews, Wade Overstreet - Vice-President, Danielle Louys - 

Secretary, Kathryn Booth, Terri Smith, Leigh Chapman 

Middle Row; Carley Hinchey, Carmen Henley, Morgan Webb, Laura Lehman, Cori Brown, Ashley Lowry, Beth 

Rickels, Jennifer Sherman, Melanie Trosclair 

Back Row: Paras Griffin, Yolanda Lunford, James Cox, Jay Sliaw, Seth HeiTon, Will Carter, McKie Edmonson, Sam 

Miller, Tom Wiley, Brittany Blacklidge 

238 Organizations 

Student Association 

lCademic affairs - 

low 1; Kathrv'n Matheny, Stade Jepson, Tracy Benway - Director, Beth Lampton, Janet Farmer 
low 2: April Mann, Holly Polk, Simone Tullos, Amy Brewer, Brandon Owen, Terry Ozrer 
low 3: Colby Coppage, Tom Walker, Thomas Whitehead, Jon Himgerford 

Student Association 

ill photos by Trey Edwards. 


tow 1: Chris Cox, Anetra Sheiton 

low 2: Jennifer Hart, Larosa Harris, Evelyn Palmer, Kerry Young, Tina Westbrooks 

low 3: James Brownlee, Chameka Amerson, Lee Shakie Smithy Rita Rowe, Paras Griffin 

Established in 1916, 
the Student Associa- 
tion has been an active 
voice representing the 
student body of Missis- 
sippi State for almost 
80 years. Not only does 
the SA serve as the of- 
ficial student govern- 
ment for Mississippi 
State, but it goes far be- 
yond that definition. 

The Student Associ- 
ation is responsible for 
providing a vast array 
of services and activi- 
ties to the students 
throughout the aca- 
demic year. From 
homecoming to the 
United Way fun- 
draising campaign, the 
students serving the 
SA strive to keep as 
many students as pos- 
sible involved. 

Through events such 
as Celebrate Diversity 
Week, the SA is able to 
bring the students of 
MSU together as one 
solid body. Through 
events such as the Miss 
MSU Pagent, MSU has 
made a name for itself 
as one of the highly re- 
guarded preliminaries 
in the state. 

Organizations 239 

Student Association 


Front Row: 

Robin Robertson 

Kristen Evans 

Ashley Jones 

Brooke Allen 

Holly Polk 

Middle Row: 

Cindi Rayburn 

Kristy Hart 

Julie McGee 

Mary Katherine Rice 

Amber Chrism an 

Back Row: 

Jason Shockey 

Marc Bryant 

Brad Brashier 

Clint Scott 


Front Row: 

Ana Arnold 
Allison Smith 

Brandi Bass 
Memory Co>> 

Kelly Wells 

MeriKelly Borgogoni 

Jenni'ter Rutix 

Second Row: 

Kristian Hilsman 

Misti Myers 

Lona Hihton 

Del Weathersby 

Valerie Tailoii 

Sheri Sudduth 

Morgan Webb 

Third Row: 
Chris B\Td 
Bubba Sliavv 
Chad Winter 
Steve Moses 
Casev Coleman 
Amanda Bush 

Back Row: 

Reid Sn\)tl\-Vaniz 

Al Johnston 

Rid<v Johnston 

John Rings 
Scott Schmerge 

N'ot Pictured; 

Brad Carter 

Joshua Cerna 

Jeremy Chapman 

UaShunda Cibbs 

Sally Harvey 

Lauiie Jones 

Jennifer Maxwell 

Wanda McKinney 

Ginnie Shaip 

Josh Tr.ixler 

All photos by Trey Edward? 

240 Organizations 

Student Association 


Front Row: 

Julie Ryan 

Anne Horn 

Whitney Marx 

Back Row: 

Jeff Jones 

Grant Bennett 

Rob Abbey 

Not Pictured: 

Bethany Beck 
Angela Evving 
James Nixon 
Trev O' Brian 

11 photos by Trey Edu-ards 


Front Row: 

Jenny Riddell 

Laura Curto 

Amber Drake 

Angela Cummins 

Kathleen Thornell 

Lady Rhodes 

Ebani Broadus 

Jon Haugerford 

Back Row: 

David Collins 
Bryan Johnston 
Ricky Johnston 
Grant Bennett 
Michael McDamel 
Robert Bergin 
Carey Scoit 

Not Pictuied. 

Rochelle Frazier 

Jim Harper 

Eric Hogan 

Whitney McKay 

Carla Bressler 

LeKonda Rich 

Jason Shockley 

Lori Coleman 

Organizations 241 

Student Association 

Health and 


Front Row: 

Amy Houston 

Ashley Jones 
Crystal Medders 

Heather Gore 
Heather Harrison 

Robin Booth 


Middle Row: 


Gina Thornton 
Suzanne VVimberly 
VMiitney Bullard 
Andrea Delaney L 
Summer Martin L 
Toni Rhodes t 
Trey Sutton 11 

Back Row: B 

Joe Moore ■ 

Adam Davis ■[ 

Laura Moore H 

Missy Housley H 

HolJly Callaghan ^^^H 

Not pictured: """TH 

Clint Collins 
Holly Mura 



Front Row- 

Karen Jackson 
Tycee Magee 
Brooke Allen 

1 ■ ' 

Middle Row: 

Staci Morgan 

Brandy Quinn 
Carley Montgomery 

Rhonda White ' \ 
Mary Katherine Rice LL 



Back Row: k* 


Ashby Green 

Marc Nichols 

Ray Roessel 

Pat Bethea 

Not Pictured: 

Cameron Poole H 

Meg Mann H 

Karle Craven H 


All pholos by Trey Edwards 

242 Organizations 

Student Association 

Minority Affairs 

Front Row: 

Denise Rupert 
Tiyanika Keller 

Back Row: 

Lashonda Pickens 

Stacey Jones 
Siiannon Mathis 

Not Pictured: 

Clearance Betts 
Stephanie Crockett 

Public Relations 

KlI pl\-.:o-. bv Trey f:d-,vards. 

Front Row: 

Kristen Kennedy 
Stacey Lentz 
Ccmrtney Lott 
Holt Williams 
Robin Fekier 

Second Row: 

Frances Martin 

}enny Riddel 

Erin Hams 

Julie Walker 

Caroline Belbeze 

Sarah Montgomery' 

Stephanie Lewis 

Third Row: 

Julie Ryan 
Courtney Felps 
Chesfey Hagan 
Bnifly Burke 
Morgan Webb 
Elizabeth Johnson 
Ashby Green 

Back Row: 

Cory Howat 
Tom Moore 
Rjun Monette 
Carey Scott 
Reagan Wise 

Organizations 243 

Student Association 

Research and 

Front Row: 

Maiy Lisa Owens 

Sharon Willis 

Christian Studdard 

Regina Wilson 

Andrea Bullock 

Back Row: 

Eric Peden 
jason Shelton 
Ritchie Miller 

Art Dobbs 
Eric Graham 

Not Pictured: 

Wes Shelton 

Michael Roberson 

Jeffery Rhodes 

Robert Nettles 


Front Row: 

Mandy Mann 
Chenoa Talley 

Tara Carson 
Sherry Mann 

Beth Rickels 

Laurie Dabbs 

Angela Humphrey 

Middle Row: 

Frances Martin 

Lizette Leanza 

Julie Heriard 

Kelly Temple 

Suzanne Wimberly 

Cindy Whitfield' 

Back Row: 

Kevin Phillips 
Brett Smelley 
Gordon Dendy 
Daniel Roberson 
Cherry Barnes 
Kathv Haddox 

All photos by Trey Edwards 

14 Organizations 

Student Association 


Front Row: 

Alejandro Armijos 

Faison Campbell 

Berkley Ethrjdge 

Heather Tollison 

Jeff Patton 

Back Row; 

Brad Antici 
joe Moore 
David Wier 
Steven Browning 
Will Dal ton 




Front Row: 

Kathy Harris 

Carva Latino 

Georgia Thomas 

Back Row: 

William Batchelder 
Danielle Louys 

AU photon by Trey Edv/ardi 

Organizations 245 

Student Association 

Jniversitv Hi 


Services Hj 


Front Row: H^"*^' 


Andrea Bullock B J 
Evelyn Palmer M; 1 
Jennifer Cullum l''l 
Andi Turner Wfij 
Anitra Shelton hH 


Back Row: ^^H 


Leigh Broome ^^^r 
LeeAnne McDonald ^Kj 

Jason Thomas ^W ' 
Jennifer Lott V"^ 
Robin Thomas W 


Not Pictured: 

Arthiu- Martin _ 

Daniel Mathis i**"" 

Lisa Monfredo ^^^ 

Virgil Payne B^^ 

Jamie Ramanauskas B t"" 

Brent Robbins 3^ 

Angela Williamson §B^ 

kA Sth. Am. Stt^i 





Front Row: 

Ashlie Reintan 
Katie Orman 

Jennifer Slentz 
Kelly Peters 
Lori Slentz 
Brandi Bass 

Middle Row: 

Cassie Dobbs 
Siisan Taylor 
Meg Hanson 
Danette West 

Back Row: 

Andrea Miller 

Jill Riley 

Pat Bath'ea 

Cynthia Simmons 

Gretchen Roberts 

Jennifer Hartness 

Not Pictured: 

Cori Brown 

Ann' Nixon 

Tippi Harding 

jacelyn McCool 

Ellen Allen 

Wendy Woodward 

Mamie Patterson 

lennifer Price 

All photos by Trey Edvv.nds 

246 Organizations 

Student Home Economics Association 


ront row. Catherine Petty, Michelle Hardy, Katrina Clard\', Alice Mollis, Rachel Busier, Leigh Ann Richards, Marj' 
jleason Brewer 

lack Row: Leigh Ann Boykin, Lori Slentz, Shawn^i White, Heather Clay, Rita Rowe, Mandy Burney, Brecca Boden Cindy 
limpson, Tonya Culpepper, Rachel Jacobs, Patricia Walker, Pabi Bumpas, Allison Fletcher, Leanne Davis, Amy Pohlman, 
ihannon Robertson, Susan Hale, Ten Cooper - President, Leah Wood - Treasurer, Kellie Sherrill - Vice-President, Julia 
'otter - Secretar)', Quo Landfair - Publicity 

The Student Home Eco- 
nomics Association (SHEA) of 
Mississippi State University 
provides for and promotes the 
professional development of 
home economics students, 
provides opportunities to de- 
velop leadership among mem- 
bers, and fosters understand- 
ing of the interrelated areas of 
home economics. 

Turf Club 

Garland Car\- 

Front Row: 

Brian Temple 

Russell Clark 

Gary Robinson 

Al Osteen 

Shane Wesson Wootten 

Michael Dieckhoff 

Craig Walsh 

Middle Row: 
Scott Poynot 

Trevor Richardson 
Drew Rochelle 
Kat)' Harpole 
John Morgan 
Ion Hovater 
Brock Long 
Vicki Richard 

Todd McCuilough 

Back Row: 
Jonathan Harris 

Paul Bearden 

Da\'id Emmons 

Barry Bennett 

Robert Davis 

Scott Messer 

Eddie Dean 

Bill Nye 

Organizations 247 

University Budo Club 

Vff^ Kf^ ^rd K^r 

IQII0I ICiiiSP I^ISI 1^^- 

fi9Ci ispisi i^i^a isn 

!iilBI ISliCI 1^109 m^ 


ISII0I 101101 IQiii2!i iiaiBi 
iSiiQl 0ilQl 0Cil 101^ 
iQiiff iSliS IQllSl IQifiP 

ism Sifi BSi ifi!«i 

The primarv' purpose of the University Budo Club is to 
promote the study of a variety of traditional martial arts 
disciplines for the benefit of the students and faculty of 
Mississippi State University. 

Although similar in practice, Aikido, Hapkido, Jodo, Ju- 
do, and Jujitsu offer various martial arts skills that can be 
studied individually or in combination. Practice offers the 
student a safe and healthy method of acquiring self-defense 
skills, self-discipline, recreation, and respect for society and 
all martial arts. 

The University Budo CLub is open to all regardless of 
whether a person has had any previous experience. 

Budo is a Japanese word meaning "way of the warrior." 

Front Row: Erin Purvis. Matthew Ellis, Cindy Henderson. Leslie 

Hatcher, Janet Dewey, Jason Nguyen 

Middle Row. Jeremy Wilbum, Glenn Brook, Joe Bridges. Tyler Harvey, 

Dewayne McCollum, Chris Taylor, Dr. Chris Dewey, Dr. John Usher, 

Mark Henderson, Robert Mangum, Chris Reeks, Katherine Roberts, 

Jennifer Taylor, Dr. Steuart Watson 

Back Row. Thomas Webb, Marlus Vowell. Pat Parker, Carolyn Dear. 

Cliff Brunt, James Reuster, Jamie Peoples, Michael Davis, Suphasit 

Saisr.iphaluck, Joseph Greenleaf, Jon Noble 

Photo by Garland Caiy, 

248 Organizations 

University Honors Council 

Photo bv Garland Carv. 


Front Row: Brad Sweet, Kevin Dew, Billy Oliver - Vice-President of Finance Middle Row: Michelle Hodges - Ex- 
Officio, Stacey Ross, Mary Lisa Owens - Delegate, Meredith McCollum. Kelly Wells, Matthew Whiteside Back Row; 
Henry Christrap - Chairman, Julie Ryan, Christina Rice Vice Chairman of Aciivities, Audra Brownell, Rachel 
Coggins - Vice-Chairman of Administration, Jonathan Smith - Vice- Chairman of Communications, Ryan Davis - 
Graduate Assistant Not Pictured: Daniel Forrester, Shane McRae. Dr. Jack White - Director University Honors 

The University Honors Program exists primarily to offer outstanding academic experien- 
ces to qualified students. Honors courses substitute for regular courses and are applicable to 
every degree program at MSU. Honors students also benefit from priority scheduling in pre- 
registration. The Honors sections differ from regular sections because the smaller classes - 
usually from five to fifteen students - focus on individualized instruction that emphasizes 
each student's training and experience. The most outstanding members of the faculty teach 
Honors courses; therefore, UHP sections are challenging and appealing because they allow 
consistent exchange among students and faculty. 

The Honors Program also has assumed an important role in the cultural and social li\ cs of 
Hundreds of students and faculty members, the Honors Forum and numerous prescntauons 
expose Honors participants to diplomats, musicians, international visitors, artists, computer 
specialists, writers, scientists, and a variety of scholars and professionals, all of whom arc 
outstanding and some of whom have earned distinctions such as the National Book Award 
and Nobel and Pulitzer prizes. Honors students travel with expenses paid to cities such as 
New Orleans, Miami, Salt Lake City, and Charleston to attend national and regional 
meetings of their national organization. They also form intramural teams and plan social 
activities such as the annual Honors Theme Banquet, film showings, and picnics. At the end 
of each academic year, outstanding students are recognized ai an annual awards ceremony 
attended by all Honors students and faculty. 

The UHP has a national reputation because of the participation of students in its 
governance. The students elect class representatives to an Honors Council that advises the 
Director and plans activities for the program, the council supervises the Honors House, 
where all Honors students have access to IBM computers in the Burke Computer Laboratory, 
a terminal of the University system, electric typewriters, a copy machine, a small li- 
brary/seminar room , and a lounge. 

Organizations 249 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a 
professional fraternity for men in 
music. This national organiza- 
tion, which was founded on Oc- 
tober 6, 1898, provides services 
and brotherhood for male musi- 
cians throughout America. The 
Fraternity encourages and pro- 
motes the highest standards of 
creativity, performance, educa- 
tion, and research in music in 
America, Members in the Missis- 
sippi State Lambda Phi Chapter 
are not strictly music majors, but 
are musicians from a range of 

First Row: Scott Griffin, Todd Benton, 
Matthew Martin, Tim Cullinane, Jeff 
Baumann, Jason HaiTell, Joey Quick, Na- 
than Oakley, Jarred Waller Second Row: 
Tony Marshall, James Bell, Zack 
Shoemake, Kenny Langley, Mark 
Weathersby, Robin Hill, Newt Carver 
Third Row: Julian Mingo, Trace Scrivner, 
Lenny Nitcavic, Marea Harrington - 
Sweetheart, Kyle Wagner, Matt Morgan, 
Chris Martin, Jeff Thaip, Brian Bradford, 
Joe Evans Not pictui'ed: Mike Elledge, 
Chris Gammon, David Gray, Michael 
Hinton, Wyatt Koerner, Dave Mande- 
ville, Chris Perry, James Soloman, Brian 
Woodruff, Jason Woods, Clmt Scrivner, 
Chris Knight, Ryan Traiith, Joe Bearden, 
Billy Oliver, David Haire, Rudy Stein, 
Spencer Thomas 

Photo by Gai'Iand Cary. 

250 Organizations 

MSU Communication Association 

Photo submitted. 

Beverly Ri 

Mattox, Clay Williams, Crystal Medders, Melissa Dearman 

MSU Communication Asso- 
ciation is an organization for 
students interested in public 
relations, broadcasting, jour- 
nalism, theatre, and commu- 
nication management. Profes- 
sionals speak to the group and 
share advice on careers and 
their organizations. The 1995- 
96 committee includes Melissa 
Dearman, President; Clay 
Williams, Vice President; 
Crystal Medders, Secretary; 
Kimberly Mattox, Member- 
ship Chairman; and Beverly 
Reese, Treasurer. 

Panhellenic Council 

■<«&•»_.*> -«&,'* 

by RicV Frank. 

Row. Aiigel Brown - Advisor, Laura Ward - Treasurer, Jamie Short - Vice-President, Leanna Stricklin - Public 
telations Chairmar\, Haley Kennedy - President, Brooke Newman Row 2: Erin Harris, Wendy Shurman Row 3: LaShanda 
kkens, Jennifer Hartwell, Georgia Thomas, Kristin Oswalt Row 4: Jennifer Land, Valerie Zager, Carmen Henley Row 5: 
Vllison St. Amant, Erin Dickerson, Kimberly Mobile, Whitney Bullard, Kristie Fortenberry Row 6: Mindy Gray, Michelle 
4inga, Becky Bennett, Samantha Johnson Row 7: Steffanie Graves, Amy Holliman, Kalicia Alpe 

The Panhellenic Council is 
comprised of members of all 
women's fraternities on cam- 
pus. It functions as the local 
governing body whose pur- 
poses are to foster interfrater- 
nity relationships and cooper- 
ate with the university to 
maintain the highest scholas- 
tic and social standards. They 
sponsor and are active in ac- 
tivities such as Greek Week, 
Sexual Assault Awareness 
Week, Adopt-a-School, the 
Annual Panhellenic Trick-or- 
Treat and Easter Egg Hunt for 
faculty children, Derby Day, 
and donating money to the 
United Way campaign. 

Organizations 251 

Junior Panhellinic Council 

Row 1; 

Lindsey McQueen 

Dana Burell 

Lesli Hutchins 

Jennifer joiner 

Student Advisor 
Jamie Short 

Row 2: 

Beth Harkins 

Emily Moss 

Lea Ann Neaves 

Row 3: 

Ashley Jones 

Susan Salter 

Sara Ann Woodward 

Mary Biddle 

Elizabeth Dossett 

Not Pictured: 
Amy Bisland 
Ginger Kent 

Front Row: 

Brett Matens 

Todd Boarst 

Jay Shaw 

Vice President 
Rob Robinson 

Back Row: 

Attorney General 
Lee Nations 

Rush Chairman 
Brooks Miller 

Co-op Services Chairman 
Jimmy McPherson 

Jeff Patton 

Activities Chairman 
David Seago 

Photo bv Garland Can'. 


I'lioto bv Cjjrknd Cjrv 

252 Organizations 

Delta Sigma Theta 


Social Action Chairperson 
Kem Rucker 

Projects Planning Chairperson 
Lawanda Reese 


Nicole Epps 

Markeda Thornton 

Sala Walls 

Not Pictured: 

Takeena Johnson 

Juandalyn Williams 

Veronica Carouthers 

Bonita Oliver 

Photo bv Rick Frank. 

Kappa Alpha Psi 

Fvaternitv life is an integral part 
of college, fraternity life unites am- 
bitious minds to seek excellence. To 
preserve tlie past we must iiisure 
the future through comtnunily ser- 
vice. This is the ideal of our chap- 

The Brothers have positively af- 
fected maiiY live through the yeaxs. 
Out worldwide fraternity was 
founded in 1911 and has touched 
the lives of those in need. 

Socially we participate in various 
Greek Shows throughout the 
Southeast in which we have re- 
ceived many first place awards. 
Our annual Kappa Week is held 
early each spring semester to pro- 
vide first class entertainment to the 

The Eta Epsilon Chapter vvas 
founded m l'?74 at Mississippi Sta- 
te University and was one of the 
first blaik organizations on cam- 
pus. Since tliat glonous da\ over 
100 men have been inuiated and 
have woiked to create immense 
changes in tht toin.miinit\ Todav 
we aie inspiring the future 
through Adopt a High v\ ay. Come- 
dy Shov\ tor Chanty, Mentorship at 
local schools, Toys'-For-Tots, Com- 
munitv Counseling, Penny-a- 
Thon, feichard Holmes Scholarsltip 
Fund, Adopt-a-Family, and various 
functions on and off campus. 

Photo by Garland Cary. 

Scharvm Grizzell, Christopher Merriwether, Thomas Hams II - Guide Rigth Chairman, Kwame Gibson- President, Demetrius White - Strategus, Kobie Wells - 
Historian, Tommy Stevenson - Asst. Advisor Not pictured: Bradford Swinney - Treasurer, Reando Minor - Secretary, Harrison Glover - Vice President, Toby 
Richardson - Social Chairman, Brian Spillers, Elroy Skinner, Jack Young, Fredrick Walker, Christopher Wade 

Organizations 253 




, -' . .-?',', 



Alpha Phi Alpha 

Left to Right: Vemell McDonald, Dedrick Thomas, Terrence Kcndrick, Derrick Brown, Brian Perkins, Fredrick Barber, Juan Bradford, Carlos Trice - President, 
Jerald Redmond - Chaplain, Jemiaine Johns, Lloyd Elam, Rodney Alexander, Vincent Lewis - Editor-to-the-Sphinx, DriscoU DeVaul, Calvin Mosley II, Vronn 
Pride - Treasurer, Marcus Hanis - Vice President, Sean Cummings - Advisor 

In the year 1906, at Cornell University one of the greatest 
fraternities and organizations was founded. That fraternity is 
Alpha Phi Alpha. The ideals and rich tradition of the fraternity 
has been passed down to the men of the Kappa Beta Chapter at 
Mississippi State University. They have taken an active role in 
the Starkville area, college campus, and beyond. Kappa Beta 
consistently ranks among the highest GPA for fraternities. The 
men on Alpha are involved on campus as Roadrunners, Resi- 
dent Assistants, Campus Activities Board, NAACP, IMAGE, 
and NSBE to name a few. Honors such as Dean's List, Pres- 
ident's List, Who's Who Among Students in American Uni- 
versities and Colleges, and NAACP Fraternity of the Year are 

Serving as tutors to Project Brickfire students, volunteering as 
church ushers, donating clothes and food to the Salvation 
Army, and holding cultural awareness events such as Alphafest 
are just a few of the countless community service projects done 
each year. During Homecoming 1995, Kappa Beta won first 
place at the Homecoming Greekshow and has won numerous 
others. The Kappa Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha will 
continue to serve as an example of what a great organization 
and great fraternity should be. 

258 Greeks 

i|^ ;^ ;^ :^ :^ s^ ;^ '^ 



"• ''"^S 


:^^p Spy 



























-^ tifH 




^^l#-W %^^ 


* tit- 

^ !^ 'IP 

IP '® 1^ 











4P^T *i>^ 





m-* I «i9i%^ I «s% 




tai I m^:. 






»»»* I ♦5>r 










^^^Jj ^^B: y^ PE !;ti^ 





#:»^II lii^ 












a ' 






^^1 ^^1. ^^j ^^i 

















(^! ^ ^ 



^^1 ^9^ ^p 







Oi ^^ O^ 



O Oi O 


^^ ^^: 



■bK 1 

Q^jSt ^^1 c^^i C^^ €ia' <^^i c*^^ 

f^f (T^i #^ 

• ^ '•^ <^^j 4^i^j 1?^ 






C!^! cySi C?^^ 




^1 f!^! €^J C^: 

7^- 1^3$ C^^^i ^^^^ 



€^Si ^^1 ^^S' 

€S^9i €^3! €^^r#^fls c^^9| ifi^] Cp*^!: 

C^m ©Si Ci^! C^ 

tt^ijll^l €^l <^! C^ 

C?^^ €?5^i I?31 "i^S 



Phi Beta Sigma 

Theta Iota Chapter 

W^M :» 

Left to Right- Freddie V. Wright, Floyd T. Newton Jr., Michael L. James, James Holloway, Koko Miller, Charles B. Mitchell Jr. - Treasurer, Greg K. Threatt - Vice-Presideiit, 
Lamont A. Poke - President, David S. Lowery - Recording Secretary, Carlos L. Saulsberry - Corresponding Secretary, Darren D. Keaton, Kenwoynne Smith, Lionel 
Washington, Thomas Smith 

Not pictured - Randolph Bumside, Jerry Heming, Cameron Floyd, Jeff Greenwood, 'Derrick Hampton, Marcus Hobbs, Jimmy Rich, James Sanders, Glen Sineletary 
Christopher Westbrook o j 

The Theta Iota Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., 
was founded on the campus of Mississippi State University on 
September 20, 1976. Since its conception, this chapter has been 
a beacon of service to the Golden Triangle area. Our house is 
located at 513 University Drive and was the first black fraternity 
house at MSU. We have received many awards such as: Most 
Outstanding Student Organization on Campus, Best Chapter in 
the state, and Most Improved Chapter. Our members are in- 
volved in virtually every aspect of campus life from student 
government to athletics. 

As far as service, the Theta Iota Chapter is extremely active in 
the community. Our list of projects include: NAACP, Smiles 
Daycare Center, Brickfire Project, Habitat for Humanity, 
Safehaven Shelter for battered women. Adopt a School Pro- 
gram, Big Brother Program, Benefit Greek Shows.. .etc. In ad- 
dition to these credits, we are also founding members of the 
MSU National Pan-hellenic Council. This serves as an umbrella 
organization for all black greek organizations of campus. It 
allows us to contribute donations to worthy causes in the area. 

Our motto is "Culture for Service and Service for Humanity." 



f?^! CP^i (?^! €^^ 


'( -■ 






Cs^Sj ^^; Cf^^ €?^ 













*^»^ K^^ 















C*- ^^ ^^ ^L 
^^^' ^"^ f^^^ 



#f^ v.^M^il^* 



; S^S*?'"^. 





^a|j ^^^ 



iraJl^ ^Sj^l ^^v:: ^gpl ^^^: 





I #>'i^ 

^1 # • ®» 



•f^-* K*^ 

^S^> ^&ii ^^^j 
^^' <^^^^ ^Bj 


hJS, CP*£|: I^s €^ 

m^^^i ^-jpi ^,jm, ^^.....^ 
^^jm. %S^^ C?^j ^^ 

" '-^i' «^^^' ^Tj ^^^ 

■ j^WnT^^ I ^^^H: I ^^^J,; ^^^B 

d;^! :fHS| C^;S €!^ 

^£|! ^^^: 





^ljji C^; C^I #^' 

^3S' ^^' <5^' i^ 

^^■^ ^^1 o^? ^^ 

e^? ©f i i^i fe^ '«^i ©^. rf 


feg, tr3: (J%^^ f??3- €^'^S 
^^5 C^ - ^^ C^ : Cai^ 

€^ ^ ^3' ^J' ^3: g^ 
^^! ^^i ^S- ^S> g^ 


C^!^3' C5^3 

"''■'• "mitkm^. 


* M 


ZjG t3u 1 3Xi 

The National fraternity, Zeta Tau Alpha, was founded 
almost 100 years ago at Longwood College in Farmville. 
Virginia. Since that time, thousands of women from all over 
the country and all walks of life have found friendship, 
leadership, and pride in their association with ZTA. Zeta 
Tau Alpha began its tradition of excellence on the Mis- 
sissippi State University campus on April 19, 1940. Zetas 
have begun many traditions through the years here at Mis- 
sissippi State such as building the first sorority house on 
campus, starting the MSU Pom Squad, and developing the 
MSU Roadmnner program. In addition to involvement in 
every aspect of campus life, Zetas are involved in several 
services to the community. Zetas are bound to each other by 
a strong love for their fraternity and its ideals. Membership 
in Zeta Tau Alpha offers the support needed to attain goals, 
as well as the opportunity to form precious friendships. 
Friendships made in Zeta Tau Alpha are ones that will last a 

All photos submitted, 

/•< ••••.! '^ 

y:f:;::;-":;:; ■•:::; 


^ I 

&l €9: ^1 <^! #' ' 



«^'#M •*»ft 













- < 





/Ml^< ^!<l%i ^i^: 














Tippi Harding 
Chameka Amerson 

278 People 

People 279 


Rob Abbay, Walls 

Azlifawati Abdul Wahah, Malaysia 

Robert Abney, Tyler, TX 

Jennifer Adams, Carthage 

Debo Adebiyi, Starkville 

Bryant Adkins, Memphis, TN 

Syed Ahmad, Malaysia 

Christy Albright, Buckhead, GA 

Michael Albritton, Jackson 

Rodney Alexander, Tishomingo 

Susan Alford, Mathiston 

Bonnie Allen, Ocean Springs 

James Allen, Bentonia 

Lynwood Allen, Salem, VA 

Vincen Allen, Purvis 

Kalicia Alpe, Starkville 

Jennifer Altese, Diamondhead 

Craig Anderson, Hattiesburg 

Jody Anderson, Randolph 

Sonja Anderson, Lexington 

Bobby Anyan, Starkville 

Brad Arrington, Vancleave 

Iswalah Arshad, Starkville 

Raphiell Ashford, Kosciusko 

Alisa Askew, West Point 

Anthony Bailey, Oxford 

Jay Bailey, Clinton 

280 Seniors 

Chuck Baker, Memphis, TN 
Angela Baldwin, Weir 
Fredrick Ballard, Leland 
Rachel Ballard, Ethel 
Valerie Ballard, Ethel 

Igor Banjac, Quitman 

Blake Bankester, Alpharetta, GA 

James Barfield, White Bluff, TN 

Bonnie Barker, Madison 

Ann Barlow, MSU 

Jonathan Barlow, Carriere 
Cedric Barnes, Columbia 
Gregory Barnes, Rienzi 
Joseph A. Barnes, Ocean Springs 
Michael Barnes, Ocean Springs 

jeriAnn Basden, Starkville 
David Batarseh, Meridian 
Susan Batten, Worthington, OH 
Thomas Baugh, Hollandale 
Arthur Jack Bayes, Jr., Laurel 

Kenneth Bean, Lawrenceville, GA 
Erin Beasley, Long Beach 
Rosanna Beck, Ruston, LA 
Joe Beeson, Jr., Brookhaven 
Jennifer Bell, Fayette, AL 

Carlos Beltran, La Paz, Bolivia 

Jennifer Bennett, Walnut 

Sherre Benson, Corinth 

Tracy Benway, Fernandina Beach, FL 

Stephanie Berry, Libby, MT 

Paul Betbeze, Chattanooga, TN 
Pat Bethea, Jackson 
James Bicker, Raymond 
Kidada Bivens, Hattiesburg 
Brian Black, Tupelo 

Seniors 281 

Letha Black, West Point 

Leigh Blackwell, Gulfport 

Sarah Blackwell, Tavlorsville 

Joseph Blakeney, Taylorsville 

Bunvon Blalock, Jr., Decatur 

Annette Blanden, Columbia 

Kevin Blankenship, Orange Park, FL 

Paul Blankenship, West Point 

Vicki Blanton, Starkville 

Louis Bluhm, Starkville 

Jennifer Boatman, Okolona 

Brecca Boden, Birmingham, AL 

Annette Bolton, Jackson 

Kevin Bonds, Boxie 

Greg Boone, Laurel 

Robin Booth, Birmmgham, AL 
Michelle Borst, El Dorado, AR 

Karen Bostick, Starkville 
Ana Boswell, Jackson 

Angie Boutwell, Eupora 

Chris Bowers, Columbus 

Linda Bowling, Jackson 

Davin Boyd, Bay Springs 

Leah Boyd, Starkville 

Michael Braband, Jackson 

Shea Brewer, Meridian 

Janet Bridges, Braxton 

Melanie Bridges, Stewart 

Byron Brister, Ackerman 

Megan Britt, Starkville 

Millard Brock, Carthage 

Robert Brock, Caledonia 

Joel Brooks, Ellisville 

Marc Broome, Bassfield 

Alison Brown, West Point 

282 Seniors 

Jason Brown, Lucedale 
LaRaye Brown, Kosciusko 
Trevonda Brown, Columbus 
Adam Browne, Jackson 
David Brumbelow, Starkville 

John C. Brunt, Kosciusko 
Amanda Bryant, Starkville 
Ivan Bryant, Amory 
Rebecca Bryant, Annandale, VA 
Jillian Buckingham, Ithaca, NY 

Catina Buckley, Kosciusko 
Joe Burch, Hattiesburg 
Thomas Burgess, Clinton 
Christa Burkhardt, Pickens 
Vonda Burleson, Jackson 

Claudia Byrd, Ripley 
Marsha Cail, Shaw 
Ashley Cain, Starkville 
David Cain, Starkville 
Keith Cain, Vaiden 

Ricky E. Caldwell, Starkville 
Holly Callaghan, Birmingham, AL 
Faison Campbell, Greenville 
Teresa Campbell, Mathison 
Casey Carpenter, Brandon 



5» - 

\ ' 





Reid Carpenter, Starkville 
Ty Carr, Yazoo City 
Jon Carter, Starkville 
Michelle Carter, Amory 
Saroy Carter, Meridian 

David Carver, Bay St. Louis 
Jackie Woods Carver, Bay St. Louis 
Newt Carver, Ruleville 
Garland Gary, Vicksburg 
Whitney Casey, Vardaman 

Seniors 283 

Kellv Castleberrv, Collierville, TN 

Royal Catchings, Jackson 

Leticia Causey, Clinton 

Sarah Chambers, Chattanooga, TN 

Byron Chancellor, Ellisville 

Brad Chandler, Canton 

Peter Chang, Starkville 

John Chappelear, Madison 

Stephanie Charm, Sallis 

David Cheatham, Louisville 

Jamie Chustz, Jackson 

Julie Clark, Columbus 

Kimberly Clark, Jackson 

Shawn Clark, Calhoun City 

Suzanne Clark, Gulfport 

Kellie Clayton, Oswego, IL 

Laura Clayton, DeValls Bluff, AR 

Nathan Scott Clements, Little Rock, 


Cory Cleveland, Decatur 

Johnny Clevland, Ocean Springs 

Rebecca Coffey, Starkville 

Lisa Cole, Canton 

Terri Cole, Gulfport 

Lanessa Coleman, Starkville 

Mary Coleman, Canton 

Mary Kathryn Coleman, Greenville 

Colin Barid, Clinton 

Sharon Collier, Starkville 

Terri Columbus, Starkville 

Tina Condello, Rocky Face, GA 

Armondo Conley, Grenada 

William Conquest, Columbus 

David Cook, Utica 

Ricky Cook, Philadelphia 

Chad Cooper, Amory 

284 Seniors 

Scott Cooper, Sumrall 

Colby Coppage, Braggadoria, MO 

Lorie Cornelius, Starkville 

Matt Cornelius, Columbus , 

Wayne Cospelich, Jr., Gulfport 

Bobby Cossey, Corinth 
Jason Cotton, Merigold 
Angle Covington, Columbus 
Aretha Cox, West Point 
Brian M. Cox, West Point 

Jonathan Cox, Baldwyn 
LaQuita Cox, Laurel 
Walter Cox, Aiken, SC 
Michelle Kristen Craft, Louisville 
LauriPaige Craig, Brookhaven 

Charlton Crawford, Columbus 
David Crawford, Woodland 
Laura Creekmore, Starkville 
Travis Creel, Columbus 
Wendy Creel, Bentonia 

Mark Crigler, Columbus 
Monica Crosby, Aberdeen 
Molly Crow, Booneville 
Jamie Crutcher, Hamilton 
J.C. Cuadra, Vicksburg 

Helen Culpepper, Maben 
Ramsey Cumbest, Clinton 
Sandra Cummings, Biloxi 
Stacey Curry, Houston 
Dena Cutshall, luka 

Laurie Dabbs, Madison 
Haley Darnell, Okolona 
Atwell Daves, Columbus 
Amy Davidson, Memphis 
Daphne Davies, Louisville 

Seniors 285 

Deshannon Davis, Meridian 

Detra Davis, Mound Bayou 

Dorothv Davis, Diberville 

Emily Davis, Birmingham, AL 

James Davis, Murray, KY 

Mary David, Houlka 

Micheal Davis, Collierville, TN 

Paul Davis, Diberville 

Stephanie Davis, Smithville 

Zaffra Davis, Starkville 

Piper Dawson, Clinton 

Alison Dean, Greenville 

Brian DeHuff, Brookhaven 

Jarrod Dempsey, Louisville 

David Dennis, Jackson 

Adrian Dent, Vicksburg 

Valentino DeVellis, Flora 

Craig D'Arcy, Atlanta, GA 

Erin Dickerson, Greenville 

Chris Dickinson, Marietta, GA 

Amy Dobbs, Calhoun City 

Conrad Dobbs, Starkville 

Stephanie Dodd, Mathiston 

Thomas Dodd, Starkville 

Samuel Douglas, Columbus 

Amber Drake, Gulfport 

Barbara Drungole, Starkville 

Richard Dulaney, Louisville 

Theresa Dumas, Eupora 

Marcus Dunlap Mathiston 

Kristen Dykes, Middleburg, PL 

George Eaglu, Meridian 

Darrell Easley, Columbus 

Joel Easley, Starkville 

Shayne Easterling, Aberdeen 

F/ '^■r *JK^ ' 

— ^^ 

* 1 - 





286 Seniors 

Shannon Edmondson, Dennis 
Tywanda Egerson, Water Valley 
Euronda Eichelberger, Louisville 
Angela Eldridge, DeKalb 
Mike EUedge, Booneville 

Pauline Elliott, West Point 
Betsy Ellis, Memphis, TN 
Eric Elwell, Hillsboro, OH 
David Emmons, Starkville 
Robert Engler, Westerville, OH 

Todd English, Booneville 
Patricia Enoch, Fulton 
Robin Eubanks, Waynesboro 
Andrea Evans, Clinton 
Joe Evans, Starkville 

Torwye Evans, Belzoni 

Angela Ewing, Prairie 

Rita Ezell, Mantachie 

Ramona Fairchild, Baton Rouge, LA 

Coy Farley, Maben 

Kimberly Farrar, Saltillo 

Suzanna Farrell, Jackson 

Doug Ferguson, Cleveland 

Mattew Ferguson, Elizabethtown, KY 

Kendra Ferrell, West Point 

Chad Files, Golden 
Paul Fioranelli, Brandon 
Alison Fletcher, Vicksburg 
Latrina Floyd, Columbus 
Wade Fogarty, CoUierville, TN 

Sau-Fun Foong, MSU 
Bridgette Ford, Jackson, TN 
Stephen Ford, Newton 
Patsy Ann Forester, Haleyville, AL 
Jay Fortenberry, Union 

Seniors 287 

Kristie Fortenberrs', Ridgeland 

Micheal Fortner, Starkville 

Paige Foster, Columbus 

Bradley Fowler, Noblesville, IN 

Frederick Frank, Starkville 

Anthony Freeman, Birmingham, AL 

Anna Freibert, Jackson 

Mary Susan Freibert, Brandon 

Chuck Frye, Pascagoula 

Tomomi Fujita, Japan 

Kevin Fuller, Moss Point 

Trace Furniss, Clarksdale 

William Gammill, Greenwood 

Leigh Gann, MSU 

Ryan Garcia, Starkville 

David Garden, Natchez 

Keith Gardner, Louin 

Armando Garma-Fernandez, 


Lori Garrick, Columbus 

Amanda Garriga, Ocean Springs 

Jason Gates, Olive Branch 

Lorenzo Gayden, Jackson 

Dodds Gentry, Artesia 

Tim Gentry, Hickory 

Eric George, Millry, AL 

Karl Gercens, Cruger 

Jennifer Gibson, West Point 

Jan Gilbreath, Hernando 

Greg Gillespie, Oxford 

Merry Gillespie, Houston 

Gregg Gilmer, Silver City 

Creacy Gladney, West Point 

Dan Glenn, Clinton 

Earl Glenn, Macon 

Micheal God, Huntsville, AL 

288 Seniors 




Marty Goff, Lucedale 
Gerry Coghlan, DeKalb 
Andrea Golden, Jackson 
Monique Gooden, Hickory 
Duane Gordon, Jackson 

Heather Gore, Tupelo 
Benny Goza, Houston 
Anneliese Graig, Starkville 
Ricky Grant, Gulfport 
James Grantham, Florence 

Angela Graves, Vicksburg 
Karen Graves, Columbus 
Stephanie Graves, Natchez 
David Gray, Starkville 
Mindy Gray, Germantown, TN 

Ashby Green, Knoxville, TN 
Jason Greene, Carthage 
Jon Griffin, Booneville 
McLane Griffin, Enterprise, AL 
Will Griffm, Water Valley 

Micheal Griffith, Jackson 
Jason Grisham, Ripley 
Apryile Guin, Guntown 
Stephanie Guin, Marietta 
Deleslyn Gunn, Winona 

Nikki Gunter, Louisville 
James Guy, Tallahasse, FL 
Jon Haik, Crystal Springs 
Susan Hale, Ocean Springs 
Terry Halmark, Nettleton 

Roseanne Hamby, Stewart 
Jennifer Hamm, Corinth 
Jennifer Hammond, Starkville 
Jermiah Hammond, Starkville 
Calvin Hampton, Louisville 

Seniors 289 

Claudia Hampton, Winona 

Jason Hannah, Forest 

Lajennifer Harbin, Winona 

Montie Harda\va\', Meridian 

Darrell Hardee, Quitman 

Rhonda Harden, Golden 

Michelle Hardv, Jackson 

Edward Harmond, Columbus 

Jason Harner, Long Beach 

Rachel Harper, Vardaman 

Dana Harrick, Lynchburg, FL 

Ches Hams, Chelsea, AL 

Micheal Harris, Starkville 

Servantes Harris, Aberdeen 

Heather Harrison, Tupelo 

J.D. Harrison, Vicksburg 

Jennifer Hart, Meridian 

Terry Hartfield, Gulfport 

Jennifer Hartwell, Memphis, TN 

Hasnita Hashim, Starkville 

Christopher Haug, MSU 

Christopher Hawkins, Gore Springs 

Regina Haynes, Blue Mountian 

Amy Hazelgrove, Olive Branch 

Stephen Heard, Pearl 

Jared Heath, McCrory, AR 

Christopher Heimann, Meridian 

Jemmye Ann Helms, Mathiston 

Ashley Henderson, Jackson 

Lisa Henderson, Weir 

Boon-Kiat Heng, Malaysia 
Carman Henley, Yazoo City 

Joe Henry, Dyersburg, TN 
Katye Hinshaw, West Point 

Amanda Herren, Madison 

290 Seniors 

Pat Herring, Winona 
Eric Hester, Russellville, AL 
Mary Ann Hester, Caledonia 
Christopher Hill, West 
Amy Hilliard, Clinton 

Carley Hinchey, Tupelo 
Chris Hines, Jackson 
Micheal Hinton, Corinth 
Melanie Hintz, Collins 
Eric Hogan, Jackson 

Melissa Holcomb, Southaven 
Sherri Holcomb, Fulton 
Brett Holden, Columbus 
Shannon Holderfield, Dallas, TX 
Kim Holley, Fulton 

Karen HoUiday, Aberdeen 
Amy Holliman, Columbus 
Lisa HoUingsworth, Tishomingo 
Eric Holloman, Quitman 
James Holloway, Prentiss 

Lori Holloway, Silver Creek 
William Holyfield, Corinth 
Cowen Kok-Hon Hoo, Malaysia 
Amy Hood, Eupora 
Stacey Hood, Pearl 

Renae Hooper, Maben 
Tanner Hopkins, Corinth 
Zanetta Horton, Jackson 
David Houston, Jackson 
James Houts, Pleasant Grove, AL 

Alison Howard, Ellisville 
Amy Howe, Winona 
Henry Howell, Jackson 
James Hoye, Decatur 
Shun-hsuan Hsu, Taiwan 

291 Seniors 

Mvles Hudson, Hattiesburg 

Jeremy Huggins, Memphis, TN 

Natasha Hughes, Tylertown 

Amanda Nurd, Monroe, LA 

Bill Hurdin, Brandon 

Tiffan\' Hutcherson, Columbus 

Sonva Hutchison, Sallis 

Jeffrey Ingram, Madison 

Caroline Irons, Vicksburg 

Stephen Ishee, Laurel 

Alidia Jackson, Louisville 

Brian Jackson, Cleveland 

Celia Jackson, Nettleton 

Joseph Jackson, Golden 

Malcolm Jackson, Blue Springs 

Micheal James, Columbus 

Ramondo James, Starkville 

Brian Jeanes, Ashland 

Joshua Jeffcoat, McComb 

Paul Jeffres, Fayetteville, TN 

Catherine Jehle, Macedor, NY 

Bobby Jenkins, Carthage 

Kim Jenkins, Tupelo 

Wiley Jenkins, Sumner 

Phileym Jeon, South Korea 

Rachael Jocob, Clarksdale 

Amy Johnson, Forest 

Andrew Johnson, Chattanooga, TN 

Christie Johnson, New Site 

David Johnson, MSU 

Glenn Johnson, Meridian 

Kizmet Johnson, Starkville 

Lisa Johnson, Montgomery, AL 

Shelia Johnson, Winona 

Tameka Johnson, Cruger 

292 Seniors 

Stacey Johnston, Ripley 
Greg Jolly, Houston 
Allison Jones, Columbus 
Brian Jones, Jackson 
Derek Jones, Aurora, CO 

Lisa Jones, Corinth 
Pamula Jones, Starkville 
Phyllis Jones, Macon 
Phyllis Jones, Macon 
Kimberly Journeay, Leland 

Lonzola Joy, Starkville 
Theresa Judon, Philadelphia 
Stephanie Jue, MSU 
Kevin Jolly, Sherman 
Johnathan Kelly, Magee 

Liza Kemp, Columbus 
Helen Ruth Kennard, Starkville 
Christopher Ketchum, Yazoo City 
Victoria Khamarito, Russia 
Josette Khoo, Malaysia 

Amber Kidd, Starkville 
Karen Killough, Randolph 
Charlotte, King, Tupelo 
David King, Bradenton, FL 
Leslie Kisner, Oxford 

Andrew Knedlik, Starkville 
Debra Knight, Bellefontaine 
Jeff Knight, Collinsville 
Beth Knowlton, Memphis, TN 
Melissa Korte, Paducah, KY 

Crystal Kowalski, Ridgeland 
Milicent Kuhn, Jackson 
Alex Kuykendell, Belmont 
Sylenda Lacy, HickoryFlat 
Breck Ladd, Monticello 

Seniors 293 

Gregory Lake, Manchester, Jamaica 

Nyok-Heong Lam, Subang Java, 


Wei-Sur Lam, Makiysia 

Reid Lamberson, Murfreesboro 

David Land, Hattiesburg 

Leah Langley, Yazoo City 

Carva Latino, Franklin, TN 

Chee-Keong Lau, Starkville 

Keith Leckenby, Chattanooga, TN 

Choong Hon Lee, West Malaysia 

Clark Lee, Jackson 

Gina Lee, Tylertown 

Yvonne Lee, Magee 

Angela Lewis, Kosciusko 

Ashley Lewis, Rose Hill 

Melissa Lewis, Eupora 

Pei-Hua Li, Malaysia 

Khoon-Huee Lim, Starkville 

Chin-Kuan Lim, Starkville 

Sieu-Mooi, Lim 

Wee-Kuan Lim, Malaysia 

Kevin Locke, Meridian 

Michael Loden, Plantersville 

Joseph Loi, Starkville 

Ginnette Lolli, Starkville 

Brian Long, Carthage 

James Long, Cruger 

John Long, Sturgis 

Nicole Long, Macon 

Tara Long, MSU 

Michael Lopez, Gulfport 

Courtney Lott, Eupora 

Danielle Louys, Brandon 

Allison Lovell, Rienzi 

Andrew Low, Malaysia 

r> ^^. 

("^ % 









294 Seniors 

Jacqueline Lowe, Caledonia 
Gordon Lowery, New Albany 
Regina Lowery, West 
Chad Lundeen, Jackson 
Yolanda Lunford, Cleveland 

Joseph Lyons, Palm Harbor, FL 
Brandi Maddox, Pineville, LA 
Jennifer Magee, Tylertown 
Jennifer Mahaffey, Brandon 
Bubba Mahne, Lacombe 

Linda Mak, Brandon 
Stephany Malone, Columbus 
Ginger Mangum, Hazlehurst 
Jason Mangum, Decatur 
Robin Mangum, Brandon 

Sherry Mann, Mathiston 

Allen Marett, Amory 

Jeff Markham, Greenwood Springs 

Rebecca Marshall, Philadelphia 

Marc Martin, Brandon 

Benjamin Martin, Columbus 
Robert Marrin, McComb 
Wendi Martin, Jackson 
Whitney Marx, Hazlehurst 
Paul Marzullo, Marietta, GA 

Jason Mason, Lucedale 
Sandy Mason, Bolton 
Michelle Massad, Clinton 
Christopher Matens, Jackson 
Daniel Mathis, Corinth 

Luke Mathis, Walnut 
Rachaelle Mathis, Starkville 
Shannon Mathis, Oxford 
John Matthews, Columbus 
Jennifer Maxey, Clinton 

Seniors 295 

Jennifer Mayo, Pearl 

William McCaleb, Clinton 

Misty McCarter, Corinth 

Craig McCleery, Pascagoula 

Teresa McCarver, Thaxton 

Edward McCleese, Vicksburg 

Laura McCoy, Shubuta 

Tammy McCoy, Beulah 

Lee McCoy, Jr., Brandon 

John McCullough, Louisville 

LaShern McEwen, Oxford 

Greg McGarrity, Sebastopol 

Suzy McCarth, Tupelo 

Brant McGill, Winchester 

David Mcllwain, Meridian 

Felicia Mcjunkins, Oxford 

Jonathan McKee, Cherokee, AL 

Stacy McKee, Walnut 

Lane McKinney, West Point 

Shannon McKissack, Columbus 

Lora McMillan, Waynesboro 

Tonya McNeal, Greenville 

Jimmy McPherson, MSU 

Jeffrey McRae, Brandon 

Patrick McRae, Bay Springs 

Philip McRae, Bay Springs 

Aniza Md. Noor, Malaysia 

Yusnita Md-Yusof, Starkville 

Kenneth Means, Picayune 

Crystal Medders, Pearl 

Jared Mellinger, Perkinston 

Emily Melton, Jackson 

Shawn Merry, Starkville 

Alie Metcalfe, Houston 

Scott Michels, Oswego 

296 Seniors 

Nikki Middleton, Louisville 
Johnson Mike, Corinth 
Candace Miles, Fulton 
Brooks Miller, Hazlehurst 
Erka Miller, Columbus 

lohn Miller, Jackson 
Lee Miller, Vina, AL 
Lynn Miller, Quitman 
Ben Milligan, Jackson 
Scott Mills, Natchez 

Cynthia Milons, Starkville 
Michelle Minga, Shannon 
Corey Moffett, Smithville 
Casey Montague, Pearl 
Chiquita Montgomery, Belden 

Jay Montgomery, Pearl 
Robert Montgomery, Olive Branch 
David Mooney, Vicksburg 
Jilleen Moore, Tishomingo 
Jonathan Moore, Olive Branch 

Laura Moore, Murfreesboro, TN 
Michele Moore, Shellville, GA 
Patrick Moore, Gulfport 
Shellie Moore, Rienzi 
Steven Moore, Brookhaven 

Tyson Moore, Coffeeville 
Deborah Morgan, Decatur 
Josh Morgan, Bruce 
Mark Morgan, Jackson 
Shad Morgan, Apopka, FL 

Yvette Morris, Terry 
Falana Morrison, Corinth 
Jenna Morrison, Florene, AL 
Carolyn Moyer, Minneapolis, MN 
Antree Mundy, New Albany 

Seniors 297 

Chris Murph\', Boone\'ille 

Melanie Murph\', Starkville 

Taffi Murray, Winona 

Tara Musumecci, High Bridge, NJ 

Steve Muzzi, Indianola 

Mary Ann Myers, Forest 

Rebecca Myers, Sidon 

Bob Naron, Cleveland 

Lisa Nebeker, Starkville 

Darlon Necaise, Pass Christian 

Robert Neiper, Ocean Springs 

Bryan Nesbit, Jackson 

Wee-Siang NG, Malaysia 

Eric Nguyen, Starkville 

Lenny Nitcavic, Biloxi 

Kellye Nolen, Starkville 

Kim Norman, Newton 

Daniel Norris, Ashland 

Stan Norwood, Laurel 

Michael Odom, Burnsville 

Sian-Hooi Ooi, Malaysia 

Rebbecca Ornelas, Madison 

Howard Ornsbey, Kosciusko 

Brandon Owen, Newbern, TN 

Monty Owens, Walnut 

Elizabeth Owings, MSU 

Joseph Palmer, Eupora 

Wai Pang, Hong Kong 

Kristen Parker, Bay Springs 

Jason Parkes, Sturgis 

Hitesh Patel, India 

Mital Patel, Starkville 

Johnny Patterson, Ackerman 

Jeff Patton, Gulfport 

Kristin Pazian, Jackson 



298 Seniors 

Jennifer Pearson, Amory 

Eric Peden, Clinton 

Michelle Pedroli, Germantown, TN 

Lewis Peeples, Houston 

James Peoples, Walnut Grove 

Suzanne Perez, Rivervale, NJ 
Brian Perkins, Clinton 
Christopher Perry, Birmingham, AL 
Mark Person, Water Valley 
Anna Peters, Hattieburg 

Gregory Peters, Gulfport 
Karl Peterson, Memphis 
Mary Peterson, Starkville 
Catherine Petty, Grenada 
Sharon Phillips, Olive Branch 

Amy Phinazee, Gulfport 
Lashandra Pickens, Houston 
Curtis Pitts, Saltillo 
Wanda Plunk, Starkville 
Candy Plunkett, West Point 

Amy Pohlman, Jackson 
Cynthia Polk, Tunica 
Jason Pollan, Pearl 
Johnny Pope, Starkville 
Daniel Popham, Huntsville, AL 

Dale Popichak, Carrolton 
Karen Porter, Calhoun City 
Myra Porter, Lexington 
Stan Prather, Ripley 
Angela Price, Kosciusko 

Randy Price, Pass Christian 
Theolyn Price, Goodwater, AL 
Jim Prillaman, Memphis, TN 
Shawn Pritchett, Starkville 
Zane Pucylowski, Clinton 

Seniors 299 

Brandy Purdy, DeVVitt, AR 

Shana Purvis, Jackson 

Tera Quails, Ruleville 

Bill Quinn, Jackson 

Wilson Ramos, Starkville 

Orlando Ratliff, Vicksburg 

Betty Lang Ravvlings, Starkville 

Denisia Redding, Starkville 

Beverly Reese, Starkville 

Dallas Reese, Columbus 

Matt Reeves, Oxford 

Shelli Reid, Columbia 

Robert Reynolds, Mathews, AL 

Willie Rhine, Starkville 

Jeffrey Richard, Covington, LA 

James Riddle, Brookhaven 

Michael Roach, Madison 

Michael Roberson, Hernando 

Brian Roberts, Brandon, FL 

Jonathan Roberts, Laurel 

Katherine Roberts, Starkville 

Kristen Roberts, Huntsville, AL 

Staci Roberts, Brandon, FL 

Dushon L. Orr, San Antonio, TX 

Greg Robertson, Foxworth 

Holly Robertson, Pass Christian 

Shannon Robertson, Ocean Springs 

Susan Robertson, Starkville 

Angela Robinson, Starkville 

Bruce Robinson, Ashland 

Nicchi Napier' Robinson, Starkville 

Willie Robinson, Columbus 

Robert Robison, Laurel 

Rochelle Frazier, Fernwood 

Gary Rodgers, Byhalia 

300 Seniors 

Marc Rolph, Jackson 
Jill Rooney, McCondy 
Holley Rose, Eupora 
Tammy Roseberry, Walnut 
Christopher Ross, Richton 

Lee Rouse, Hattiesburg 
Rita Rowe, Prairie 
Ashley Rowland, Corinth 
Charles Rowland, Booneville 
Denise Rupert, Macon 

Marcus Rushing, Columbus 
Robert Russell, Sumrall 
Jim Rutland, Birmingham, AL 
Jeffrey Ryals, Poplarville 
Shabih Sabzwari, Pakistan 

Deborah Salisburg, Miami, FL 
Robyn Sampson, Picayune 
Shelby Sanders, Senatobia 
Mark Sanderson, Columbus 
Emily Sandidge, Clinton 

Audra Sandifer, Sturgis 
Brad Sauerwein, Cleveland 
Floreline Sawyer, Kilmichael 
Jason Sawyer, Rienzi 
John Scarbrough, Jackson 

Chris Schuicht, Biloxi 

David Schultz, Laurel 

John Schwarzmann, Millersville, MD 

Kirk Scoggins, Florence 

Carrie Scott, Nettleton 

Trace Scrivner, Indianola 
Chad Seabrook, Ridgeland 
Chin-Shin Seah, Starkville 
Payne Seal, Picayune 
Susana Seaton, Long Beach 

Seniors 301 

Jennifer Sellers, Corinth 

Cariss Selph, Flora 

Ken Sensenev, Biloxi 

Crystal Senter, Fulton 

Teng-Chai Seo, Malaysia 

Thomas Sester, Vicksburg 

Todd Setliff, Starkville 

Erin Sewell, Starkville 

Marvin Sevmour, Ocean Springs 

Heath Shackleford, Coldwater 

Donald Sharer, Grand Bay, AL 

Will Sharp, Newton 

Billie Sheffield, Meridian 

Al Sheldon, MSU 

April Shelton, Riplev 

Becky Shepard, Alpharetta, GA 

Christopher Sherman, Laurel 

John Shillingsburg, Starkville 

Brian Shirley, Corinth 

Trey Shoup, Ashland 

Scott Shows, Gulfport 
Chris Shurden, Starkville 

James Sikes, Starkville 
Michael Simmerman, Sardis 
William Simmons, Starkville 


Cindy Simpson, Columbus 

Samuel Simpson, Pass Christian 

Hester Sims, Jackson 

Jennifer Sinclair, Starkville 

Julie Skinner, luka 

Tammy Slade, Pearl 

Jon Slayton, Columbus 

Jennifer Slentz, Caruthersville, MO 

April Smith, Columbus 

Bradley Smith, Starkville 

302 Seniors 

Clinton Smith, Aberdeen 
Dawn Smith, Eupora 
James Smith, Carrollton 
Janet Smith, Long Beach 
Jeff Smith, Long Beach 

Jimmy Smith, Grenada 
Joy Smith, Columbus 
Kelli Smith, West Point 
Kyle Smith, Decatur 
Mark Smith, Purvis 

Michael Smith, Tupelo 
Monikanina Smith, Meridian 
Rob Smith, DeKalb 
Smitty Smith, Holly Springs 
Susan Smith, Starkville 

Suzanne Smith, Decatur 
Wendy Smith, Mathiston 
Terry Sowell, Meridian 
Michael Sowers, Starkville 
Roshelle Sparkman, Carthage 

Benjie Spence, Demopolis, AL 
Rhonda Spiess, Bay St. Louis 
Patrick Spiller, Winfield, AL 
Jennifer Springer, Starkville 
Alison Stamps, Long Beach 

Daryl Starling, Canton 

Jeremy Steadman, Moulton, AL 

Tara Stegall, Starkville 

Geoff Stephens, Winthrop Harbor, 


Melodye Stephens, Eupora 

Calandra Stephenson, Columbus 
Charles Sterling, McComb 
Chris Stevens, Woodland 
Rejanah Steward, Lorman 
Adrienne Stewart, Gulfport 

Seniors 303 

Chad Stewart, Pelahatchie 

Margaret Stewart, Stevenson, AL 

Criag Stingel, Picayune 

Brian Stockton, Meadville 

Victoria Stogner, McComh 

Charlie Stokes, Louisville 

Mary Stovall, Vaiden 

Barrv Street, Ridgeland 

Gregory Stringfellow, Lucedale 

Ryan Strong, Decatur 

Tina Strong, Vicksburg 

Denise Stroud, Tylertown 

Troy Strudivant, Brandon 

Tammy Stutsy, Pontotoc 

Jennifer Sullivan, Decatur 

Allan Summerlin, Canton 

Chandra Summerville, Cloumbus 

Danny Sumrall, Pascagoula 

Sobia Syed, Starkville 

Demetria Sykes, Tupelo 

Eric Talley Cormth 

Chuni Heony Tan, Starkville 

LaShmda Tate, Holly Bluff 

Natasha Tate, Jackson 

Twisha Tate, Macon 

Christopher Taylor, Shubuta 

Courtney Taylor, Meridian 

Jennifer Taylor, Birmingham, AL 

Kevin Taylor, Searly, AR 

Richard Taylor, Booneville 

Sean Taylor, Atoka, TN 

Susan Taylor, Forest 

Suzanne Taylor, Ripley 

Veronica Taylor, Winona 

William Teague, Mathiston 

304 Seniors 

James Tedfore, Starkville 
Georgia Thomas, Jackson 
Jason Thomas, Greenville, AL 
Polly Thomason, Southaven 
Chris Thompson, Titusville, FL 

Greg Thomas, Laurel 
Markeda Thornton, Greenville 
Matthew Thornton, Vaiden 
KieuAnn Tran, Pass Christian 
Ted Tice, Corinth 

Christy Timbes, Corinth 
Brandi Timms, Golden 
Holly Tipton, Pheba 
Boon Toe, Bartlett, IL 
Todd Traicoff, Hernando 

Soang Tran, Starkville 
Bryan Trimble, Corinth 
Jim Trimble, Hamilton 
Danny Trotter, Batesville 
Travis Trusell, Vicksburg 

Verna Truss, Kosciusko 
Wilson Turner, Soso 
Chris Turnipseed, Grenada 
Arthur Underwood, Nettleton 
Melinda Underwood, Starkville 

Christopher Upton, EUisville 
Eric Van Iderstine, Starkville 
Mandy Vance, Corinth 
Mary Brooke Vance, Batesville 
Lisa Vanderford, Kosciusko 

Steve Vaughn, Water Valley 
Vanessa Vaughn, Amory 
Jackie Veazey, Forest 
Matthew Verucchi, Natchez 
Melanie Wages, Tupelo 

Seniors 305 

Kyle Wagner, Olive Branch 

Kevin Waldrop, Randolph 

Andrea Walker, Aberdeen 

Bill Walker, Marks 

Willian\ Walker, Pheba 

Casey Wallace, Mendenhall 

Jennifer Wallace, Wesson 

Sala Walls, Greensboro, NC 

Danielle Walters, Port Gibson 

Travis Wampler, Starkville 

Alicia Ware, Lexington 

Bill Warren, Terry 

Trad Washington, Rolling Fork 

April Watkins, Corinth 

Sara Watson, Union 

Shawn Weaver, New Site 

Elizabeth Webb, Amory 

Tracey Webb, Belden 

Jason Weeks, Meridian 

Victoria Weeks, Starkville 

David Weir, Oliver Springs, TN 

Kerry Welch, Starkville 

Rob Welch, Starkville 

Christopher Weldon, Kosciusko 
Dwonda Wells, Jackson 

Gina Wells, Philadelphia 

Michael Wells, Hattiesburg 

Selina Wells, Biloxi 

Gregory West, Edwardsville, IL 

Lewis West, Gautier 

Michele West, Potts Camp 

Timothy West, Edwardsville, IL 

Tim Westbrook, Gray, LA 

Gregg Wheat, Poplarville 

Keith Whitaker, Amory 

306 Seniors 

Demetrius White, Coldwater 
George White, Tupelo 
LaShawn White, Cleveland 
Lynn White, Wesson 
Romona White, Cleveland 

Camille Whitehead, Shannon 
Jennifer Whitehead, Vicksburg 
Karin Whitehead, Aurora, CO 
Mark Whitehead, Starkville 
Aprile Whitfield, Louisville 

Susan Whitt, Mathiston 
Kimberly Whitten, Clinton 
Joe Whittington, Hazlehurst 
Robert Whittington, McLain 
Khristina Wickersham, Canton 

Bridgette Williams, Jackson 
Christopher Williams, Kosciusko 
Clayton Williams, Ocean Springs 
Gina Williams, Gulfport 
Scotty Williams, Magnolia 

Shelia Williams, Cedar Bluff 
Matthew Wilson, Forest 
Matthew Windham, Louin 
Christy Winstead, Pascagoula 
Brad Witt, Belmont 

Perisco Wofford, Woodland 
Wai Wong, Starkville 
Scott Wood, Collierville, TN 
Bretha Woodard, Tunica 
Brian Woodruff, Memphis, TN 

Lacey Woodruff, Batesville 
Lucretia Woods, Coila 
Derek Wooley, Fort Worth, TX 
Frannette Wortham, Coldwater 
Jeanette Wright, Eupora 

Seniors 307 

Jonathan Wright, Wesson 

Julie Wright, Burnsville 

Sam Wright, West 

Stephen Wright, Cullman, AL 

Michael Yakstis, Laurel 

Eng-Teck Yeo, Malaysia 

Tim Yielding, Natchez 

Jacqueline Young, Kilmichael 

Mahanis Yusof, Malaysia 

Eric Zmitrovich, Drifton, PA 

Photos by Garland Cary 

When the weather is nice, many classes 
(above, right) are held outside. 
The Gathering Park (above, left) is a po- 
pular place for studying. 

308 Seniors 



Breanna Adams, North Little Rock, 

onathan Adams, Smithville 
Rebecca Adams, Smithdale 

Roy Adkins, Bessemer, AL 
Shelley Alford, Jackson 
Catherine Allen, Jackson 
Heather Alley, Southside, AL 

Sarah Alvers, Evansville, IN 

Justin Anders, Meridian 

J. Michael Anderson, Satellite Beach, 


Michael Allen Anderson, Echola, AL 

David Andrews, Meridian 

Maria Andrews, Columbus 
Jason Armstrong, Starkville 
Gretchen Arnold, Corinth 
Jennifer Atkins, Corinth 
Andy Atkinson, Weir 

Kimberly Aviles, Byhalia 
Essie Austin, Eupora 
Brian Averett, Vicksburg 
Azure Avery, Starkville 
Susan Aycock, Jackson 

Cristina Badea, Chicago, IL 
Laura Bailey, Winona 
Brad Baird, Houston 
Kim Baker, Southaven 
Hugh Ballard, Kosciusko 

Juniors 309 

Michelle Ballard, Baton Rouge, LA 

Vickie Barber, Booneville 

Michelle Barlow, Clinton 

Brandon Barnes, Starkville 

Cherrv Barnes, Forest 

Sean Barnes, Prentiss 

Sharon Barnes, Southaven 

Jennifer Barrett, Columbus 

Jennifer Barron, Starkville 

Danita Barry, Columbus 

Eric Barta, Gulfport 

Angela Barton, Starkville 

William Batchelder, Starkville 

Brandi Bass, Tupelo 

Emily Batson, Wiggins 

Bridgett Bean, Tupelo 

Lauren Beatty, Mobile, AL 

Bethany Beck, Ocean Springs 

Laura Beck, Florene, AL 

Emily Beidleman, Benton 

Missy Belcher, Houlka 

Cindy Bennett, Starkville 

Grant Bennett, Magnolia 

Richard Bennett, Houston 

Amy Bentley, Sallis 

Todd Benton, Meridian 

Robert Bergin, Osyka 

Andy Berry, Newhebron 

Jessica Berry, Braxton 

Derek Berryhill, Baton Rouge, LA 

Dani Bessey, West Point 

Mona Bhuta, Montgomery, AL 

Michael Bianca, Huntsville, AL 

Phillip Bickert, Starkville 

Susan Bingham, Brandon 


-■laiP" .-»l 

ms i 




310 Juniors 





™.-- *** 

'V^ '.,./ 

\wa m 

Danielle Birmingham, Brandon 
Brent Bishop, Brandon 
Robbie Bishop, Jackson 
Stacy Bishop, Waynesboro 
Patrick Black, Long Beach 

Sharon Blackwell, Houston 
Britte Blair, Shaw 
Gene Blakely, French Camp 
Barney Blakeney, Ocean Springs 
Staci Bolden, Dekalb 

Kevin Bolke, El Paso, TX 
Joseph Boone, Grenada 
Kathryn Booth, Brandon 
Karen Borries, Starkville 
Shelley Bostick, Tishomingo 

Connie Boutwell, Vienna, VA 
April Boyd, Greenville 
Shawn Boyd, Bartlett, TN 
Ronnie Brantley, Shreveport, LA 
Mandy Branton, Baton Rouge, LA 

Dana Brasher, Calhoun City 
John Bray, Pontotoc 
Kevin Breazeale, Starkville 
Amy Brewer, Starkville 
Gann Brewer, Senatobia 

Regina Brewer, Brooksville 
Angelle Brignac, Starkville 
Dana Brooks, Clarksdale 
James Brooks, Tulsa, OK 
Jason Brown, Pontotoc 

Tim Browning, Ethelsville, AL 
Jason Brownlee, Cordova, TN 
Stephanie Brumfield, Meridian 
Richard Bryant, Starkville 
Paul Buford, Brookhaven 

Juniors 311 

Cherie Buisson, Largo, FL 

Angle Bullock, Falkner 

Donny Burge, Ellisville 

Katy Burke, Jackson 

Amanda Burney, Crystal Springs 

Lezli Burt, Columbus 

Chris Byrd, Richton 

Sam Bvrd, Starkville 

Amanda Byrne, Memphis, TN 

Thomas Calhoun, Mendenhall 

Charity Calloway, Crystal Springs 

Velinda Calvert, West Point 

Lendon Campbell, Madison 

Tammy Cannon, Vardaman 

Stephanie Cantrell, Ethel 

Kisha Cardwell, Vardaman 
Dana Carpenter, Stonewall 
Ray Carpenter, Charleston 
Tommy Carroll, Poplarville 
Chris Carson, Corinth 

Marcela Cartagena, Morton 

Steven Carter, Vancleave 

Chuck Cartwright, Booneville 

Paige Cathey, Natchez 

Karen Chamberlain, Grenada 

Amanda Chambers, Bartlett, TN 

Leanne Chandler, Vernon, AL 

Beverly Chapman, Ripley 

Leigh Chapman, Canton 

Sara Chapman, Millington, TN 

Leigh Chau, Jackson 

Phoenix Chau, Jackson 

Cheechye Chean, Malaysia 

Lee Anne Chesteen, French Camp 

Michael Childs, APO, AE 

312 Juniors 



B 1 


^t., --f 

^g' ' " 

P' -«. 



Andrew Chiniche, Mobile, AL 
Carla Chrestman, Blue Springs 
Katrina Clardy, Starkville 
Maronda Clark, Vicksburg 
Robert Clark, Marietta, GA 

Tabitha Clark, Columbus 
Eric Clendenin, Warner Robius, GA 
Pristine Cochran, Bartlett, TN 
Mandy Cockrell, Nettleton 
Casey Coleman, Meridian 

Grant Collins, Corinth 
Stephanie Collins, Jackson 
Mann Conrad, Eupora 
Kristen Cook, Vicksburg 
Ginger Cooksey, Moselle 

Amy Cooper, Mathiston 
Heath Cooper, Philadelphia 
Patricia Cooper, Columbus 
Jeffrey Cornelius, Starkville 
Emily Courson, Pontotoc 

Richard Covington, Batesville 
Benenia Cox, West Point 
Christopher Cox, Radcliff, KY 
James Cox, Jackson 
Lyndsey Crabtree, Starkville 

Stephani Cranford, Jackson 
Stephanie Crockett, Meridian 
Shan Crumpton, Raleigh 
James Crutchfield, Lucedale 
Katie Cummings, Randolph, NJ 

Wendy Cunningham, Prairie 
Maggie Curry, Tupelo 
Kristy Dalme, Philadelphia 
Patricia Daniel, Jackson 
Kerri Dansby, Jackson 

Juniors 313 

Dennis Dauphin, Hamilton 

Felicia Davidson, West Point 

Elizabeth Davis, Smithville 

Ellen Davis, Fulton 

Michael Davis, Starkville 

Seth Davis, Calhoun City 

Pam Dawkins, Artesia 

John Dawson, Cleveland 

Clay Deacon, Memphis, TN 

Michelle Deaton, Amory 

Christy DeBcrry, Bossier City, LA 

Elizabeth Debo, Memphis, TN 

Rebecca Dees, Kilmichael 

Amy Dendy, West 

Driscoli Devaul, Jackson 

Jason Dickinson, Mantachie 

Johnny Divine, Canton 

Jenifer Dixon, Clinton 

Virginia Donald, Starkville 

Jermaine Dorris, Greenville 

Stephen Dorroh, Eupora 

Kenneth Douglas, Pascagoula 

Michele Drusell, Starkville 

Matt Duke, Collierville, TN 

David Dukeminier, Aberdeen 

BJ. Duncan, Greenville 

Suzanne Duncan, Abilene, TX 

Tish Duty, Memphis, TN 

Michelle Owen, Pickens 

Casey Dye, Ocean Springs 

Barry Dyess, Jackson 

Ashley Easley, Marrero 

Melissa Eaton, New Site 

Gary Edwards, Starkville 

Leonna Edwards, Mathiston 

^ ■■■■ w 

314 Juniors 

Ned Edwards, Poplarville 
Tammy Edwards, Mathiston 
Taneka Eichelberger, Louisville 
Corbin Ellis, Yazoo City 
Jeffrey Emerson, Meridian 

Sonja Erieg, Long Beach 
Bridgette Ervin, Lexington 
Amy Estess, Clarksdale 
Ronald Eubanks, Pontotoc 
Indya Everson, Corinth 

Jill Ewing, Yazoo City 

William Fairchild, Baton Rouge, LA 

Heather Falgares, Amherst, NH 

Randy Fanugao, Gulfport 

Scott Farmer, Meridian 

Imran Farooqi, Pakistan 
Mohammad Farooqi, Pakistan 
Robin Felder, Long Beach 
John Ferguson, Hickory 
Grand Fink, Piano, TX 

Christopher D. Fisher, Jackson 
Steven Flanagan, Raymond 
Stephen Flash, Pittsburgh, PA 
Dectric Fletcher, Goodman 
loana Focsa, Grenada 

Joyce Ford, Aberdeen 
Cindy Fox, Meridian 
Michael Francis, Ackerman 
Brandie Freed, Eupora 
Eric Fesh, Camden, AR 

Jalynn D. Frey, Lucedale 
Todd Gallagher, Vancleave 
Samuel Garner, Magnolia 

Juniors 315 

Shanna Garrison, Germantown, TN 

Arlander Gathing, Aberdeen 

Brian Gautie, Pascagoula 

Jason Gee, Athens, AL 

Terri Gerald, Brookhaven 

Taquila Gihhs, Moorhead 

]ov Gibbs, Bro\vnsville, TN 

Summer Gingrich, Dana Point, CA 

Sharon Gladney, Aberdeen 

Casey Goff, Oxford 

Jason Goforth, Little Rock 

Harry Gong, Greenwood 

Brandie Gordon, Fulton 

Ryan Goswick, Chatsworth, GA 

Lisa Amor Gracev, Meridian 

Bradley Grantham, Grenada 

Erin Grantham, Germantown, TN 

Donnie Gray, Pelahatchie 

Marvin Grayer, Starkville 

Todd Grayson, Huntsville, AL 

Jason Greene, Clinton 

Darnella Greenwood, Sallis 

Germelro Griffin, Macon 

Julie Griffin, Vernon 

Veronica Griggs, Scooba 

Joseph Guthrie, Brandon 

Laura Halbrook, Meridian 

Joel Hall, Vicksburg 

Bruce Ham, Jayees 

Jacqueline Hammond, Houston 

Tracy Hammond, West Point 

Son Yuan Han, Malaysia 

Meg Hanson, Hamilton 

Christopher Hardy, Vicksburg 

Angela Harrelson, Starkville 

316 Juniors 

Tim Harrelson, Starkville 
Erin Harris, Horn Lake 
Marcus Harris, Pascagoula 
Mark Harris, Cruger 
Julie Harrison, Memphis, TN 

Melissa Harrison, Columbus 
Trey Harrison, Willis, TX 
Sally Harvey, Pearl 
Stacey Hathcock, Smithville 
Stephen Haynes 

Stewart Heard, Pearl 
Carrie Heidelberger, Marvell, AR 
Claire Helms, Olive Branch 
Amy Henderson, Richton 
Kristi Hendrix, Birmingham 

Carolyn Henley, Maben 
Sam Henry, Dyersburg, TN 
Kevin Henson, Kilmichael 
Seth Herren, Madison 
Rob Hill, Forest 

Mary Hines, Tupelo 
Rachel Hinson, Brandon 
Lona Hinton, Marks 
Kimberly Hobbs, Olive Branch 
Dionne Hodges, Mathiston 

Kristi Holcomb, Fulton 
Heather Holmes, Holly Springs 
Laura Holt, Long Beach 
Deana Honeycutt, Hamilton 
Keith Hopper, Brandon 

David Horton, Mooreville 
Lamar Horton, Decatur 
Brian Houston, Memphis, TN 
Brian Howard, Lucedale 
Bron Howell, Lucedale 

Juniors 317 

Jeff Howell, Raymond 

Livi Howerton, Memphis, TN 

David Hudson, Woodland 

Anita Huggins, West Point 

Sharon Hughes, Water Valley 

Nancv Humphrey, Zion, IL 

Bethanie Humphries, Fulton 

Jennifer Hussev, Corinth 

Dena Hutheson, Booneville 

Amy Leigh Hutchinson, Coldwater 

Candice Jackson, Starkville 

Julie Jacob, Canton 

Suzanne Jacques, Starkyille 

DeAnna James, Prairie Point 

Emily James, Holly Springs 

Leon Jang, Yzaoo City 

Tsunhui Jen, Taiwan 

Marshall Jenkins, Tupelo 

Stacie Jepsen, Brandon 

Betsy Jernigan, Tupelo 

Harishmo Johnson, Starkville 

Jody Johnson, Guntown 

Melanie Johnson, Moulton 

Jaime Johnston, Picayune 

Amanda Jones, Sturgis 

James L. Jones, Sturgis 

Jason Jones, Olive Branch 

Kerri Jones, Lucedale 

Mary Jones, Hickory 

Michael Jones, Macon 

Scottie Jones, Yazoo City 

Shannah Jones, Vossburg 

Joanne Jong, Malaysia 

Kenitra Jordan, Moss Point 

Amanda Kanaga, Olive Branch 


p? 1^3^ 






318 Juniors 

Dylan Karges, Sandhill 
David Keenum, Starkville 
Stephanie H. Keenum, Starkville 
Keith Kelso, Arlington, VA 
Maria Kennard, Starkville 

Teresa Kennard, Starkville 
Rebecca Kerr, Starkville 
Brando Chin K Khou, Starkville 
Kimberly Greenlee, Greenville 
Daniel E. Kimbrough, Starkville 

Dionne King, Coldwater 
LaKeisha King, Plantersville 
Kristen Kittle, Clarksdale 
Amy Kittrell, Philadelphia 
Adria Kizer, West Point 

Bobbie Knedlik, Starkville 
Amy Knight, Centreville 
Greg Knight, Gloster 
Tamiko Knowles, Pontotoc 
Brande Koon, Ripley 

Nicki Koppersmith, Mobile 
Catherine LaGarde, Vicksburg 
Marsha Lamb, Grenada 
Jarrod Lampier, West Point 
Beth Lampton, McComb 

Dewayne Lankford, Starkville 
John Larkin, Newbern, TN 
Mechele Latham, Maben 
Gregory Lather, Picayune 
Jennifer Laughlin, Eupora 

Patrick Launey, Metairie, LA 
Jimmy Lawler, Huntsville, AL 
Philip Leake, Gloster 
Carolyn Lee, Carthage 
Christian Lee, Philadelphia 

Juniors 319 

Dorothy Lee, Kosciusko 

Kerri Lee, Smithville 

Siew-lng Lee, Malaysia 

Keen-Hou Leong, Starkville 

Vincent Lewis, Laurel 

Leemin Liew, Malaysia 

Jamie Lindsev, Shannon 

London Linebarier, Ridgeland 

Joseph Loague, Mantachie 

Charles Lockhart, Amory 

Lee Loden, Mtn. Home, AR 

Susanne Long, Tupelo 

Melissa Loper, Decatur 

Jennifer Lott, Fulton 

Demetrius L. Lovette, Anguilla 

William Lowery, Gadsden, AL 

Shannon Lucas, Goodman 

Jennifer Ludovico, Shrewsburg, MA 

Lauren Lusk, Jackson 

Markie Mabry, Tupelo 

Melissa Mabry, Liberty 

James Macknally, Mark 

Alan Maddox, Vancleaye 

Nilantha Malawige, Sri Lanka 

Heather Malone, McComb 

Brett Marlar, Corinth 

Michael Martin, Pontotoc 

Mike Martin, Philadelphia 

William Martin, Pineville 

Jeffrey Massey, Walnut Groye 

Kathryn Matheny, Natchez 

Phillip Mauney, Corinth 

Jacelyn McCall, Vero Beach, FL 

Shea McCardle, Picyune 

Dayid McCarty, Birmingham 

320 Juniors 

Jerry Scott McCarver, Brandon 
Shandell McCollum, Fayette, AL 
Jennifer McCool, Hattiesburg 
John McCrory, Brandon 
Colby McCuUough, Marrero 

Molly McCullough, Louisville 
Vernell McDonald, Natchez 
Alex McElroy, Cuba 
Jennie McCee, Lake 
Anne McGraw, Brandon 

Heather Mclntyre, St. Stephens, AL 
Shannan McLean, Meridian 
John McLendon, Long Beach 
Tammy McMahan, Middleton, TN 
Susan McMillan, Vicksburg 

Kevin McMillin, Ripley 
Michael McNabb, Pascagoula 
Michelle McNabb, Meridian 
Jeffrey McNeal, Vicksburg 
William McNees, Millport, AL 

Kyle Meadors, West Paducah, KY 
Caroline Meeks, Brookhaven 
Candy Megason, Brandon 
Jim Meriwether, Carroltton 
Brian Milam, Humboldt, lA 

Christie Miller, Collins 
Samuel Miller, Jackson 
Sherman Miller, Ethel 
Diann Mills, Red Bay, AL 
Leann Mills, Red Bay, AL 

Stephanie Mills, O'Fallon, II 
Daniel Mingle, Nashville, TN 
Kenya Minor, Starkville 
Brad Mixon, Woodland 
Cris Mnirhead, Starkville 

Juniors 321 

Carle\' Montgomery, Jackson 

Chris Montgomerv, Tupelo 

Carv Moodv, Columbus 

Audie Mooney, Friars Point 

Jonathan Casey Moore, Kenner, LA 

Marvin Moore, Jackson 

Ray Moore, Louisville 

Stacey Moore, Ocean Springs 

Stephanie Moore, Southaven 

Ronnie Morales, Pensacola, FL 

Ashley M. Morgan, Sturgis 

Matt Morgan, Canton 

Chris Morrison, Pascagoula 

Calvin Mosley, Edwards 

Philip Moss, Brownsville, TN 

Kimberly Moulder, Pearl 

Jim Muilis, Alabaster, AL 

HoUv Mura, Ocean Springs 

Lori Nail, Fulton 

Peg Nelson, Louisville 

Philip Nelson, Bay Springs 

Dianne Naveda-Lane, Carthage 

Angle Newman, Fayette, AL 

Crystal Newman, Millport, AL 

Huey-Juin Ngo, Malaysia 

Huey-Shuen Ngo, Malaysia 

Donnie Nichols, Hodges, AL 

Jeremy Nichols, Cahokia, IL 

Tony Nichols, Hickory 

Kimberly Nobile, Moorhead 

Milton Nolen, Columbus 

Angela Norris, Starkville 

Scott Norris, Hattiesburg 

Christy O'Barr, Woodland 

James O'Neal, Tupelo 


322 Juniors 

n" >^f 

d^ 4 

<r— ^ 

7 ''•?"'5*''3r'i«'>'«« 

Nicole Oakes, Seymour, TN 
Glenn Olfe, Bellaire, TX 
Lauri Oltmann, Brinkley, AR 
Matt Oswalt, Fulton 
Vivicia Outlaw, Starkville 

Jason Overstreet, McHenry 
Joseph Overstreet, Wiggins 
Eric Page, Lucedale 
Jeffrey Page, Lucedale 
Lucinda Page, Taylorsville 

Evelyn Palmer, Sardis 
Will Palmer, Jackson 
Stephen Pannell, New Albany 
Cheryl Pardue, Tishomingo 
Donny Parker, luka 

John Parker, II, Memphis, TN 
Mary Parker, Vinemont, AL 
Nina Patel, Starkville 
Kerrin Patrick, Columbus 
Brian Patrolia, Carriere 

Anthony Patterson, Tupelo 
Carol Payne, Germantown, TN 
Kimberly Payne, Nettleton, MS 
Jody Pennock, Starkville 
Consuela Perez, Crawford 

Rebecca Perkins, Macon 
Jason Perry, Rienzi 
Pamela Perry, Vacaville, CA 
Kelly Peters, Vicksburg 
Richard Peterson, Vicksburg 

Randall Pfifer, Columbus 
Mark A. Philley, Starkville 
Angela Pierce, Holly Springs 
Christopher Pierce, Collierville, TN 
Jerry Pigott, Starkville 

Juniors 323 

Hari Pillai, Greenwood 

Angela Pippin, Jackson 

Ronald Pitman, Jr., Columbus 

Jeremy Pittman, Starkville 

Lise Pittman, Winona 

Brandy Pounders, Hamilton 

Brandy Powell, Gulfport 

Nicole Powell, Meridian 

Jay Price, Kosciusko 

Vronn Pride, Batesville 

Abigail Raez, Pasagoula 

Wayne Rainer, Starkville 

Shelle Ramage, McCool 

Nataya Rambus, San Diego, CA 

Nicki Ratcliffe, Natchez 

Alicia Rather, Fulton 

Cindi Rayburn, Madison 

Laura Rea, Kosciusko 

John Reeks, Shubuta 

Glenn Reese, Hattiesburg 

Damon Reeves, Lucedale 

Kristoffer Remerow, Clewiston 

Mary Catherine Renaud, Vicksburg 

Emily Renfro, Vicksburg 

Amy Respess, Lambert 

Angela Reynolds, Noxapater 

Kimberly Reynolds, Fulton 

Kyle Reynolds, Shubata 

Marcus Rhoden, Prairie 

LeKonda Rich, Starkville 

Brady Richardson, Kosciusko 

Kim Richardson, Brandon 

Mike Richardson, Vicksburg 

Rayne Richardson, Olive Branch 

Ryan Richardson, Starkville 

324 Juniors 

Benji Richoux, Ocean Springs 
Jessica Rider, Minden, LA 
Carey Rivers, Starkville 
Nikie Roberts, Starkville 
Chad Robertson, Millport, AL 

Ranile Robins, Oxford 
Chadwick Robison, Guntown 
Shea Robinson, Canton 
Walter Robinson, Maben 
Stephanie Rodgers, Lexington 

Alan Rodrigues, India 
Celeste Rogers, Corinth 
Michelle Rogers, Pascagoula 
Chris Rohman, Yazoo City 
Esteban Romano, Slidell, LA 

Wendy Roper, Picayune 
Chad Ross, Batesville 
John Rounsaville, Big Creek 
Andrew Rowsey, Rienzi 
Melissa Roy, Lambert 

Jason Ruffin, Columbus 
Joey Russell, Decatur, AL 
Anthony Sanders, Carthage 
Ben Sanders, Madison 
Lesley Sanders, Laurel 

Susie Santos, Columbus 
Sarah Russell, Osceola, AR 
Jesse Schexneyder, Nettleton 
Amy Schumpert, Fulton 
Brandon Scott, Bartlett, TN 

Gregory Scott, Starkville 
Ray Scroggins, Jackson 
Anne Sculthorpe, Gautier 
Chris Sebren, Starkville 
Chris Settle, Rienzi 

Juniors 325 

Allen Shack, Tupelo 

Janna Shaffer, Cordo\a 

Chin-Lan Shai, Malaysia 

Virginia Sharp, Memphis, TN 

Stacey Sharpe, Moss Point 

Jennifer Sheppard, Brandon 

Wahnee Sherman, Lena 

Etsuko Shoji, Tokyo, Japan 

Darby Shook, Cleveland 

Megan Shultz, Corinth 

Amanda Simmons, Tupelo 

Slade Rhodes, Irmo, SC 

Cmdy Slaughter, Birmingham, AL 

April Smith, Oyett 

Beth Smith, Saltillo 

Carmen Smith, Tupelo 

Chad Smith, Brookhaven 

Jason Smith, MSU 

Jennifer Smith, Louisville 

Mamie Smith, Louisville 

Raymond Smith, Jr., Glen Allan 

Scottv Smith, Gulton 

Stephanie Smith, Brookhaven 

Terri Smith, Jackson 

Tonya Smith, Byhalia 


■* ^ 







Saptoyo Soemampauw, Indonesia 

Shannon Sojourner, Crystal Springs 

Nick Specker, Florence, AL 

Kecia Spencer, Hernando 

Tamara Spivey, Columbus 

Wade Spraberry, Waveland 

William Spradling, Mantachie 

Rudolf H. Stein, Chicago, IL 

Jennifer Steckler, Natchez 

Robert Stennis, Shuqualak 



fa\ V 


326 Juniors 

Scott A. Stephens, Huntsville, AL 
Cheri Stevens, Purvis 
Stephanie Stewart, Pascagoula 
Jodi Stidham, Mathiston 
Tim Stockton, Amory 

Patricia Stokes, Ripley 

Kim Stowe, Ridgeland 

Kevin Strange, Moveno Valley, CA 

April Street, Waynesboro 

Blake Streiff, Ocean Springs 

Wendy Strickland, Biloxi 
Leanna Stricklin, Madison 
Sheri Sudduth, Carthage 
Mandy Sullivan, Greenville 
Colby Swann, Hartselle 

Natalie Sykes, Pickens 
Chenoa Talley, Pooler, GA 
Valerie Tallon, Hampton Cove, AL 
Chuan Kwok Tan, Starkville 
Janice Tankson, Rolling Fork 

Mark Tanner, Hidelberg 
Darlene Tate, Pearl 
Tingttooi Tau, Malaysia 
Sandra Taunton, Ft. Walton, FL 
Tracey Teague, Kosciusko 

Megan Terrell, Canton 
Blake Thames, Hattiesburg 
Misty Tharp, Brandon 
Sterling Tharp, Brandon 
Amy Thibadoux, Decatur, AL 

Dedrick Thomas, Pickens 
Lance Thomas, Liberty 
Martha Thomas, Decatur, AL 
Jay Thompson, Slidell, LA 
Dave Thomas, IIL Laurel 

Juniors 327 

Maureen Thornell, Shreveport, LA 

Justin Thorton, Okolona 

Greg Threatt, Nesbit 

Lauren Thurman, Ocean Springs 

Jennifer Tice, Corinth 

Melanie Tiffin, Starkville 

Doreen Ting, Malaysia 

Tonya Tinsley, Greenville 

Allien Tisdale, Meridian 

Tiyanika Keller, Gulfport 

Misty Todd, Louiville 

Michael Toft, Tupelo 

Stephen J. Torrent, Tupelo 

Walter, Towery, Indianola 

Amy Townsend, Philadelphia 

Kimberlv Tramel, Jackson 

Melanie Trosclair, Mandeville, LA 

Tracey Tullos, Ackerman 

Kellie Tyler, Hollandale 

William Uhlenhoff, MSU 

Curt Ulmer, Starkville 

Mark T. Weathersby, Greenville 

Pete Umbdenstock, Gulfport 

Bridget Vaughn, Starkville 

Amy Vinson, Ridgeland 

Anthony Wade, Yazoo City 

Amanda Wake, Huntsville, AL 

Jessica Waldrop, Pontotoc 

Justin Walker, Brookhaven 

Steven Wallace, Pelahatchie 

Chase Waller, Madison 

Daniel Walters, Heidelberg 

Zhaoyuan Wang, MSU 

Alan Ward, Meridian 

Matthew Ware, Petal 

328 Juniors 

Timothy Warner, Columbus 
Rudy Warnock, Vicksburg 
Adrienne Washington, West Point 
Kinney Washington, Starkville 
Samuel Watson, Corinth 

Emily Weaver, Lena 

Morgan Webb, Plantersville 

Jennifer Welch, Columbus 

Will Wells, Columbus 

Jeffrey Wesberry, Baton Rouge, LA 

John Wesson, Sylacauga, AL 
Amanda Ann West, Pearl 
Cohurn John Weston, Starkville 
Jodi White, Millport, AL 
Stefanie White, Brandon 

Melissa Whitehead, Corinth 
Cindy Whitfield, Starkville 
Monica Whitfield, Eupora 
Paul Whitman, Ocean Springs 
Anastasia Whittaker, Starkville 

Ronald Wilburn, Crawford 
Tom Wiley IH, Jackson 
Franklin Wilkinson, Meadville 
Adam Willcoxon, Booneville 
Bill Willcutt, Summerfield, NC 

Anita Williams, Memphis, TN 
Carron Williams, Starkville 
Harold Williams, Starkville 
Marcus Williams, West Point 
Mericlare Williams, Inverness 

Rhonda Williams, Bay St. Louis 
Matt Williamson, Indianola 
Rebecca Williamson, MSU 
April Wilson, Indianola 
Alisha Wilson, Lexington 

Juniors 329 

Bridget Wilson, Starkville 

Suzanne Wimberly, Brownsville, TN 

Jason Winders, Starkville 

Reagan Wise, Pontotoc 

Lisa Wolverton, Pascagoula 

Meng Meng Wong, Starkville 

Soon Wong, Malaysia 

Emily Wood, Corinth 

Leah Wood, Athens, AL 

Sunny Wood, Corinth 

Lori Woodrick, Collinsville 

Stacey Woods, Louisville 

Susan Woods, Indianola 

VaShonda Wooten, Meridian 

Tsai-Fu Wu, Taiwan 

Dabney Wuestfeld, Carthage 

Wynesther Prescott, Houston 

Andrew Poh-Wee Yap, Malaysia 

Mike Yeager, Huntsville, AL 

John Zillinger, Brandon k 

Robert Zillinger, Brandon 

330 Juniors 


Will Abhay, Walls 

Ashley Acuff, Germantown, TN 

Daniel Adams, Huntsville, AL 

Eddie Adams, Butler, AL 
April Alexander, Steens 
Renae Alford, Starkville 
Samantha Allen, Oxford 

Courtney Allison, Jackson 
Chameka Amerson, Gulfport 
John Anderson, Little Rock,AR 
Anne Arnold, Clinton 
Connie Atwood, Raleigh 

ISJ?* ^ 


Shellie Aultman, Starkville 
Emily Bailey, Vardaman 
John Bailey, Columbus 
Anne-Marie Baker, Pattison 
Richie Baker, Vicksburg 

Carley Barnes, Columbia 
Susan Barron, Columbus 
Gregory H. Bartz, Kosciusko 
Timothy Basel, Roscoe 
Brandi Baskin, Noxapater 


John T. Bates, Church Hill 

Jeffrey L. Beasley, Mantee 

Brandi Bean, Denham Springs, LA 

Susan Beckett, Bruce 

Matt Beese, Uniontown, OH 

Sophomores 331 

John Belknap, Crystal Springs 

Adrian Bell, Houston 

Jodv Bennett, Picayune 

Rebecca Bennett, DeWitt, AR 

Dawn Beyer, Moreno Valley, CA 

Eric Bishop, Columbus 

Emilv Black, Brandon 

Stacie Blackvvell, Louisville 

Ward Bloovvorth, Batesville 

Andrea Boone, Mendenhall 

Jeanie Boone, Laurel 

Angela Bowers, Starkville 

Jennifer Bowersock, McAllen, TX 

Kimberly Bowie, Kosciusko 

Jason Boyd, Brookhaven 

B. J. Braddock, Ripley 

Steven Bradley, Pascagoula 

Brian Brasher, Starkville 

Steven Bridges, Brandon 

Erin Brinkman, Decatur, AL 

Jason Brister, Crystal Springs 

Michael Britt, West Point 

Amy Brogan, Collierville, TN 

Rebecca Brown, luka 

Syed Kamaran Ahmed Bukhari, 


Whitney Bullard, Corinth 

Jessica Burmaster, Columbus 

Matthew Rex Burnham, Starkville 

Todd Burt, Jackson 

Jason Bush, Jackson 

Brandon Butler, Goodman 

Robyn Butler, Maben 

Jeffrey Byrd, Pearl 

Sarah Byrd, Vancleave 

Rachel Cain, Kosciusko 

332 Sophomores 

Charlie Calvano, Amherst, NH 
Ray Campbell, Columbus 
Verdis Camper, Slidell, LA 
Shelley Cantrell, MSU 
Derek Carlson, Ocean Springs 

Scot Carraway, Smithdale 
Canace Carter, CollinsviUe 
Valerie Casalini, Panama City, FL 
Beth Castle, Quitman 
Todd Cerda, Fort Wayne, IN 

Will Chandler, Starkville 
Vickie Chase, Booneville 
Shawn Chrisman, Kosciusko 
Matthew Clark, Birminghan, AL 
Michael Clark, New Market, AL 

Stacy Clark, Clarksdale 
Stephanie Clark, Starkville 
Erika Clayton, Starkville 
Neil Clayton, Starkville 
Kate Climer, Greenville 

Brent Cobb, Meridian 
Jason Cobb, Hamilton 
Amie Coleman, Caledonia 
Clint Collins, Phenix City, AL 
Corey Collins, Yazoo City 

Chris Coin, Blue Springs 
Kathryn Compton, Meridian 
Matt Connell, Ruleville 
Shameka Conner, Macon 
Lance Cooper, Jackson 

Jennifer L. Cordogan, Germantown, 


Paula Correro, Greenwood 

Monica Cowan, Ripley 

Cassandra Craig, Starkville 

Jon Crane, Rock Valley, IN 

Sophomores 333 

Kenya Crawford, West Point 

Amy Crowe, Kosciusko 

Chris Crowson, Philadelphia 

Nerma Crump, Starkville 

Jennifer Cullum, Aberdeen 

Angela Cummins, Canton 

Marsha Daniels, Pelahatchie 

Brad Darby, Marks 

Christopher Daves, Coila 

Jonathan Davis, Starkville 

Elaina Dean, Starkville 

Jerusha DeCroote, Jackson 

Justin Dempsey, Louisville 

Gordon Dendy, Houston 

Joe Denman, Charleston 

Jonathan Dietrick, Jackson 

Patricia Dodd, Starkville 

Bhree Dodson, Opdyke, IL 

Jamie Dodson, Starkville 

Charlie Dorsey, Jr., Greenville 

Mary Lauren Douglass, Columbia 

Denise Doolittle, Memphis, TN 

Billy Dowell, Union City, TN 

Duane Dugger, Vicksburg 

Keashye Durman, Vicksburg 

Kevin Dukes, Mandeville, LA 

Johanna Easley, Vardaman 

Devechio Edwards, Belden 

Mandie Edwards, Knoxville, TN 

Scott Edwards, Brandon 

Tamiko Edwards, Macon 

Christopher Eidt, Toney, AL 

Kerry Ellington, Sturgis 

Jerry Elliot, Carrollton, TX 

Sue Anne Ellison, Stewart 

334 Sophomores 

Amanda Elrod, Glencoe, AL 
Stacie Engle, Athens, AL 
Charles Estes, Louisville 
Kristen Evans, Douglasville, GA 
Valarie Evans, Winona 

Davv'elle Ewing, West Point 
Janet Farmer, Clinton 
Mark A. Farren, Vicksburg 
Stacie Farris, Haleyville, AL 
Yashekia Felder, Moss Point 

Kristen Ferguson, Carriere 
Shamindra Fernando, Sri Lanka 
Lori Finch, Southaven 
Fisher Fleming, Batesville 
Brian Fowler, McKinney, TX 

Douglas Freeze, Corinth 
Jerry Friley, Gautier 
Jeremy Frost, Tuscaloosa, AL 
Amber Fulgham, Starkville 
Misti Fulgham, Louisville 

Mitch Fulton, Greenville 
Emilio Garma-Fernandez, Starkville 
Sharron Garth, Aberdeen 
William Gatlin, Madison 
Cynthia Gayden, Winona 

Doug Gernaat, Starkville 
Ashley Gholson, Paducah, KY 
Alison Gilbert, Brandon 
John Gilmer, Columbus 
Michelle Gilpin, Hattiesburg 

Christina Glosemeyer, Marthasville, 


Anne M. Goodman, Gulfport 

Aaron Green, Crestview, FL 

Jimmy Green, Hattiesburg 

Jeff Greene, Glencoe, AL 

Sophomores 335 

Joseph Greenleaf, Gulfport 

Ann Guarino, Slidell, LA 

Kacev Guin, Starkville 

Brian Hadad, Vicksburg 

Kathv Haddox, Semmes, AL 

Penni Hairston, Porterville 

Erik Halbach, Brandon 

Linda Hampton, Yazoo City 

Marv Tipton Harding, Union City, 

Edgar Hardy, Jackson 

Erin Harrington, Greenville 

Kristy Hart, Jackson 

Jennifer Haru, Starkville 

Jeff Haydel, Kenner, LA 

Alan Hayes, Searcy, AR 

Hillary Haynes, Olive Branch 

Kyle Henderson, Homewood, AL 

Summer L. Henry, Shannon 

Karl Hess, Carriere 

Ona Hester, Coila 

Alisa Hicks, Tupelo 

Jason Hicks, Smithville 

Stephanie Hill, Potts Camp 

Yew-Weng Ho, Malaysia 

Jacob Holman, Oxford 

Jason Holmes, Conyers, GA 

Keith Hornick, CoUierville, TN 

Jeffrey Hosford, Madison 

Heather Houston, Memphis, TN 

Kim Howell, Jackson 

Rodney Hubbard, Holly Springs 

Johnna Hutchinson, Mizc 

Christine Inman, Lambert 

Chip Isaacks, Cleveland 

Alison Ivy, New Albany 

336 Sophomores 

Amanda Jacks, Gore Springs 

Danielle Jackson, Louisville 

Elizabeth James, Grenada 

Carl Jamison, Jr., Tupelo 

Paul Jeffreys, Greenwood Springs 

Lydia Jemison, Meridian 
Toyia Jenkins, Jackson 
Geoffrey Jennings, Austin, TX 
James L. Jernigan, West Point 
Penny Johnson, Madison 

Stacee Johnson, Corinth 
Tracey Johnson, Biloxi 
Matt Jollit, Tuscaloosa, AL 
Albert Jones, Carthage 
Amy Jones, Shubuta 

Ashley Jones, Jackson 
Christopher Jones, Columbus 
Yolunda Jones, Meridian 
Wan-Yeg Jong, Malaysia 
Dennis D, Joy, Starkville 

Jason Kackley, Clinton 
Cori Kaplan, Cleveland 
Jennifer Keene, Carriere 
Osaka Keeton, Morton 
Michael Kersting, Memphis, TN 

Jacob Killens, Clinton 
Katina Kirk, Nettleton 
Jennifer Kirkland, Mobile, AL 
Kara Kirschbaum, Abilene, TX 
Matt Kittrell, Macon 

Lauren Lamberth, Batesville, AR 
Jennifer Lamon, Tuscaloosa, AL 
Valerie Lathely, Prentiss 
Robert Luttrell, luka 
Samuel Lawson, Greenville 

Sophomores 337 

Heather Leach, Shubata 

Am\' Ledlovv, West Point 

■ Yok Kuan Lee, MSU 

Amanda Leist, Brandon 

Kevin A. Lewis, Jamaica 

Lara Lewis, Liberty 

Melissa Lewis, Hattiesburg 

Tyrone Liddell, Lorain, OH 

Ban-Ann Lim, Malaysia 

Khing-Full Lim, Malaysia 

Ming Jwee Lim, MSU 

Rebekah List, Bartlett, TN 

Isabele Lodygensky, Brazil 

Stephanie Loftin, Martinez 

Christine M. Logan, Raymond 

Jennifer Long, Saltillo 

Teddy Lopez, Starkville 

Wai Leung Low, Singapore 

Christopher Lowry, APO, AP 

Lisa Madden, Ocean Springs 

Stephanie Malone, Tupelo 

Jennifer Mangrum, Batesville 

April Mann, Pinson, AL 

Jackie Marshall, Winona 

Crystal Martin, McCool 

Frances Martin, Jackson 

Matt Martin, Braxton 

Kristi Mason, West Point 

Louis Matherne, Kiln 

April May, Florence 

Osman Mazhar, MSU 

Cindy McAlexander, Jackson 

Bridget McCaffeny, Orwigsburg, PA 

Brian McCann, Southaven 

Wes McCleese, Vicksburg 

338 Sophomores 

Shannon McClure, Louisville 
Shayna McCollough, Sardis 
Meredith McCollum, Marietta, GA 
Jennifer McCrary, Columbus 
Wanda McCuUum, Yazoo City 

Jarrod McDaniel, Philadelphia 
LeeAnne McDonald, Columbia 
John McDonnell, Jackson 
Jennifer McGarrh, Greenville 
Ashley McGivney, Madison 

Lauren McGowan, Vicksburg 
Peter McGraw, Huntsville, AL 
Lillie McKeithen, Meridian 
Jason McKeller, Vicksburg 
Laura McKibben, Denison, TX 

Shannon McKittrick, Batesville 
Shane McNeill, Meridian 
Siobhan McWhorter, Blue Springs 
Laura Menapace, Brandon 
LaTasha Mickens, Brooksville 




^ ■•" 



Emily Miller, Hamilton, AL 
James C. Miller, Silver Creek 
Marktrece Miller, Ackerman 
Ritchie Miller, Columbus 
Tiffany Miller, Starkville 

Tonya Miller, Gulfport 
Angela Mitchell, Tupelo 
Kenneth Mitchell, Memphis, TN 
Willie Mitchell, IH, Jackson 
Brandon Mixon, Boyle 

Allen Montgomery, Russelville, AL 
Brandon Moore, Biloxi 
Helen Moore, West Point 
Lance Moore, New Albany 
Melody Moore, Gulfport 

Sophomores 339 

Robin Morgan, Bruce 

James Morris, Brownsville, TN 

Paul R. Mullins, Jr., Merigold 

Melanie Munn, Pascagoula 

Theresa Myers, Brandon 

Yawanna Nabors, Columbus 

Mohammad Nauman, Pakistan 

Rvan Nelson, Vicksburg 

Tommy Nevvland, Jr., Columbus 

Jason Ngugen, Gulfport 

Allison Noone, Jackson 

Nathan Oakley, Starkville 

Tiffany Oliyi, Clarksdale 

John K. Olsen, Jr., Pascagoula 

Adebomi Omikunle, Starkville 

Mara Oswalt, Jackson 

Eng-Seang Ow, Malaysia 

Jon Owen, Sparta, IL 

William Owen, Mobile, AL 

Gil Palmer, Meridian 

Marty Pannell, Booneville 

Brian Parker, Ripley, TN 

Kellie Parker, Louisville 

Laura Parker, Houston 

Will Parker, Brandon 

Heather Parks, Houston 

Steven Parvin, Starkville 

Sara Elizabeth Patterson, Sumrall 

Angela Patton, Starkville 

Paige Payne, Vicksburg 

Tonya Peoples, Carthage 

Keisha Perkins, Yazoo City 

Greg Perry, Starkville 

LaVonzelle Peters, Columbia 

Jason Peterson, Monticello 


340 Sophomores 

Hugh Pettit, Houston 
Kevin Phillips, Brandon 
Gianna Pigford, Petal 
Will Plyler, Rossvillc, TN 
Carletta Poe, Starkville 

Mandy Poland, Tupelo 
Chad Polk, Picayune 
Gayden Pollan, Scobey 
Joe Porter, Canton 
Felicia Powell, Tishomingo 

Derrick Pratt, Ackerman 
Gieshala Pratt, Kilmichael 
Natasha Pratt, Vardaman 
Phillip Price, Corinth 
Kevin Price, Highland, IN 

Nora Prince, Ocean Springs 
Christy Prisock, Starkville 
Melanie Prisock, Meridian 
Benjamin Puderer, Terrytown, LA 
Patrick Quernemoen, Marshalltown, 

Ritesh Patel Ram, Durant 
Amanda Rasberry, Kosciusko 
Nicole Reboul, Birmingham, AL 
David Redding, Starkville 
Jerald Redmond, Kosciusko 

David Reed, Starkville 
Dwight Wesley Reeves, Starkville 
Alton Reid, Monticello 
Natalie Renacker, Columbus 
Greg Rensink, Moss Point 

Sam Rhodes, luka 
Jimmy Rich, Shelby 
Rocheryl Richards, Anguilla 
Stephanie Richards, West 
John Rings, Canton 

Sophomores 341 

Daniel Roberson, Hernando 

Katherine Roberson, Jackson 

Eden Robertson, Belzoni 

William Robertson, Pontotoc 

Alexandra Robin, Fowvorth 

Melissa Robinson, Memphis, TN 

Preston Robinson, Jr., Biloxi 

Brandv Roche', Pass Christian 

Timothy Roche, Jr., Franklin, TN 

Roberto Roca, Starkville 

Brittany Rodgers, Pleasant Grove, AL 

Jason Rogers, Pearl 

Marcia Rollins, Yazoo City 

Tom Romaniello, Mastic, NY 

Emily Rose, Starkville 

Jessica Ross, MSU 

Erin Roy, Starkville 

Mardi Russell, Decatur 

Jennifer Ruth, Lambert 

Matthew Ryan, Hattiesburg 

Kevin Sample, Jackson 

Trey Schaap, Little Rock, AR 

Sabrina Scott, Memphis, TN 

Lisa Selman, Meridian 

Ryan Semmes, Natchez 

Elizabeth Sessions, Woodville 
Aundray Shackelford, Tupelo 

Gopinath Shanmugam, Malaysia 
Jason Shelton, Tupelo 

Lauren Shepard, Collierville, TN 

Alice Shillingsburg, Starkville 

Samantha Shoemake, Pearl 

Zachary Shoemake, Columbus 

Jonathan Shoemaker, Collierville, TN 

David Sides, Hamilton 

342 Sophomores 

Tanisha Simpson, Hattiesburg 
Laurie Singletary, Brandon 
Dennis Sisk, Starkville 
Jake Skellett, Springville, AL 
A.E. Skinner, Fairfield, CA 

April Smith, Natural Bridge,AL 
Cam Smith, Cleveland 
David Smith, Eupora 
Denise Smith, Cleveland 
Eric Smith, Baton Rouge, LA 

Erin Smith, Ocean Springs 
LeeShakie Smith, Greenville 
Renee' Smith, Starkville 
Toni Sorrell, Belzoni 
Vincent Spencer, Swainsboro 

Mark Spiva, Noxapater 
Wade Stewart, Eureka 
Katrina Stokes, Starkville 
Jennifer Stone, Jonesboro, AR 
Jesse Strider, Scobey 

Leslie Stuart, Morton 
Christian Studdard, Columbus 
Yu Takevichi, Japan 
Stephanie Talley, Rienzi 
Hang-Kiak Tan, Starkville 

Woon-Yang Tan, Malaysia 
Ying Tan, Starkville 
Soon Seng Tang, Malaysia 
Tung Kiong Tang, Malaysia 
Michael Taquino, Long Beach 

Angela Taylor, Brandon 
Courtney Taylor, Jackson 
Jennifer Taylor, Brandon 
Patrick Taylor, Ocean Springs 
Amaryllis Teague, Coila 

Sophomores 343 

Kellv Temple, Meridian 

Raphael Terrv, Aberdeen 

Robin Thomas, Ridgeland 

Sara Thomas, Jonesborough, TN 

Trissv Thomas, Gautier 

Brent Thompson, Oxford 

Cory Thompson, Hamilton 

Freda Thompson, Greenville 

Robert Thornton, Brownsville, TN 

Tonia Tillman, West Point 

Pam Tillson, Raleigh 

Heather Timmermans, Bedford, TX 

Ginny Tolleson, Florence 

Katrina Tomasovsky, Brandon 

Chea Tran, Starkville 

Mark Trigg, New Orleans, LA 

Robin Troupe, Brandon 

James Tubbs, Ocean Springs 

Christy Tucker, Fulton 

Andrea Turner, Levelland, TX 

Ashley Valentine, Lucedale 

Amy VanOsdol, Huntington, IN 

Jason Vamer, Birmingham, AL 

Abby Velasquez, Jackson 

Lizbeth Velasquez, Jackson 

Chad Vines, Woodville 

Margaret Volkman, Richland 

Myra Vowell, Kosciusko 

Brian Wadford, Brandon 

Leanne Wagner, Hickory 

Brian Walden, Booneville 

Julie Walker, Hattiesburg 

Ashley Wallace, Tupelo 

Kathy Waller, Ackerman 

John Ward, Starkville 

344 Sophomores 

Lisa Ward, Jackson 
Keysha Washington, Starkville 
LaToya Washington, Goodman 
Misty Webber, Brookhaven 
Felicia Webster, Grenada 

Lori Webster, Vicksburg 
Daphne Weeks, Winfield, AL 
Kelly Wells, Germantown, TN 
Tori Wells, Brandon 
Charity Westphal, Slidell, LA 

Nicole Whelan, Marietta, GA 
Shane Whelan, Marietta, GA 
Joseph White, Kosciusko 
Robin White, Decatur, AL 
Tamiko Whitfield, Quitman 

Sanjaya K. Wijeratne, Sri Lanka 
Pam Wilcher, Philadelphia 
Melissa Wilkerson, Greenville 
Clint Williams, Athens 
Kristi Williams, Starkville 

Ty Williams, Meridian 
Raeanna Williamson, Hamilton 
Chad Winter, Pontotoc 
Kenneth Wolf, Starkville 
Yew Wong, Malaysia 

Sarah Wren, Courtland 
Elizabeth Wynn, Ridgeland 
David Yarn, Hazlehurst 
Felicia Young, West Point 
Kerry Young, Houston 

Sophomores 345 


Curtis Adams, Water Valley 

Delina Adams, Carthage 

Jennifer Adams, Collierville, TN 

Keith Adams, Little Rock, AR 

Jeff Adkerson, Jackson, TN 

Darlene Adkinson, Southaven 

Jeanette Adler, Vicksburg 

Janet Alexander, Picayune 

Jennifer Allen, Bentonia 

Kristi Allen, Biloxi 

Margaret Allen, Toomsuba 

Walter Tywayne Anderson, 

Mavwood, IL 








Gabriel Armijos, Ecuador 
Carrie Arnett, Starkville 

Christy Arnold, Batesville 

Betsy Athow, Vicksburg 

Jessica Atkins, Corinth 

Amanda Austin, Indianola 

Charity Austin, Starkville 

Rebecca Austin, Slidell, LA 

Nichole Bailey, Okolona 

Lora Bain, Kosciusko 

# M 

Jennifer Baird, Houston 


rica Balash, Destrehan, LA 


Coutresia Bailey, Meridian 

Nikki Bane, Starkville 

W. ^P 

Daryl Barnes, Clarksdale 

346 Freshmen 

Will Barnett, Jackson 
Jason Barron, Starkville 
Else Baum, Biloxi 
Todd Beach, Jackson 
James Beck, Semmes, AL 

Robert Bedwell, Marianna, FL 

Kim Bell, Radcliff, KY 

Percy Bell, Biloxi 

Douglas Bender, East Strousburg, PA 

Kevin Bennett, Columbus 

Paul Bernard, Sheffield, AL 
Crystal Bester, Hattiesburg 
Charles Bestor, Laceys Spring, AL 
Kenneth Betts, Kings Park, NY 
Amy Bisland, Hattiesburg 

Ethel Blackmon, Jackson 
Brad Blanks, Jackson 
LaKitha Bledsoe, Philadelphia 
LaToya Bledsoe, Philadephia 
Justin Bobo, Senatobia 

Derek Boerger, Jackson 
Rebecca Bond, Oxford 
Merikelly Borgognoni, Clarksdale 
Ommid B. Boroujerdi, Starkville 
Eric Bounds, Ruleville 

Shasta Bowens, Okolona 
Brent Bowling, Ridgeland 
Candi Boyd, Brookhven 
Melanie Boyd, Starkville 
Brian Bradford, Clinton 

David Bradford, Memphis, TN 
Amaris Bradley, Long Beach 
Matthew Braselman, Slidell, LA 
Brad Brashier, Jackson 
Rebecca Bredburn, Pearl River, LA 

Freshmen 347 

Laura Breland, Wiggins 

Taletha Brents, Toomsuba 

Kielv Brewer, Vicksburg 

Shane Bright, Batesville 

Mary Beth Briscoe, Oxford 

Ebani Broadus, Mobile, AL 

Lea Ellen Brock, McComb 

Cassie Brook, Starkville 

LaTasha Brown, Jackson 

Shamara Brown, Port Gibson 

William Lee Brown IV, Quitman 

Zane Brown, Madison 

Audra Brownell, Slidell, LA 

Tim Bryan, Hattiesburg 

Marc Bryant, Brandon 

Andrea Bullock, Brandon 

Emily Burke, Long Beach 

Evan Burnett, Aberdeen 

Lamarzus Burton, Holly Springs 

Beau Busby, Eupora 

Madelyn Buse, Belden 

Amanda Bush, Jackson 

Rachel Busier, Meridian 

Tish Butts, Kilmichael 

Mamie Byford, Hernando 

Laura Cahill, Jackson 

Kelly Caldwell, Columbus 

Dontrae' Caldwell, Biloxi 

Rodney Calfee, Pinson, AL 

Kimberly Calmes, Starkville 

LaKimbie S. Calvin, Jackson 

Marisa Campbell, Baytown, TX 

Megan Carlisle, Batesville 

Donald Carpenter, Natchez 

Brad Carter, Kingwood, TX 




-- .^=^ ___ 


348 Freshmen 

Laura Leigh Carter, Brandon 
Maurice Carter, Meridian 
Myra Carter, Blue Mountain 
Rachel Casey, New Orleans, LA 
Maria T. Catledge, Starkville 

Naquisha Causey, Jackson 
Janet Chambers, Pontotoc 
Anthony Chandler, Starkville 
Belind Chapman, Thomasville, AL 
Nadriene Cheeks, lackson 

Stephanie Chinicne, Mobile, AL 
Carrie Clayton, Butesville 
Barney Clynch, Starkville 
Christina Cochran, Quitman 
Heather Cockroft, Carthage 

Carol Coleman, Vicksburg 
Heather Coleman, Columbus 
Lori Coleman, Oxford 
Cheryl Collins, Kilmichael 
Madison Collins, Matthws, NC 

Brandon Colom, Tiplersville 
Vanessa Cook, Vicksburg 
Mary Cooley, Hazlehurst 
Crystal Covington, Louisville 
Molly Covington, Batesville 

Jennifer Craft, Ocean Springs 
Lori Crain, Tylertown 
Creola Creagh, Hattiesburg 
Amy Creel, Columbus 
Tonya Croft, Jackson 

Karen Cross, Picayune 

Chuck Crouch, Sardis 

David Crowder, Jr., Louisville 

Trey Combs, Picayune 

Amber Curisman, Scottsboro, AL 

Freshmen 349 

Laura Curto, Collinsville 

Jerrv Cutrer, MSU 

Trent Dabbs, Madison 

Renee' Dale, Columbus 

lamie Davis, Richland 

Meg E. Davis, Louisville 

Teresa Yalanda Davis, Sturgis 

Lori Dawkins, Columbus 

Frank Dawson, Biloxi 

Chris Dav, Shelbvville, KY 

Carolyn Dear, Florence 

Amber Deaton, Starkville 

Glenn Dedeaux, III, Metairie, LA 

Farrah Deese, Columbus 

Angie Delage, Baton Rouge, LA 

Andrea Delaney, Meridian 

Walter DeLoach, III, Madison 

April de Vries, Abilene, TX 

Tara Dickson, Woodbury, NJ 

Heather Dimick, Murfressboro 

Cassie Dobbs, Calhoun City 

John Dochety, Glendora, CA 

Wes Dorr, Olive Branch 

Shane Douglas, Metairie, LA 

Colleen Dowell, Olive Branch 

Gregory Drake, McCarley 

Kerri Drake, Gulfport 

Angela DuBose, Longview, TX 

Emily Duke, Tupelo 

Carrie Duncan, Starkville 

Clayton Dye, Cullman, AL 

Alison Earley, Germantown, TN 

Maryjo Earp, Gulf Breeze, FL 

Johnnie Easley, Starkville 

Kristy Ellis, d'Iberville, 

350 Freshmen 


Chuck Ellison, Woodland 
Elizabeth Engelke, Brandon 
Richard Lee Ennis, 11, Smithville 
Ellen Estes, Starkville 
Amanda Etheridge, Leland 

Rebecca Etheridge, Laurel 
Serina Etheridge, Natchez 
Kristi Evans, Woodville 
Ashley Everett, Metairie, LA 
Nicholas Everson, Corinth 

James Fairly, Madison 
Kevin Farren, Vicksburg 
Aizzah Fatima, Starkville 
Kimica Fields, Ocean Springs 
T. Fisher, Conehatta 

Leslie Flaccomio, Madison 
Craig Folse, Pass Christian 
Deanna Forest, Newton 
Donald Fowler, Madison 
Dona Freshour, Columbus 

Alison Fritzius, Starkville 
Melissa Fuller, Leakesville 
Barbara Fulton, Preston 
Kenneth Funchess, Crystal Springs 
Leslie Gable, Columbus 

Jennifer Gaddis, Florence 
Cassidy Ganas, Lumberton 
Emily Garrick, Grenada 
Harry Garth, Starkville 
Brooke Gavin, Meridian 

Justin T. George, Grenada 
April Gernaat, Starkville 
Amanda Gibson, Kenner, LA 
Jenny Gilbert, Jackson 
Derrick Gill, Tupelo 

Freshmen 351 

Ryan Given, Potts Camp 

Courtney Givens, Brandon 

Mandv Gladney, Eupora 

Calantha Godshaw, Richton 

Connie Goldsmith, Poplarville 

Eric Graham, Brandon 

LaToya Graham, Meridian 

Matt Grant, Camden, AR 

James Gray, Chattanooga, TN 

Michael Greer, Abbeville 

Stephen Greer, Jackson 

Caroline Gregory, Gulfport 

Roy Griffin, Cleveland 

William Griffis, Irving, TX 

Miranda Grisham, Starkville 

Brian Grizzell, Jackson 

Jennifer Guarino, Slidell 

Joanna Gunter, Newton 

Caroline Guyton, Jackson 

Teresa Hairston, Columbus 

Tolita Hairston, Crawford 

Holly Hancock, Germantown, TN 

Tasha Hannah, Louisville 

Charlie Hardin, Calhoun City 

Jason Hardin, Edwardsburg, Ml 

Amy Hargrave, Jackson 

Paige Harkins, Brandon 

Cheryl Harper, Brandon 

LaKisha Harper, Athens, AL 

Amy Harrington, Meridian 

LaRosa Harris, Starkville 

Marray Harris, Clarksdale 

Taylor Harris, Brandon 

Ella Harrod, Winter Haven, FL 

Gennifer Hartness, Meridian 

352 Freshmen 

Jerry Casey Hayden, West Monroe, 


Christine Haynes, Brandon 

April Heath, Ridgeland 

James Hendricksen, McDonald, TN 

Brian Hendrix, Shelbyville, IL 

RaSheda Henry, Starkville 

Michael Herring, Vancleave 

David Hester, II, Caledonia 

Elizabeth, Higginbotham, Puerto 


Jessica Hill, Port Gibson 

Shawn Hill, Como 
Kristian Hilsman, Madison 
Jacob Hodges, Maben 
Clay Holder, Eupora 
Keri Holder, Jackson 

Courtney HoUiday, Tupelo 
Shannon Hollis, Columbus 
VerLena Holmes, Courtland 
Moronda Howard, Calhoun City 
Terence Howard, Lexington 

Brett Howell, Lucedale 
Talitha Hudson, Woodland 
John Huey, Jr. Seneca, SC 
Heather Hughes, Brandon 
Angela Humphrey, Marietta, GA 

Vickie Hunt, Verona 
Joeph Hurd, Corinth 
Molly Hurd, Monroe, LA 
Jana Hurt, Ocean Springs 
Cliff Hyslop, Jackson 

Jodie Ingram, Jackson 
Daniel Irons, Philadelphia 
Olivia Irons, Philadelphia 
Jamie Isonhood, Brandon 
Rebecca Israel, Kiln 

Freshmen 353 

Herbert Jackson, Fairfield, AL 

Jacquelvn Jackson, Sturgis 

Jessica Jacobs, Mobile, AL 

^ amashita D. Jacobs, Hermanville 

Jonathan James, Birmingham, AL 

Tyrone James, Columbus 

Shaun Jenkins, Pearl 

Timothy Jenkins, Lexington 

Yolanda Jennings, Greenville 

Kelly Johns, Louisville 

Adrianne Johnson, McComb 

Amanda Johnson, Jackson 

Jessica Johnson, Byram 

Robert Johnson, III, Edwards 

Monica Johnston, Starkville 

Tip Johnston, Carthage 

Jennifer Joiner, Brandon 

Alan Jones, Starkville 

Andrea D. Jones, Jackson 

Bryan Jones, Brandon 

Danyale Jones, Starkville 

Jason Jones, Madison 

LaSandra Jones, Jackson 

Laurie Jones, Columbus 

Tawana Jones, Amory 

Scott Joyner, Purvis 

Kristin Kappler, Columbus 

Kristofer Kaye, Grand Bay, AL 

Tara Keith, Memphis, TN 

Lynn Kelley, Chesapake, VA 

Deirdre Kelly, Jackson 

Julie Kennedy, Louisville 

Tracey Kilgore, Houston 

Cedric Kimbrough, Carthage 

Anetra King, Holly Springs 

354 Freshmen 

Lauren King, Mobile, AL 
Molly Kinnan, Hattiesburg 
Allison Kirkpatrick, Southside, AL 
Fran Kline, Tupelo 
Kaci Kline, Franklin, TN 

Kristen Knight, Jackson 
Dana Kozain, Batesville 
Kristen Franzo, Slidell, LA 
Corey Kuhl, Cordova, TN 
Amanda Kunefke, Gore Springs 

Misty Kutach, Randolph 
Amy Kyrish, Humble, TX 
Christopher Kyser, Pike Road, AL 
Jason Lamb, Hattiesburg 
Adrian Lang, Bay Springs 

Kenny Langley, Madison 
Kimberly Lathan, Columbus 
Kim Latiker, Sallis 
Hekemia Lawrence, Jackson 
Heshium Lawrence, Jackson 

Lizette Leanza, Metairie, LA 
Justin Lee, Biloxi 
Kris Lee, Louisville 
Mashanda Lee, Jackson 
Stacey Lentz, Laurel 

John Robert Lewis, Gretna, LA 
Erica Lizana, Pass Christian 
Quantorious Lockett, Louisville 
Alicia Lofton, Brandon 
Travos Magee, Bassfield 

James Mahaffey, Morton 
Mandy Mann, Madison 
Andrew Marasca, Gautier 
Jennifer Mardis, Jackson 
Karen Martin, Steens 

Freshmen 355 

Stephanie Martin, Birmingham, AL 

Barbara Mason, New Orleans, La 

John Matthews, Louisville 

Melody Mattox, Carrollton 

Brian Maxev, Clinton 

R\'an McBride, Eupora 

Chris McClain, West Point 

Yondguraus McClee, Greenwood 

Dewayne McCollum, Toomsuba 

Bradley McDonald, Ripley 

Brad McDonell, Bartlett, TN 

Kelly McDougal, Vaiden 

Leah McElveen, Hazlehurst 

Julie McGee, Clinton 

Mandy McGehee, Brandon 

Kathy McGill, New Albany 

Thomas McGill, Scottsboro, AL 

Kiwanda Moore, Coila 

Peter McGillivray, Demopolis, AL 

Ryan McKay, Philadelphia 

Whitney McKay, Pelahatchie 

Loria McLellan, West 

Carrie-Beth McNeal, Starkville 

Lindsey Claire McQueen, Picayune 

Shane McRae, Starkville 

Audrey McWhorter, Greenville 

Joanna Meadows, Madison 

Marcus Measells, Morton 

Eddie Meek, Courtland 

Maria Merry, Starkville 

Jane Metcalfe, Houston 

Shay Methvin, North Augusta, SC 

Geoff Meyerson, Courtlandt-Manor, 


Allison N. Miller, New Albany 

Dylanda Miller, Louisville 

356 Freshmen 

Okema Miller, Columbus 
Tracy Milligan, Glen 
Elizabeth Mills, Cordova, TN 
Heather Mills, Philadelphia 
Kristy Mitchell, Corinth 

Cesay Monroy, Venezuela 
Katessa Moody, Columbus 
Chris Moore, Starkville 
Gemma Moore, Brandon 
Staci Morgan, Weir 

Yolanda Morgan, Vicksburg 
Jamie Morris, New Albany 
Vernitta Mosely, Woodland 
Donald Mouledoux, Metairie, LA 
Brandon Myers, Littlestown, PA 

Misti Myers, Jackson 
Chris Myles, Theodore, AL 
Aisha Nabors, Columbus 
Misty Nail, Columbus 
Ashley Heblon, Meridian 

Anna Neely, Mobile, AL 
Riley Nelson, Vicksburg 
Andrew Newcomb, Jackson 
Jeffrey Newell, Tupelo 
Kashiris Nichols, Starkville 

Maggie Nichols, Belden 
Jason Nicholson, Caledonia 
Sam Nicholson, Vicksburg 
Jon Noble, Terrytown, LA 
Virginia Noble, Vicksburg 

Kenya Nolen, Starkville 
Takesha Norman, Greenville 
Nicondra Norwood, LaPlace, LA 
Andre' Oates, Fort Wayne, IN 
Kathryn O'Bryan, Slidell, LA 

Freshmen 357 

Tim Oldhcim, Clarksdale 

Celena Oliver, Holly Springs 

Robert Orv, Hermanville 

Charl Owens, Hattiesburg 

Mary Lisa Owens, Ridgeland 

Amv Palermo, Biloxi 

Jason Pannell, New Albany 

Natisha Moore, Pattison 

Daryl Parker, Hampton, AR 

Stephen C. Parks, Ridgely, TN 

Amv Partridge, Madison 

Vimal Pa tel,' South Pittsburg, TN 

Maryann Pedroli, Germantown, TN 

Ann Elise Penn, Canton 

Ashley Pepper, Huntsville, AL 

Jeffrey Perez, Metairie, LA 

Jill Peterson, Pass Christian 

Natalie Pickard, Ocean Springs 

Eric Plaisance, Union 

Justin Plunk, Hayti, MO 

Tiffany Pointer, Drew 

Holly Polk, Picayune 

Sharon Polk, Tunica 

Kawanyza Pollard, Marrero, LA 

Joseph Quick, Meridian 

Chris Poole, Pascagoula 

Kelly Post, Columbus 

April Powell, Crossett, AR 

Justin Powell, Columbus 

Jason Prather, Leland 

Jill Pressley, Ocean Springs 

Amy Price, Clinton 

Robert Price, Goodwater, AL 

Shelenia Prude, Columbus 

Mario Purvis, Tunica 

358 Freshmen 

Jason P. Quave, Vancleave 
Brandy Quinn, Jackson 
Sarah Quinn, Starkville 
Andrea Ramsey, HoUandale 
Heather Ratliff, Starkville 

Suzanne Reddin, Hampton, AR 
Joy Reed, Starkville 
Claire Reich, Meridian 
Jeffery Rhodes, Bay St. Louis 
Scott Rhodes, Jackson 

LaKezia Rice, Starkville 
LeighAnne Richards, Yazoo City 
Scotty Riggs, Louisville 
Kenyetta Riley, Lexington 
Lisa Riley, Laurel 

Hank Rinehart, Rienzi 
Victoria Roberts, Starkville 
Lawrence Robinson, Holly Springs 
Adam Rudolphi, luka 
Brannon Rushing, Magnolia 

Scherrita Rutherford, New Albany 
Tiffany Rutherford, Blue Springs 
Cory Rutter, Millington, TN 
Jason Ryals, Philadelphia 
Julia A. Ryan, Pass Christian 

Susan Salter, Brandon 

April Sanders, North Carrollton 

Jennifer Sanders, Amory 

Katie Savage, Germantown, TN 

Kimberly Saxon, Starkville 

Michael Schuhmann, Campbellsville, 


Miranda Scott, Southside, AL 

Deborah Seal, Poplarville 

Bradley Segrest, Port Gibson 

Lisa Seymour, Biloxi 

Freshmen 359 

Jennifer Shaffer, Sallis 

Rex Shannon, Lumherton, T,X 

Jonathan Shook, Brandon 

Megan Shuffield, Winona 

Samantha Shumaker, Columbus 

Crystal Simmons, Horn Lake 

Joshua Simmons, Gloster 

Clinton Simpson, Columbus 

Jason Simpson, Newbern, TN 

Will Skelton, Jackson 

Melissa Smalley, Westerville, OH 

Alex Smith, Tupelo 

Allison Smith, Jackson 

Brian Smith, Eufaula, AL 

Charles Lee Smith, Starkville 

Elizabeth Smith, Jackson 

Emily Smith, Houston, TX 

Heather Smith, Tupelo 

Laudry Smith, Jackson 

Laura Snnith, Columbus, Ga 

Emily Smitherman, Starkville 

Lori Sowell, Jackson 

Jennifer Spradling, Mantachie 

Erinn Standiford, Brandon 

Amy Starling, Jackson 

Michelle Straughn, Taylorsville 

Gibson Steele, HoUandale 

Megan Steele, Belden 

Jason Stephens, Valpraiso, FL 

Beth Sternhagen, New Orleans, LA 

Amanda Stevens, Indianola 

Marc Stewart, Fayetteville, NC 

Jill Stockstill, Carriere 

Sara Stroble, New Orleans, LA 

Kyle Strong, Decatur, AL 

360 Freshmen 



* ■* ^ 




Katie Stutzman, Natchez 
Dax Summerhill, Madison 
Stephen Summy, Slidell, LA 
Jason Sweet, Cleveland 
Sarah Swift, Glendale, AZ 

Lavern Swopshire, West Point 
Rana Tabb, Walthall 
Cazzie Taravella, Coral Springs, FL 
Cedric Tasselin, Diamondhead 
Heather Tate, Vicksburg 

Laura Tate, Diamondhead 
Sturgeon Tate, Jackson 
Schermonique Taylor, Moss Point 
Scott Taylor, Athens, AL 
Amber Terrell, McComb 

Courtney Terry, Ridgeland 
Nicole Teuber, Corinth 
Christopher Thomas, Jackson 
Jarrod Thomas, Union 
Beth Thompson, Birmingham, AL 

Charmene Thompson, Prentiss 
Joshua Thompson, Thomasville, AL 
Leslie Thompson, Greenville 
Kathleen Thornell, Shreveport, LA 
Chris Thornton, Greenville 

Shannon Thurston, Columbus AFB 
Josh Trivett, Bristol, TN 
Ben Truesdale, Manchester, TN 
Karen Turner, Philadelphia 
Corie Tuthill, Batesville 

Shelby Tynes, Liberty 
Naveen Vadhwa, Vicksburg 
Digvijay Vaghela, Batesville 
James Valentine, Houston 
Windham Vance, Batesville 

Freshmen 361 

Mary Balfour VanZandt, West Point 

Ah'son Vaughn, Germantown, TN 

Heather Vickers, Alexander Citv, AL 

Jamie Vickers, Starkville 

Michelle Vines, Woodville 

Trov VoUenweider, Carrollton, GA 

Cameron Waggoner, Long Beach 

Farley Walker, Clinton 

John Walker, Somerville, TN 

Robert Ward, Madison 

Amy Warren, Haleyville, AL 

Mack Warren, Gunnison 

Bryan Washington, Vicksburg 

Erica Watkins, Millington, TN 

Victoria Watson, Corinth 

Leah Weatherford, Corinth 

Del Weathersby, Jackson 

Brad Webb, Amory 

Elizabeth Webb, Collierville, TN 

Tracey Weeks, Clinton 

Bruce Wells, Greenway, AR 

Tina Westbrooks, Tupelo 

Patrick Westmoreland, Richardson, 

Angel White, Batesville 
Billie White, Southaven 

Karen White, Jackson 

Krystal White, Brookhaven 

Stacy Whited, Southaven 

Liza Whitehead, Olive Branch 

Sarah Wicht, Hattiesburg 

Tessa Wilkins, Grenada 

Beth Williams, Madison 

Channel Williams, Columbus 

Freddie Williams, Georgetown 

James Williams, Duck Hill 

362 Freshmen 

Leslie Williams, Meridian 
Mark Williams, Philadelphia 
Mykisha Williams, Tunica 
Rodrick Williams, Houlka 

Christian Williamson, West Monroe, 


Dee Williamson, Charleston 

Brad Young, Jackson 

Will Wooten, West Point 

Alanna Wolfe, Cascilla 
Shannon Witty, Kilmichael 
Carla Wise-Bressler, Southaven 
Regina Wilson, Brandon 

Sharon Willis, Natchez 

Kimberly Willis, Jackson 

Scott Williford, Fort Walton Beach, 


Richard Williamson, Memphis, TN 

Kawana Young, Chicago, IL 
Marvin Young, Philadelphia 
Jared Zak, Princeton, IN 
Theresa Zelasko, Vicksburg 

Freshmen 363 


Mukheeth Abdul, India 

Ty Abernathy, Cartersville 

Penny Adams, Ocean Springs 

Sam Allen, Starkville 

Brian Anderson, Brandon 

Nagarajan Aravind, India 

Miguel B. Arellano, Mexico 

Kayanush Aryana, India 

Jennifer Atkins, Hattiesburg 

Shane Atkison, Mize 

Wanda Atkinson, Tuscalooa, AL 

Mohammod Azam, Bangladesh 

Sachi Bala, India 

Punnee Barrera, MSU 

Dorothy Bell, West Point 

Matthew Bogan, Kilmichael 

Abdolsamad, Borazjani, Starkville 

Heather Boren, Walls 

Rajaunnda D. Brown, Starkville 

Bruce Johnson, Madison 

Sharon Luree Burgin, Starkville 

Shayne Cade, Lincoln, AL 

Pedro Calderon, Hondouras 

Liwei Cao, China 

Chad Carson, Houston 

Angela Capary, Weir 

James Cathey, Ponchatoula, LA 

364 Graduate 

Bin Chen, Starkville 
Chifa Cheng, Starkville 
Li-Fei, Chien, Taiwan 
Nouhoum Cisse, Mali 
Lori Clark, Germantown, TN 

Jeffrey Constable, Naperville, IL 
Tarn Cooper, Decatur, AL 
Holland Cox, Starkville 
John Creech, Starkville 
Christine E. Cuicchi, Starkville 

Tina Maree Day, Castalia, OH 
Peter Delinski, Long Beach 
Umesh Dubey, India 
Jay Edwards, Pearl 
Missy Elkins, Clinton 

Carolina Garcia, Venezuela 
Atipparut Garnjanasoowlin, Thailand 
Lisa Gay, Ripley 
Amrit Ghosh, India 
Harpreet Gill, Starkville 




Denise Godwin, Clinton 
Portia Goode, North Augusta, SC 
Stacy Gossett, Blue Mountain 
Rachelle Graves, Sterling, VA 
Entis Halimi, Starkville 

Delarie Henderson, Columbus 
Margaret Hill, Water Valley 
Daniel Hogue, Starkville 
Amy Holder, Clewiston, FL 
David Holloway, Starkville 

Jill Holston, Pensacola, FL 
Anthony-Todd Hubbard, Vicksburg 
Tita L. Hunter, Starkville 
Maqsood Hussain, Pakistan 
Manzoor Hussain, Pakistan 

Graduate 365 

Patrick Hutchings, Anniston, AL 

Jamshid Iranmahboob, Iran 

Pri\'a Jagasia, India 

Sasidhar Jampani, Starkville 

Sureshnath Reddv Jinkalavenkata, 


William Johnston, Vicksburg 

Arunkumar Kallur, Starkville 

Victor Kamanda, Jackson 

Srinivas Rao Kanagala, India 

Shangming Kao, China 

Perinkulam Kasthuri, India 

Ellisa Kendall, Ocean Springs 

Orapin Kerdchoechuen, Thailand 

Muhammad Arshad Khan, Pakistan 

Sai Kumar Kowda, India 

Sonia Kopyto, England 

Prasarn Kradangnga, Thailand 

Venkata Krishnaswamy, India 

Lee Lassner, MSU 

Willie D. Lawson, Jr., Bentonia 

Julie Lee, Vicksburg 

Denis Legeido, Starkville 

Kevin Lewis, Pearl 

Xiaofeng Ma, China 

Mohamed Mahgoub, Sudan 

Sarwat Mahmood, Pakistan 

Mary Makamson, Greenwood 

Jimmy Mandinga, Crawford 

Marco Mandinga, Starkville 

Vincent Mandinga, Starkville 

Vimal Babu Mani, Starkville 

Rajesh Marepally, Starkville 

Stephanie Martin, Hazlehurst 

Uday Marty, India 

Pat Maweaney, West Point 



■ if^ * 





366 Graduate 

Timmy May, Carthage 
Carolyn McAlister, Florence, AL 
Ashley McDade, Ridgeland 
Chad McMullin, Amory 
Arthur R. Mellen, Starkville 

Brian Meredith, Memphis, TN 
Manjunath Mittha, Starkville 
Safdar Muhammad, Pakistan 
Lee Neiper, Columbus 
Tina Nguyen, Ocean Springs 

Timothy Nix, Amory 
Ajchara Pothidee, Thailand 
Kiattisak Pothidee, Starkville 
Steve Prestridge, Smithville 
David Pritchard, MSU 

Sirilag Puvadolpirod, Thailand 
Yongqiang Qiu, China 
Xianlu Qu, Starkville 
Jong-Bam Ra, Korea 
Chethan Ram, India 

David Randall, Starkville 
Alice Redding, Starkville 
Dana Reed, Louisville 
Catherine Ritter, Kosciusko 
Lisa Robinson, Florence 

Junghoon Roh, Korea 

Dutsadee Roongrattanakool, 


Adam Ryan, Starkville 

Asit Sarkar, Bangladesh 

Camille Scales, Okolona 

Eric Sculthorpe, Gautier 
Vimal Shah, India 
Yueyi Shen, China 
Cherk Ming Siah, Malaysia 
Ahmad Siddiqui, India 

Graduate 367 

Angenette Smith, Coldwater 

Trent Smith, Quitman 

Atta Soomro, Pakistan 

Abrani Sulaiman, Indonesia 

Ranee Surakarnkul, Starkville 

Ajay Takkallapalli, hidia 

Thuan-Par Tan, Malaysia 

Prapaporn Tangkijchote, Thailand 

Brian Thomas, Starkville 

S.R.Murthy Thontepu, Starkville 

Paula Threadgill, Livingston, AL 

Nan-Ting Tiao, Taiwan 

Simone Tullos, Murfreesboro, TN 

Pakorn Unprasert, Thailand 

Kayla Vance, Southaven 

Shankar Vellanthurai, India 

Naresh Vempala, India 

John Vickery, Starkville 

Robert Vinson, Magee 

James Wade, Starkville 

Gayle Wadsworth, Starkville 

Robert W. Wadsworth, Starkville 

J. Dwayne Walker, Soso 

Lawrence Walker, Winona 

Shaun Walker, Brookhaven 

Xiao Wang, China 

Ziyin Wang, China 

Stephanie Ware, Carthage 

Syed Waseem, Pakistan 

Christal Weatherford, Brandon 

Patti Whitworth, Hamilton 

Vivan Wicker, Starkville 

Jennifer Wilburn, Blue Springs 

James W. Williams, Hickory 

Sabrina N. Williams, Prentiss 

368 Graduate 

Tekita L. Williams, Jackson 

J^ ^f^ 

Danny Winbush, Jackson, TN 
Ching-Ping, Wong, MSU 

Tung-Hoi Wong, Hong Kong 
Wing Kiong Wong, Starkville 
Wendie Woods, Starkville 


Peggy Brasfeild Wright, Vicksbur 
Dongdong Wu, China 
Lihong Wu, China 
Engui Yao, China 

Thew-Ho Yik, Malaysia 
Yusrizal, Indonesia 
Am Yusuf, Starkville 
Hongzheng Zhang, China 
Junfeng Zhou, Starkville 

Thesis and research papers are a big part of gradu- 
ate school. Most graduate students spent a large 
amount of their time in the library. 

Graduate 369 


Jack Akers, Jr., Meridian 

Tyrone Anthony, Union 

Rob Armstrong, Meridian 

Marty Baker, Lauderdale 

Rick Beasly, Meridian 

Rosie Berry, Meridian 

Mitzie Bilello, Meridian 

Amanda Blount, Decatur 

Melissa Bordelon, Hammond, LA 

Bill Boren, Meridian 

Jim Brooks, Meridian 

Yolanda Brown, Meridian 

Brenda Brown, Toomsuba 

Jimmy Buchanan, Meridian 

Eddie Buckner, Marion 

Evelyn Bumpers, Meridian 

Barbara Burnett, Meridian 

Windy Burton, Philadelphia 

Peggy Campbell, Meridian 

Lea Castleberi-y, Meridian 

Beverly Chambers, Lena 

Debbie Chapman, Shubuta 

Roy Chatham, Meridian 

Rodney Chatham, Meridian 

Trina Cheatham, Preston 

George Clark, Chunky 

Christy Coleman, Shuqualak 

370 Meridian 

Ronnie Colvin, Meridian 
Tonya Cooley, Shubuta 
Jodi Craven, Meridian 
Angel Cuellar, Jr., Meridian 
Tim Currie, Meridian 

Lee Currie, Meridian 
Gladys Davenport, Meridian 
Hope Davis, Decatur 
Laurence Davis, Dekalb 
Donna Denison, Meridian 

Gladys Eddie, Meridian 
Clemateen Epps, Pachuta 
Catina Essix, Meridian 
Kristi Ethridge, Collinsville 
Carol Fortin, Enterprise 

Harold Frazier, Bailey 
Stacy Gates, Marion 
Pat Gibson, Meridian 
Lavera Gibson, Philadelphia 
Jeff Gonzales, Meridian 

Cynthia Granger, Meridian 
Michael Grayson, Meridian 
Cassandra Green, Meridian 
Jackie Griffin, Philadelphia 
Chris Gully, Dekalb 

Robin Guy, Pulaski 
Brenda Harper, Meridian 
Terry Haskett, Meridian 
Dave Hebda, Meridian 
Kevin Hedgpeth, Meridian 

Suzanne Hendrix, Meridian 
Jim Hickox, Decatur 
Joseph Hines, Meridian 
Jennifer Hitt, Little Rock 
William Hodges, Bailey 

Meridian 371 

Fatie Horn, Carthage 

Paul Hughes, Meridian 

Marih'n James, Meridian 

Shannon Jenkins, Philadelphia 

Dawn Jones, Philadelphia 

Linda Jones, Meridian 

Joy Jones, Meridian 

Bryan Kyle, Enterprise 

Dixie Labruyere, Meridian 

Debra Ladd, Philadelphia 

Misty Laird, Little Rock 

Holly Lambert, Quitman 

Carol Lavvson, Meridian 

Karen Long, Philadelphia 

Toni Loper, Lake 

Tiffany Loyd, Meridian 

Kelley Lucas, Meridian 

Donnie Luke, Preston 

Nikki Mabry, Union 

Dawn Mackey, Meridian 

Fernando Martinez, Meridian 

Clemmie Mathis, Meridian 

Karen McCall, Meridian 

Dianne McDonald, Meridian 

Andy Miller, Marion 

David Miller, Forest 

Betty Moffett, Meridian 

Arlene Monk, Forest 

Kaisha Moss, Toomsuba 

Rodney Moss, Shubuta 

John Necaise, Bay St. Louis 

Melissa Ogletree, Little Rock 

Katina Parker, Stonewall 

Tina Parker, Meridian 

Dianne Phillips, Philadelphia 

372 Meridian 

mm'"^ '" 


— -- 

'■'-•/!• -3.,- 

Steven Pippin, Petal 
Jil Posey, Philadelphia 
Rita Presley, Meridian 
Lilach Preston, Meridian 
Kim Price, Union 

Amy Raymond, Meridian 
Virgil Reed, Toomsuba 
Pamela Reed, Meridian 
Bernita Reynolds, Philadelphia 
Ellis Riser, Purvis 

Clyde Risher, Sebastopol 
Rowena Roach, Philadelphia 
Owida Roberts, Meridian 
Lomax Rosamond, CoUinsville 
Kim Rowland, Marion 

Karla Rushing, Decatur 
Clara Sims, Philadelphia 
Leah, Skelton, Meridian 
Shebbi Smart, Lisman, AL 
Stacey Smith, Philadelphia 

Lynn Smith, Long Beach 
Natasha Smith, Meridian 
Hoover Steele, Meridian 
Darlene Stoliby, Philadelphia 
Gerald Stoliby, Philadelphia 

Ginger Sullivan, Carthage 
William Talley, Philadelphia 
Katie Thigpen, Heidelberg 
Sharene Thomas, Meridian 
Johnny Thompson, Meridian 

Michelle Triplett, Marion 
Sharon Truelove, Mericiian 
Debbie Truesdale, Meridian 
Pamela Tucker, Carthage 
Robert Turner, Jr., Livingston, AL 

Meridian 373 

lacqualine Turner, Meridian 

Jerry Van Iderstine, Meridian 

Rae Nell Vaughn, Philadelphia 

Tommy Vincent, Forest 

Mary Ann Wagner, Toomsuba 

Nancy Warner, Lauderdale 

Cher Warren, Collinsville 

Sewanna Watson, Collinsville 

Margaret Webb, Meridian 

Nancy Whitlock, Meridian 

Van Williams, Meridian 

Louise Wilson, Philadelphia 

Students of all classifications and majors enjoy participaring in 

extracirricular activities. The ROTC, (right) a popular group, 

presented the flags at a football game. 

Many students flock to Scott Field (opposite, top) to cheer on 

the Bulldogs. 

Nice fall and spring days cause many students to take to the 

outdoors. These students (opposite, center) enjoy life on the 


Regardless of one's schedule, everyone must eat. Perry Hall 

Cafeteria is frequented by all kinds of students. 

374 Meridian 

People 375 

376 Closing 

I'liiiti. h\ Tru) Edwards 

Closing 377 

"Life was good; Life was great. 

This semester Lll graduate. 

I partied too much, and once had a 


Thank God, I went to Mississippi 


Rene' Brignac 


This room (Magruder 317) is special 
to us because it's where we met in 

1981 and also where I put the 

engagement ring on her finger four 

years later. Nancy was my student 

when we met, and I knew she was 

special right away; and she took a 

liking to my snappy blue shirts. 

We've had 11 happy years of 

marriage and 15 wonderful years of 

knowing each other. We also like this 

room because it's our favorite place to 

teach, and we both love teaching 

almost as much as we love each 


Dr. Thomas Carskadon and Dr. 

Nancy McCarley 


All photos by Garland Can 


I phutos b\ Garland Car\'. 

Closing 379 


"\ think the thing I'll truly miss from 

Mississippi State will be the friends 

I've made. These friends are for life. I 

also will miss the University Christian 

Student Center (UCSC), the place 

where I've grown and developed in 

Christ Jesus. That's what I'll miss 

most from MSU." 

Andy Williams 


"\ will miss my friends at MSU the 

most. You can always come back and 

see buildings an visit places that were 

special to you at MSU, but the crazy 

things that you did with your friends 

will only be good memories. 

Hopefully, those friendships will 

continue so we can come back to 

MSU and remember those good 

times. Plus, State is the only place 

that I can bark like a dog without 

feeling like an idiot." 

Lynn Miller 


AH phi>k>s bv Garland Car' 

Closing 381 


"Jarnming, hanging out at Dave's, a little 

tequila, and my best friends are my 

favorite things about State. Jason, Art, 

Michael, and Scott — los cuatros 

conquistadores de amor, outta here. I've 

got your back." 

Jeremy Waller 


"You could say that I stayed at Mississippi 

State for graduate school because I am 

from Starkville. You could say that I stayed 

at MSU because of the strong MBA 

program that our College of Business 

provides for its students. You could even 

say that I stayed here because my 

apartment rent is so cheap. But the real 

reason I stayed is because of the faculty, 

staff, and students. The faculty are always 

supportive and ready to help students do 

their best. The staff are alv^ays friendly 

and ready to help students in any way 

they can. And last but not least the 

number of friends 1 have come to know 

from the student population at MSU is 

almost more than 1 will be able to keep up 

with when I leave. Thanks to everyone 

who has helped me get through my six 

years here at MSU. You are the best. 

Jason Tiffin 

Graduate Student 

Closing 383 


Abbav, Rob 183, 184 

Abbay, VViU 184, 331 

Abbott, Shan 215 

Abdul, Mukheeth .. 191,364 

Abernathy, Ty 364 

Abraham, Dr. Jimmy .... 234 

Acy, Gaieth 215 

Adams, Becky 229 

Adams, Curtis 346 

Adams, Dan 202 

Adams, Delina 346 

.dams, Jennifer . . . 198, 346 

dams, Jonathan 309 

Adams, Keith 190 

Adams, Kenyada 186 

Adams, Penny 364 

Adams, Rebecca 309 

ddison, Jon 196 

Adebiyi, Debo 38 

Adkins, Br>-ant 230 

Adkins, Leanna 202 

Adkinson, Darlene 346 

Adler, Jeanette 346 

Adsit, Russell 184 

Agacer, Dr. Gilda . . 182, 193 

Ahmand, SyedS 219 

Aibritton, Michael 207 

Alexander, April 331 

Alexander, Diane 216 

Alexander, Janet 346 

Alexander, Rodney 258 

Alford, Renae . .'. 331 

Alford, Torev 191 

Allen, Andrea 202 

Allen, Catherine 309 

Allen, Chris 196 

Allen, Ellen 192 

Allen, Jennifer 346 

Allen, Justin 195 

Allen, Kristi 346 

.Mien, Margaret 346 

Allen, Sam 364 

Allen, Samantha 331 

AUen, Vincent 207, 209, 

214, 224 

Allen, Yolanda 204 

Alley, Heather .... 205, 309 

Allison, Courtney 331 

Alpe, Kalicia . .' 220, 251 

Althen, Tom 228 

Alvers, Sarah 228 

Amant, Allison S 251 

burgey, Terry 208 

lerson, Chameka .... 197, 

Anders, Justin 201 

Anders, Justin 309 

Anderson, Brian . . . 219, 364 

"Anderson, Eddie 190 

Anderson, Sonja 191 

Anderson, Walter T 190, 


Anderson, Wendv 217 

Andrews, Brad 214 

Andrews, David 309 

ws, Kimberly .... 195, 

ana 196 

iaria 309 

;eta .... 199,211 

AfiHtony, Tyrone 370 

Antia, Brad , , 38, 186, 192, 
210, 221 

% Aravind, Nagarajan 364 

Archer, Ellen 189 

Aregood, Joy . .202 

Arellano, Miguel . . . 195, 364 

Arispe, Vanessa 195 

Armijos, Gabriel ........ 346 

Armstrong, Clay . . . .jl . .219 

Armstrong, Jason . . J. . . . 309 

Armstrong, Konrad .^^ . .210 
Armstrong, Rob .:. . . 238, 370 

Amett, Carrie 195, 346 

Arnett, Kirk 201 

■', Arnimings, Coleman , ..219 

Arnold, /\nni." 331 

Arnold, Christy 346 

Arnold, Darvl ' 186 

Arnold, Gre'tchcn . . 209, 309 

Arnold, Jorja 191 

Arnold, Terry 196 

Arrington, Brad 206 

Aryana, Kavanush 364 

Atchley, Cliristi 229 

Athow, Betsy 346 

Atkins, Jennifer 209, 309, 


Atkins, Jessica 346 

Atkinson, Andy 309 

Atkinson, Angie 226 

Atkinson, Shane 192 

Atkinson, Susie 226 

Atkinson, Tracy 226 

Atkinson, Wanda 364 

Atkison, Shane 364 

Atknison, Bill 226 

Atwood, Connie 331 

Aultman, Shellie . .. 218, 331 

Aust, Carrie 207 

•Austin, Amanda 346 

Austin, Charity 346 

Austin, Essie 309 

Auton, Lisa 195 

Ayerett, Brian 224, 309 

Avery, Anire 234, 309 

Avery, Mark 205 

Aviles, Kimberly 309 

Aycock, Susan 309 

Azam, Mohammod 364 


Badea, Cltristina 219 

Bailey, Berije 219 

Bailey, Coutresia 346 

Bailey, Emily 331 

Bailey, John 193 

Baiiey, Laura 309 

Bailey, Nichole 346 

Bain, Lora 346 

Baird, Brad 309 

Baird, Jennifer 346 

Baker, Anne-Marie 331 

Baker, Debra 204 

Baker, Emily 216 

Baker, John 189 

Baker, Kim 309 

Baker, Marty 370 

Baker, Richie 331 

Bala, Sachi 364 

Balducci, Michail 207 

Ballard, Fredtick 209 

Ballard, Hugh 309 

Ballard, Rachel 216 

Balzh, j.D 185 

Bane, Nikki 346 

Bangalore, Puri 191 

Bankster, Blake 227 

Barber, Amy 196 

Barber, Fredrick 258 

Barber, Mitch 229 

Barber, Vickie 310 

Barker, Bonnie 223 

Barlow, Michelle , . . 194, 198, 
201, 209, 215, 224 

Barnard, Brad 185 

Barnes, Brandon 310 

Barnes, Carlev 331 

Barnes, Cheiry 186, 310 

Barnes, Daryf 346 

Barnes, J. S,' 207 

Barnes, liichard 191 

Barnes, Sean 310 

Barnett, Brad 196 

Barnett, Rhonda 224 

Barnett, Will 200, 347 

Banera, Punnec 364 

Barrett, Jennifer 310 

Barrett, John 219 

Barringer, Maggie 197 

Barn.m, Jason 347 

Barron, Jennifer 310 

Barron, Susan 331 

Barry, Adriannc 187 

BaiTv, Danita 310 

Barta, Eric 209,310 

Barton, Angela 310 

Bartz, Gregory 331 

Basel, Timothy 331 

Baskin, Brandi 331 

Bass, Brandi iSi^SE 197, 310 

Bassett, Brian 185 

Batarsch, Da\'id 38, 209, 


Batchelder, Batch 186 

Batchelder, William 310 

Bateman, Ms. M 189 

Balson, Emily 200 

Batson, Emily 310 

Batten, Susan 202, 235 

Baum, Else 347 

Baumann, Jeff 250 

Baumann, Todd 206 

Baxter, Amanda 204 

Bayes, Jack 229 

Beach, Todd 347 

Beaird, Andy 186 

Bean, Bridgett 310 

Bearden, Joe 202, 250 

Beasley, Jeffrey 331 

Beasly, Rick .', 370 

Beck,' Bethany 310 

Beck, James 347 

Beckett, Susan 331 

Beer, Rachel 224 

Beeson, D. R 208 

Beidleman, Emily 310 

Belcher, Missv 310 

Belknap, John 193, 332 

Bell, Adrian 332 

Bell, Dorothy 4 364 

Bell, James f 'S ■ . . .250 

Bell, Jennifer ... 38, 192, 202 

Bell, Percy 222, 347 

Benjamin, Monique 195 

Bennett, Becky 251 

Bennett, Cindy ,/. . . .310 

Bennett, Grant 310 

Bennett, Jennifer .192 

Bennett, Jody .193 

Bennett, Jody T. .332 

Bennett, Kevin ......... 347 

Bennett, Rebecca 332 

Bennett, Richard 310 

Benson, Sherre 235 

Bentley, Amy 310 

Benton, Todd 250, 310 

Benton, Tori 228 

Ben way, Tracy . 38, 186, 239 

Berges, Roger 1 89 

Bergin, Robert 206, 310 

Bernstein, Greg 210 

Berry, Andy^,,, „, 310 

Berry, Curti^^ . 206 

Berry, Jessica^ 310 

Berry, Rosie 370 

Berry;, Andy 196 

Bessey, Dani , . 200, 202, 310 

Bester, Crystal 347 

Bestor, Charles 347 

Betbeze, Caroline 195 

Bethea, Leslie 217 

Bethea, Pat 206, 210 

Betts, Kenneth 347 

Bevon, Charles 192 

Beyer, Charies 224, 236 

Beyer, Dawn 198, 332 

Bhula, Mona 219 

Bickert, PhilKp 310 

Biddle, Mary 199 

Bilello, Mitzie 370 

Bill Warren, Terry 306 

Bimmerman, John 210 

Bingham, Susan 310 

Binkley, Greg 201,227 

Birmingham, Danielle ... .311 

Bishop, Brent 311 

Bishop, Eric 234, 332 

Bishop, Robbie 311 

Bishop, Stacy ..311 

Bisland, Amy 347 

Bivins, Kidada 222 

Black, Brian . . . 199, 214, 222 

Black, Emily 200 

Black, Emily 332 

Black, Patrick 311 

Black;, Letha 207 

Blackburn, Orlando 190 

Blacklidge, Brittany 2 38 

Blacklidge, Ginge/ JHH|^ 
Blackinon, Ethel . ^^^^HF 
BlackweU, Barry . ^^^^9 
Blackwell, Hollis 196 

BlackweU, Sarah . . . 207, 214 
Blackwell, Stacie . . . 209, 332 
Bladen-Barnes, Annette ..186 
Blair, Brooke . . 198, 199, 207 

Blakely, Gene 225,311 

Blakeney, Barney 311 

Blalock, Lamar '. . . . 209, 222 
Blandon-Barnes, Annette 


Blankester, Blake ,,,M 

Blanks, Brad .^fiiP^" 

Blanton, Lori . . . 
Blasey, Kristy . . 
Bledsoe, LaKitha 
Bledsoe, LaToya ... '.'"'""" ji4 7 

Bloodworth, Paige 197 

Bloodworth, Ward . 199,332 

Blount, Amanda 370 

Blount, Jennifer 202 

Bluhm, Louis 38, 237 

Boarst, Todd 252 

Boatman, Jenny 204 

Bobo, Justin 347 

Boerger, Derek 347 

Bogan, Matthew 364 

Boggess, Gene 191 

Bolden, Staci 311 

Bollinger, Laura 198 

Bolton, Annette 195, 211 

Bond, Rebecca 347 

Bond, Ryan 206 

Boone, Andrea 332 

Boone, Greg 202 

Boone, Jeanie 332 

Boone, Joey 195 

Boone, Joseph 311 

Booth, Glvn 222 

Booth, Kathryn 210, 234, 


Booth, Kathryn 311 

Booth, Robin 197 

Bordelon, Melissa 370 

Boren, Bill 370 

Boren, Heather 364 

Boroujerdi, Ommid 347 

Borries, Karen 311 

Borst, Michelle 38, 184 

Bostick, Shelley 311 

Boswell, Ana '. 38 

Boudreaux, Chad 233 

Bounds, Eric 347 

Bounds, John 206 

Boutwell, Angie 216 

Bovvers, Angela 182, 228, 


Bowers, Chris 195 

Bowersock, Jennifer .... .332 

Bovvae, Kimberly 332 

Bowles, Denise 195 

Bowling, Brent 347 

Bowling, Linda 222 

Boyalakuntla, Saileela . . . .208 

Boyd, April 311 

Bovd, Candi 347 

Boyd, Chad 192 

Boyd, Gwendolyn 208 

Bovd, Jason 332 

Boyd, Leah 197 

Bovd, Melanie 196, 347 

Boyd, Shawn 184 

Boyd;, Catherine 207 

Bovkin, Leigh A 247 

Braband, Michael ... 38, 207, 


Bradburn, Becky 234 

Braddock, B.J. '. 332 

Bradford, Brian .... 250, 347 

Bradford, Juan 258 

Bradley, Aki 219 

Bradley, Amaris 347 

Bradley, Steve 189 

Bradley, Steven 332 

Branch, Olive . 317,350,362 

Brantley, Ronnie 209 

Brasher, Brian 332 

Brasher, Dana 311 

Brashier, Brad 210, 347 

Breazeale, Kevin 311 

Breland, Laura 348 

Brent Garland 227 

Brents, Taletha 348 

Bretheim, David 218 

Brewer, Amy 239, 311 

Brewer, Gann 311 

Brewer, Jody 195 ' 

Brewer, Kiely ... 348 

Brewer, Mary G. . 21t>, 247 
Brewer, Regina ... 311 

Bridges, Joe 248 

Bridges, Kari 187 

Bridges, Miles ... . 196 

Bridges, Steven 332 

Brignac, Angelle . . . ..„216 

Brignac, Angelle 311 

Brinkman, Erin ... . 193^ 

Briscoe, Mary B 348~ 

Brister, Jason 332 

Britt, Cristi 211 

Britt, Megan 192 

Britt, Michael 332 

Britte Blair, Shaw 311 

Broadus, Ebani 348 

Brock, LeaE 348 

Brock, Michelene 234 

Brock, Sherie 234 

Brogan, Amy v..-, . . .201 

Brook, Cassie 348 

Brook, Glenn 248 

Brooks, Andy 182,205 

Brooks, Dana 311 

Brooks, Jhn 370 

Brooks, Joel 229 

Brools, Andy 216 

Broome, Ma'rc 188, 209 

Brown, Angel 251 

Brown, Bobbie 189 

Brown, Brenda 370 

Brown, Cori 238 

Brown, Demi 214 

Brown, Derrick 258 

Brown, Elaine 209 

Brown, Heather .... 38, 235 

Brown, Jason 204 

Brown, Jason 311 

Brown, LaRaye 211 

Brown, LaTasha 348 

Brown, Rajaunda 214 

Brown, Rajaunnda D 364 

Brox^m, Rebecca . . . 197, 204 

Brown, Rebecca 332 

Brown, Scott 214, 229 

Brown, Shamara 348 

Broivn, Trevonda 199 

Brown, Yolanda 370 

Brown, Zane 348 

Brown IV, William 348 

Browne, Adam 189 

Brownell, Audra 249 

Browning, Steven P 43, 

215, 221 
Brownlee, James . . . 210, 222, 


Brownlee, Jason 184 

Brownlee, Jud 234 

Bruch, Juan 205 

Brumfield, Stephanie , . , .311 

Brunt, Cliff 248 

Bryan, Jay 185 

Bryan, Tim 348 

Bryant, Fleeta 196 

Bryant, Marc 348 

Bryant, Richard 311 

Bryanl, Rodney 198, 199 

Bryant, Valerie 192, 224 

Bryant;, Dr. C 191 

Bucciantini, ,Anne 216 

Buchanan, Jimmy 370 

Buchanan, Niles" ... 186, 206 

Buchannan, Cyndi 203 

Buckner, Eddie 370 

Bueche, Jamie ..228 

Buehring, Jason 184 

Buford, Paul .311 

Bullard, Whitney . , . 217, 251, 


BuUer, Amy 192 

Bullock, Andrea 348 

Bullock, Angie 312 

Bullwinkel, AUan 207 

Bumpas, Pabi 247 

Bumpers, Evelyn 370 

Burchfield, Allyn 209 

Burell, Dana .' 252 

Burge, Donny 312 

Burgess, Greg . 223 

Burgin, Sharon L 364 


Burgs, Emebt ^SRHRHP^^ 
Emily ^!™™f^5 200 
Emil\ 348 

I, Kau' 233 

Burke, Kat\ 312 

Buileson Vonda 196 

Burmabter, Jebs>ica 332 

Burnett, Barbara 370 

Burnett, Chris 200 

Biimett, Evan 348 

Burnett, Julian 215 

Burnett, Rhonda 186 

Burney, Amanda 312 

Burne\-. Mandy .... 205, 247 

Burnham, John 207, 214 

Burnham Matthew .... 196, 
228, 332 

Bums, Todd 229 

Bumside, Randolph 269 

Burt. Lexli 312 

Burt, Todd , , 332 

Burton, Lamarzus 348 

Burton, Windx 370 

Busby, Amv ' 192 

Busby, Beau 348 

Buse, Madelyn 348 

Bush, Amanda 348 

Bush, Daphne 204 

Bush, Jason 332 

Busier. Rache! 199, 205, 

247, 348 

lutler, Brandon 209 

Butler, Brandon 332 

(utler, Darren 229 

Butler, Rhonda 192 

Butler Robyn 332 

Butts, Dannon 222 

Butts, Tish 222, 348 

Byford, Mamie 348 

By-num, Jeff 229 

Bvram, But 229 

Bvrd, Chris 188, 312 

Bvrd, Claudia . 192, 209, 224 

B\rd, Dr. S 216 

B>Td, Jeffrey 332 

Byrd, Sam ' 312 

B)Td, Sarah 332 

Bvme, Amanda .... 201 312 

!afeell, Thomas ... 186,221 

Cade, Shayne 364 

Cafer, Christy 195 

Cahill, Laura' 348 

Cam Ashley 219 

Cain, Dadd' 196 

Cain, David 219 

Cain, Rachel 332 

Calderon, Pedro ....... 364 

Caldwell, Dontrae 222 

Caldvell, Kelly 348 

Calhoun, Thomas 312 

Calloway, Charity . . 196, 228 

Calloway, Charity 312 

Calmes, Kimberly 348 

Calvano, Charlie 185 

Calvert, Velinda . . . 222, 312 

Calvin, LaKimbie 348 

Camp, Richie 192 

Campbell, Lendon 312 

Campbell, Mansa 198 

Campbell Pegg\' 370 

Campbell, Ray 333 

Camper, Verdis 197 

Cannon, John 229 

Cannon, Tammy 312 

Cantrell, Shelley 333 

Cantrell, Stephanie 312 

Cao, Liwei 364 

Capary, Angela 364 

Caplinor, Ben 202 

Cardwell Kisha 312 

Carlee, Amanda 218 

Carlisle, Henry 229 

Carlisle, Megan 348 

Carlisle, Randy 196 

Carlson, Derek 333 

Carmack, Rebecca 228 

Carpenter, Dana 312 

Carpenter, Donald 348 

Carpenter, Lisa 216 

Carpenter, Ray 312 

Carr, Mandi ' 199 

Carrawav, Scott 333 

Carroll, Chris 228 

Carroll, Torruny 206 

Carroll, Tommy 312 

Carruth, Daniel 236 

Carson, Chad 364 

Carson, Chns 312 

Carson, Kelli 197,204 

Carson, Tara 186 

Cartagena, Marcela 312 

Carter. Brad 201 

Carter, Brandon 196 

Carter, Canace 333 

Carter, Duane 222 

Carter, DuShaune . . 207, 209 

Carter, LauraLeigh 349 

Carter, Maurice 349 

Carter, Michefle ... 211,234 

Carter, M>Ta 349 

Carter, Schreese 186 

Carter, Steven 312 

Carter, Teisha 199 

Carter, Well 217 

Carter, Will 186, 238 

Cart Wright, Chuck 312 

Carver, David 207 

Carver, Newt 250 

Carv, Garland 116, 121, 

122, 123, 124, 125, 130, 
131, 132, 133, 232 

Carv, Shannon 202 

Castle, Beth 333 

Castleberry, Lea 370 

Caston, Les 216 

Cathey, Paige 312 

Catledge, Maria 349 

Causey, Letida . 38, 204, 221 

Causey, Naquislia 349 

Cerda^Todd . . 214, 234,333 

Cema, Joshua 199, 202 

Chamberlain, Karen 312 

Chambers, Amanda 197 

Chambers, Beverly 370 

Chambers, David' 202 

Chambers, Janet 349 

Chambers, Sarah 210 

Chandler, Anthony 349 

Chandler, Michael' 222 

Chandler, Will 333 

Chandra, Grayatri 193 

Chang, Peter 189 

Chapman, Belinda 228 

Chapman, Beverly . 192, 209, 


Chapman, Beverly 312 

Chapman, Debbie 370 

Chapman, jereme . . 201, 234 
Chapman, Leigh .... 27, 238 

Chapman, Leigh 312 

Chapman, Sara 182, 209, 


Chapmen, Leigh 194 

Chaptman, Sara 184 

Charlotte, King 293 

Charm, Stephanie 210 

Chase, Vickie 333 

Chatham, Rodney 370 

Chatham, Roy . .' 370 

Chau, L€igh ' 312 

Chau, Phoenix 312 

Chean, Cheechya 312 

Cheatham, Trina 370 

Cheeks, Nadriene 349 

Chen, Bin 365 

Cheng, Chifa 365 

Chesser, Lovie 190 

Chesteen, Lee Anne 312 

Chevukuri, Kivan K 191 

Chin K Khou, Brando 319 

Ching-Ping, Wong 214 

Chinicne, Stephanie 349 

Chinn, Mignon 222 

Chrestman, Carla , . 193, 313 

Chrestman, Heather 196 

Chrisman, Amber 188 

Chrisman, Shawn . . 204, 227 

Christrup, Henry 249 

Church, Geoff 187 

Cisse, Nouhoum 365 

Clardy, Katrina 247 

Clardy, Katrina . 313 

Clark, Catherine 202, 203 

Clark, George 235, 238 

Clark, George 370 

Clark, Jonathan 196 

Clark, Kim 234 

Clark, Maronda 313 

Clark, Regena 238 

Clark, Shannon 203 

Clark, Stacy 202, 203 

Clark, Stacy 333 

Clark, Stephanie 197 

Clark, Stephanie 333 

Clark, Steven 229 

Clark, Suzanne 38, 192 

Clark, Tabitha 313 

Clay, Heather 247 

Clay, Tricia 228 

Clayton, Carrie .... 199, 349 

Clayton, Erika 333 

Clayton, Neil 333 

Clayton;, KeUie 207 

Cleiand, Ann 192 

Clement, Scott 185 

Clements, Nathan S 38, 

206, 207, 214 
Clemmons, Casey . . 197, 210 
Clifton, Jennifer ........ 195 

Climer, Kate 333 

Clvnch, Barney 349 

Cobb, Brent 333 

Cobb, Jason 333 

Cobb, Trey 182, 196 

Coccaro, Angle 195 

Cochran, Christina 349 

Cochran, Michelle 224 

Cochran, Pristine , , 193, 235 

Cockrell, Mandy 313 

Cockrell, Travis 229 

Cockroft, Heather 349 

Coffey, Becky 224 

Coggins, Rachel 249 

Cole, Terri 188 

Coleman, Amie 333 

Coleman, Carol 349 

Coleman, Casy 313 

Coleman, Christy 370 

Coleman, Crayton . 182, 183, 

Coleman, Heather 349 

Coleman, Ubby 182 

Coleman, Lori 349 

Collier, .VIelvin 222 

Collins, Cheryl 349 

Collins, Clint 217 

ColUns, Clint 242 

Collins, Corey 333 

ColUns, Grant 196, 313 

Collins, Stephanie 313 

Coin, Chris 333 

Colom, Brandon 349 

Colvin, Ronnie 371 

Combs, Trey 349 

Compton, Kathryn 333 

Conley, Kay . ." 193 

Connell, Jason 1 85 

Connell, Matt 193 

Connell, Matt 333 

Conner, Shameka 333 

Connerley, Julie 202 

Conrad, Mann 313 

Constable, Jeff 205 

Cook, Daniel 225 

Cook, Kristen 313 

Cook, Vanessa 349 

Cooksey, Ginger 313 

Cooley, Mary 349 

Cooper, Amy 313 

Cooper, Dave 205 

Cooper, Davie . 184, 209, 216 

Cooper, Heath 313 

Cooper, Jerome 208 

Cooper, Lance 333 

Cooper, Patricia 313 

Cooper, Scott 209 

Cooper, Ten . . 209, 216, 247 

Coppage, Colby 239 

Corder, Angela 196 

Cordogan, Jennifer 189 

Corinth, Eric T 304 

Cornelius, Jeffrey 313 

Cornett, Kristen 205 

Correro, Paula 186, 217 

Correro, Paula 333 

Cossitt, Jennifer 216 

Cours, Kim 195 

Courson, Emily 313 

Covington, Crystal 349 

Co\'ington, Molly 349 

Covington, Richard 313 

Cowan, Monica 333 

Cox, Ashley 195 

Cox, Benenia 313 

Cox, Christopher . . 210, 234, 

Cox, Holland 365 

Cox, James ...190,210,211, 


Cox, La Q 210, 222 

Cox, Mike 38, 221 

Cox, Walter 191 

Crabtree, Lyndset 313 

Craft, Jennifer 206 

Craft, Jennifer 349 

Craft, Michael 229 

Craft, Michelle .... 185, 202 

Craig, Cassandra 333 

Craig, Paige 38 

Grain, Lori 349 

Crane, Jon 333 

Cranford, Stephani 313 

Craven, Jodi 371 

Craven, Karie ... 25, 33, 234 

Crawford, George 191 

Crawford, Kenya 334 

Crawford, William 206 

Crawley, Brian ..,,.... 195 
Creagh, Creola .... 222, 349 

Creel, Amy .349 

Creel, Wendy . 183, 195,209 

Griddle, Lenny 185 

Crihfield, Greg 184 

Crockett, Stephanie 228 

Cromer, Alayne 195 

Cross, Karen 349 

Crossnine, Kim 185 

Crouch, Chuck 349 

Crowe, Amy .. 210,215,217, 

Crowson, Chris 334 

Crump, Nemia 334 

Crumpton, Shan 313 

Crutchfield, James 313 

Cuicchi, Christine 365 

Cullinane, Tim 250 

Cullum, Jennifer 208 

Cullum, Jennifer 334 

Culpepper, Tonya . . 216, 247 

Culver, Rachel 182 

Cumbest, Ramsey . . , 192 

Cummings, Sandra 230 

Cummings, Sean 258 

Cummins, Angela 334 

Cunningham, Wendy ... .313 

Currie, Lee 371 

Currie, Tim 235, 371 

Curry, Maggie 313 

Curry, Timothy 182, 183, 

205, 216 

Curto, Laura . . , 215 

Curto, Laura 350 

Cutrer, Jerry 350 


D'Arcy, Craig 221 

Dabbs, Trent 350 

Dailey, John 202 

Dalme, Ktistv 313 

Dalton, Will' 200 

Dampeer, Jason 229 

Dampier, Erick 129 

Danc>', Kebebe 30 

Daniel, Patricia 313 

Daniels, Marsha 189 

Daniels, Marsha 334 

Dansby, Kerri 313 

Darby, Brad 334 

DamelJ, Haley 38, 186 

Dauphin, Dennis 314 

Davenport, Gladys 371 

Daves, Chris 196 

Daves, Christopher 334 

David Miller, Forest 372 

Davide, Michael 187 

Davidson, Felicia 314 

Davidson, Robert 228 

Davis, Delphine 192 

Davis, Deshannon 286 

Davis, Detra 286 

Davis, Dorothy .... 236, 286 

Davis, Dwayne 229 

Davis, Elizabeth 314 

Davis, Ellen 314 

Davis, Emily 202, 286 

Davis, Hope 371 

Davis, James 286 

Davis, Jamie 350 

Davis, John 209 

Davis, Jonathan 334 

Davis, Laurence 371 

Davis, Leanne 205, 247 

Davis, Mary 286 

Davis, Meg 350 

Davis, Michael 218, 248, 


Davis, Michael 314 

Davis, Paul 286 

Davis, Rodney 196 

Davis, Ryan 249 

Davis, Seth 314 

Davis, Stephanie 286 

Davis, Teresa 350 

Davis, Zaf fra 286 

Davis;, DeShannon 196 

Dawkins, Lori 350 

Dawkins, Pam 314 

Dawson, Connusky 222 

Dawson, Frank 350 

Dawson, Piper 194, 204, 


Dean, Alison 286 

Dean, Elaina 334 

Dear, Carolyn 248 

Dear, Carolyn 350 

Dearhott, Don 191 

Dearman, Jill 196 

Deaiman, Melissa 251 

Deaton, Amber 350 

DeBerry, Christy ... 195, 234 

Debo, Elizabeth 209 

Dees, Rebecca 314 

Deeae, Farrah 350 

DeGroote, Jerusha 217 

DeGroote, Jerusha 334 

DeHuff, Brian 286 

Delaney, Andrea 350 

Delinski, Peter 365 

Delk, Fred 186 

Dempsey, Jarrod 286 

Dempsey, Justin 334 

Dendy, Amy 314 

Dendy, Gordon 334 

Denison, Donna 371 

Denraan, Joe 334 

Dennis, David 286 

Dent, Adrian 191, 286, Dri.scoll 214 

Devaul, Driscoli 314 

DeVaul, Driscoli ... 211, 258 
Devellis, Valentino ..... 286 

Devender, Amy V 216 

Dew, Christy 192 

Dew, Kevin 249 

Dewey, Dr. C 248 

Dewey, Janet 248 

DiArcT, Craig 286 

Dickerson, Doug 229 

Dickerson, Erin 39, 186, 

221, 251, 286 

Dickey, Jon 224 

Dickinson, Chris . . . 206, 214, 


Dickinson, Jason 314 

Dickson, Tara 199 

Diego, San 324 

Dietrick, Jonathan 334 

Dill, Patty 228 

Dillenkoffer, Beth 195 

DUlinger, Richey 219 

Dimick, Heather 350 

Dimitrov, Rossen 191 

Duming, Tanya 192 

Divine, Johnny 314 

Dixon, Jenifer 227 

Dixon, Jennifer 314 

Doan, Anh 201 

Doiui- Ann , 3'-) KS<), 225, 

Dobbs, Cassie 350 

Dobbs, Conrad 286 

Dodci, Patricia 334 

Dt)dd, Stephanie 286 

Dodd, Thomas 286 

Dodson, Bhrec 334 

Dod'.on. )>iniu' 334 

Doggett, l.i->on 21') 

Dollar, Kale I S3. 19o 

Donald, Virginia 314 

Donnv I'arkor, luka , . .323 

Donohoe. Pat 214 

Dorin, Christopher 185 

Dorr, Wes 350 

Dorris, lermaine 314 

Dorsey, Charlie 334 

Douglas, Kenneth 314 

Douglas, Mary 334 

Douglas, Samuel 28(-. 

Douglas, Shane i50 

Douglass, Lauren 234 

Dowell, Colleen 350 

Drake, Amber 234, 286 

Drake, Gregory ........ .350 

Drake, Kern '. 350 

Drungole, Barbara 286 

Drusell, Michele 314 

Dubey, Umesh 365 

Dugger, Duane 334 

Duke, Emily 350 

Duke, Matt' 314 

Dukeminier, David 314 

Duianey, Richard 286 

Dumas, Mark 39 

Dumas, Teresa 209 

Dumas, Theresa . . . 216, 220, 


Duncan, B.J. . . 193, 204, 314 

Duncan, Carrie 350 

Dunlap, Marcus 28b 

Dunlap, Teresa 235 

Dunnavvav, Charles 187 

Dunsford,'Bill 236 

Durman, Keashya 334 

Durman, Keashye . . 222, 235 

Dvvason, Piper 221 

Dye, Casev 314 

Dyess, Barry 314 

Dykes, Kris'ten 286 

D'.^rcy, Craig 38 

DReau.x, Robyn .... 

Eagle, George 185 

Eagle, jason 20! 

Eaglu, George 286 

Easlev, Ashlov 314 

Easley, Darrel'l 286 

Easley, Janice 234 

Easley, Joel 286 

Easley, Johanna 206 

Fasley, Johnnie 350 

Easterling, Shayno 286 

Eaton, Melissa 314 

Eaton, Stephanie 189 

Echols, Caria 222 

Eddie, Gladys 371 

Edd ins, Brian 189 

Edmondson, Shannon . 287 

Edmonson, Avery ... 39, 192, 


Edmonson, McKie 238 

Edv\ards, Devecchio 214 

Edv\ards, Devechio 334 

Edwards, Gary 214,314 

Edwards, Jay 204 

Edwards, Jay 365 

Edwards, I.eonna ..... .314 

Edwards, Ned 224 

Edwards, Ned Trey 123, 

]'24, 125, 315 

Mwards, Scolt 334 

Edwaixis, Tamiko . 334 

Edwards, Tammy 315 

Egersm, Tywanda 193,287 

Egle> Esther 220 

EichclbergcT, Euronda . , ,287 
Eichelberger, Taneha . . , .209 

I'ichelberger, laneka .. .315 

l-icKon, Kax-mond K 188 

Eillmg Amy 189 

ELiiu,'l lovd 258 

l:ldndi;v', .Angela 39, 287 

Eldt Chris ' 185 

Elisar. Kalhorine 216 

Elisar, kathv 207 

l-Ikins, Mi,sv 365 

l-lledge, Mike 250, 287 

Ellingcr, Karen 205 

Ellington. Kerry 334 

Elliot, lenv . .' 334 

Elliott, Pauline 287 

Ellis, Bethanv 216 

Ellis, Betsy .' 201, 287 

HIlis, Corbin 315 

Ellis, Matthew 248 

Ellison, Chuck 351 

Ellison, Sue A .334 

HIrod, Amanda 234 

EKvell, Eric 205,287 

Emerson, Jeffery 222 

Emereon, Jeffrey 315 

Emmons, David ...... 287 

Engelke, Elizabeth 351 

Engler, Robert 287 

English, Todd 287 

Enis, Candace 221 

Enoch, Patricia .... 209, 224, 


Epps, Clemateen 371 

Epps, Nicole 253 

Erby, Genea 255 

Erieg, Sonja 315 

Ervin, Bridgette 315 

Essix, Catina 192, 371 

Estes, Charles 335 

Estes, Ellen 351 

Estess, Amy 315 

Etheridge, Allen 196 

Etheridge, Amanda 351 

Etheridge, Rebecca 351 

Etheridge, Serina 351 

Ethridge, Kristi 371 

Eubanks, Robin 287 

Eubanks, Ronald 315 

Evans, Andrea 287 

Evans, Brian 195 

E\ans, Dustin 229 

Evans, joe , , . . 202, 203, 250, 


Evans, Kristen ... .335 

"Evans, Kristi 351 

Evans. Torrye 222 

Evans, Torwye 287 

Evans, Valarie 335 

Evens, Kristen 217 

Everett, Anne K. . , . 202, 203 

Everett, Ashley 351 

Everett, Jennifer 197 

Everett, Mattheiv . . 202, 203 

Everson, Indya 315 

Everson, Nicholas 351 

Everson, Nickolas 222 

Ewing, Angela 190, 193, 


Ewing, Oawelle 335 

Ewing, Jill 189 

Ewing, Jill 315 

Ewing;, DanieJle 191 

Ezell, Rita 287 

Fairchild, Brogan 195 

Fairchild, Ramona .. 218,287 

Fairly, James 351 

Fanugao, Randy 315 

Farlev, Coy 287 

Farley, Coy J 209 

Farmer, Janet 239 

Farmer, Janet 335 

Farmer, Misty 219 

Farmer, Scoti 315 

Farooqi, Imran 315 

Farooqi, Mohammad .... 315 

Farrar, Brent 184 

Farrar, Kimberiy .. 192,287 

Farrell, Suzanna 287 

Farren, Kevin 351 

Farren, Mark 335 

Farns Stacie 19.3, 219 

larrls;, Muntei 207 

Fatim.i, Aiz/.ah .... 193. 351 

Feig, Douglas 224 

Felder, Robin 193, 315 

Folder, Yashekia 335 

Felps, Courtney . . 193 

Fennell, Allison 208 

l-oiguson, F^oug 287 

Ferguson, Hollv 216 

Ferguson, Kristen . . 1 98. 218, 


Ferguson, Mattew 287 

Fernando, Shamindra , . . .335 

Ferrell, Kendra 287 

Fiekl, J,.R 227 

Field, Michelle 196 

Fielder, Allen 206 

Fields, Kimica 351 

Files, Chad 287 

Finch, Fori 235,335 

Fink, Melanie 39, 197 

Finke, Mark 215 

Fioranelli, Paul 287 

Fisher, Christopher 315 

Fitzgerald, Julie 235 

Flaccomio, Leslie 200 

Flaccomio, Leslie 351 

Flanagan, Steven 315 

Fleming, Fisher 335 

Fleming, Jen^ 269 

Fletcher, Alison 287 

Fletcher, Allison 247 

Fletcher, Dectric 315 

Flint, Greg 210 

Floyd, Cameron . . . 219, 269 

Floyd, Latkina 210 

Floyd, Latrina 287 

Floyd, Trina 197 

Flynt, Allen 229 

Focsa, loana 315 

Fogarty, Wade 287 

Follett, Randy 207 

Folse, Craig ' 187, 351 

Foong, Sau-Fun 287 

Ford, Bridgette 287 

Ford, Joyce 315 

Ford, Kelly 234 

Ford, Stephen 184,287 

Forest, Deanna 351 

Forester, Patsy A 287 

Forrester, Daniel 249 

Fortenberry, Jay 287 

Fortenberry, Kristie 200, 


Fortin, Carol 371 

Fortner, Michael , . . 205, 288 

Forton, Rick 185 

Foster, Paige 288 

Fountain, Will 211 

Fowler, Bradley 288 

Fowler, Brian 335 

Fowler, Donald 351 

Fox, Cindy 315 

Fox, Dean B 182 

Pox, Jennifer 188 

Fox, jenny 196 

Foy, Jamie 196 

Frank, Frederick 288 

Franks, Flouston . .219 

Fra/ier, Flarold 371 

Fra/jer, Rochelle 31, 194, 


Freed, Brandie 315 

Freeman, Anthony . 184, 288 

Freeman, David 229 

Freeze, Douglas 335 

Freibert, Anna 288 

Freibert, Mary S 39, 228, 


Freshour, Dona 351 

Frey, Jalynn 315 

Friley, Jerry 335 

Fritzius, Alison 351 

Frost, Jerry 192 

Frought, Krislie 205 

live. ( huck .39, 185, 221, 

I ujita, lomomi .... 184, 288 

1 uigham, AmJ-ier 335 

Fulgham, Misti ... 193, 202 
Fulgham, Misti 335 

Fuller, Kevin 288 

Fuller, Melissa 199, 208 

Fuller. Melis-sa 351 

Fulton, Barbara 351 

Fulton. Mitch 335 

Funchess, Kenneth 351 

lunland, Tv 228 

Furniss, Trace 288 

Gable, Leslie 206 

Gable, Leslie 351 

Gaddis, Jennifer 351 

Gallagher, Todd 315 

Callaher, Matthew 39 

Cammill, William 288 

Gammon, Chris 250 

Ganas, Cassidv 351 

Gandy, Frank' 229 

Gann, Leigh 288 

Ganl, Ashiie 208 

Garcia, Carolina 214 

Garcia, Carolina 365 

Garcia, Ryan 288 

Garcia-Maldonado, Betsy 


Garden, F)avid 288 

Gardner, Keith 288 

Garma-Fernandez, Armando 

Garma-Fernandez, Emilio 


Gamer, Brad 184 

Garner, Samuel .... 202, 315 
Garnjanasoowlin, Atipparut 


Garrick, Emilv 351 

Garrick, Lori 288 

Ganiga, Amanda 288 

Garrison, Shanna . , 216, 235, 


Garstka, Sabrina 228 

Garth, Harry 351 

Gates, Billv' 222 

Gates, Jason 288 

Gates, Stacy 371 

Gathing, -Arlander 316 

Gatiin, Ashley 192 

Gatlin, William 335 

Gautie, Brian 316 

Gavin, Brooke 351 

Gay, Lisa 365 

Gayden, Cynthia 335 

Gayden, Lorenzo . . 218, 222, 


Gee, Jason' 3 16 

Gentry, Dodds 288 

Gentry, Tim 288 

George, F^ean 188 

George, Emily 197 

George, Eric 229, 288 

George, Justin . 351 

George;, Summer 196 

Gerald, TeiTi 316 

Gercens, Kari 211,288 

Gernaat, April 351 

Cernaat, Doug 335 

Ghosh, Amirt 365 

Gibbs, Joy 210 

Gibbs, Taquila 316 

Gibson, Carla 1 85 

Gibson, Jennifer 288 

Gibson, Kwame 253 

Gibson, Lavera 371 

Gibson, Pat 371 

Cib.son, f\>rt 348 

Gibson;, Brandon 182 

Gilbert, Alison 335 

GUbert, Jenny 199.351 

Gilbreath, Jan 288 

Gilespie, Greg 1 84 

Gill, Derrick 351 

Gill Haqwett 365 

Gill, Sarah 209 

Gillespie, Greg 288 

Gillespie, Merrv . . 216, 288 

Gillespie;, Dierdre 190 

Gilmer, Gregg 288 

Gilmore, Heather . 1 84, 205, 


Gilpin, Michelle 218 

Given, Ryan 352 

Givens, Courtney 352 

Gladney, Creacy' 288 

Cladnev, Mandy 352 

Glenn, Dan 288 

Glenn, Earl 288 

Glosemever, Tina 228 

Glover, Brad 206, 215 

Glover, Harrison 253 

God, Micheal 288 

Godshaw, Calantha 352 

Godwin, Denise 365 

Goff, Casev 199 

Goff, Casev 316 

Goff, Marty 289 

Goforth, Jason 316 

Goghlan, Gerry 289 

Golden, Andrea 289 

Goldsmith, Connie 352 

Golseth, Chad 238 

Gong, Harry 209 

Gong, Harry 316 

Gonzales, Jeff 371 

Gooden, Monique 289 

Goodman, Anne 335 

Goodman, Annie 235 

Goodman, Don 191 

Gordon, Brandie 316 

Gordon, Duane .... 230, 289 
Gore, Heather , . 39, 216, 220, 


Goriola, Shawn 222 

Gossett, Stacy 226 

Gossett, Stacy 365 

Gousset, fay' 196, 229 

Goza, Benny . , , 39, 219, 289 

Gracev, Lisa 316 

Graddy, Stephen 230 

Graham, Ashley 228 

Graham, Eric 352 

Graham, LaToya 352 

Graig, Anneliese 289 

Grandpre, Ed 233 

Granger, Cynthia 371 

Grant, Rickv 289 

Grant, Tammy 210 

Grantham, Bradley , 228,316 

Grantham, Erin 209 

Grantham, James 289 

Craves, Angela 289 

Graves, Karen 209, 223, 

224, 289 

Graves, Shana 209 

Graves, Stetfanie . . . 39, 251 
Graves, Stephanie . 195, 289 

Gray, Brian 189 

Gray, David 250, 289 

Gray, Donnie 316 

Gray,Jarrod . . 39, 192, 210 
Gray, Mindv . . . 39, 194, 251, 


Gray, Phillip 214 

Gray, Steven 209 

Grayer, Marvin 316 

Grayson, Michael 371 

Grayson, Todd .... 201, 227 
Grayson, Wayne . . . 235, 238 

Green, Amy 33 

Green, Ashbv . . 39, 192, 193, 
209, 234, 289 

Green, Ashley 224 

Green, Cassandra 371 

Green, Jimmv 335 

Green, Willard 189 

Green;, Ashby 182 

Greene, Drt3 194 

Greene, Jason 229, 289 

Greene, Jason 316 

Greenleaf, Joseph . . 248, 336 

Greenlee, Kimberiy 319 

Greenwood, Darnella ... .316 

Greenwood, Jeff 269 

Gregg, Janie 235 

Cregoiy, Caroline 352 

Griffin, Germeiro 316 

Griffin, Jackie 371 

Griffin, Jon 289 

Griffin, Julie 1 85 

Griffin, Julie 316 

Griffin, Mac ... 185 

Griffin, McLane 289 

Griffin, Paras . 190, 210, 211, 

238, 239 

Griffin, Roy 352 

Gnffin, Scott 250 

Griffin, Shellie 192 

Griffin, Will 183, 289 

Griffith, Micheal 289 

Griggs, Veronica 316 

Grisham, Jason 289 

Grisham, Miranda 352 

Grisham, Todd 229 

Grizzell, Brian 352 

Grizzell, Scharvin 253 

Gross, Wendy 202 

Guarino, Ann 202 

Guarino, Jennifer 352 

Guin, Apr^-ile 289 

Guin, Kacev 336 

Guin, Stephanie . . . 209, 289 

GuUey, Kim 221 

Gully, Chris 371 

Gunn, Deleslyn 289 

Gunter, Joanna 352 

Gunter, Nikki 197, 289 

Guthne, Jed 195 

Guthrie, Joseph 316 

Guy, James 289 

Guy, Robin 371 

Guvton, Caroline 352 

Guyton, Susan 220 


Hadad, Brian 336 

Haddox, Kathy 217 

Haik, Jon . . .'. 223, 289 

Haire, David 250 

Hairston, Penni 336 

Hairston, Teresa 352 

Hairston, Tolita 352 

Halbach, Erik 336 

Halbrook, Laura 316 

Hale. Ha! 193 

Hale, Susan 247, 289 

Hale, Timothy 187 

Halimi, Entis 365 

Hail, Hope 197,210 

Hall, Shellev 188, 236 

HaUmark, ferry ... 189, 289 

Ham, Bruce 316 

Hamby, Roseanne . . 39, 289 

Hamilton, Maxine 236 

Hamm, Jennifer 289 

Hammond, Jacqueline . . .316 

Hammond. Jennifer 289 

Hammond, Jenniah 289 

Hammond, Mike 185 

Hammond, Trac\' 316 

Hampton, Calvin 289 

Hampton, Claudia 290 

Hampton, Derrick . . 204, 269 

Hampton, Linda 336 

Han, Son Yuan 316 

Handa, Jeff 214 

Hannah, Jason .... 229, 290 

Hannah, Tasha ,. . .352 

Hansberger, Jaff * . . 228 

Hansen, Ryan ,185 

Hanson, Meg 316 

Harbin, Lajennifer ,, 290 

Hardaway, Montie . 222, 290 

Hardee, Darrell . 290 

Harden, Edward 222 

Harden, Marty 202 

Harden, Rhonda 290 

Hardin, Bill . . . 192, 193, 209, 
221, 224 

Hardin, Chariie 352 

Hardin, Ty 201 

Hardin, William 40 

Hardin;, Bill 182 

Harding, Chris 184 

Harding, Mary T 217 

Harding, Tippi 184 

Hardy, Christopher 316 

Hardy, Edgar 222 

Hardy, Edgar 336 

Hardv, Michelle ... 189, 247, 

Hargrave, Amy 238 

Hargrave, Amy 352 

Harkees, Br. R 211 

Harkins, Beth 200 

Harkins, Josh 227 

Harkins, Paige 198 

Harkins, Paige 352 

Harley, Theresa 219 

Harlow, James 187 

Harmon, Kety 202 

Harmond, Edward 290 

Harner, Jason 290 

Harper, Brenda 235 

Harper, Brenda 371 

Harper, Candace 197 

Harper, Cheryl 352 

Harper, Dwilette 189 

Harper, Rachel 290 

Harrell, Jason 250 

Harrelson, Angela 316 

Harrelson, Tim , . 229 

Harrelson, Tim 317 

Harnck, Dana 290 

Harrington, Amy 200 

Harrington, Amy 352 

Harrington, Emily 203 

Harrington, Erin 336 

Harrington, Marea 250 

Han-is, Amy 220 

Harris, Ches 290 

Harris, Corey 222 

Harris, Cynthia 195 

Harris, Erin 234, 251 

Harris, Erin 317 

Harris, Jennifer 194 

Harris, Kathv 234 

Harris, La R.' 199 

Harris, Larosa 239 

Harris, LaRosa 352 

Harris, Marcus .... 193, 258 

Hanis, Marcus 317 

Harris, Mark 317 

Harris, Marray 352 

Harris, Michael 226 

Harris, Micheal 290 

Harris, Servantes 290 

Harris, Taylor 352 

Harris, Thomas 253 

Harrison, Heather 290 

Hanison, J.D 184,290 

Harrison, Melissa 317 

Harrison, Sean 211 

Hart, Alan 184 

Hart, Dara 217 

Hart, Jennifer . 190, 195, 239, 


Hart, Kristy 217 

Hart, Kristy 336 

Hartfield, Terry 290 

Harhiess, Gennifer 352 

Hartwell, Jennifer ... 40, 209, 
228, 251, 290 

Haru, Jennifer 336 

Har\^ey, Sally . 194, 209, 214, 


Harvey, Sally 317 

Harvey, Tyler 248 

Hashim, Hasnita 290 

Haskett, Terry 371 

HassMn, Hasnita 219 

Hatcher, Leslie 248 

Hathcock, Stacey 317 

Haug, Christopher 290 

Hawkins, Christopher . . . 290 

Haydel Jeff . .. 211, 214 

.Hayden, Casey .... 195, 233 
Hayerman, Joseph W. ...185 

Hayes, Alan 185 

Haynes, Chrisfine 353 

Haynes, Hillary 336 

Haynes, Regina .... 226, 290 

Haynes, Stacy 202 

Haynes, Stephen 317 

Hazelgrove, Amy ,E90 

Heacock, Stephen 192 

Heard, Stephen 290 

Heard, Stewart .317 

Heath, April 353 

Heath, Jared 202, 290 

Hebda, Dave 371 

Heblon, Ashley'.'**:,, 357 

Hedgpeth, Kevin 371 

Heidelberger, Carrie .... 196, 

Heimann, Christopher . ''. . 290 
Heinsch, April 195 

Heitz, Dr. J 209 

Heliums, Jennifer 189 

Helms, Claire 317 

Helms, Jemmye A 290 

Henderson, Amy . . 234, 317 
Henderson, Ashley . 207, 290 

Henderson, Cindy 248 

Henderson, Delarie 365 

Henderson, Lisa 290 

Henderson, Mark 248 

Hendrick, Jason 201 

Hendricksen, James 353 

Hendrix, Alberta 191 

Hendrix, Brian 353 

Hendrix, Krisfi 317 

Hendrix, Suzanne 37] 

Heng, Boon-Kiat 290 

Henley, Carman 290 

Henlev, Carmen ... 189, 221, 
234, 238, 251 

Henley, Carolyn 317 

Henry, Jaqueline E 235 

Henry, Joe 290 

Henry, RaSheda 353 

Henry, Sam ... 182, 184, 200 

Henry, Summer 336 

Henshaw, Katye 290 

Henson, Chase 40 

Henson, Kevin 317 

Herd, James . . . , , 196 

Herren, Amanda . . . 193, 290 

fierren, Seth 186 

Herren, Seth 317 

I#rrm, Amanda 221 

Hernng, Pat ,291 

Hernngton, Holly ...... .202 

Hemngton, Marea . 202, 203, 


HerKin, Amanda 40 

Herron, Phillip 207 

Herron, Seth . . 182, 206, 238 

Herschede, Matt 195 

Hess, Kari 195 

Hesteiffiric 227, 2^1 

Hester, Marv A. ... 196, 235, 


Hickox, Jim 371 

Hicks, Alisa .. .336 

Hicks, Jason ,336 

Hill, Brecka 190 

HiU, Christopher 291 

Hill, Ho% . 40, 216 

Hill, Jte^ 353 

Hill, Latonya 219 

Hill, Margaiet 365 

Hill, Rob . 317 

Hill, Robin 250 

Hilliard, Amy 291 

Hilsman, Krisfian 353 

Hinchev, Carley 40,186, 

221, 238, 291 

Hines, Chris 291 

Hines, Joseph 371 

Hines, Mary 317 

Hinger, Carolyn 185 

Hinson, Rachel 317 

Hinton, Lona 194, 317 

Hinton, Michael . . . 250, 291 

Hintz, Melaaie 191, 291 

Hitt, Jennifer 371 

Ho, Yew-Weng 336 

.Hobbs, Kmiberlv 224 

Hobbs, Kimbeily 317 

Hobbs, Marcus 269 

Hobbs, Shawn 224 

Hodges, Dionne 317 

Hodges, Jacob 353 

Hodges, Michelle . . 202, 203, 
235, 249 

Hodges, WilHam , , 371 

Hodgkiss, Roy , , 205 

Hogan, Ashley 185 

HoganxEric 195, 291 

Hogjie, Daniel 365 

Holbrook, Laura 209 

Holcomb, Krisfi 317 

Holcomb, Melissa . . . .291 
Holcomb, Shem . 189, 209 


Holden, Brett 291 

Holder, Amy 192 

Holder, Clay , . . 353 

Holder, Ken 353 

Holder, Ron 229 

Holderfield, Shannon , . . .291 
Holifield, Norton . , 196, 229 

Holley, Kim 291 

Holliday, Courtney 353 

HoUiday, Karen '. 291 

Holliman, Amy 194, 221, 

228, 251, 291 

Holliman, Paige 204 

Hollingsworth, Lisa 291 

Hollis, Alice 200, 247 

HoUoman, Eric .... 227, 291 

Holloway, David 201 

Holloway, David 365 

Hollowav, James ... 219, 269, 

Holloway, Lori . 40, 224, 291 

Holman, Jacob 336 

Holmes, Chris 203 

Holmes, Heather 317 

Holmes, Michael 40 

Holmes, VerL 199 

Holmes, Ver Lena 353 

Holt, Jason 192 

Holt, Laura 317 

Holyfield, William . 225, 291 
Honeycutt, Deana . . 194, 209, 


Hoo, Cowen K 291 

Hoo, Cower 219 

Hood, Amy 291 

Hood, Stacey 291 

Hooper, Carmen 202 

Hooper, Renae 291 

Hopkins, Hollis 236 

Hopkins, Tanner 291 

Hopper, Keith 195 

Hopper, Keith 317 

Horn, Fatie 372 

Horton, David 317 

i^Htorton, Lamar 317 

iPiorton, Zanetta ... 197, 210, 


Horton;, Jason 196 

Hosford, Jeffrey 336 

Housley, 200 

Houston, David 291 

Houston, Holli 209 

Houts, lames 40, 291 

Hovel male, Carl 201 

Howaid, Alison 291 

Howard, Brian 317 

Howard, Donald 210 

Howard, Moronda 353 

Howard, Terence 353 

Howoith Shelley 217- 

Howat, Cory 195 

Howe, Amy ... 40, 192, 291. 

Howell, Brett 353: 

Howell, Bron 317 

Howell, Henry 291 

Howeil, Jeff ..318 

Howell, Kim 336 

Howell, Kris 197 

Howze, Ke\'in 206 

Hove, James 222,291 

Hsu, Shun-hsuan .. 192,291 
Hubbaid, Anthony-Todd . 

■ ' 365^ 

Hubbard, Rodney 336 

Hudson, David ' ,318 

Hudson Myles .... 200; 227, 


Hudson^ Talitha , . 353 

Hudspeth, Tamara .. 40,191 

Huey, John . 353 

Huffiuan, Katherine 183 

Huggins, Anita 318 

Huggins, Jeremy .292 

Hughes, Heather 353 

Hughes, Mr. Kellion 195 

Hughes, Natasha 292 

Hughes, Paul ........ ,.372 

Huinphjrey, Angela .... . .353 

Humplirey, Jason ..,.:.. 187 
Humphrey, Nancy . 184,209 
Humphries, Bethame 318 

Hungerford, Jon . 239 

Hunt, Vickie 353 

Hunter, Tita . 3(>5 

Huntley, Clark 1"] 

Hurd, Amanda 2io 

Huidin, Bill 292 

Hurt, Jana 353 

Hussain, Manzoor 365 

Hussain, Maqsood 365 

Hussey, Jennifer 199 

Hussey, Jennifer 318 

Hutcherson, Tiffany .... 191, 

Hutchins, Kengi 187 

Hutchins, Lesli 252 

Hutchins, Tommy 218 

Hutchinson, Amy L 230 

Hutchinson, Amy Leigh ..318 

Hutchinson, Johnna 228 

Hutchinson, Johnna 336 

Hutchinson, Sonya 292 

Hutheson, Dena 318; 

Hux, Phillip 229 

Hyde, Randy 229 

Hyslop, Cliff 353 

Iderstine, Eric V 206 

Ingram, Jeffrey .... 193, 292 

Ingram, Jodie 353 

Ingram, Julie 216 

INgram, Rockell 222 

Inman, Chrisfine 336 

Iranmahboob, Jamshid . . . 366 
Irons, Caroline .... 227, 292 

Irons, Daniel 353 

Irons, Olivia 353 

Isacks, Chip 336 

Ishee, Stephen 292 

Isonhood, Jamie 353 

Israel, Rebecca 353 

Ivy, Alison 336 

Ivy, Allison 202 

Jacks, Amanda ....,,, , ,337 

Jackson, Alidia ..292 

Jackson, Brian . 192, 292 

Jackson, Candice . . 318 

Jackson, Ceha , 292 

Jackson, Danielle 337 

Jackson, Herbert . . . 222, 354 

Jackson, Jacquelyn 354 

Jackson, Joseph 292 

Jackson, Malcolm 292 

Jackson;, Dr. G 182 

Jacob, Julie 318 

Jacob, Rachael 40 

Jacob, Rachel ,216 

Jacobs, Jessica 354 

Jacobs, Rachel 247 

Jacobs, Yamashita D 354 

Jacques, Suzanne 318 

Jagasia, Priya 366 

James, DeAnna 318 

James, Elizabeth 337 

James, Emily 318 

James, Jonathan 354 

James, Marilyn 372 

James, Michael L 269 

James, Micheal 292 

James, Michelle 216 

James, Ramondo 292 

James, Sonja 229 

James, Tyrone 354 

Jamison, Carl 195 

Jampani, Sasidhar ...... .366 

Jang, Leon 318 

Jarrell, Blake 183,221 

Jeanes, Brian . 292 

leffcoat, Joshua 292 

Jeffres, Paul 184, 292 

Jeffreys, Paul 337 

Jehle, Catherine . . . 209, 292 

Jehle, Cathy 202 

Jemison, Lydia .... 230, 235 

Jemison, Lydia 337 

fen, Tsunhui 318 

Jenkins, Bobby .... 222, 292 

lenkins, Jennifer 209 

fenUns, Kim 235, 292 

Jenkins, Marshall 318 

Jenkin.s, Timothy 354 




Jenkins, To>ia 337 

Jenkins, Wiley 292 

Jennings, Geoffrey . 217, 234 

Jennings, Yolanda 354 

Jeon, Phileym . ... 292 

Jepsen, Stacie . .>.. 318 

Jepson, Stacie . . , . 239 

Jemigan, Betsy . .,.318 

Jemigan, James .Sk..».^.337 
Jocob, Rachael . %. .^.292 

Joe Porter, Canton 341 

Joe Whitlington, Hazlehurst 


Joel Hall, Vicksburg 316 

Joeph Hurd, Corinth 353 

Johanna Easlev. Vardaman 

John Bailey, Columbus . . .331 

John Bray, Pontotoc 311 

John Creech, Starkville . . . 365 
John Dawson, Cleveland 

John Ferguson, Hickory . .315 
John Gilmer, Columbus . .335 
John Matthews, Louisville 

John McCrory, Brandon . .321 
John McDonnell, Jackson 

John McLendon, Long B, 

John Reeks, Shubuta .... 324 

John Rings, Canton 341 

John Rounsaville, Big C. . . 325 
John T. Bates, Church H. 

John Vickery, Starkville . . 368 

Johns, Jermaine 258 

Johns, Kelly 354 

Johnsey, Joe . . 221, 223, 234 
Johnson, Adrianne . 198, 354 

Johnson, Amanda 200 

Johnson, Amanda 354 

Johnson, Amber 185 

Johnson, Amy 292 

Johnson, Andrew 292 

Johnson, Bruce , 364 

Johnson, Christie 292 

Johnson, David 292 

Johnson, Elizabeth 200 

Johnson, Gleim 292 

Johnson, Harishmo 318 

Johnson, Jenny 201 

Johnson, Jessica 354 

Johnson, Jody 318 

Johnson, Joe 209 

Johnson, Kim 1 84, 228 

Johnson, Kizmet 292 

Johnson, Lisa . 209, 236, 292 
Johnson, Melanie . . 209, 318 

Johnson, Penny 337 

Johnson, Samantha 251 

Johnson, Shelia 292 

Johnson, Stacee 337 

Johnson, Tameka 292 

Johnson, Tracey 185 

Johnson, Venita 218 

Johnson, Yolanda 191 

Johnston, Jamie 318 

Johnston, Monica 354 

Johnston, Ricky 224 

Johnston, Stacey 293 

Johnston, Tip 354 

Johnston, William 366 

Joiner, Jennifer 252 

Joiner, Jennifer 354 

Jollit, Matt 337 

Jolly, Greg 293 

Jolly, Kevin 293 

Jones, Alan 195, 354 

Jones, Albert 337 

Jones, Allison 293 

Jones, Amanda 318 

Jones, Amy 337 

Jones, Andrea 354 

Jones, Ashley 202 

Jones, Ashley 337 

Jones, Brian 293 

Jones, Bryan 354 

Jones, Christopher 337 

Jones, Danyale 354 

Jones, David 211 

Jones, Dawn 372 

lones, Derek 293 

Jones, Eddie 192, 219 

Jones, Griffith 184, 209 

Jones, James 318 

Jones, Jason 354 

Jones, Jason 318 

Jones, Jeff 241 

Jones, Jennifer 199 

Jones, Joy 372 

Jones, Kerri 236 

Jones, Kerri 318 

Jones, LaSandra 354 

Jones, Laurie 354 

Jones, Linda 372 

Jones, Lisa 293 

Jones, Mary .318 

Jones, Michael 215, 222 

Jones, Michelle 226 

Jones, Pamula 197, 293 

Jones, Phyllis 293 

Jones, Scottie 318 

Jones, Shannah 318 

Jones, Stacey . . 199, 234, 236 

Jones, Tawana 354 

Jones, Yolunda 337 

Jones;, Darron S 190 

Jong, Joanne 318 

Jong, Wan-Yeg 337 

Jordan, Gregg 228 

Jordan, Jay 192 

Jordan, Kenitra 318 

Jorgensen, Netta 229 

Journeay, Kimberlv 209, 

216, 293 

Joy, Dennis D 337 

Joy, Lonzola 293 

Judon, Theresa 188, 209, 

222, 293 
Jue, Stephanie 293 


Kackley, Jason 337 

Kallur, Arunkumar 366 

Kamanda, Victor 366 

Kanaga, Amanda 318 

Kanagala, Sriniuasa R. . . .191 
Kanagarajah, Ganesh .,..201 

Kaplan, Cori 337 

Kappler, Kristin 204 

Kappler, Kristin 354 

Karges, Dylan 319 

Karl Hess, Carriere 336 

Kasthuri, Perinkulam .... 366 

Keaton, Darren D 269 

Keene, Jennifer 337 

Keenum, David 319 

Keeton, Osaka 337 

Keller, Tiyanika 215 

Kelly, Deirdre 354 

Kelly, Johnathan 293 

Kemp, Liza 293 

Kempa, Lisa 218 

KendaU, Elisa 366 

Kendrick, Terrence . 215, 258 
Kennard, Helen R, . . 40, 293 

Kennard, Maria 201, 204 

Kennard, Maria 319 

Kennard, Teresa 319 

Kennedy, Denise ... 182, 228 

Kennedy, Haley . 27, 40, 194, 

221, 251 

Kennedy, John ];|4 

Kennedy, Julie 3S4 

Kennedy, Kristen 27 

Keough, Kristy .... 202, 203, 

Kerdchoechuen, Orapin . .366 

Kerr, Rebecca 319 

Kerrin, Patrick 323 

Kershaw, Linda 191 

Kersting, Michael 218 

Kertin, Tsen 219 

Ketchum, Christopher . . 192, 


Keut, Patty 185 

Keye, E. H 192 

Keys, Lee 187 

Keys, Michelle 197 

Khamarito, Victoria 293 

Khan, Asra 228 

Khan, Muhammad Arshad 


Khoo, Huoy-Jii 191 

Khoo, Josette 293 

Kidd, Amber 293 

Kilgore, Jason 188 

Kilgore, Tracey 354 

Killcuas, Wallace 184 

Killens, Jacob 337 

Killough, Karen .... 209, 293 

Kilough, Karen 209 

Kilpatrick, Stephanie .... 192 

Kimbrough, Cedric 354 

Kimbrough, Daniel 319 

King, Anetra 354 

King, Charlotte 216 

King, David . . . 192, 193, 203, 

224, 293 

King, Dionne 218, 235 

King, Dionne 319 

King, LaKeisha 319 

King, Phashun 202 

King;, David 182 

Kinnan, Molly 355 

Kirk, Katina 337 

Kisner, Leslie 293 

Kittle, Kristen 319 

Kittrell, Amy 319 

Kith-ell, Matt 337 

Kizer, Adria 319 

Klein, Dr. S 228 

Kline, Fran 355 

Knedlik, Andrew 293 

Knedlik, Bobbie . . , 224, 319 

Knight, Allen 228 

Knight, Amy 211, 214 

Knight, Amy 319 

Knight, Chris 202, 250 

Knight, Debbie 220 

Knight, Debra 293 

Knight, Debra J 40 

Knight, Greg 319 

Knight, Jeff 293 

Knight, Kristen 355 

Knowles, Tamiko 319 

Knowlton, Beth 202, 203, 


Koerner, Wyatt 250 

Kohn, Carolyn 196 

Koon, Brande 319 

Koppersmith, Nicki 319 

Koppersmith, Nicole 216 

Kopyto, Sonia 366 

Korte, Melissa 293 

Kotha, Praveen K 191 

Kowalski, Crystal . , 197, 198, 

200, 293 

Kowda, Sai Kumar 366 

Kozain, Dana 355 

Kradangnga, Prasarn . . . .366 
Krishnaswamy, Venkata . . 366 

KuW, Corey 355 

Kuhn, Milicent .... 205, 293 

Kunefke, Amanda 355 

Kuntz, Tim 205 

Kutach, Misty 355 

KuyKendall, Alex 224 

KuykendeU, Alex 293 

Kyle, Bryan 372 

Labruyere, Dixie 372 

Lacy, Sylenda 200, 216, 

220, 293 

Ladd, Breck 293 

Ladd, Debra 238 

Ladd, Debra 372 

LaGarde, Catherine 319 

LaGarde, Clare 218 

Lagrove, Tasha 210 

Laird, Misty 372 

Lam, Rebecca 217 

Lamb, Jason 355 

Lamb, Marsha 209 

Lamb, Marsha 319 

Lambert, Holly 372 

Lamberth, Lauren 200 

Lampier, Jarrod 319 

Lampton, Beth 239, 319 

Lana, Phill 205 

Land, David 219 

Land, Jennifer 234, 251 

Landfair, Quo 247 

Lang, Adrian 355 

Lang, Katina 34 

Langford, Rebecca 191 

Langley, Kenny 250 

Langley, Kenny 355 

Langston, Kelly 200 

Lanka, Sri 320 

Lankford, Dewayne 319 

Larkin, John 218 

Lassner, Lee 366 

Latham, Mechele 319 

Lathan, Kimberly 355 

Lathely, Valerie 337 

Lather, Gregory 319 

Latiker, Kim 355 

Latino, Carva ..40,216,221, 


Laughlin, Jennifer 319 

Laughlin, Laura 195 

Launey, Patrick 187 

Lavigne, Tim 218 

Lawrence, Anthony ..... 185 

Lawrence, Hekemia 222 

Lawrence, Hekemia 355 

Lawrence, Heshium .... 222, 

Lawson, Carol . .,» , . .'. . .372 

Lawson, Samuel . , 337 

Leach, Brent 192 

Leach, Heather 338 

Leake, Philip 319 

Leavy, Keith 202 

Leavy, Kelvin 182 

Ledbetter, Brenda . . 202, 203 

Ledlow, Amy 338 

Lee, Carolyn 319 

Lee, Christian 319 

Lee, Clark 218 

Lee, Dorothy 320 

Lee, Julie 366 

Lee, Justin 355 

Lee, Kerri 320 

Lee, Kris 355 

Lee, Mashanda .355 

Lee, Siew-Ing 320 

Lee, Tabitha 234 

Lee, Yok Kuan 338 

Lee;, Tabitha 190 

Leech, Penny 195 

Leftwich, Erin 199 

LeGarde, Clare 193 

Legeido, Denis 201 

Legeido, Denis 366 

Lehman, Laura 30, 238 

Lehnerer, Gerhard 191 

Lei, Zhou 192 

Leist, Amanda 338 

Lenard, Kim 216 

Lenoir, Bonnie 202 

Lentz, Stacey ,;. 202 

Lentz, Stacey .... E .... . 355 

Leonard, Julie . . . :' 192 

Leong, Keen-Hou ....... 320 

Lewie, Geoff 201 

Lewis, Kati 219 

Lewis, Kevin 192, 195 

Lewis, Kevin 338 

Lewis, Kevin 366 

Lewis, Lakeisha 233 

Lewis, Lara 338 

Lewis, Melissa 338 

Lewis, Stephanie 216 

Lewis, Vincent 258 

Lewis, Vincent 320 

Liddell, Tyrone 338 

Liddell;, Professor G 190 

Liew, Leemin 320 

Lim, Ban- Ann 338 

Lim, Khing-Full 338 

Lim, Ming Jwee 338 

Lin, Teresa T 192 

Lin, Yew S 219 

Lindquist, Suzanne 209 

Lindsey, Jamie 320 

Lindwall, Erika 40,211, 

214, 222 

Linebarier, London 320 

List, Rebekah . 182, 184, 228 

Lively, Kevin 208 

Lizana, Erica 195 

Lizana, Erica 355 

Lloyd, Lisa 216 

Loague, Andy 196, 228 

Loague, Joseph 320 

Lockett, Quantorious .... 355 

Lockhart, Charles 320 

Lodygensky, Isabele 338 

Loftin, Stephanie . . 209, 217 

Lofton, Alicia 355 

Logan, Christine 338 

Lomerick, Molly 204 

Long, Candace 191 

Long, Jennifer 338 

Long, Karen 372 

Long, Susanne 209 

Long, Susanne 320 

Long;, LeAnne 196 

Loper, Melissa 229 

Loper, Melissa 320 

Loper, Toni 372 

Lopez, Maria 237 

Lopez, Teddy 195, 338 

Lott, Courtney ... 31, 33, 41, 
194, 221, 234 

Lott, Jennifer 211, 214 

Lott, Jennifer 320 

Louys, Danielle ... 28, 29, 36, 
41, 221, 234, 238 

Love, Teresia 202 

Lovelace, Dwayne 206 

Lovette, Demetrius 320 

Low, Wai Leung 338 

Lowe, Jackie 185 

Lowery, Charles 224 

Lowery, David S 269 

Lowery, Glenn 201 

Lowery, Will 211 

Lowry, Ashley 27, 238 

Loyd, Tiffany 372 

Loznicka, Jim 205 

Lucas, Kara 216 

Lucas, Kelley 372 

Luke, Dnnie 372 

Luke, Laura 207, 216 

Luke, Theresa 211 

Lunford, Yolanda 238 

Lusk, Lauren 320 

Luttrell, Robert 337 

Lynn White, Wesson .... 307 
Lyons, Joe 192 


Ma, Xiaofeng 

Maber, Shelley 188 

Mabry, Markie 320 

Mabiy, Melissa 320 

Mabry, Nikki 372 

Mackey, Dawn 372 

Mackinally, James 320 

Macknally, Whit 200 

Madden, Lisa 338 

Maddox, Alan 320 

Magee, Jennifer 41 

Magee, Travos 355 

Magee, Tycie . . 190, 200, 201, 


Mahaffey, James 355 

Mahgoub, Mohamed .... 366 

Mahne, Bubba 41, 234 

Mak, Linda .... 41, 189, 209, 


Mak, Siu 195 

Makamson, Mary 366 

Malar, Brett 320 

Malawige, Nilantha 320 

Malone, Carolyn 205 

Malone, Heather . . . 234, 320 

Mancill, David 183 

Mandeville, Dave . . 202, 203, 


Mandinga, Jimmy 366 

Mandinga, Marco 366 

Mandinga, Vincent 366 

Mangrum, Jennifer 338 

Mangum, Robert 248 

Mangum, Robin 207 

Mani, Vimal Babu 366 

Mann, April . . 186, 188, 217, 

234, 239 

Mann, Mandy 355 


Mann, Meg 226 

Mann, Sherry 186, 210 

Manuel, Skip 214 

Marasca, Andrew 355 

Marasca, Andy 185, 195 

Mardis, Chris 208, 210 

Mardis, Jennifer 355 

Marepally, Rajesh 366 

Markham, Jeff 201 

Marlar, Brett 196, 221 

Marshall, Jackie 338 

Marshall, James 187 

Marshall, Katina 216 

Marshall, Katrina . . 205, 216 
MarshaU, Tony .... 187, 250 

Martin, Allen' 216 

Martin, Chris 250 

Martin, Crystal 338 

Martin, Frances 338 

Martin, James 218 

Martin, Karen 198 

Martin, Karen 355 

Martin, Matthew 250 

Martin, Mike 191 

Martin, Mike 320 

Martin, Robert 222 

Martin, Wendi 196 

Martin, William 320 

Martin;, Mike 196 

Martinez, Fernando 372 

Marty, Uday 366 

Marx, Whitney 194, 216 

Mason, Clay 196 

Mason, Kristi 338 

Mason, Sandra 229 

Mason, Sandy 196 

Masood, Anson ; . 199 . 

Massad, Michelle 219 

Massey, Jeffrey 320 

Matens, Brett ... 41, 206, 210, 

221, 234, 252 

Matheny, Kathryn . 199, 239 

Matheny, Kathryn 320 

Mather, Louis 195 

Matheme, Louis 338 

Mathis, Clemmie 372 

Mathis, Daniel .... 198, 199, 


Mathis, Shannon . . 190, 197 

Mathison, Chris 206 

Matt Martin, Braxton .... 338 
Matthews, John ... 191, 195 

Matthews, Stacey 238 

Mattox, Kimberly 251 

Mattox, Melody 356 

Mauney, Phillip 320 

Mavveaney, Pat 366 

Mawson, Sharon 214 

Maxey, Brian 356 

May, April 338 

May, Timmy 214 

May, Timmy 367 

Mayes, Kimberly 1 85 

Mazhar, Osman 338 

McAlexander, Cindy 338 

McBay, Nate .' 229 

McBnde, Ken 185 

McBride, Ryan 356 

McBryer, Chris 192 

McCain, Courtney 224 

McCaleb, William 199 

McCaU, Karen 372 

McCann, Brian 195, 205, 

218, 236 

McCann, Brian 338 

McCarter, Misty 216 

McCarty, Carrie 202 

McCarty, Dawd 320 

McCarver, Jerry 321 

McCaskill, Briam 206 

McCaskill, Shadron 222 

McClain, Chris 356 

McCleave, Jason 205 

McQee, Yondguraus .... 356 

McCleery, Craig 189 

McQeese, Wes 338 

McQintock, Andi 193 

McOoskley, Christian ... 207 

McCollen, Meredith 199 

McCollum, Chris 234 

McCollum, Dewayne . . . .248 
McCollum, Dewayne . . . ,356 
McCollum, Meredith . . . 209, 

217, 249 

McCool, Jennifer 196 

McCool, Jennifer 321 

McCorkle, Blake 236 

McCoy, Amanda 222 

McCoy, Shannon 199 

McCoy, Tammy 189 

McCrary, Jennifer . . 204, 224 

McCrary, Jennifer 339 

McCrew, Shawn 190 

McCrory, Eric G 201 

McCrory, John 228 

McCuUough, Colby 321 

McCullough, Jamie 199 

McCullough, MoUy 216 

McCullough, Molly 321 

McCullum, Wanda 339 

McDade, Ashley 367 

McDaniel, Jarrod 339 

McDonald, Bradley 356 

McDonald, Chris 196 

McDonald, Diane 238 

McDonald, Dianne 372 

McDonald, Greg 229 

McDonald, LeeAnne 339 

McDonald, Vemell 258 

McDonald, Vemell 321 

McDonough, Brooke 193 

McDougal, Kelly 356 

McDougald, Lynette 211 

McElroy, Alex' 321 

McElveen, Leah 356 

McEwen;, LeShem L .... 190 

McGarrh, Jennifer 339 

McGee, Jenrue 321 

McGee, Julie . .356 

McGee, Patrick .185 

McGehee, Mandy 234 

McGehee, Mandy 356 

McGiU, Brant 206 

McGill, Katherine . . 202, 203 

McGill, Kathy 356 

McGill, Thomas 206 

McGivney, Ashley 339 

McGowan, Lauren 339 

McGrath, Dr. V 216 

McGrath, Suzy 235 

McGraw, Anne 321 

McGraw, Peter 191, 339 

McGregor, Nicole 204 

McGrew, Shawn 221 

Mcll wain, Chris 183 

Mcjunkins, Felicia 222 

McKay, Ryan 356 

McKay, Whitney 356 

McKeithen, Lilli'e 339 

McKellar, Jason 339 

McKem, Cory ..203 

McKibben, Laura 339 

McKinney, Chris 205 

McKinney, Lane .... 41, 221 
McKissach, Shannon .... 234 

McKittrick, Shannon 201 

McLellan, Loria 356 

McMahan, Tammy 202 

McMahon, Tom ... 191,195 

McMillan, Susan 321 

McMiUin, Kevin 201 

McMillm, Kevin 321 

McMuUin, Chad 367 

McNeal, Carrie-Beth 356 

McNeal, Jeffrey 321 

McNeely, Brandon 187 

McPhaU, Amanda 195 

McPherson, Jimmy 252 

McQueen, Lindsey C. . . . 252, 

McRae, Jeffrey 209 

McRae, Shane 249, 356 

McRee, Steven 229 

McWhorter, Audrey 356 

McWhorter, Siobhan 339 

Meaders, Jacqueline 210 

Meadors, Kyle 214 

Meadows, Joanna 356 

Means, Michael 202 

Measells, Maggie 185 

MeaseUs, Marcus 356 

Medders, Crystal 251 

Meek, Eddie' 201 

Meek, Eddie 356 

Meeks, Caroline 321 

Megason, Candy . , . 198, 321 

Mehlhorn, Sandy 236 

Melgar, Scott 196 

Mellen, Arthur 367 

Melton, Jason 207 

Melton, Ken 188 

Menapace, Laura 339 

Mendieta, Luis 227 

Meredith, Brian 367 

Meriwether, Jim 196 

Meriwether, Jim 321 

Merriwether, Christopher 


Merry, Maria 356 

Merry, Shawn 207, 214 

Metcalfe, Jane 356 

Michael Francis, Ackerman 

Michael Greer, Abbeville 

Michael Herring, Vancleave 

Michael Jones, Macon ... .318 
Michael Martin, Pontotoc 

Michael McNabb, Pascagoula 

■ 321 

Michael Taquino, Long B. 

Michael Toft, Tupelo .... 328 
Michael Wells, Hattiesburg 

Michael Yakstis, Laurel . . 308 
Michele West, Potts C. . . . 306 
Michelle Barlow, Clinton 

Michelle Deaton, Amory 

Michelle Gilpin, Hattiesburg 

Michelle McNabb, Meridian 

Michelle Owen, Pickens . . 314 
Michelle Rogers, Pascagoula 

Michelle Straughn, Taylorsville 

Michelle Triplett, Marion 

Michelle Vines, Woodville 


Mickens, LaTasha 211 

Mickens, LaTasha 339 

Mickens, Tasha 214 

Milano, Julie 195, 234 

Miles, Bob 192 

Miles, Candace 209 

Miller, Allison 356 

Miller, Andrea 197 

Miller, Andy 372 

Miller, Brooks . 188, 234, 252 

Miller, Christie 321 

Miller, Dylanda 356 

Miller, Erika 209, 218 

Miller, Erka 210 

Miller, James 339 

Miller, James C 201 

Miller, Jon 229 

MiUer, Koko 269 

Miller, Lynn 227 

Miller, Marktrece 339 

MiUer, Michael 215 

Miller, Okema 357 

Miller, Paul 191 

Miller, Rena 190 

Miller, Ritchie 339 

Miller, Sam 233, 238 

Miller, Samuel 321 

Miller, Sherman , . . 229, 321 

Miller, Susan 196 

Miller, Tiffany 339 

Miller;, Latrice 191 

Milligan, Tracv 357 

Mills, D,S. ,' 185 

Mills, Diann 201, 224 

Mills, Elizabeth 195 

Mills, Heather 357 

Mais, Leann 201, 224 

Mills, Stephanie 209 

Ming Siah, Cherk 367 

Minga, Michelle , 25, 41, 194, 

Mingo, Julian ..... 203, 250 
Minor, Kenva 321 

Minor, Reando 253 

Misson, Brian 199 

Mitchell, Amanda 185 

Mitchell, Angela 339 

Mitchell, Kenneth 339 

Mitchell, Kristy 357 

Mitchell, Willie 339 

Mitchell Jr., Charies B. . . , 269 

Mitchelle, Willie 214 

Mittha, Manjunath 367 

Mixon, Brad 321 

Mixon, Brandon ... 185, 339 

Mnirhead, Cris 321 

Mock, Arniee 185 

Moehring, Mary 184 

Moffett, Betty 372 

Monk, Arlene 372 

Monroy, Cesay 357 

Montalvo, Merle 191 

Montgomery, Carley .... 186, 
210, 322 

Montgomery, Chris 322 

Montgomery, Mike 184 

Montgomery, Sarah 27 

Moody, Gary 199, 322 

Moody, Katessa 357 

Mooney, Audie 322 

Moore, Adam 195 

Moore, Amber 224 

Moore, Audra 188 

Moore, Brad 191 

Moore, Brandon 339 

Moore, Chris 357 

Moore, Christa 228 

Moore, Cristi C 189 

Moore, Gemma 357 

Moore, Helen 339 

Moore, Jeff 183 

Moore, Joe 234 

Moore, Kiwanda . . . 195, 356 

Moore, Lance 202, 339 

Moore, Marvin . . . ,., . . . . 195 

Moore, Marvin 322 

Moore, Mary L 216 

Moore, Melody 234 

Moore, Melody 339 

Moore, Michele 189, 216 

Moore, Natisha , .358 

Moore, Ray ,322 

Moore, Shellie , 224 

Moore, Stacey , . . , 322 

Moore, Tassha 197 

Morales, Ronnie 218 

Morgado, Cristina .,..,. 236 

Morgan, Ashley 322 

Morgan, Debbie 191 

Morgan, Kim 189 

Morgan, Mark 201 

Morgan, Mary 196 

Morgan, Matt 250 

Morgan, Matt 322 

Morgan, Robin 340 

Morgan, Staci 357 

Morgan, Yolanda . , 357 

Morris, Jamie 357 

Mon-is, Jim 196 

Morrison, Chris 322 

Morrison, Jenna 185 

Morrison;, Gail 190 

Mosely, Vemitta 357 

Mosley, Calvin 234, 322 

Mosley, Calvin 258 

Mosley, LaSharon 222 

Moss, Kaisha 372 

Moss, Mallie 228 

Moss, Philip 322 

Moss, Rodney 372 

Moulder, Kimberly 322 

Mouledoux, Donald 357 

Moyer, Carolyn 211 

Muhammad, Safdar 367 

Muin, Musrizal .208 

Muisu, Fred 208 

Mullins, Jason 189 

Munn, Melanie . 27, 186, 217 

Miuin, Melanie 340 

Mura, Holly 197, 322 

Muiphey, Chris 221 

Murrah, Casey 225 

Murray, Julia 210 

Murray, Leslie 222 

Murrell, Carter 184 

Muse, Michelle 209 

Musley, Calvin 214 

Myers, Brandon 357 

Myers, Misti 357 

Myers, Peyton 202 

Myers, Theresa 202, 340 


Nabors, Aisha 357 

Nabors, Yawanna ,, 211,340 
Nabors, Yonya D. . . 195, 199, 


Naeger, Sean 202 

Nagabhirava, Rajeev .... 191 

Nail, Bert 207 

Nail, Lori 322 

Nail, Misty 357 

Naron, Bob 184 

Nash, Dr. H 227 

Nations, Lee 206, 252 

Nauman, Mohammad . . .340 
Naveda-Lane, Dianne . . .322 

Nazzer, Cynthia 205 

Neal, Brent 205 

Necaise, John 372 

Neels, Cari 208 

Neely, Chris 195 

Neiper, Lee 367 

Nelson, Michael 229 

Nelson, Miranda 200 

Nelson, Peg 322 

Nelson, Philip 322 

Nelson, Riley 357 

Nelson, Ryan 340 

Nerland, Ryan 195 

Nesbit, Brian 221 

Nesbit, Bryan 41, 206 

Nester, Donna 238 

Newcomb, Andrew 199 

Newcomb, Andrew 357 

Newcomb, Laura 198 

Newell, Jeffrey 357 

Newkirk, Todd 218 

Newman, Brooke . 251 

Newsome, Nathaniel ... .185 
Newton, Flovd 186, 234,, 


Ngo, Huey-Juin ; .322 

Ngo, Hliey-Shuen .,, .... 322 

Ngugen, Jason . . . 340 

Nguyeh, Zung 195 

Nguyen, Eric 207 

Nguyen, Jason 248 

Nguyen, Tina 367 

Nicholas, Jeremy ... 211, 214, 


Nichols, Kashiris 357 

Nichols, Maggie 357 

Nichols, Marc 214 

Nichols, Tony 322 

Nicholson, Jason 357 

Nicholson, Sam 357 

Nickerson, Latisha 197 

Nitcavic, Lenny ,250 

Nbc, Timothy . 367 

Nixon, Leigh A 202 

Nobbile, Kimberly 209 

Nobile, Kimberly . . 200, 251 

NobiJe, Kimberly 322 

Noble, Jon 248 

Noble, Virginia 357 

Nobles, Mark 41 

Nobles, Sharon 188 

Nolen, Kenya 357 

Nolen, Milton 322 

Noone, Allison 189, 340 

Norman, Greg 217 

Norman, Takesha 357 

Norris, Andy 201 

Norris, Angela 322 

Norris, Scott 322 

Norsworthy, Erik 200 

Northam, Charlie 202 

Norwood,, Nicondra 199 

Norwood, Stan , , 229 

Novak, Pamela 228 

Novrallah, Anthony 200 

Nuke, Matt 201 

Nurd, Amanda 292 



Oakes, Nicole 323 

Oakley, MicheUe 228 

Oakley, Nathan 250 

Oakley, Nathan 340 

Oaks, Brian 222 

Oaks, Jessica 216 

Odom, Michael 209 

Ogletree, Melissa 372 

Oldham, Tim 358 

Olfe, Glenn 323 

Olive, Alexandra 200 

Obver, Billy 249. 250 

Oliver, Celena 358 

OUvi, Tiffany 340 

Olsen, Johnny 185 

Olson, Mary A 199 

Oltmann, Lauri 209, 323 

Omikunle, Adebomi .... 193, 


Ona Hester, Coila 336 

Orleans, New 360 

Oimon, Katie 204 

Omelas, Becky 206 

Ory, Robert .' 358 

Oswalt, Kristin 251 

Oswalt, Mara 234 

Oswalt, Mara 340 

Oswalt, Matt 209, 323 

Outlaw, Vivicia 323 

Overstreet, ]ason 323 

Overstreet, Joseph 323 

Overstreet, Wade ... 41, 206, 
221, 238 

Ow, Eng-Seang 340 

Owen, Brandon .... 41, 183, 


Owen, Jon 340 

Owen, William 340 

Owens, Charl 358 

Owens, Mar)- 358 

Owens, Mary L 249 

Owens, Monty 184 

Ozrer, Terry 239 

O'Brien, Father M 195 

O'Bryan, Kathie ... 184, 234 
O'Keefe, Jeremy . . . 195, 209 

Page, Eric 323 

, Jeffrey 323 

, Lucinda . 200, 234, 323 

ermo. Amy 358 

Palmer, Eelyn 323 

Palmer, Evelvn L 31, 195, 


Palmer, Gil 340 

Palmer, Joey 183 

Palmer, Kathryn 195 

Palmer, Michael 205 

Palmer, Pahner 207 

Palmer, Will 323 

Pannell, Jason 358 

Pannell, Marty 340 

Pardue, Cheryl 323 

Park, Kings 347 

Parker, Beth 205 

Parker, Brian 206 

Parker, Daryl 358 

Parker, Katina 372 

Parker, Kellie 340 

Parker, Laura 340 

Parker, Pal 248 

Parker, Tiffany 191 

Parker, Tina 372 

Parker, WiU 340 

Parkerson, Beth 216 

Parks, Heather 340 

Parks, Penny 220 

Pajis, Stephen C 358 

PafWdgc, Affiy . . < 358 

I^ar\'in, Steven 340 

Passon, Carol 189 

Patel, Hitesm .1. 189 

Patel, Nffii ...**:.. ^' . 323 

Patrick, Kristi 186 

Patrolia, Brian 323 

Patterson, Anthony 323 

Patterson, Kevin 185 

Patterson, Mamie 194 

Patterson, Sara 340 

Patton, Angela 340 

Patton, Jeff 221, 252 

Payne, Carol 1 95 

Pa>Tie, Kimberly 323 

Payne, Paige 340 

Pazian, Krissy 224, 234 

Pearson, Jennifer . . 209, 216 

Pearson, Rodney 201 

Peden, Eric . . [ 214 

Pedroli, Maryann 1 95 

Peeples, Trip 192 

Pence, Ginger 1 85 

Penn, Ann Elise 358 

Pennebaker, Sallie 197 

Pennock, Jody 323 

Peoples, James 41 

Peoples, Jamie 193, 248 

Perez, Consuela . . . 197, 210, 


Perez, Felicia 197 

Perez, Jff 200 

Perez, Suzanne 201 

Perkins, Brian . . 41, 222, 258 

Perkins, Keisha 222 

Perkins, Keisha 340 

Perkins, Rebecca 323 

Perry, Chris 250 

Perry, Greg 217,340 

Perry, Jason 196 

Periy, Jason 323 

PeiTV, Professor J 184 

Peters, Ana 41 

Peters, Anna 194 

Peters, Arthur 196 

Peters, Kelly 200 

Peters, KeUy 323 

Peters, LaVonzelle 340 

Peterson, Jason 340 

Peterson, Jill 205 

Peterson, Jill 358 

Peterson, Mary . 41,192,209 

Peterson, Richard 323 

Pettit, Hugh 341 

Petty, Catherine 42, 216, 


Peugh, Dan 229 

Pfifer, Randall 323 

Philley, Mark 323 

Phillips, Angel 216 

Phillips, Dianne 372 

Phillips, Kevin 341 

PMlips, Sharon 211 

Phillis, Kimberly 208 

Piccola, David 228 

Pickard, Natalie 358 

Pickel, Allison 197 

Pickens, Lashanda .186,251, 


Pierce, Angela 323 

Pierce, Preston 201 

Pigford, Gianna , . . 185, 341 

Pigott, Jerry 323 

Pillai, Han 214, 324 

Pillai, Kari 211 

Pippin, Angela . . ...... .324 

Pippin, Steven **;""".'*"l''*f"*373 

Pittman, Jeremy 199 

Pittman, Jeremy 324 

Pittman, Lindsay 200 

Pittman, Lise 324 

Pittman;, Lise 196 

Plaisance, Eric 358 

Plunk, Wanda 192 

Poe, Carietta 341 

Poh Wee, Andrew Y 219 

Pohlman, Amy 247 

Point, West 364, .366 

Pomter, Tiffany 200, 358 

Poke, Lamont A 269 

Poland, Mandy 197, 208, 


Poland, Mandy 341 

Polk, Chad 219 

Polk, Chad 341 

Polk. Holly ... 27, 239, 358 

PoUan, Cayden 34! 

.Pollan, Jason 215 

Poole, Cameron 242 

Poole, Chris 358 

Porter, Evette 219 

Posey, Jill 192 

Posey, Jill 373 

Post, KeUy 358 

Pothidee, Ajchara 367 

Pothidee, Kiattisak 367 

Potter, Julia 182, 247 

Potter, Julie 205 

Pounders, Brandy 324 

Powell, April . . ' 234 

Powell, Brandy 324 

Powell, Felicia 341 

Powell, Justin 358 

Powell, Nicole 324 

Power, Eleanor 199 

Powers, Robbie 196 

Prather, Jason 358 

Prather, Stan 233 

Pratt, Derrick 341 

Pratt, Gieshala 197, 341 

Pratt, Natasha 341 

Prescott, Wynesther 330 

Presley, Julian 222 

Presley, Rita 373 

Pressley, Jill 202 

Pressley, JUl 358 

Preston, Lilach . .192 

Preston, Lilach 373 

Prestridge, Steve . , . 192, 367 

Price, Amy 358 

Price, Jay' 324 

Price, Kevin 341 

Price, Kim 373 

Price, Phillip 341 

Price, Theolvn 183, 193, 

209, 234 

Pride, Vronn 258, 324 

Prillman, Jim 189 

Prince, Nora 341 

Prisock, Christy 341 

Prisock, Melanie 218 

Prisock, Melanie 341 

Pritchard, David 367 

Pritchett, Shawn 209 

Prker, John 211 

Profice, Layfom 222 

Prosser, Vicki 228 

Puckett, Ginger 205 

Pullman, Renea 227 

Purdy, Brandy ... 42 

Purvis, Enn 248 

Purvis, Mario 358 

Puvadolpirod, Sirilag . ..367 
Pyatt,Jifison .. *......,..,^195 

Qian, Heneh 209 

Qiu, Yongqiang 367 

Qu, Xiznlu 367 

Quave, Jason 359 

Quememoen, Patnck ... .217 

Quick, Joey 185, 250 

Quick, Joseph 358 

Quick, Keith 188 

QuinUn, Beth 195, 199 

Quinn, Bill 200 

Quinn, Brandy .359 

Quinn, Sarah 226 

Quinn, Sarah 359 


Ra, Jong-Bam 208, 367 

Radde, Matt 228 

Raez, Abigail 209, 324 

Ragge, Matt 182 

Rainer, Wayne 324 

Raju, Raui ' 191 

Ram, Chethan 367 

Ram, Ritesh Patel 341 

Rambus, Nataya . . . l95, 204, 

> 324 

Ramsey, Andrea . . .^^. . .359 

Randall, David ". .367 

Rao Kanagala, Srinivas . . .366 

Rasberry, Amanda 341 

Rasmussen, Heather 219 

, Ratcliffe, Nicki .... 20S, 324 
Rather, Alicia 2Cf9, 324 

RatUff, Heather 359 

Ratliff, Orlando 218 

Ray, Donny 196 

Ray, Jamey 229 

Ray, Jason 229 

Rayburn, Cindi 214 

Rayburn, Cindi 324 

Rayhiond, Amy 373 

Raze, Abigail .' 209 

Rea, Laura 324 

Reagan, Jason 229 

Rehoul, Nicole 341 

Reddin, Suzanne . . . 199, 359 

Redding, Alice 367 

Redding, David 341 

Redmond, Jerald . . . 258, 341 

Reece, Katina 255 

Reed, Chad 229 

Reed, Dana 367 

Reed, David 341 

Reed, James 206 

Reed, .Joy 359 

Reed, Pamela 373 

Reed, Virgil 373 

Reeks, Qiris 248 

Reese, Beverly 251 

Reese, Dallas 42 

Reese, Donna 191 

Reese, Glenn 210 

Reese, Glenn 324 

Reese, La wanda ... 210,253 

Reeves, Damon 324 

Reeves, Dwight 341 

Reeves, Matt 42, 223 

Reeves, Nancy 224 

Regan, Fred 222 

Reich. Claire 359 

Reid, Alton 341 

Reid, Shelli .... 42, 216, 220 

Remerow, Kristoffer 234 

Remerow, Kristoffer 324 

Renacker, Natalie 341 

Renaud, Maiy 324 

Renaud, Mary C 225 

Renfro, Emily 186, 324 

Rensink, Greg 341 

Repko, Bai 184 

Respess, Amy 324 

Reuster, James 248 

Reynolds, Angela 324 

Rey-nolds, Bernita 373 

Reynolds, Kimberly 324 

Reynolds, Kyle 324 

Reynolds, Robert 42 

Rhea, Kenneth 192 

Rhoden, Marcus 324 

Rhodes, Jeffer>' 359 

Rhodes, Lady 33, 199 

Rhodes, Sam 341 

Rhode,s, Scott 359 

Rhodes, Slade 326 

Rhodes, Toni . . 186, 193, 197 

Rice, Christina 249 

Rice, Jenny 1 95 

Rice, LaKe'zia 359 

Rich, Jimmy 269 

Rich, Jimmy 341 

Rich, LeKnoda 324 

Rich, LeKonda 210 

Richard, Jeff 201 

Richards, Leigh A 247 

Richards, LeighAnne .... 359 

Richards, Rocheryl 341 

Richards, Stephanie 235 

Richardson, Brady 324 

Richardson, Kacee 234 

Richardson, Kim 209 

Richardson, Kim 324 

Richardson, Michael .... 215, 

Richardson, Mike 324 

Richardson, Rayne 324 

Richardson, Ryan 324 

Richardson, Toby 253 

Richoux, Benji . . .". 325 

Rickels, Beth . . . . . . 234, 238 

Rider, Jesse . . . 235 

Riels, Terri 208 

Riggin, Kevin ^. •. 196 

Ri^s, Scotty '!f^ 359 

Riley, Kenyetta'iP*. 359 

Raey, Lisa ....% M2 

Riley, Lisa '. 359 

Rinehart, Hank 359 

Riser, Ellis jt-j . . .373 

Risher, Clyde . . . f. 373 

Ritter, Catherine 367 

Rivers, Carey 325 

Roach, Rowena 373 

Robbins, Deborah 234 

Robbins, Ranielle 211 

Roberson, Daniel 342 

Roberson, Katherine 342 

Roberts, Christine 228 

Roberts, Gretchen . . 200, 216 

Roberts, Katherine 248 

Roberts, Kristin 214 

Roberts, Melissa ... 199, 204 

Roberts, Nikie 325 

Roberts, Owida 373 

Roberts, Staci 209 

Roberts, Victoria 359 

Robertson, Chad 325 

Robertson, Eden 342 

Robertson, Shannon .... 216, 


Robertson, William 342 

Robin, Alexandra ... 31, 199, 


Robins, Ranile 325 

Robinson, Brent 227 

Robinson, Lawrence 359 

Robinson, Lisa 367 

Robinson, Rob 252 

Robinson, Rob 188 

Robinson, Shea 197, 204 

Robinson, Walter 325 

Robison, Chad 215 

Robison, Chadwick 325 

Roca, Roberto 342 

Roche', Brandy 191, 342 

Rodgers, Bradley 227 

Rodgers, Chris 227 

Rodrigues, Alan . . . 195, 325 

Rogers, Celeste 209 

Rogei-s, Celeste 325 

Rogere, Jason 200 

Rogers, Jason 342 

Rogers, Mark 229 

Rogers, Michelle . , . 206, 236 

Rogers, Tonya 216 

Roh, Junghoon 367 

Rohman, Chris 325 

Rollins, Amy 216 

Rollins, Marcia 342 

Romano, Estabon 211 

Roongrattanakool, Dutsadee 


Roper, Wendy 325 

Rosamond, Lomax 373 

Rose, Dr. C 216 

Rose, Emily 342 

Roseberry, Tammy . 192, 209 

Rosenbaum., Susie 192 

Ross, Chad 325 

Ross, Jessica 342 

Ross, Stacey 249 

Rouge, Baton 343 

Rounsaville, John . . 209, 234 

Rouse, Lee 189 

Rowe, Brandon 188 

Rowe, Rita 186, 211, 234, 

239, 247 

Rowe;, Rita 207 

Rowland, Kim 192, 238 

Rowland, Kim 373 

Rowsey, Andrew 325 

Rowson, James 211 

Roy, Erin 342 

Roy, Melissa 209 

Roy, Melissa 325 

Royals, Lee A 208 

Rucker, Kem 253 

Rudolphi, Adam 359 

Ruffin, Jason 325 

Rugigles, Teri 185 

Rupert, Denise . .| 190 

Rushing, Brannon 359 

Rushing, Karia 373 

Russell, Jayne 196 

Russell, Joey 325 

Russell, Mardi 342 

Russell, Robert .... 196, 229 

Russell, Sarah ,^. . 2|| 

Ruth, Jennif# ^. .347 

Rutherford, Scherrita 190 


R^ipford, Ji({sm 

* .*. 359 

MKi^k, Anissa 

. 208 

^yals, Jason . . 


Ryan, Adam 


Ryan Julia 


Ryan, Julie 

210 24>-1 

R\ an, Matthew 


Rvtter, Kim ^ 

. .188 

Sample, Ke-iin 
Sampson Rob 
Sanders Anthoi? 
Sanders, \pril 
Sanders, Ben 
Sanders, Beverh 
Sanders, Duight 
Sanders, James 
Sanders, Jennifer 
Sanders, LesJev 
Sanders, Shelbv 















Sandifer, Audra 209 

Sandridge, Emily , . 192, 194 

Santos, Susie 199 

Santos, Susie 325 

Sarkar, Asit 367 

Satterfield, Steve 235 

Saulsberry, Carlos L 269 

Saulsberrv, Curlus 214 

Savage, Katie 202, 359 

Sawyer, Jason 209 

Saxon, Gabe 196 

Saxon, Kimberly 359 

Sayle, Kathv .' ,. 24, 31, 32 

Scales, Camille 367 

:arbrough, John 210 

Schexne\'d«-, je^e 325 

Schoknecht, Monica . 209 

Scholle, Melanie 199 

Schroder, Jennifer 2fB 

Schulmann, Michael 195 

Schultz, David 229 

Schultz, Douglas 229 

Schumpert, Amy 325 

Scoggins, Kirk .' 198, 200 

Scott, Brandon 325 

Scott, Gregop,' 325 

Scott. Jessica 195 

Scott, Marcus 42 

Scott, Sabrina 219 

Scrivner, Clint 250 

Scrivner, Trace 250 

Scroggins, Ray 196 

Scroggins, Ray 325 

Scrug gs, Jay 1^2 

"206, 224 

Anne 325 

Sculthorpe, Eric 20h 

£nc 367 

p;-i:^vld 2nfi, 252 

Seal, Danyell 234 

42, 218 
Seal;, Alison 196 

Shatktlford, Aundray . 342 
Shafter lanna . 207, 214 
Shatfer, Janna . 32d 

■Shatter, Jennitei 3b0 

shah, \ imal 367 

Shai, Chin-Lan 32b 

Shanmugam, Gopinath ..342 
Sharon Barnes, Southaven 

Sharon Blackwell, Houston 

SUi^ feadnev, Aberdeen 
«^ " ' ^-""3 lb 

191 Sharon Hughes, W^^r V. - 


Sharon Polk, Tunica 358 

Shaixin Truelove, Meridian 

Sharon Willis, Natchez . . .363 

Sharp, Ginnie 224 

Sharp, Jenifer , 192 

Sharp, Virginia 326 

Sharpe, Stacey 326 

Sharron Garth, Aberdeen 

Shasta Bou ens, Okolona 


Shaun Jenkins, Pearl 354 

Shaun Walker, Brookhaven 


Shaw, Bubba . .186 

Shaw, Jav ... 29, 35, 37, 206, 
208, 210, 238, 252 

Shaw, John D 215 

Shawn Chrisman, Kosciusko 


Shawn HUl, Como 353 

Shayna McCollough, Sardis 

Shea McCardle, Picyune 

Shea Robinson, Canton . . 325 

Sheffield, Alex 219 

Sheffield, Billie 185, 223 

Shelbv T\Ties, Libertv ... .361 

Sheldon, Al 1^5 

Shelenia Prude, Columbus 

Shelia Williams, Cedar B. 




Shelle Ramage, McCool 
Shelley Alford, Jackson 

Shelton, Anetra 239 

Shelton, Anihra 214, 234 

Shelton, April 235 

Shelton, Jason 199, 217 

Shelton, Jason 342 

Shepard, Becky 216 

Shepard, Lauren 189 

Shepard, Rebecca 216 

Sheppard, Jennifer 234 

Sheppard, Jennifer 326 

Sherman, Christina ... .218 

Sherman., JeimUer 238 

Sherman, Wahnee , 209, 224, 


Shcrnll, Kflhu . 189,216, 247 

Shetties, Kurt 42 

Shillmgsburg, Alice 342 

Shim, ].P 201 


"Semmes, Ryan" . .~.~ .7, .342 

Seneca, Jr * 353 

Senter, Crystal 209 

Sessions, Elizabeth . 196, 210 

Sessions, Elizabeth '. 342 

Setrie, Chris 325 

Seymour, Lisa 359 

Shack, Allen 326 

Shuer, Huev , 


'ha , 

BhulS, Benita 202 

Shultz, Megan 326 

Shultz, Melissa 200 

Shumaker, Samantha .... 202 
Shumaker, Samantha .... 360 

Shumpest, Kirk 19h 

Shurman, Wendy 251 

Sias, Melanie 222 

^j^jti^Sidaway, Robert 196 

Siddiqui .Ahmad , 367 

Sides, David 342 

Simbles, Steve 215 

Simmons, Amanda ...... .326 

Simmons, Ashley 183 

Simmons, Crv'stal 187 

Simmons, Ciystal 360 

Simmons, Joshua 360 

Simpson, Cindy .... 42, 182, 
184, 189,221,224 

Simpson, Clinton 360 

Simpson, Cvnthia 216 

Simpson, Samuel 211 

Simpson, Tanisha .. 199,214, 

Sims, Clara 373 

Singletar\', Glen . . 192, 269 

Smgletary, Laurie 200 

Singletary, Laurie 343 

Sisk, Dennis 343 

S,kellett, Jake 205,214 

Skelfon, Leslie 199 

Skelton, Will 360 

Skinner, Elroy 253 

Skinner, Pamela 193 

Skipper, Jim 206 

Slaughter, Cindy . . , 202, 326 

Slentz, Jennifer 25, 42 

Slentz, Lori 238, 247 

Slough, Sonja 202 

Smallev, Melissa 360 

Smith, Alex 360 

Smith, Allison 360 

Smith, Amanda 197 

Smith, Angenette 368 

Smith, April . . 200, 210, 214, 
326, 343 

Smith, Ashlev 234 

Smith, Beth ' . . 204, 234, 326 

Smith, Brian 360 

Smith, Cam 343 

Smith, Carmen 326 

Smith, Chad 326 

Smith, Shari^s L. 360 

Smith, CKristopher 191 

Smith, Clinton 190, 227 

Smith, David 343 

Smith, Denise .... 217, 343 

Smith, Elizabeth 202 

Smith, Elizabeth 360 

Smith, Eric 343 

Smith, Erin 204 

Smith, Erin 343 

Smith, Heather 360 

Smith, Jason 326 

Smith, Jeff 207 

Smith, Jennifer 326 

Smith, Johnathan 191 

Smith, Jonathan 249 

Smith, Kelly 189 

Smith, Kenwoynne 269 

Smith, Laudi7 360 

Smith, Laura 360 

Smith, Lee S 222, 239 

Smith, LeeShakie . 343 

Smith, LvntHcn 191 

Smith, Lynn 216 

Smith, Lvnn 373 

Smith, Mamie . 200, 209, 326 

Smith, Monika 220 

Smith, Natasha 373 

Smith Roger 191 

Smith, Scoltv 326 

Smith, "^taic'N 373 

Smith, Tern 210, 234, 238 

Smith, Tern 326 

Smith, Thomas 269 

Smith, Irent 368 

Snuth, IVendy 204 

Smitherman, EmiK 360 

Sob ley. Brandy . ' 189 

Soemampauw, Saptoyo . .326 

Oman, James 250 

Soomro,.Atta .,, . , , 368 

Sorrell, "ftini . 343 

Sowell, Lori 360 

Spmn, Becky 235 

gparkman, Marv' M 1 85 

arkmark, Rochelle 214 

ipell Lisa 209 

Spencer Kanecia 210 

Spencer, Kccia 326 

Spencer, Vincent 343 

Spiess, Rhonda . . 
Spillers, Brian . . . 

Spiva, Mark 343 

Spivey, Angela 202 

Spivey, Tamara 326 

Spraberry, Wade 326 

Spradling, Jennifer 360 

Spradling, William 326 

Spring, Laceys 347 

Springer, Jermifer 209 

Springs, Crystal 312 

Springs, Gore 355 

Springs, Holly 354 

Stafford, Rob 195 

Stamps, Alison . 42, 221, 230 

Slandiford, Erinn 360 

Starling, Amy 360 

Starling, Daryl 215, 222 

Stckler, Jennifer 234 

Steckler, Jennifer 188 

Steckler, Jennifer 326 

Steele, Gibson 360 

Steele, Hoover 373 

Steele, Megan 189 

Steele, Megan 360 

Stein, Rudy 202, 250 

Stennis, Robert 326 

Stephanie H. Keenum, 

StarkviUe 319 

Stephanie Hill, Potts C, . . 336 
Stephanie Loflin, Martinez 

Stephanie Malone, Tupelo 

Stephanie Martin, Hazlehurst 

Stephanie Moore, Southaven 

Stephanie Richards, West 

Stephanie Rodgers, Lexington 

Stephanie Smith, Brookhaven 

Stephanie Stewart, Pascagoula 

Stephanie Talley, Rienzi , .343 
Stephanie Wallace, Bob W. 

Stephanie Ware, Carthage 

Stephen Dorroh, Eupora 

Stephen Greer, Jackson . .352 
Stephen J, Torrent, Tupelo 

Stephen Pannell, New A. 


Stephens, Ms. D 189 

Stephenson, Calandra , . 190, 

Sterling, Hamp 209 

Sternhagen, Beth ....... 228 

Stevens, Amanda 360 

Stevens, Cheri 209, 211 

Stevens, Cheri 327 

Stevenson, Tc>mmy ..... 25 ? 

Steward, Rejanah .... 27, 42 

189, 255 

Steward, Rejanneh 221 

Stewart, Adrienne . 199, 204 
Stewart, Andrea 222 

Stew ait, Chad 188 

Stewart Chad 304 

Stevsart Jonathan 210 

Stewait, Leslie 196 

Stewait, Linda 19] 

Stewait, K4arc 360 

Stewart, Stephanie 202 

Stewait, Wade 202 

Stewart, Wade 343 

Stidham, Jodi 327 

Stingel, Craig 304 

Stoble, Julia 201 

Stocks, Shane 196 

StockstiU, Jill 199, 360 

Stockton, Brian 304 

Stockton, Tim 327 

Stogner, Victoria 304 

Stokes, Amanda 202 

Stokes, Charlie 304 

Stokes, Katnna 343 

Stokes, Patricia 327 

Stoliby, Darlene 373 

Stoliby, Gerald 373 

Stone, Jennifer 235 

Storev, Kedrick . . 210 

Stovall, Mary 304 

Stowe, Kim 327 

Strange, Kevin . 198 

Street April 327 

Street, Barry 198, 304 

Street, Daniel 229 

Sb-eiff, Blake 216,327 

Strickland, Leanna 216 

Strickland, Wendy 327 

Srtcklin, Chuck 201 

Stricklin, Leanna . . 251, 327 

Strider, Jesse 343 

Stringfellow, Gregory .... 304 

Stroble, Laura 216 

Stroble, Sara 360 

Strong, Kyle 360 

Strong, Ryan 185, 223 

Strong, Ryan 304 

Strong, Tina 189,255 

Strong, Tina 304 

Stroud, Denise 304 

Stroud, Teresa 202 

Strudivant, Troy 304 

Stuart, Leslie 343 

Stuart, Shirell 209, 224 

Studdard, Chrishan 343 

Stutsy, Tammy 304 

Stutzman, Katie 361 

Stu/man, Bridgette 216 

Sudduth, Sheri . 209, 234 
Sudduth, Sheri . 327 

Sulaimau, Abiani . 368 

Sullivan Ginger . 373 

Suilnan, lenniter 196,229 

Sullivan, Jennifer 304 

Sullivan, hll 228 

Sulhvan, Mand\ 197 

Sullivan Mandv 327 

Summeifoid, Rodnt\ 192 

SummerhiU, Dax .361 

Summerlm, Allan 304 

Summerx'ille, Chandra 304 
Sumrall Dann\' 304 

Sumiall, Roxanna 196 

Sundrani Rahul 191 

Surak<nnkul Kanee 368 

Swam Martha 224 

Swann, Colby 219 

Swann, Colby . 327 

Swann, Greg 219 

Sv\eet, Biad 199,201,249 

Sweet, lason 361 

Sweet, Jason B , 215 

Sweet, Wayne ^.^^^mi^ 

Swift Lee' 185 

Swinney Bradioid 25"! 

Swopshire, Laveni 361 

S\ed Sobia 304 

Svkes, Demetna ^04 

Sykes Natalie 327 

Szisuphaluck, Suphasit 191 


T Fisher Conchatta 351 

Tabb, BiilR 182 186 

Tabb Rana 361 

Takevichi, Yu 343 

lakkallapalii A]ay 368 

Talle\ Eiic 184 

Talle\ , William 373 

lallon, Valene 234 

Tan, Chuan kivok 
Tan, Chum 

Tan, Hang-Kiak 

Tan, Thuan-Par 

Tan, Wcx)n-Yang 3^ 

Tan, Ying 34 

Tang, Soon Seng 343 

Tang, TungKiong 

Tangkijchote, Prapaporn 

Tankson, Janice 

Tannen, Heath 

Tanner, Maqrcus 229 

Tanner, Mark 327 

Tartt, Raggie 214 

Tartt, Reginald 211 

Tasselin, Cedric 361 

Tate, Darlene 327 

Tate, Heather 361 

Tate, LaShinda 304 

Tate, Laura 361 

Tate, Natasha 304 

Tate, Sturgeon 361 

Tate, Tvvisha .. 190, 201,304 

Tail, Tingttooi 327 

Taunton, Sandra 185 

Taylor, Angela 343 

Taylor, Brian 196 

' 4)^ Taylor, Chris 248 

Taylor, Christopher 304 

Taylor, Courtney . , 304, 343 

Taylor, Jennifer' 202, 248, 


^ Taylor, Kevin 201 

~ ■- !?* Tavlor, Patrick 343 

►^•IJ^ Taylor, Red 214 

[•. ^■R Taylor, Richard 304 

^ J-^B C Taylor, Schermonique . . .361 

^^■^ tS Taylor, Scott 361 

J X^^HL** Taylor, Susan 186 

■* ^^^ Ta\ior, Susan 304 

^ijjA^^ Taylor, Svizanne 209 

^53^B^^C Taylor, Suzanne 304 

H ^'^^ Taylor, Veronica 304 

r^B ,*V. Teague, Amaryllis 343 

^^ Teague, Bill , ". 215 

I ^:' Teague, William 304 

r jP!r' Tedder, Giiiger 202, 203, 

,j|v^' Tedfore, James - JMHJH Bb^O^ 

r_^r^_ Temple, KeUy . "^tlS? . 344 

Terrell, Amber 361 

Terrell, Megan 327 

H Terrv, Courtney 228 

^ii'ifW, Terr^', Courtney ........ 361 

r^^^^^y^ • Terry, Raphael . . , . 222, 344 

^^■V^iP'Teuber, Nicole 361 

t-^ WWy ~ Thames, Blake 186, 210, 

■L ^' *\\ *.. Tharp, Jeff . , . , 202, 203, 250 

^ '':f ■ Mr Tharp, Misty 327 

*l«i'' - « Tharp, Sterling 327 

rA' _ ^■'•ijl Thibadoux, Amy 202 

kX^<J Thigpen, Katie ' 373 

^^^^^ . ^Thoma, Michael 185 

^ 7 MwS. ' Thomas, Brian 368 

«rt Thomas, Christopher , . . . 361 

" t'Thomas, Dave 202 

'Thomas, Dednck . . 215, 258 

|. -J Af^^^KY Thomas, Dedrick 327 

rV/'WP'' . Thomas, Dr. Charles 229 

^ ^^ Thomas, Felicia 228 

^I^^R Thomas, Georgia .... 26, 29, 
194, 251 

Thomas, Georgia 305 

Thomas, Greg . .305 

Thomas, Jarrod 361 

Thomas, Jason . mv. ^. .«• .234 

Thomas, John . ."7-^^:1.236 

^^ Thomas, Lance ...x.-»-327 

)M 2 • •. ■' i Thomas, Robin \ , .234 

1^/4*'^"*^' Thomas, Robin -. . ;.':;344 

*^^ .f Thomas, Sara . ia2, isl, 228' 

' * ** Thomas, Sharen* . ,.-y. . , . 3>3 

▼ . Thomas, Spencer .'...... 250 

.. 1^^ Thomas, Trissy . 210 

^JL Thomas, Trissy 344 

^ Thomason, PoUy 305 

^ Jl j. ' Thompson, Angela 190 

jjRi ^J^l^ Thompson, Brent 344 

'j3R^^f#\ Thompson, Charmene ...361 

•SlJJ'V. Thompson, Cory 344 

■^^^v .^ Thompson, Freda 344 

JjUP* Thompson, Jennifer 216 

■ " 4<! Thompson, Johnny . 238, 373 

,t *^J ^ ^'m Thompson, Joshua 361 

. ■^Br^ tBfll^N. Thompson, Leslie ...... .361 

>.^ ^-v^ Thompson, Sharon 219 

Thorns, Georgia 221 

*^^' Tliontepu, SR Murthy ...368 

r'-'^'j Thome, Keith 206 
^/- Thornell, Kathleen 361 

'? Tliomell, Maureen 328 

Thornton, Chris 361 

Thornton, Gina 202 

■ Thornton, Markeda . 42, 222, 

^ ."^ 4 ' " 253 

,,?jj|,j|^!t.-j;JB|pvtqn, Markeda 305 


Thornton, Matthew 305 

Thornton, Rob 201 

Thorton, Justin 328 

Thorton, Robert 205 

Tlueatt, Greg 233, 328 

Threatt, Greg K Ib'-i 

Thurman, Lauren 328 

Thurston, Shannon 187 

Tiao, Nan-Ting WHBti b- 

Tice, Jennifer 

Tice, Ted 

Tice, Ted 305 

Tiffin, Jason 230 

Tiffin, Melanie 328 

Tillman, LaChina 222 

Tillman, Tonia 344 

Tillson, Pam 344 

Timbes, Christy 305 

Timmei-mans, Heather ... 188 

Timms, Brand! 197 

Timms, Brandi 305 

Tmg, Doreen ._.._^328 

Tinp, Doreer . .^yBBj^^n, 2 1 9 
Tinp-Hooi, Tan^m^^j219 

Tinsley, Tonya 328 

Tipton, Holly 305 

Tisdale, Allison 236, 328 

Titard, Brian 201 

Titard, Pierre _224 

Tittle, Debbie K 43 

Tkreatt, Greg 201 

Todd, Misty 193 

Todd, Misty 328 

Toe, Boon ' 207, 209 

Tolar, Fred .202 

Tolleson, Ginny 344 

Tollison, Heather 186 

Tomasovsky, Katrina . . , 197, 

Tomasovsky, Katrina . . . .344 

Tombert, Chns 219 

Tonya Cooley, Shubuta . . 371 
Tonya Croft, Jackson . . . .349 
Tonya Miller, Gulfport ... 339 
Tonya Peoples, Carthage 

Tonya Smith, Byhalia . , . .326 

Torrent, Stephen 202 

Townsend, Amy 328 

Tracey Johnson, Biloxi . , .337 
Tracey Teague, Kosciusko 

Tracy, Dan ... 182, 184, 228 

Traicoff, Todd 305 

Tramel, Kimberly 328 

Tran, Chea . . .' 344 

Tran, Kieu-Anh . . . 188, 230, 


Tran, Kieu-Ann , . .305 

Tran, Soang 305 

Trauc, Dr. Dennis 188 

Trauth, Ryan 250 

Trawick, Amanda 192 

Trevathan, Dr. L 209 

Trice, Carlos . . . .,, . .^.. . 258 
Trigg, Kevin . . /^im'.'- ■ 229 
Trimble, Bryan " .:^^ . .T-;305 

Trimble, Jim 305 

Trivett, Josh 361 

Trosclair, Melanie . . 194, 200, 
238, 328 

Trotter, Danny 305 

Troupe, Robin 189 

Troupe, Robin 344 

Traesdale, Ben 361 

Truesdale, Bin 185 

Truesdale, Debbie 373 

Trusell, Travis 305 

Truss, Verna 305 

TrusseU, Kelly 184 

Tubbs, James 344 

Tucker, Christy 209 

Tucker, Christy 344 

Tucker, Derrick 188 

Tucker, Pamela 373 

Tullos, Simone 186,239 

TuUos, Tracey 328 

Tupelo, James 322 

Turner, Andrea .... 202, 203, 


Turner, Andy 214 

Turner, Jacqualinu , . .374 
Turner, Karen 361 

Turner, Mike 209 

Turner, Wilson 305 

Turnipseed, Chris 305 

Tuthill, Cone 361 

Tycee, NLigee , . 242 
Tyler, Kullie 328 

Uhlenhoff, William . 

. . . .328 

Ulmer, Curt ... 186, 

201, 328 

Umbdeiistock, Pete . 

... .328 

Underwood, Arthur 

. .. 189, 


Underwood, Melinda 

. . ..221 

Underwood, Melinda 

.... 305 

Underwood, Pete . . 

, . . .214 

Unprasert, Pakorn 


Upton, Christopher 

... .305 

Upton, Scott 


Urbina, Sandra 


Usher, Dr. J. 




Vadhwa, Naveen 361 

Vaghela, Digvijay 361 

Valentme, Ashley 217 

Valentine, Ashley 344 

Valentine, James' . , . 200, 361 

Valley, Moreno 332 

Valley, Rock 333 

Van Iderstine, Eric 305 

Van Iderstine, Jerry 374 

Vance, Kayla 368 

Vance, Mandy 305 

Vance, Mary 305 

Vance, Windham .. 198,361 
Vanderford, Lisa . , . 209, 224 

Vandorford, Lisa 305 

Vandeveo, Phillip 196 

Vandevere, Tamara 196 

VanOsdol, Amy 202 

VanZandt, Mary 362 

Vaughn, Alyson 202 

Vaughn, Bridge 228 

Vaughn, Bridget 328 

Vaughn, Melissa 200 

Vaughn, Rae Nell 374 

Vaughn, Sandra 192 

Vaughn, Steve 305 

Vaughn, Steven 229 

Vaughn, Vanessa 305 

Veazey, Jackie 305 

Velasquez, Abby ... 231, 344 

Velasquez, Lisbeth 231 

Velasquez, Lizbeth 344 

Vempala, Naresh 368 

Venugopal, Gunda V 191 

Verucchi, Matt 183, 195 

Verucchi, Matthew 305 

Vetzel, Christina 196 

Vick, Patrick 215 

Vickers, Jamie 362 

Vickery, John 207 

Vidiuce, Kirzie 191 

Vincent, Tommy 374 

Vines, Chad 344 

Vines, Michelle 196 

Vinson, Amy 224 

Vinson, Amy 328 

Vinson, Robert 368 

Vispi, Michael 184 

Vohns, Kelly 185 

Volkman, Margaret 344 

Vowell, Marlus 248 

Vowell, Myra 344 

Wade, Anthony .328 

Wade, Christopher 253 

Wade, James 368 

Wade, Jason 185 

Wadford, Bnan 344 

Wadsworth, Gayle 368 

Wadswofti mpb ert . 368 

Wages, MelanHNw^ 305 

Waggoner, Cameron 


Wagner, Kyle 


Wagner, Leanne . , . 


V\agner, Leanne . . . 


Wagner, Mar\' Ann . 


V\agner:, Jod\' 


Ualden, Brian 


Waldrop, Jessica , . . 


Waldrop, Jessica . . . 


Waldrop, Kevin .... 


Walker, Andrea . . . 



Walker, Andrea , . . 


Walker, Bill 


Walker, Dwayne . . . 


Walker, Farley 



Walker, Fredrick . . . 


Walker, Julie 



Walker, Julie 


Walker, Justin 


Walker, Lawrence . . 


Walker, Pahicia 



Walker, Scarlett 



Walker, Sharon . . , . 

. 43, 




Walker, Tom 


Walker, Willaim . . . 


Walker, William . . . 

. 43 


Walker, WilUam . . . 


Wallace, Ashley . . . 


Wallace, AShley . . . 


Wallace, Casey . 43 



Wallace, Casey . . . . 


Wallace, Dana 


Wallace, Dawn . . . . 


Wallace, Jennifer . . , 


Wallace, Steven . . . 


Wallace Morgan, Dr. 

G. . 


Waller, Chase 


Waller, Jarred 


Waller, Kathy 


Walls, Sala 


Walters, Daniel . . . . 


Walters, Danielle . . 


Walters, Danielle . . 


Walters, Russell . . . 


Walters, Todd 


Waltrip, Beth 


Wampler, Travis . , . 



Wang, Joan- H 


Wang, Xiao 


Wang, Zliaoyuan . . 


Wang, Ziyin 


Ward, Alan 


Ward, John 


Ward, Laura 



Ward, Lisa 


Ward, Michael . . . . 



Ward, Robert 


Ware, Alicia ... 43 



Ware, Matthew . . . . 


Ware, Stephame ... 185,223 
Warner, Nancy . 374 

Warner, Timothy . ,...,,^ 3 29 
Wamock, Rudy ^kWUmVi 
Warper, Bntt . .««* ~^ . i. 187 
Warren, Cher . 374 

Warren, Mack 362 

Warsi, Fatima 208 

Warsi, Javed 185 

Waseem, Syed 368 

Washignton, Draymond . . 209 
Washington, Adrienne . . .329 

Washington, Bryan 362 

Washington, Keysha 345 

Washington, Kinney 209 

Washington, Kinney 329 

Washington, LaToya .... 345 

Washington, Lionel 269 

Washington, Traci 306 

Washington, William 43 

Waterer, Rusty .... 186, 210 

Watkins, April 306 

Watkins, Ken 210 

Watson, Dr. Si . ...■,;^ 248 

Watson, Jenni \ .'..%klj^. .224 
Watson, John ..-.'. 'Tt^. .236 

Watson, Samuel 329 

Watson, Sara 306 

Watson, Sewanna 374 

Watson, Shannon 224 

Watson, Stevic , 43, 198, 200, 


Watson, Victoria 362 

Wayne, Fort 333 

Weatherby, Kristi 204 

Woathcrford, Christal 368 

Weatherford, Leah 196 

Weatherford, Leah 362 

WeathLMsby, Del 362 

Weatheisby, Mark 250 

Weathersby, Mark 328 

Weaver, Emily 329 

Weaver, Shawn 306 

Webb, Brad 362 

Webb, Elizabeth .... 43, 183, 
193, 200, 362 

Webb, Elizabeth 306 

Webb, Margaret 374 

Webb, Morgan 234, 238, 


Webb, Thomas 248 

Webb, Tracey 43, 234 

Webb, Tracey 306 

Webber, Misty 345 

Weber, Mary 214 

Webster, Felicia 345 

Webster, Lori 345 

Weeks, Jason 306 

Weeks, Tracey 362 

Weeks, Victoria 306 

Weems, Davis 234 

Welch, Jennifer 209 

Welch, Jennifer 329 

Welch, Kerry 209 

Welch, Kerry 306 

Welch, Rob' 306 

Weldon, Christopher . . . .306 

Wells, Chris 43, 221 

Wells, DwAnda 235 

Wells, Dwonda 306 

Wells, Gina 306 

Wells, Kelly ... 186, 249, 345 

Wells, Kobie 253 

Wells, Selina 222, 306 

Wells, Shannon 188 

Wells, Tori 202, 345 

Wells, Will 329 

Wesson, John 202 

West, Amanda Ann 329 

West, Lewis 306 

Westbrook, Christopher . . 269 

Westbrook, James 219 

Westbrooks, Tina 239 

Westbrooks, Tina 362 

Weston, Cohurn John .... 329 

Weston, John 195 

Westphal, Charity 345 

Wetzl, Paul 205 

Whaley, Eric 209 

Wheat Gregg 306 

Whitaker, Keith 184 

Whitaker, Keith 306 

Whitaker, Kim 192 

White, Angel 199 

White, Angel 362 

White, BiUie 362 

White, Brannon 187 

White, Dee D 224 

White, Demetrius 253 

White, Demetrius 307 

White, Dr. J 249 

White, Frankie 191 

White, George 307 

White, Joseph 345 

White, Karen 362 

Whi.te, Krystal 362 

White, LaShawn 216 

White, UShawn 307 

White, Margaret . . . 200, 205 
White, Pamela L. .. 209,235 

White, Robyn 202 

White, Romona 214, 307 

White, Shawn 247 

White, Stefanie 329 

White, Todd 184 

White;, Shawn 207 

Whited, Stacy 362 

Whitehead, Camille 307 

Whitehead, Don 196 

Whitehead, Jennifer . 43, 192, 


Whitehead, Jennifer 307 

Whitehead, Laura 202 

Whitehead, Liza 362 

"^ Jl I 

J . 'whitehead, Mark 307 

Whitehead, MeUssa 189 

i» , Whitehead, Melissa 329 

M ■ ^ Whitehead Thomas 23« 

Whiteside Matthew 249 

Whiteside, Monte 222 

•?: Whitfield, April 307 

•^- Whitfield, Aprile 210 

Whitfield, Cindy 209 

\NTiitfield, Cindy 329 

Whitfield, Michael . 190, 214 

\ '' Whitfield, Monica 329 

; Whitfield, TamikQ^ ^^. . 199 

1 1 Whitfield, TanJBlB . 345 

U ^ I ^tlock,' Nai^^^^l . 3 74 
\ I \ W^tman. Pai^^^^H . 329 
if ' Whitson, Stepha " . Is, 188, 
!;>■ 221 

t :' VNTiitt, Susan 307 

» Wlaittaker, Anastasia .... 193 

VVhittaker, Anastasia 329 

Whitten, Kimberly 307 

Whittington, Robert 307 

' Whit worth, Patti 192 

■i Whitworth, Patti 368 

I VVWenhoff, Bill l^S 

Wicht, Sarah 3b2 

Wicker, Vivan 368 

Wickersham, Khristina ... 43, 
194, 307 

VVier, David 18b, 207 

Wiginton, Brian 18.^ 

Wijeratne, Sanjaya l''l 

Wijeratne, Sanjaya 345 

Wilburn, Jennifer . 3b8 

Wilbum, Jeremy 248 

Wilburn, Ronald 32"^ 

Wilcher, Pam , 34.^ 

Wilev. Tom 234, 238 

WUey m, Tom 321 

Wilkerson, Bryan 229 

Wilkerson, Melissa 204 

Wilkerson, Melissa 345 

Wilkey, Allison 205 

WUkins Tessa . 204. 207, 362 
». I , Wilkinson, Franklin .... 329 

[*'. -^ Wilkinson, Mike l^b 

* ^ Willcoxon, Adam 329 

WiUcutt, Bill 329 

Williams Angela .214 

liams, Beth 362 

ams, Bradley 188 

hams, Brandi ... 217, 234 

Piams, Bridgette 307 

ilhams, Bridgerte M. ..195 

Williams, Carran 193 

\\ iDiams, Carron 329 

Williams, Channel 3b2 

V\ iHiams, Christopher .... 307 

Williams, Clay 251 

Williams, Clayton 307 

U illiams, Clint ..217 

Williams, Clint 345 

Williams, Dudley 211 

WiUiams, Freddie 362 

\\ ilhams, Gina 224 

i Williams, Gina 307 

Williams, Harold 329 

Wmiams, Holt 208 

WiUiams, James 192, 201 

Williams, James 368 

Williams, James 362 

Williams, Juandalyn 215 

Williams, Kandace 30 

WiUiams, Kristi 345 

Williams, Marcus 329 

Williams, Rhonda , , 222. 329 

Williams, Richard 129 

Williams, Roderick 222 

Williams, Sabrina xM 368 

Williams, Scotty 229 

Williams, Scotty 307 

Williams, Shawn 228 

WiUiams, Tameko 190 

I ,| Williams, Tekita 369 

' 4 W'illiams, Tekita 212 

M ,W Williams, Ty 345 

If » Williams, Van 374 

I Williamson, Christian .... 195 

Williamson, Dee 363 

Williamson, Matt 329 

Williamson, Raeanna . . . .345 

Williamson, Rebecca .... 196, 

Williamson, Rebecca 329 

Williamson, Shanna .... 188, 


WiUiford, Sam 210 

Willis, Kimberly 363 

Wilson, Alisha 329 

Wilson, Alisha 209 

Wilson, April 329 

Wilson, Bridget 209 

Wilson, Bridget 330 

Wilson, Darryl 127 

Wilson, Louise 374 

Wilson, Matt 201 

Wilson, Matthew , ... 307 

Wilson, Monica 190 

Wilson, Regina .... 204, 363 

Winberly, Suzanne 202 

Winders, Jason 330 

Windham, Alan .236 

Windham, Matthew 307 

Wine, ChenS 219 

Winkle John, Julie 195 

Winstead, Christy .307 

Winstead, David 214 

Winstead, Nicole . . . 205, 216 

Winter, Chad 219 

Winter, Chad 345 

Wise, Deborah .... 182, 216, 


VVise, Reagan 330 

Wise-Bressler, Carla 363 

Wiseman, Kelly 197 

Witt, Brad . .'. 307 

Witt, Shauna 209 

Witty, Shannon 363 

Wofiord, Perisco . . . 193, 209, 


Wofford, Perisco 307 

Wolf, Kenneth 345 

Wolfe, Alanna 363 

Wolverton, Lisa 330 

Wong, Peter 201 

Wong, Soon 330 

Wong, Tung- Hoi 369 

Wong,Wai 307 

Wong, Wing Kiong 369 

Wong, Yew 345 

Wood, Chuck 184 

Wood, Emily 330 

Wood, Leah . .-«^»..247 

Wood, Sunny rr. . 330 

Wood,, Leah' 207 

Woodard, Bretha . . . 193, 307 
Woodland, Christy O. ... 322 

Woodrick, Lori 330 

Woodruff, Brian 250 

Woodruff, Lacey 307 

Woods, Jackie ' 192 

Woods, Jason . 202, 203, 250 

Woods, Lucretia 195 

Woods, Lucretia 307 

Woods, Stacey 330 

Woods, Susan 189 

Woods, Susan 330 

Woods, Wendie 369 

Wooten, VaShonda 330 

Wooten, Will 363 

Wortham, Franette 307 

Wren, Sarah . . 198, 199, 207 

Wren, Sarah 345 

Wright, Angela 235 

Wright, Brian 219 

Wright, Freddie V 269 

Wright, Jeanette . 192 

Wright, Jeanette 307 

Wright, Jonathan ....... 308 

Wright, JuUe ...J'T..?". . .227 

Wright, Julie 308 

Wright, Marc 195 

Wright, Maria 229 

Wright, Pegy . . j, . .%^^. 369 
Wright, Sam 4MyMr .-219 
Wright, Sam r.^r^^TS-^SOS 

Wright, Stephen 218 

Wu, Dongdong 369 

Wu, Lihong 369 

Wu, Tsai-Fu 330 

Wuestfeld, Dabney 330 

Wust, Andie 197 

Wyatt, Chuck 202 

Wynr 'Elizabeth 345 

Yacoubiau, Berje""^ 1 


Yakstis, Michael 

195, 201 

Yao, Engui 

. ..369 

Yap, Andrew P 

. ..330 

Yarbrough, Sonny 

. ..223 

Yam, David 

. 345 

Yawn, Michael 


Yeager, Mike 

218, 330 

Yeo, Eng-Teck 


Yeo, Woy C. . , -^. . 

Yielding Tim ^K.l 


— miiiifj 

Melding Tim "^^^S^ 

Yik, The^^ -Ho . . 

. . 369 

^'oung, Alan 


Young, Brad 

. 363 

Young, Brian 

. .226 

"i oung, Chiis 


\oung, Derek 


Young, Di. C 


Yoimg, Feliaa 


Young, Jack . 


Young, Jacqueline 


Young, Jacqueline 


Young, Keith . . . . 


Young, Kerry . . . 


Young, Kerry . . 


Young, Mar\ m 

. 363 

Young, Tracy 

210, 217 

Young, Tracy 


Yueyi Shen, China . 

. .367 

Yurachek, Steve 

. .205 

Yusof, Mahanis 


Yusuf, Am . 


Zager, Valerie . 192,194,251 

Zelasko, Theresa 195 

Zelasko, Theresa 363 

Zeringue, Amy 202 

Zhang, Hongzheng 

Zhou, Junfeng 369 

Ziegler, Sean 191 

Ziegler, Sean 363 

Zillinger, John 330 

Zillinger, Robert 330 

Zimmerle, Karen 189 

Zografski, Oqnen 191 

Zuber, Cicely 345 

Zvanut, Matt 345 


f-^^ " ^ 




Ramsey Cumbest 
Business Manager 
My pet peeve is people who walk on the wrong 
side of the hall." 

Seated: Tippi Harding, 
Karen Martin. 
Middle: Ramsey Cum- 

Standing: Lori Webster, 
Gina Wells, Alison Gil- 
bert, Lori Holloway, 
Martha Thomas, Brian 
Thomas, Garland Gary. 
Seated: Tippi Harding, 
Ramsey Gumbest, Karen 

Not pictured: Tiffany 
Pointer, Teresa Davis, 
Chameka Amerson. 

All photos by Garland Gary. 


Alison Gilbert, Life 

Reveille pet peeves: 

"When people pronounce the 't' 

in often." 

— Alison 
"People who aren't 


— Tippi 
"People who don't use their 

blinkers when driving." 

— Karen 
"People who don't return 

repeated phone calls that are for 

their benefit in the first place." - 


"When someone pulls out in 

front of you and then 

immediatly turns on another 


— Gina 

All photos by Garland Cary. 

Tippi Hafdin^ People 

Karen Martin, Sports 


Monica Crosby, Academics, Receptionist 

Martha Thomas, Organizations, Associate Editor 

JI photos by Garland Carj-. 

Wells, Limelight 

Trey Edwards, 



Mississippi State University's 92nd volume of the Reveille was printed by 
Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, TX with the use of single, two, and four 
color presses. Paper stock for all pages is 80 pound number one grade enamel. 
Endsheets are grey felt with maroon MSU emblem. 

The original cover and division pages were designed by Lori Holloway with 
the professional help of Taylor artists. The base material of the cover is lithocote 
with a Cordova grain and maroon foil. The prominent typestyle are Brush and 

The majority of the photographs were taken, processed, and printed by staff 
photographers who are undergraduate students at MSU. Southern States Images 
of Jackson, MS provided the student phtotgraphs in the People section. Addi- 
tional photographs were provided by Fred Faulk of University Realtions, Media 
Relations of the Athletic Department, the Associated Press, Darryl McAllister, 
Ralph Shearer, and Jason Tiffin. The Chalet of Starkville processed the color 
photographs, while Precision Photo & Camera of Starkville handled enlar- 

The Reveille is managed and produced by the students of Mississippi State 
University. Copies are purchased by undergraduate students through an activity 
fee. The press run of the 1996 Reveille consisted of 7500 copies of 400 pages 

AH photob by Garland Car) 


S^CCton^'^ ^Tt^tc^ 

il photos by Garland Gary. 

This year has flown by in a whirlwind. It truly is amazing that I lived. My 
senior year started out in a blurr and it hasn't slacked up since. To say that I 
have been busy would be the understatement of the year. I jokingly comment 
that I spend all my time in the MSU Triangle (the area between Magruder 
Hall, the Bookstore, and the Reveille). It seems that I was at one of those 
places every waking moment of the day. Hectic as it was, I wouldn't change 
anything about this year. I don't believe that I would make that statement 
were it not for some truly extraordinary people who helped me make it 
through. Ramsey, it just wouldn't be right not to thank you first and 
foremost. What would I have done without you? You have been my con- 
fidant, therapist, and advisor when I obsessed (which was just about every- 
day). You have been there to encourage and push me when I needed it, and 
hold me back to keep me from making an even bigger fool of myself than 
normal. Most of all you have been my best friend, and I'll never be able to 
express my gratitude. On a less melodramatic note, I know that I'll never 
forget our midnight chats, brownie dates, Friends/ER nights, talking about 
my MOMENTS, or any number of other meaningless, yet highly important, 
things. Remember, I ever have a "big, big house, there will always be lots and 
lots of room" for you. 

Garland, I just thought that I was busy — you take the cake. I never had to 
worry about pictures. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty. You 
are one awesome photographer, and a pretty cool guy. Thanks for serving as 
my therapist; maybe oneday I'll take your advice. "May the force be with you, 
always." Alison, Gina, Martha, Monica, thanks for all you've done. I never 
had to worry about you. Karen, I wish things could have been smoother for 
you. Tippi, I hope we didn't run you off. Tiffany, Teresa, and Chameka, 
thank you for helping. Trey, I hope your job is worth missing out on all the 
fun of the around here. 

To the crew at the Bookstore, somewhere along the way you all became 
more than coworkers and managers, you became friends. Thanks for putting 
up with me. 

Rene', What more can I say? "You are so beautiful to me!" (Sniff, Sniff.) 
Thanks for everything; it's been a blast, Hootie! Andy, You are a rock (maybe 
a mood rock would be a more accurate description), but you know what I 
think of you. Don't forget me. 

Shawn and Danny, thank you for not killing me with your driving. Doug, let's 
face it, I have no 'D' in me at all. Thanks for trying, anyway. Lynn, (since I 
can't say what I really want) Oneday someone older than 12 will hit on us — I 
hope! Mynyown, "I see a honeybun and a chocholate milk!" Ms. Bertha, 
oneday maybe you won't have to remind me to give everyone a hard time. 

Gregg, What took you so long to get up here? You've got cool hair. Enough 
said. Milan, Thanks for checking up on me. It really brightens up a dull 
existence. (I know! I know! These are the best years of my life!) Pooh, just 
because there isn't an 'us', doesn't mean that I don't still believe in you. Good 
luck! You'll do great. 

Mom, Dad, Nanny, Aunt Mildred, and Grandma, Thanks for putting up 
with my hectic schedule this year, and thank you for believeing in me even 
when I didn't. I love you all. Daniel, You are the most sarcastic person I know 
(next to me, of course). It is one of the many qualities that I like about you. 
Take care, Lil' Bro. I love you. 

To the countless others who helped me this year, I tip my hat to you. 

Some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I dream things that 
never were and say "Why not?" 



R AiN WATER, ^.Hv 




R1CKS;L:P. - 





SUGGS. RiCfy - 




■■l^TUMlsptLf-^' ■ 

THOM>i^S;3j; H:- 




Photo by Garland Cary. 

George Lightsey, Professor 


Monica J. Sneed, Bates ville 

Siriporn Kaewsuriya, Thailand 

Clyde M. Rauch, Lexington, SC 

Paul D. Kornman, Biloxi 

Samnue M. Jones, Pascagoula 

Lee Ander Moore, Jr., Shannon 


I i'i